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Market Your Tarot Business: 26 Marketing Ideas to Grow Clients

Though you might have good skills in predicting things about people by using tarot cards, mere possession of good skills alone won’t bring you, customers. Businesses and services thrive on marketing and this is why you must actively market your tarot business. If you search for tarot business marketing ideas online, you might come across several bits of information spread across multiple websites. However, there is no one-stop updated source from where you can get all the important marketing ideas. This is why we have made this extensive post covering all the carefully selected tarot business promotion ideas. Let’s start discussing the ideas one by one.

1) Your Website is Your First Marketing Card

The share of people searching for products/services online has overtaken offline searches and this trend will likely go up further. This is why having the presence of your tarot business online is a must and a website is the most vital starting point for online presence. To get the best advantage from your website, you must think more than the design and must assimilate these features too:

a) Use a widget/plugin on your website to allow people to directly book your tarot card reading services. This will cause more bookings for your tarot card reading service.
b) To show your authenticity, show case studies and testimonials on your website as to how your readings have helped people and how accurate they were in resolving problems. You can hide personal details while sharing these case studies.
c) Any awards, media coverage, and similar trust-building factors should get placed on your website.
d) Get a video inserted on your website homepage as videos can depict your tarot card business features much better than text or images.
e) Many sites lose a significant amount of visitors due to delays in site loading time. So check if your website loads fully within 1 to a maximum of 2 seconds and take the corrective measure accordingly.
f) A big chunk of your site visitors will come through mobile devices, so get your website designed in a mobile-responsive manner.

2) Stick Around and Get Found (on Google)

Having your tarot card business website lingering around somewhere in Google search results will not provide you any considerable benefits because the largest chunk of visitors from Google visit only the sites listed on its first page. Once your tarot website gets to the first page, traffic and customers to your business will definitely shoot up. The various set of actions required to push a website to the first page of Google is called search engine optimization or SEO. You can handle SEO factors on your own or can get them taken care of by any SEO service provider agency.

3) Enjoy Double Listing with Google Local Pack

Your website can get a bonus listing on the first page of Google by making your business appear within the Google Local Pack. Getting into this pack means more customers. All you need to become eligible to be showcased in this pack is to create a Google Business Profile (GBP) page. By carrying out optimization on the GBP page, the frequency of your business being displayed here (in the local pack) will increase. Citations, reviews, and many other factors are factored in to determine the placement of a business in this pack. Numerous resources are available online that teach about GBP and its optimization. You can either understand and implement optimization using these resources or can let an SEO agency do all these tasks on your behalf.

4) Take the Marketing Benefits of Press Release Distribution

A press release for your tarot business sent out through any well-connected distribution network can earn you media coverage on big-name sites like Yahoo, Fox news affiliates, etc. Having your tarot business covered on such big sites can help your business reputation considerably. After getting such high-end placements, you can justly use the term “As seen on…” on your website. Further, press releases get published on a few hundred websites (at least), so PR distribution also gives you many new backlinks (for website ranking) and traffic.

5) Start Enriching Your Site to Catch More Traffic/Visitors

If you have a website with just a handful of posts published on it, then the traffic (visitors) that you get to your tarot reading website will also be along similar lines i.e. low. This is why many small businesses and services start increasing the number of posts published on their website so that these new posts can start growing more traffic to the website which will translate to more sales/orders/bookings. You can post 1-2 new posts every week and can see your traffic rising. The more consistent you are with posting new content, the more faster you will see your traffic and customers rising.

6) Start Ad Campaigns on Premium Quality Ad Networks

Making an ad for your tarot business and running them on premium quality ad networks like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads can drive hundreds of new customers to your business every month. However, whether you will get a positive or negative return on investment from ads will depend upon how skillfully you can manage ads. For new advertisers, it is often good to get familiar with the essentials of ad campaigns because to maintain a steady positive return from ad investment, knowledge of ad campaigns is a must. Having your tarot card business ads managed by a digital advertising agency is the other best option if you are not skilled and equipped to handle paid advertising yourself.

7) Use Social Media to Let More People Notice Your Business

Even if someone takes a random guess, it is easy to predict that at least 50% of adults in your region will be having a profile on social media networks. The huge reach of social media is something that continues to attract many businesses and services, however, only some succeed with it. The key to success with social media marketing of your tarot business (or any other business) is consistency in growing your social audience. It takes a few months of consistent involvement with social media to start gaining a rich harvest from social media in the form of new customers. For growing your tarot business on social media sites, you can do various processes routinely like using trending hashtags, sharing locally relevant posts, joining the city/town specific groups, associating with local successful businesses on social media, etc.

8) Research, Select and Utilize Big Directories

Type keywords similar to “tarot readers in [city/town name]”, “best tarot reader in [city/town]” etc and start noting down the names of all directories like Yelp, Sulekha, Crunchbase, etc. After making a list of such directories, start making accounts on them and post your tarot card business details so that your tarot card business can get additional customers from such sites.

9) Start Growing Your Youtube Channel

There are many people who have built their businesses solely through the sheer potential of the YouTube platform. Youtube being among the top 5 most visited sites in the world not only receives billions of visitors monthly but the videos posted on YouTube also attract traffic from Google search listing of YouTube Videos. For this reason, you must publish videos on your tarot card business on YouTube and this will help you to maximize the marketing potential of your business. These videos when posted on your own social media profiles can get more interaction and can help in even more promotion.

10) Get More Readings with Emails

Very few tarot card readers make the effort to increase the potential of their website through email marketing. Getting people to sign up to your email list using your website traffic can be a long-term asset for the success of your business. If you can provide a free ebook for making your site visitors sign up to your email list, then you will find that many visitors of your website will happily share their email addresses on your opt-in form. Once you have direct reach to people through emails, you can cross-sell many other services along with announcing new offers related to your tarot card reading services.

11) Ask Out Your Customers to Bring More Clients

For every customer for whom you provide tarot reading service, you can ask him/her to refer your tarot reading business to his/her friend circle. You can also offer some nice incentives like referral coupons that can be given away by your customers to their friends for getting your service. Incentivizing referrals can prove to be more successful for growing your tarot card reading business as compared to just asking people to refer your business.

12) Do Advertise the Traditional Way Too

While online marketing of your tarot card reading business is always good, you can complement it with the tried and tested offline marketing methods too. The most notable and common methods of promotion in this category are paid advertising in local newspapers/magazines, distributing flyers/leaflets, advertising through billboard ads, erecting sign boards in crowded places, etc.

13) Make Use of the Reach of Famous People

People on social media who have at least a few thousand followers from your city/town can be contacted to market your tarot business. These people, influencers, as they are called, usually do paid posts and promotions for businesses and services. Profiles related to religion, astrology, etc can be contacted to reach to a more targeted audience.

14) Pay Attention to What Others are Saying Online

Reviews are the emerging signals of trust for businesses and services online. Many people make their decisions based on the reviews that they find online. So make a tendency to ask your served customers to leave reviews online. The more reviews that you get online, the easier it will be to attract more customers who make their decisions based on reviews.

15) Use Vehicles for Branding and Marketing

Wrapping vehicles with banners and advertising of your tarot business is yet another way to market your tarot business. If you can spend more budget, you can also get the vehicle branding done on vehicles owned by other people. This marketing method can make your tarot business noticed by other on-street vehicles and passengers.

16) Start Positioning Your Identity with Newspaper Columns

There are many myths and misconceptions related to the tarot business. You can write columns in local newspapers and magazines to dispel common myths about tarot cards. Once you get writing privileges for newspapers, the perceived value of your personal brand will increase many times and this will lead to opportunities for writing in bigger newspapers and magazines along with getting more customers to your business.

17) Use Case Studies as Your Marketing Tool

Case studies intrigue people and catches their interest. This is why if you start sharing case studies of how your tarot service has helped to resolve the problems of many people, it will definitely get many eyeballs. These case studies can be shared across your website, social media, through Youtube videos, as guest posts on other sites, etc.

18) Provide Services on Fiverr

On the site Fiverr, you will find many tarot card service providers who render their services. You can also make an account on this site and can start getting clients. Once you get a few initial reviews on Fiverr, your business will start seeing faster growth on this platform.

19) Do Make Use of Tarot and Astrology Forums

Forums related to your niche can not only drive more traffic directly for your business but can also give you an indirect advantage in the form of backlinks that will help towards the ranking of your tarot website in Google. You can also find Google first page ranking topics of such forums (through any keyword explorer tool like ahrefs) and can start writing articles on such topics as most of the time, such topics are easy to rank in search engines. This process will generate additional traffic for your website.

20) Start Getting New Customers with Relevant Business Partnerships

All those businesses and services that serve in related sectors can be good candidates with whom you can tie up to get more referrals. Some of these businesses and services will be numerologists, astrologists, life coaching mentors, psychics, Vastu experts, etc.

21) Build Your Credibility by Being an Author

A book writer commands greater trust and respect from people. With digital publishing options, being a book writer has become very easy. You can write a short ebook related to tarot cards and can list it on Amazon kindle. This way you can proudly present yourself as a book writer across your marketing materials. This will give you side income from sales of your book as well as long-term credibility.

22) Make Use of Special Events

You can tie up with event managers and can offer free or discounted tarot readings on crowded events like weddings, parties, seminars, etc. This will spike the interest of other attendees of such events and will bring you more customers.

23) Use Affiliate Promotions

You can launch your self-hosted affiliate program or can get affiliates to promote your tarot business by joining a reputed affiliate network. By sharing some amount with your affiliates, you can get advertising support from these affiliates who will use various promotional methods to grow your business.

24) Grow Your Business with Coupon Distribution

At all community events in your area, you can get discounted coupons distributed for your business so that people will come to avail of your service. You can also get such coupons distributed by various businesses in your area that can use these coupons as rewards for their customers.

25) Start Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has a mainly women demographic and promoting your tarot services can be fruitful on this platform. For successful Pinterest marketing of your tarot services, you will have to grow your board first by consistently sharing relevant pins and by cross-promoting on other boards. With the right keywords and optimization of your board, pins from your board can start driving traffic to your business.

26) Start Utilizing Social Media Contests and Hashtags

There are many apps that enable holding social media contests. You can make use of such apps to hold contests for sharing your marketing messages on social media profiles. You can set certain criteria like sharing with a certain number of people to be eligible for rewards. Similarly, you can also make use of trending hashtags on social media to spread your promotional information.

This list of ideas to market your tarot business can assist you in rolling your business to the next level. For any doubts or questions, send us an email or use the discussion box below.

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