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23 Logistics Marketing Ideas To Let More Customers Find You

Operating a logistics business without actively marketing it is no longer going to suffice as the competition in this industry has intensified. There are many logistics business owners who use search queries on Google like “how to get clients for logistics business?”, “logistics business marketing”, etc., but there is no comprehensive article online that covers various aspects of promoting a logistics business. This blog post is therefore intended to list out all the best logistics marketing strategies that can be applied to your business to boost its client list and revenue. You can select and implement the following ideas either wholly or partially depending upon your budget and capabilities. The marketing methods are:

1) Professionally Made Website Aimed to Turn Visitors into Clients

A big proportion of people interested in finding a logistics company will start their search online and a website is the most efficient online identity that your logistics business can have. To make certain that your website is rightly adjusted to convert more visitors, have the following things ready:

a) Make the site mobile responsive to serve mobile visitors to your site.

b) Make your logistics website quick to load as this will prevent visitor drop-off that usually arises due to the slow loading time of websites.

c) Flaunt all your top features, big clients, accreditation, testimonials, and media coverage of your business on your website.

d) Entice people to call/contact your business immediately with quick support services and even incentives.

2) Enable More People to Reach Your Website

If you have made the website and didn’t utilize proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, your website will not show up in top positions in search engines when people make search queries related to logistics services. To get more sales, ensuring good visibility of your website (within the top 10) is important and that’s why you must adopt SEO practices either by yourself or by using a third-party agency.

3) Direct Ads Online

To scale your logistics business fast, paid advertising online on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Bing is a good strategy. Since, Google and Bing show ads when a user actively searches for goods and services, the quality of leads fetched by them is simply great. Facebook Ads also has its own list of benefits. There are variations in making and running ads on each of these platforms and your success with ads will greatly depend on how efficiently you can manage the parameters associated with ad campaigns. An alternate and easy way to effectively run paid ads is by entrusting this task to any specialized agency.

4) Conquer Local Searches with an Effective GMB Strategy

By making a Google My Business (GMB) or Google Business Profile page, your logistics business will have additional chances of showing up in Google searches when any user types in keywords like “logistic businesses near me”, “logistics services in [CITY]”, etc. To enhance the frequency of your business being shown for local searches, work on getting more citations (mentions) of your business and reviews. This part of optimizing GMB profiles is also handled by many digital marketing agencies and you can take their professional help if you don’t have the necessary time to learn and implement the required methods.

5) Spread All Over With Press Releases

When you issue a press release for your logistics company, you can take your logistics company brand name on some of the reputed news portals in the world. There are other big advantages like getting more visitors and backlinks to your official website. To grow the brand name of your company quickly, there is no affordable solution like a press release. Press releases also show up on brand name searches on search engines and this is why they reinforce the trust of people in your business. For the best results from a press release distribution, choose the one that has a list of premium sites in its syndication network.

6) Social Media Promotion of Your Business

Social media is too big to miss out on when it comes to marketing. Most businesses that become successful with social media focus initially on growing their follower base by regularly posting and sharing valuable/interesting content. After having a big enough follower size, it is normal to see leads coming from social media channels too. They also indirectly help in strengthening the trust of potential customers as any person who comes across active and big social media pages of your business is much more likely to do business with you.

7) Email Marketing

To effectively use your digital assets like website, social media, using email marketing is the right choice. The simple and logical reason for making use of email marketing is that it opens a new possibility of convincing the potential customer many times over and over again. Many people take time to make decisions and by connecting with such people through emails, you increase the chances of getting a green flag from them. Therefore collect emails from interested prospects using all your online and offline marketing endeavors of your business.

8) Tactical Growth With Content Marketing

If you open a blog section on your website and start posting articles on various topics related to the logistics industry, you will find that the number of visitors to your website will start increasing gradually. As your site gets more content, so will the increase in visitors to your site. Though this marketing strategy will take some time to yield results, the positive results gained as a result of this will become recurring after some time.

9) Use Videos to Your Advantage

For many low competition keywords, videos posted on YouTube also make it to the front page of Google search results, thereby providing extra visitors and leads. So if you create a systematic plan of creating and uploading videos on YouTube for low competition keywords in the logistics industry, you will soon find many more customers arriving at your website. Once you manage to post a decent amount of videos, passive traffic to your logistics website will continue to come consistently.

10) Use LinkedIn for Big Contracts

The bigger your client (in terms of net worth), the greater the chances of getting bulk and long-term orders. Most businesses struggle to make connections with big clients in their respective industries. LinkedIn, however, can make your wish of connecting with high-net-worth clients/businesses into a reality because it is the most suitable network of professionals and you can very easily find and initiate contact with top decision makers of big companies. Once you get a few high-end clients, it becomes simpler to connect with others through references. So join LinkedIn and start networking.

11) Utilize Trade Shows of Businesses

Business trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to expose your logistics business to new clients. There are many sites online that list upcoming trade shows and you can keep a watch on them so as to participate in them and enquire about any paid advertising opportunities. You can also book your own stall/space in such trade shows to make the most out of them.

12) Create a Brand Kit

A professional business must always have a brand/media kit ready for direct use in its marketing materials along with giving easy access to bloggers, journalists and others who are interested in covering your business on their respective portals. A brand kit can include all different marketing materials for your business like logo, tagline, professionally shot photos of your business, key points about your business, introduction to your establishment, company vision, contacts of your media/marketing department, etc.

13) Encourage Word of Mouth Publicity

Getting recommendations for your business through friends/relatives/partners of target potential customers is way more productive in making sales because people have trust in their close associates way more than advertisements promoted by businesses. To encourage word-of-mouth publicity, come up with good incentives and reward every person who refers your logistics business to their company/management/friends.

14) Vehicle Marketing

Utilize all your vehicles for marketing your logistics business by either painting your business details or wrapping big banners on them. You can also seek to put paid advertisements of your logistics business on vehicles owned by other private vehicle owners. This way, you can make optimal use of your vehicles and can have your advertisements shown on road too.

15) Highlight Key Features

When people search for products and services online, they get many options to avail and this makes them compare different products and services. To ensure that your logistics business stands out, make a list of key features and highlight all of them on your website so that your business scores better points in the minds of potential clients. List the types of materials your logistics business can handle, the kind of facilities provided by your business, the locations covered/served by you, how you ensure the safety of clients’ products/services, what tracking and delivery features you provide, safety mechanism for clients products, timely delivery, your top clients, recognition of your business, etc.

16) Mark Your Presence on Reading Materials of Your Clients

Find out what common reading materials your potential clients read and find ways to get your logistics business advertised on these materials. These reading materials can include things like newsletters of manufacturers/wholesalers/suppliers, manufacturing-oriented magazines, trade magazines, online forums for manufacturers and startups, etc.

17) Logistics Directories and Forums

Many times when potential clients search for logistics businesses online, logistics forums and directories also show up in search results. You can, therefore, list your logistics business in such forums and directories to enhance your online visibility. Another advantage of joining specialized forums is that you can meet many new members from your own business and can get valuable new insights into your industry along with the possibility to build partnerships with other logistics businesses.

18) Sponsoring Specialized Events

Though events related to various industries and occasions take place every now and then, you can participate in and even sponsor those events which are primarily aimed at businesses in the manufacturing/startup sector. By doing so, you can directly get noticed by all the businesses participating in such events and your logistics business will also gain an upper hand in building business relationships with these participating businesses.

19) Link With Online and Offline Influencers

People who have already established a good name and recognition among your target client list can act as a catalyst for the growth of your logistics business. It doesn’t matter if these people have established their network/influence online/offline or in both mediums. You can come up with some commission or monetary incentives to collaborate with these people in order to get your logistics business advertised through them. As these influencers have established the trust factor already, getting your business recommended by them can help in effectively promoting your business.

20) Grow Your Geographical Reach

Your business can get more customers if it can serve very long-distance logistics needs. If you don’t have the necessary budget to expand your convoy of vehicles and infrastructure, you can just tie up with logistics businesses from other regions to expand the area served by your business. It will also help your business to get more revenue the other way round by serving clients of your partner logistics businesses.

21) Strong and Live Customer Support

People want a quick resolution of their needs nowadays. When any potential client arrives on your website and has some doubts or questions regarding your logistics business, giving the only option of contacting through email will be a business-detrimental strategy. On the other hand, having a live chat option enabled on your website will give a good reason for the incoming visitors to have their all doubts and questions cleared on spot. So have a live chat widget installed on your logistics website along with providing a direct calling number for customer support.

22) Utilize Affiliate Networks for More Leads

For promoting your business, you don’t have to do all the marketing yourself. Many big affiliate networks have thousands of people working as affiliates who promote various products and services. Once you join as an advertiser in any of the reputed affiliate networks, you can set preconditions on how much you will pay per lead and the requirements for a qualified lead. Once you set the necessary details, your logistics business will be open to promotion by many affiliates and these affiliates will work for promoting your logistics business in order to get commissions.

23) Reviews

It is very common for many people to search for online reviews before dealing with a business. If you don’t pay attention to managing the online reputation of your logistics business, it can cost you in form of loss of many potential customers. A good step in ensuring positive reviews is to ensure good service followed by asking the customers to leave feedback online.

These logistics marketing ideas can certainly help to bring in many more customers to your business. Let us know in the comments section below, how useful have you found this article in getting new marketing ideas along with any other doubts or questions that you might have.

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