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Locksmith Marketing: 21 Ultra Powerful Tips to Promote a Locksmith Business

If the keys are missing, it is a bad situation for that person but a good opportunity for a locksmith. With people being busy and too self-occupied nowadays, it is not uncommon to come around circumstances when people forget where they left the keys or how they lost it. A locksmith can be very handy in such circumstances but as with almost all businesses, the competition is too fierce and if you are passive in getting leads for your locksmith business, then it would mean that you are leaving away many potential customers to other locksmith businesses. This article is an in-depth extract of all the possible marketing strategies that you can apply to your locksmith business to get customers continuously.

Before getting into the details of marketing methods, it would be crucial to know that the customer segment for the locksmith businesses can be divided into two broad categories.

A) Emergency Customer
B) General Customer

An emergency customer is one who needs the service of a locksmith immediately due to some circumstances that require urgent attention. In such cases, the customers will mostly be searching online (on Google) for immediate help. So for this segment of people, online marketing is a must. The other customer base is that which does not require urgent service and they have a good amount of time to choose a locksmith for generic safety concerns like commercial security. They can be reached out with both online and offline advertising methods. So after becoming familiar with these two groups of customers for the locksmith business, let us understand all the marketing strategies one by one.

1) Press Release

Press release is the only marketing method that has multi-faceted benefits due to which it is extensively used by all small and big businesses alike. By issuing a press release for your locksmith business, your business will become visible on many small and big news portals that will not only build the brand value of your business but will also give thousands of views to your press release. Apart from it, it also helps to push the ranking of your locksmith business website in Google (by adding to the overall backlinks) due to which you will get more visitors and sales. It also has a good effect on local business listing on Google.

2) Website

Having a well-designed website is crucial to showcase professional work culture and also to convert visitors into customers. Your website must be well organized so that any user can easily find all the relevant details and the contact number must be easy to locate. One creative method you can adopt is using a “free quote” form so that any user can enter his/her details and can get a quote soon. This way you can also get good targeted leads for your locksmith business. Also, you can add a live chat plugin to handle queries instantly so that the overall conversion rates from your website will increase.

3) SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO in short) is a process that is employed to rank a website high up in the search engines to get more visitors and sales. By adopting a good SEO strategy for your locksmith business, you can get leads consistently. If you are unaware of SEO methods, you can either learn it yourself through many free resources on YouTube and other sites or can hire an SEO firm to look after it. Taking care of SEO is important because most customers use Google to search for business and services and if your website is not on the first page of Google, then your competitors will eat up the major chunk of customers.

4) Video

Videos particularly Youtube videos tend to rank much faster as compared to normal websites. If you target some long-tail local keywords like “emergency locksmith service in [your location]”, you will have much better chances to rank organically in Google and other search engines. Also, you can use Youtube ads which are way cheaper than other PPC ads to be visible to your targeted audience.

5) Google Local Business

Google local business listing is a powerful space that can be utilized to get more leads. The ranking of a business within the local listing is much similar to regular SEO. A good combination of positive reviews and local-level backlinks is important to rank high here.

6) Google Ads

Though pay per click model of Google ads is costly, it is one of the fastest means to get in front of potential customers. By using ads on Google, your locksmith business website will appear every time someone searches for the keyword terms that have been set by you. So if you have set the keyword “locksmith in Dallas”, your ad will pop up every time someone types the keyword “locksmith in Dallas” in Google. Again either you can use free tutorials to learn it and manage it yourself or can hire a third party to manage Google ads for you.

7) Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are similar to Google ads in many ways, however, the visitors are not as targeted as Google ads because people go to Facebook for socializing rather than buying a product/service. The costs are low compared to Google ads and there are plenty of targeting options. You can easily target people in your locality to see your locksmith business using FB ads. You can manage it yourself or can use an agency to do it.

8) Content

Posting content regularly across authority sites works wonders in getting traffic and sales. It has direct and indirect benefits. Directly, it can get traffic to your website through your created articles. Indirectly, it can help your business by pushing your website higher in the search engine (due to backlinks from big websites) which would lead to more visitors and sales.

9) Email

By getting hold of emails of your website visitors, you can remain in touch with them for a long time and this would mean long-term and repeat business opportunities. You can come up with a short ebook on basic safety and can give it away freely to people who subscribe to your email list. The return on investment from an email list is great.

10) Social Media

By being active on popular social media like FB, Instagram, you create additional digital assets that can channel customers to your business. By having a page on FB, you can connect with local people and businesses which would mean more avenues of income. You can freely promote your locksmith business on social media by interacting with various other local groups and people.

11) Influencers

Taking advantage of local-level social media influencers is a good strategy to get your business name out locally. Influencers on Instagram and FB can spread your locksmith business-related announcements for a minimal charge (depending upon their reach and followers). Using influencers is more of a brand awareness marketing strategy and must be used only if you have a good budget for marketing.

12) Referral Service

Word of mouth publicity has a very high conversion rate because people trust their friends, relatives and colleagues. If you can come up with some rewarding incentives for a referral program, then your business is sure to get multiplied soon. Having good customer service is one of the most important aspects to get the business spread through word of mouth publicity.

13) Speciality Service

If your locksmith business has some key specialties, do mention in across all marketing channels especially on your website. Locksmith business can be further divided into many sub-niches and if you have a special hold on a sub-niche, make articles around it and post on your official website, press releases, guest posts, etc. Special and sub-niche services have low competition and it is easy to dominate such niches due to which getting customers for your locksmith business becomes easy with smaller niches.

14) Merchandise

You can utilize merchandise like custom printed T-Shirts, books, mugs, pens, calendars, etc to make sure that the customer remembers your business/service. Let’s say you gift away a custom printed calendar or mug carrying your locksmith business name and logo to every customer where you serve. This one strategy can ensure that the customer remembers your business for a long time. It is easy to order and print such merchandise online in any quantity as you desire.

15) Networking

Network with relevant and non-competing businesses. This way you and your networking partners can benefit by cross-referring each other. Some of the partners can be real estate developers, architects, security consultants, security services, etc. You can also tie up with big locksmith businesses as it is possible that they would refer some customers occasionally if they are preoccupied with work or have bigger projects in hand.

16) Credentials

Showcasing your credentials is important if you want to convert visitors into customers. If you have achieved some milestones or have served some top and reputed companies, do mention it on your website, office and social media profiles. This can also be done in case your business has won awards or has been mentioned on any big reputed site. If you don’t have any such thing to show, you can use a high-end press release service and can land your business on mega authority sites like Yahoo Finance and can then showcase it across various channels. Apart from this, if your business is accredited by any reputed firm or is enrolled in any industry-specific union, you can also utilize it.

17) Offline Marketing

One thing to note here is that most offline marketing methods are broad and not targeted, so you MUST only use these if your business is well established and you have a good marketing budget. Offline marketing methods include flyers, billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, seminars, sponsoring local events, local competitions, etc. The return on investment from offline marketing for locksmith businesses will be very less than online marketing methods, so use it only for brand awareness.

18) Photo Sharing

You can reward your customers with cashback and discounts if they share before and after photos of your work on their social media. Such photos not only act as a powerful testimonial but also help to get word-of-mouth publicity for your locksmith business.

19) Directories

Powerful and high-ranking business and service directories like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc are powerful means to get traffic to your business. Keep an eye on good ranking directories and sites in Google and leave your business details there. Sites like Quora, Reddit are also traffic giants and your business presence on such platforms while answering questions and concerns there can open a new channel of visitors and sales.

20) Subscription Service

You can devise a 12 month or 6-month subscription service at a low cost for big commercial companies. This way you can get long-term contract and more sales and the entity buying the subscription will also benefit.

21) Reviews

Encourage every satisfied customer to leave reviews online as reviews are one of the strongest factors in bringing customers. When people find a good number of favorable reviews for your business online, the chances to choose your service out of many will be much higher. The reverse is also true, negative reviews can tarnish your company’s image online and that can have a drastic negative effect on your business. So keep your customers happy and have a well-trained staff.

If you have any other strategy that you have successfully used to advertise your locksmith business, do let us know in the comments section.

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