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Top 21 Lifecoach Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

Having good professional knowledge as a life coach is important to give good service to clients but if you are looking to grow your client base, then this article is for you. With competition in almost every industry, your life coaching business has not only to stand out from others but must also be able to generate good attention. The lifecoach marketing ideas given here will help to take your business to next level. Let us get started with the life coach promotion methods:

1) Free Sessions

People usually go after established names as they believe it to be more trustworthy. To make your name in the life coaching business, you can give short free sessions which will not only expose your skills to people but will also cause more people to know about you. You can announce your free session on newspaper ads, website, social media, online classifieds, etc.

2) Close Match Referrals

As a life coach professional, you may not be an expert in all aspects of life coaching. Make a list of all the coaching and counseling niches where your expertise will not fit well. Now reach out to professionals related to the respective coaching and counseling niche and ask for partnership so that cross-promotion possibilities open up. If you establish 20-30 such relations each month, then you will start getting referrals from other coaches and counselors.

3) Target Niche

As the niche gets narrowed down, one can focus better on a special segment and people can get the impression of specialized services. You can choose a few of the top sub-niches in life coaching and can then focus on these aspects to get the most relevant clients. It can also let you promote your life coaching business to a very targeted group of people thereby pinpointing your focus towards prospects who are more likely to convert.

4) Website

Your website is your digital identity and is the core of all lifecoach advertising strategies online. Make a professional and organized website with a direct appointment booking option available. Also make sure to list all client testimonials, accreditations, achievements, awards, etc so that any user visiting your site must have all good reasons to believe that your service is what he/she is searching for.

5) Brand Identity

Establish a brand identity of yourself as any person is much more likely to take life-coaching service from a well-known and reputed person than a person who doesn’t have many credentials to show off. The first step to establishing brand identity is by sending press releases on top-tier networks so that your profile would be visible on some of the most well-known news portals and websites. Also, press releases help to generate public attention and backlinks to your website. Due to many direct and indirect benefits of press releases, you must make use of them regularly to promote your life coaching business.

6) Videos

Start creating Youtube videos on common issues faced by people that are related to your service. Within a few months of work, you will be having a network of videos that will start sending you life coaching leads consistently. To better perform with Youtube marketing, go to any freelance site and search for any keyword research service. Order the keyword research service and ask the freelancer to come up with low competition keywords related to the life coaching business. Once you have such keywords, create videos on that topics and upload them to Youtube. This way your videos can also start ranking in Google as Youtube videos for low competition keywords rank fairly easily and quickly in Google.

7) Content Marketing

The process of finding low competition keywords mentioned in the previous topic can also be utilized here. You can create informative articles on these topics consistently and in a short time you will be having many articles that can serve you clients for life coaching passively.

8) Search Engine Optimization

By Search Engine Optimization, your target is to rank for keywords where a user is interested in finding a life coach. You have to optimize your website for terms like “life coach near me”, “life coach in [city name]”, etc. Though search engine optimization takes some time to show results (2-3 months) and involves optimizing many factors, the results are very good as people who are actively searching for life coaching services visit your website due to which the quality of leads is excellent. You can get the optimization handled by any professional SEO agency.

9) Paid Ads

Utilizing paid ads on top platforms like Google and Facebook can help you to quickly grow leads and customers seeking life coaching services. Paid marketing for life coaching is one of the fastest means to see results. BUT, it is also the fastest means to lose money if you don’t have any idea of running ads. Wrong targeting and keywords can drain your money fairly quickly in paid advertising. You must first become familiar with it (many tutorials on Youtube) or can give the task to any skilled marketing agency.

10) Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can become a very ripe source of getting life coaching clients if you are patient enough to develop a good follower base here. Once you get a good following, things will become much easier. Don’t get into professional mode directly on these platforms as people hate getting sold to. You can start with posting motivation quotes, inspirational messages, etc along with a soft tinge of your services. This way you can soft promote your life coaching without getting your followers annoyed. Facebook also gives you the option to join groups which can be used effectively to build recognition in your target community.

11) Influencers

You can take advantage of already established names on social media (Influencers) to start big. Search for influencers whose profile and follower base is more suited to life coaching and ask if they are open for promotions. You can find many options to advertise your life coaching business for a decent budget on the profiles of these influencers. It can also let you increase your own follower base on social media along with promoting your life coaching business.

12) Write a Book

Being the author of a book enhances your brand image. If you include “Author of books [Title 1] [Title 2]” in your marketing materials for the life coaching business, people will get a positive impression of your personality which will increase the conversion rates too.

13) Forums

Niche-related forums are a great resource to find clients. You can engage in various topics that are relevant to your expertise on such forums and can start building your customer base. To get a list of such forums, just type in Google “keyword” + “forum” and start making accounts on forums that have good traffic and are active. Make sure not to start promoting just after joining as many such forums have different rules for promotion typically a waiting period of a few weeks or days.

14) Reddit

Reddit has many subreddits where people actively ask for help related to various niches. You can join such subreddits and take full advantage of them. However note that Reddit is strict with direct promotions, you must spend some time casually answering questions and must then start subtle marketing of your life coaching services.

15) Guest Blogging

Make a list of all big and reputed sites in your niche. Then use the contact email given on these websites for guest blogging opportunities. You can then write and post articles on these sites with an active link to your official website. This way you can not only get visitors directly but will also get backlinks to your website which will aid in better branking of your website (i.e. more visitors from search traffic).

16) Joint Webinar and Conferences

You can do joint webinars and conferences with other prominent personalities related to your niche so that you can get more exposure and leads. By hosting joint webinars you can take advantage of the reputation of others to build your own brand value.

17) Newspaper Columns

Contact local journalists and offer to write on issues that are relevant to your skills. Once you get a publishing opportunity, you will start getting more recognized and it will position your personality as an expert in life coaching. You can then also showcase this achievement on other marketing platforms to build your authority.

18) Cross Industry Partners

Make a list of all professionals and businesses that have a similar customer audience that is required for a life coaching business. You can then ask these entities to refer your business either for a commission or for mutual cross-promotion. Some of the target groups can be business consultants, psychiatric clinics, accountants, etc.

19) Big Publications

You can get your articles published in big and established publications by subscribing to HARO (Help a Reporter Out) which lists requests by reporters who are looking for inputs from industry experts. You can subscribe to these requests and can pitch your support to relevant projects and can get your name and brand featured in big publications. Once you get just a few opportunities to appear in big publications, you can then utilize it to open the doors of many other big publications too which will make your personality a brand name in itself.

20) Events

Participate actively in local events and if possible you can become a sponsor or co-sponsor to let people know about your business. You can also host events in participation with a few other organizations to get publicity while sharing the event costs and keeping the budget down.

21) Traditional Marketing

Utilizing traditional advertising methods for life coach marketing is also a good option to connect locally. For this newspaper ads, flyers, banners, billboards, etc can be used to let more and more people know about your business.

These life coach marketing ideas can serve you in the right direction for growing your clients, business and revenue. If you have something to say, kindly do so in the comments below.

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