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Law Firm Press Release Template, Example, and Tips on Writing

With a growing number of disputes, crimes, problems, law firms and legal help is the solution that people approach. Law firms themselves have various needs and announcements to make and for this, the traditional and effective way out is writing and distributing a press release for the same. This post is intended to help you write and send out your law firm press release easily and conveniently and for this, you will find many sub-topics integrated into this post. The sub-topics given in this post include a law firm press release template, example, benefits of press release, and effective tips to create a press release for your law firm. Let’s proceed to these sub-topics:

Aim: To make a press release announcement regarding your law firm.

Tools: This blog post is broken down into various sub-topics to address various aspects related to a law firm press release. These sub-topics include an easy-to-modify and use template, benefits of press release, example, and tips to write a press release.

Template: Utilize the law firm PR template given below to quickly frame a professional press release.


[Headline] /* [Name of the Law Firm] + [Announces/Launches] + [Mention The Announcement (like new opening, new branch, new attorney joining, location change, partnership, award, etc) + [Location (if applicable)] + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* Give a brief of 1-2 sentences (summary) */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the Law Firm], a [reputed/emerging/new] name in the [law/legal] [niche/service/sector], is delighted to announce [insert the kind of announcement here like new opening, new branch, new attorney joining, location change, partnership, award, etc] at [location + date, (if applicable)]. [How will your potential client benefit (give only 1 most significant reason)]. [Any special offer, discounts, events, related to this announcement]. (3,4 sentences)

[Give out more benefits of your law firm to the potential customer + expertise of your law firm + brief information on the main attorney + his/her experience and credentials] (4 to 5 sentences)

[Quote from the main attorney (head) of the law firm]

[Provide a brief background related to the announcement (what caused this) + what makes your law firm different from others + a few successful/important cases handled by you] (4 to 5 sentences)

[Quote from another senior lawyer or a satisfied client]

[Give a brief on the importance of a good law firm and insist on why your service is good + how your firm aims to help people get justice] (4-5 sentences)

To get more details on [the announcement], visit [website URL].

About [Law firm name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address]
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits Gained from Press Releases

Be it your law firm directly or your website, the benefits that a press release will provide you with are:

1) High End Coverage + “As Seen On…” Factor

Getting your business name across some of the most known news sites in the world is one of the best trust-building as well as marketing strategies. Once coverage is achieved across big news sites, the website related to your business can lawfully use the tagline “As seen on…” (followed by news site names) so that your website visitors will know that your business is trustworthy and this, in turn, will increase the sales/leads for your business. Press releases can easily ensure such high-end coverage on top news sites provided you use a service provider that has a syndication agreement with such news sites.

2) Big and Fast Results in Visibility

While one can list out many small and big benefits of using press releases to make announcements, a common and significant benefit is the quick traffic a press release is able to generate for the concerned announcement (new opening, product launch, new service, new changes, etc). The cumulative impact of the traffic contributed by many sites involved in a press release distribution gives overall big and fast results in visibility. A key role here is also played by the quality of the service provider used for distributing the press release as a high-quality service provider will be able to secure more high traffic and reputed placements for your PR announcement.

3) Gets You Links from Reputed Sites

Many SEO agencies use press releases with the main intention of generating backlinks for their client’s websites so that these sites would show up in top positions in search engines and would gain more monthly visitors. This benefit of quality backlinks creation is an indirect yet powerful benefit that your business can avail by sending out press releases. If you go for an A1 quality service vendor for sending out your business press release, the results achieved in terms of backlinks will be even better because the quality of sites included in such a service is much better than ordinary PR wire services.

4) Trust Value Increase Along with Branding

If you have selected a quality press release distribution channel, then you can easily get your PR content across some of the most well-known sites in the world like Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, etc. To get a similar kind of result, many big brand management companies charge a hefty sum in 4-5 figures. An auxiliary advantage that comes with your business being covered in big publications is that the trust value of your brand increases and if you come up with guest posts or articles for publication on other sites, the probability of your content being accepted on these sites also increases manifolds.

5) Shows How Open Your Business/Service Is

The quest for increasing transparency in a business is easily achieved using press releases. Since press releases make their way into hundreds of sites, so all the significant announcements you make related to your business will become easily available online and can be easily accessed whenever any user types the relevant search terms. Some of the most used scenarios where your business can issue press releases for this goal of bringing about transparency are declaring quarterly financial updates, any new investments made by the business, appointment/retirement of key employees, new board members, new decisions, etc.

Significant Writing Tips

The significant tips that you must adopt for writing press release for your law firm are:

1) Don’t Make it Look Like the Majority of PRs

If one looks at any of the press releases published daily, then at least 90% of the time, he/she will find the content boring as the content will be limited to making an announcement only. You should not make the same mistake if you would like to get better results from your press release. For your press release to be effective, try to point out multiple dimensions of your announcement and different sectors/industries/segments that it will have an impact upon.

2) Don’t Let Complex Words Ruin Your PR Announcement

For a press release, good writing must not be judged by the usage of complex words and jargon as such things make the press release content be ignored by a significant number of people. The simpler it is to comprehend a press release’s content, the better will be the outcome in terms of readability and visibility of the press release. If technical terms are required to be added, keep them to a minimum or explain them in easy terms.

3) Good Headline Gives an Upper Edge

On all the sites that syndicate press releases, the title of the press release is the first point of interaction with visitors. Due to this, press releases that have creative and interesting titles get an upper edge in pulling more traffic than other press releases. So a good amount of brainstorming must be carried out for deciding on the most catchy, interesting, yet non-clickbaity title.

4) Answer All Linked Questions

Sometimes press release writers do forget to answer the direct and relevant questions that are necessary for fully understanding the crux of the press release. To avoid such mistakes, make a rough layout of the core announcement and all the linked questions pertaining to it before starting to write your press release. If a press release leaves out answering some of these significant questions, people reading it would get a bad impression of the business/company issuing the release.

5) Stick to Third Person Writing Format

For writing a press release, you cannot write it casually using the words like I, You, etc as such content will be rejected by the press release platform. Since press releases express an official voice of the company, they need to be written in the third person, unlike the usual blog posts where there is no such restriction. If the sentence is part of the quotes section within a press release, first and second-person references are ok to use.

6) Remember the Post Distribution Editing Difficulty

For getting your press release written, the facts, information, and data that will form part of the press release must be 100% accurate as you will not have any chance to rectify things after the PR gets published. Though some sites do mention that they entertain editing requests for press releases for a certain amount, you will not be able to do so with each of the websites hosting your press release, and your errors will live eternally on the web.

7) Professional and Accountable Media Contact

Media contact details added to the end of a press release is not taken seriously by some businesses and companies that send out a press release for distribution. They either put some arbitrary details or details of any random staff from their business This mistake must not be made by you because it can lead to missing some big chances in form of customers, investors, partners, etc. You must always place the details of some person who can handle the queries professionally.

8) Be Careful in Comparisons and Claims

If in your press release, you tend to compare your product/service to the product/service of any competitor or happen to claim that your product/service is the best in the market, you must do so such comparisons or claims using data from any rating or reviewing agency else it can bring forth legal complications to your company at any time in the future. Each wording put forth in such a press release must have some backing to it.

9) First Check the Network Reach Before Distributor Selection

Great, interesting, and newsworthy content for a press release is just half part of a successful press release. If the content is not matched with good distribution, good content alone will fail to yield good results. To ascertain that your choice of press release distribution service is all well and good, just ask the service provider to provide a sample list or PDF file of any of the latest press releases published by them and check if the file contains some high-end sites in it.

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