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25 Laundry Marketing Ideas for Big Business Growth

Customers are the lifeline of every business and growing your laundry business implies growing the number of customers served by you. If you work on a strategic marketing plan, you can overtake the established laundry businesses of your region. With the intent of providing the best-ever laundry marketing ideas, this article will give you many insights, that on implementation, will help take your laundry business to new heights. So take a careful reading of the tips given below:

1) Make These Site Modifications to Get Better Conversions

A very basic thing that you can do for marketing your laundry business is carry out little modifications on your website to increase the results you are currently getting from it. These modifications when applied can result in boosting the number of customers your laundry business is getting at present. The required things that you must do are:

A) The site design must convey a professional feel and the content must be well-categorized.
B) People must be able to directly book their order online for quick pickup of their clothes.
C) People will be more inclined to trust your laundry services if they see achievements, media coverage, testimonials, etc of your business mentioned on your site. So do integrate these factors.
D) To make people spend more time on your site in order to increase your chances of getting new customers, put a well-shot informative video on your site homepage.
E) Check the site to ensure that its resolution doesn’t fail to adjust as per the device type (laptop, mobile, mac, tablet).
F) Even a 1-second delay that your site takes to load costs you a loss of visitors. So make your site super fast to load by carrying out the necessary changes.

2) Get Found When Clients Search for a Laundry Service

Most people who will require a laundry service will start their search by typing some or the other query in Google. When they press enter after typing their search query, they will be presented with many results on the first page and if your laundry website isn’t there on the first page, your potential client will find any of your competing businesses. This is why the poor performance of your laundry website in search engines enhances your competitors and they get richer and more resourceful every day while you manage to survive on a small base of clients. To achieve first-page results, all you have to do is a proper SEO of your website which you can learn and implement yourself or can delegate the task to any specialized SEO firm.

3) Get an Extra Google Listing with GBP

Would you like your laundry business to be shown twice in the top 10 search results of Google? If yes, then apart from the formal search results, you must also try to get visibility of your business in the “local listings” of Google which is a special section that gets displayed for local search queries. To be eligible for getting displayed in “local listings”, you first need to create a “Google Business Profile” page with all the relevant details about your business filled in it. Once you create your “Google Business Profile”, the next step is to optimize it by getting more mentions of your business details (called citations) and reviews of your business. By working on these factors, your listing will be frequently shown which will give more customers for your laundry business.

4) Grow Links and Traffic with Press Release Marketing

Press releases are an excellent marketing tool. They have the capability to extend your content on many small and big sites as a result of which a quick surge of traffic is witnessed. They also complement other marketing methods like SEO due to hundreds of links created from all sites that publish the press release. The results achieved from press releases are dependent on the quality of the chosen distribution service as well as the uniqueness, creativeness, and newsworthiness of the content. So stick to premium PR distribution service only.

5) Start Appearing More in Search Engines by Increasing Content

For getting a remarkable increase in traffic and customers over time, one very simple yet efficient marketing approach is content marketing. The most basic thing required for success with content marketing is consistency in producing new content so that with time, your website will start ranking for various combinations of 100s or even 1000s of new keywords that will act as a traffic and lead-boosting factor for your website. You can either do content publishing yourself or can outsource it to any agency. To discover new keywords around which you would start publishing content, you can either use a paid tool like ahrefs or can manually scan related search terms in Google or can hire an SEO freelancer to compile and provide a list of keywords.

6) Laundry Business SMM

Social media marketing (SMM) for your laundry business is yet another way to get more people to know about your business. Though the initial phase of establishing your profile on social media will require consistent efforts in the form of making connections with people, groups, influencers, etc, the process of growing your profile (and hence visibility) becomes much easy if you manage to get a few thousand followers. There are many businesses that have started small from social media only and after getting a base of loyal customers, they stepped out to new marketing mediums. So your laundry business must also deploy social media as one of the platforms to grow your customers.

7) Make Repeat Sales with Constant Communication

Any person who seeks a laundry service will have multiple options to choose from whenever he/she searches online. This potential customer can be made into your repeat customer if you organize a continuous channel of communication with him/her. One of the efficient ways to build up such a link between your business and customers is by email marketing. By doing email marketing for your laundry business, you can send periodic updates/offers/messages related to your service and can thus remain fresh in the minds of your prospects. Though building an email list to a considerable size will take some time, the results are long-lasting.

8) Google Ads Can Hasten the Results

One of the quickest ways to attract active visitors looking for laundry service is to get your ad seen on the first page of Google whenever any query relevant to your business is searched by people. This is possible by taking the help of Google ads. Though it is easy to start and create ads on the Google platform, success with ads rests on many parameters that must be systematically optimized like the selection of keywords, ad content, landing page relevancy, bid price, setting target locations and filters, etc. Many free as well as paid sources of information are present online that give insights into running ads on Google successfully.

9) Videos Work Great in Multiple Ways

To get more visibility in Google search results, ranking your business videos is a better complement along with your website ranking. This way you can have a new digital asset to pull traffic from Google searches. The strategy for getting optimal results from video marketing of your laundry will depend much upon the keywords selected by you. Low competition keywords are faster to rank and therefore selecting such keywords followed by putting videos on them is a great strategy to benefit from video marketing. Besides this, video content gives a better impression of your business and is also found to increase conversions when added to the website.

10) Assist Your Marketing Efforts Through Local Influencers

When promotion/marketing comes through an authorized source, it leaves a far greater influence on people. This is why nowadays many businesses and services are using social media influencers to get their promotions done on social platforms because the followers attach a trust value to the influencers whom they follow. So your laundry business should also start working with “LOCAL” social media influencers to make their followers aware of your laundry services.

11) Unlock Bigger Potential Through LinkedIn

In order to take long-term cleaning deals from big establishments, the most basic thing is to access the top-end contacts working in these establishments. This requirement can be easily sorted out if you start exploring the LinkedIn profiles of local companies. So create your professional profile on LinkedIn, get more connections, send more connect requests, and start making big deals to improve the revenues of your laundry business.

12) Make Use of Yelp and Yelp-like Sites

Currently, Yelp is a powerful directory that appears on the first 10 listings of Google for many keywords pertaining to local businesses and services. Type words like “laundry service in [city name]”, “laundry near me”, etc in Google and you will get a few more sites where you can easily list your laundry business. With such a listing process, you will not only get a few extra customers every month but will also get a few powerful backlinks to your laundry website.

13) Just Start Asking Your Customers

One extremely simple and old method for growing a business is by asking your current customer to recommend your service to others. If you add some more incentives to this like giving some points or rewards to the referring customer, then the efficacy of this referring technique will get multiplied.

14) Have an Attention-Seeking Exterior Signage

Most people make a mental judgment of quality by the looks and aesthetics of the exteriors of a business. If your laundry still has outdated exteriors or a casual signboard, it will definitely impact the number of people who arrive at your laundry. So invest effort and money in making your exterior visually appealing.

15) Use Special Days Creatively for Growing Sales

Promote special offers and discounts for a few days preceding the special days (Father’s Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, etc) to get more people to arrive at your laundry and to increase your chances of making new long-term customers. Repeating this process can make your laundry business known locally for celebrating special days.

16) Increase Attention and Customers with Participation

Every event, fair, gathering taking place locally gives a great chance for your laundry service to promote itself. Apart from participating in such events, a good way to get the maximum results from such events is by distributing discount vouchers so that the requirement to redeem these vouchers will bring people to your laundry service.

17) Local Postcards Work Great

A very old marketing technique that still works great till current times is sending postcards to people locally. If you also offer custom coupons/vouchers to redeem along with postcards, the efficiency of this marketing method will be higher.

18) Make Local Businesses Send You Customers

You can introduce your laundry business to local tailors, cloth shops, salons, restaurants, etc, and can give them bulk coupons for the purpose of distributing them to their customers. As more and more coupons will start getting distributed through these businesses, you will find that number of customers to your laundromat will start growing simultaneously.

19) Give Extra Reasons to Customers

To make a person choose your laundry service rather than your competitor, your laundry must have some unique attributes. These extra benefits can be in form of the latest magazines, free wi-fi, TV, coffee machine, game station, massage chair, etc. These convenience factors can make your laundry service stand out from others which will cause more people to prefer your laundry.

20) Roll Your Advertisement on Roads

While renting billboard space across the road is a costly marketing affair, you can market your laundromat business by wrapping your vehicle itself (with your advertisement). If budget permits, you can get this marketing method repeated on other private vehicles too in order to scale the visibility of your laundry services.

21) Add Add-ons, Add More Revenue

While having laundry as your core business, you can provide add-on products and services to get more revenue from your customers. A few good ideas that you can use as add-ons are subscription plans, perfumes, deos, home utility products, dry cleaning services, dress rentals, etc.

22) Ease Out Customers, Ease Out Income

The more you work in the direction of providing convenience to your customers, the more you will find it easy to grow customers for your laundry business. In this direction, a good step that you can implement is by providing free pick up and drop off of clothes. You can also charge a few extra dollars for this service and many customers won’t mind shelling out a few more dollars for convenience.

23) Engage and Attract More People by Utilizing Social Contests

Announce rewards (like 20% Off or custom-printed merchandise) on social media to local people who would share your promotional message with a specified number of friends. As more people join the contest, your message will start following a chain reaction and can soon reach thousands of local people. This will cause massive publicity for your laundry business and can give you many new customers.

24) Balance Your Marketing Approach with Offline Marketing

For a marketing approach to be well-balanced, any company or business must try and analyze different kinds of advertising channels be it online or offline. No matter how much growth is witnessed in the number of people accessing the web, offline marketing has its own place and significance. Your online ad can be automatically blocked due to more and more people using ad blocker plugins online, but with offline marketing of your laundry business, this adblocking cannot happen. For a good brand image of your business, it is essential that people can see your ads in both mediums i.e. online and offline.

25) Start Asking for Reviews

A good enough number of potential customers will check the reviews of your laundry online before handing over their clothes to you. A fair number of positive reviews for your business, if present online, will help you to convince those potential customers and vice versa. So start asking your customers to leave reviews online.

All these laundry marketing ideas are super effective in growing your business. So ask any doubts (using the comment box below) that you might have encountered in this article. If it is not a big thing to ask, do share this article on your social media 😀

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