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11 Powerful LASIK Marketing Ideas to Get More Patients and Revenue

Vision problems are increasing owing to multiple reasons and so are the patients who need LASIK surgery. But a growing number of patients does not necessarily mean that they will land up to your clinic or hospital as there are too many established names in this field. You can beat the old and established competitors if you fine-tune your marketing methods. For this purpose, we have listed working LASIK marketing ideas that you can implement to get more patients.

1) Powerful Website

Just putting up information for the sake of creating a website is different than having a professional website that can push visitors to your clinic/hospital. To have a good converting website, remember to have the following elements in it:

A) A direct appointment booking option on the homepage.
B) A highlighted contact number on the homepage.
C) Site must be fast loading else it would cause traffic loss.
D) Site must be mobile friendly as many people access the web nowadays through mobile devices.
E) Accreditations, Awards, Recognition being mentioned.
F) Patient Testimonials

2) Local Business Listing

Google shows 3 local results on the first page if someone types any keyword that suggests local relevancy like “Lasik surgeon in [city name]”, “Lasik surgeon near me” etc. These results are pulled out from businesses that have created the Google My Business page. So the first step to getting into this local pack is by creating a Google My Business page. After the creation of this page, you must work on increasing citations, reviews, links and the trust factor of your site to get included in this pack. Alternatively, if you do not want to handle all of these factors, you can hire any digital marketing company for handling it.

3) Favorable Ranking

Having a good ranking in Google is crucial to advertise your Lasik services. For every keyword entered in Google, it shows thousands of results for most keywords. All those sites and pages that appear on page 2 and beyond hardly get many visits as most of the searches end on the first page itself. So if your website does not show up on page 1 for desired terms, then you end up losing your patients to those who rank on the first page. You can optimize your website to rank higher by understanding and implementing the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Since SEO is a dynamic game, you can alternatively use the service of any digital marketing company to promote Lasik surgery.

4) Social Media

People are more likely to come to you if they have heard about you earlier. So social media marketing for Lasik is a basic necessity if you are genuinely looking to get more patients for Lasik. Social media gives a good platform to connect with local people for free. By growing your presence and user-base on social media, you can get more referrals through your online community. Facebook has many groups that are centered around local events and places. You can engage with such communities to grow your recognition and thereby referrals.

5) Ads

If you want to see results fast i.e. more patients seeking Lasik operation, then using paid ads can be rewarding provided you know how to manage and run ads. Google and Facebook, the two big platforms used for running ads are known to give consistent leads across almost all niches. One important thing to note here is that if you just start running ads on these platforms without understanding proper targeting, then most probably you will have a negative return on investment i.e. you will lose more money than you will earn. If you want to get profitable with ads, then better devote time to learn it or utilize the services of any online marketing agency.

6) Press Releases

Press releases can not only establish your authority by getting published on news sites but can also give you a quick buzz. If you use high-end press release distribution, your announcement can easily land up on some of the most recognized sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated press, etc. It also helps to get diversified links that help your website to rank better in Google. Most marketing-conscious businesses use press releases regularly to remain in focus and to build brand value.

7) Big Sites

You can leverage the ranking power of big sites to get backlinks as well as visibility. Sites like Yelp, Crunchbase, Quora, etc have very high ranking power and if you make a profile of your business on such sites, you will get additional marketing leverage and the links generated as a result of this will also help your official site to perform better in Google.

8) Reviews

Reviews have become much more important as the first thing most people do after coming across any business or service is to type the name of that entity in Google to see reviews. Getting a good number of positive reviews helps to boost conversions. You can ask your patients to leave reviews about your Lasik service on your Google My Business page and on their social network so as to increase the conversion ratio from prospects to patients.

9) Free Eye Camps

You can set up free eye testing camps periodically for the elderly or your target demographic so that during the camp, you can not only discover more patients but can also gain more recognition. It is one of the mass-appealing and creative marketing ideas for a Lasik treatment provider.

10) Newspaper Columns

You can contact journalists of local newspapers and can offer writing on topics related to eye care. This way you can not only get more coverage but can also establish yourself as an authority. You can then use this achievement across your other channels like website, social media, etc. Later, it can also open up the publishing possibilities on bigger newspapers which will significantly boost up the number of patients seeking Lasik services from you.

11) Offline Advertising

Offline advertising methods for a Lasik include newspaper ads, flyers, billboard advertising, pamphlets, etc. These are old and traditional marketing methods that you can also consider to get more Lasik patients. However, they are costly and untargeted as compared to digital marketing.

You can definitely witness an increase in customers and revenue on implementing the given Lasik marketing strategies. The comments section is open to all your doubts, queries and suggestions.

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