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21 Junk Removal Marketing Tips to Get More Leads and Sales

For those businesses who are searching for answers to questions like “how to get more leads for junk removal?”, “how to grow my junk removal business?”, etc, this post will serve as the most beneficial solution. People in the junk removal business know that the competition is getting tough day by day and if they don’t utilize active marketing methods for their junk removal business, they will keep struggling to grow their revenues. So let us see some of the best strategies that you can adopt to grow your business.

1) Conversion-Oriented Website

If you look around websites of most junk removal business owners, you will find that they are not optimized for conversions. It means that they are losing a big chunk of their website visitors who could have been converted into customers. To ensure that you don’t make this mistake, remember to include these elements in your website to convert a big chunk of visitors to customers

A) Make the website mobile friendly to ensure that people using mobile phones to access the web don’t find your website resolution scattered and out of resolution.
B) Get a direct contact button right on the main page itself.
C) Display all testimonials and reviews to boost the authenticity of your junk removal business.
D) Affiliations, Achievements, Awards, etc must prominently be displayed to add to your credibility.
E) Embed a video showcasing your work as videos are proven to convert much better than images and text.
F) The website must be professionally designed and must be easy to navigate.

2) Aim Right Spot in Google

Imagine a customer who needs junk removal service and he types “junk removal service near me” in Google. He will be presented with thousands of results which he is never going to check. He will most probably find the service on the first page of Google itself. As per data, this is true for most of the searches that are conducted worldwide on Google. Most people are never going to check beyond page one of Google and therefore if your website for junk removal business doesn’t show up on the first page, it means that you are continuously losing many leads every day to your competitors. To get more leads consistently by ranking on the first page, you must implement SEO techniques either by yourself or by hiring any expert SEO marketing agency.

3) Aim Right Spot in Local Listings

On the first page of Google, Google shows 3 listings that are relevant to geolocation queries. These 3 listings are taken from Google My Business (GMB) pages of those businesses that have created the GMB page. So first of all, you must create a GMB listing with all details filled like name, industry, photos, number, hours of operation, images, etc. To be shown more frequently in the top 3 listings, pay attention to citations, reviews, consistency of data and your business authority. If you find it hard to manage all such factors yourself, get an expert digital marketing agency to do so.

4) Get Leads Quickly With Ads

Out of all the online advertising methods for getting junk removal leads, running paid ads on Google and Facebook are the fastest means to see leads coming in. Out of the two, leads sent from Google ads are more active, targeted and converting than Facebook. There are many elements that determine the success of an ad and one must therefore take some time to make him/her aware of these elements. If you jump directly into running ads without any previous knowledge about it, most probably you will end up with negative results. Another strategy is to get your PPC ads being handled by a professional digital marketing agency.

5) Target Your Competitors

You can get some percentage of customers of your competing businesses by bidding on their brand names in Google ads. Suppose one of the big junk removal businesses in your area is “Richard Junk Removal”, you can use “Richard Junk Removal” as a keyword in Google ads so that every time someone interested in “Richard Junk Removal” types the company name in Google, your ad is going to show up which is definitely going to cut some of the customers of your competing business.

6) Send Out Press Releases Occasionally

One of the easiest ways to build the brand of your junk removal business is by using press releases regularly. These press releases will show up on many websites across the web due to which the name of your business will spread over many sites including some news sites. It also helps to get engagement for your content quickly due to big syndication. Additionally, it works in creating many news backlinks which further benefits the visibility of your business in Google. So issuing press releases can give you a comprehensive marketing package for your junk removal service.

7) EMail Marketing

To establish a long relationship with your clients and to connect with the potential clients who do not take your service after landing on your website, email marketing is the best medium. For most websites, many visitors visiting their site do not call the business due to one or the other reason. One can therefore collect their email address and can connect with them to have another chance of converting them to customers. This also works for existing customers to build a long-term relationship and to generate more sales during this process. Since most people hesitate to give their personal details online, you can create a good product/service like ebook, coupons, etc to exchange with people who would provide their email address.

8) Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the free and powerful mediums for advertising products and services. The only big difference is that it requires patience and consistent efforts in building a great presence first. The marketing technique on social media platforms is different from other sources because if you start promoting your junk removal business without establishing your presence, you will get little to no results. So start sharing relevant and interesting information, images, videos on your social media profile to get a consistent build-up of followers. Once you successfully establish your business presence, you can then start advertising your junk removal services thereby getting you leads. You can also benefit by joining local groups on Facebook to let other businesses and services know of your business presence.

9) Utilizing Videos

Videos can open up another avenue for promoting junk removal services because videos rank much faster in Google as compared to traditional websites due to the authority of the Youtube platform. To have greater chances of ranking and thereby getting visibility and leads, you must make videos on long term queries that are easier to rank like “best company for junk removal in [name of your city]”. “top junk removal business in [city/town]”, etc. The more videos you get online on Youtube for such long-term queries, the chances of getting leads will increase proportionately.

10) Add on Services

To expand your client base, you can also do add-on services (either by yourself or in partnership) that are closely linked with your business like cleaning and restoration. This will open up a new client base who can be sold a range of services to get more business.

11) Free Quotes and Inspection Service

The word “free” has a prominent place in marketing as people love free products and services. You can provide free inspection and free quotes options to encourage people to try your service thereby opening up new possibilities for getting leads for junk removal business. You can market the free offers using other channels like social media, website, email marketing, flyers, etc.

12) Quick Services

No person and business likes delay in their work and this is true for junk removal services too. You can start offering same-day inspection and removal services to get ahead of those competitors that don’t have this option. It will also attract more positive reviews from such clients who need urgent services.

13) Referrals from Businesses

You can get referrals with local businesses that are most likely to send you customers for junk removal services like real estate dealers, construction contractors, movers, interior designers, handymen, etc. You can either have them refer your business for cross-promotion marketing or by giving them incentives and/or commissions.

14) Eco-friendly Service

With people becoming more climate and environment conscious, you can show how choosing your services won’t harm the planet and the environment by incorporating eco-friendly materials and methods. You can also showcase the activities that you take to protect the environment like planting trees, using clean energy, etc. You can highlight the specialty of being eco-friendly on many other marketing platforms discussed earlier including your website.

15) Power of Authority Websites

Not only business-owned websites but even many powerful directories and sites tend to rank well in Google like Yelp, Nextdoor, Manta, Crunchbase, Craigslist, etc. You can create the profile of your business of all such high-ranking sites to create additional channel of marketing your junk removal business.

16) Make a Good Cause

People tend to showcase their support for good actions. You can associate your business with any good charity/cause and can highlight in your marketing materials that you donate a certain amount (5%, 10%) out of every order to the mentioned charity/NGO.

17) Signage on Prominent Locations

You can survey the city and find out the best locations which are more likely to give you leads. For example, you can find out locations where students, coaching institutes are common and can promote using banners there. You can reserve offline advertising space in crowded locations of your city to let the maximum number of people see your ads.

18) Monitoring Competitors

Since your business revenue is also dependent on the level of competition, you must be vigilant of the strategies of your competitors, their pricing, specialties, offers, locations served by them, their timing and their current big projects. It can also give you early insights into new promotion methods of your junk removal business.

19) Reviews

You must ask every customer of yours to leave reviews on your Google My Business site listing or listing on Yelp and other directories. Good reviews have become a very powerful driving factor for customers online and so your business must remain aware of all types of reviews coming in along with addressing negative reviews at the earliest.

20) Offline Marketing

Though most of the above points are concerned with online marketing methods for junk removal businesses, offline marketing still continues to bring leads and sales though being more costly and less targeted. You can utilize newspaper ads, flyers, banners, billboards, etc to generate awareness and leads for your junk removal business.

21) Affiliate Program

In order to get your business exposed to thousands of affiliate marketers who will promote your junk removal business for some commission, you can join any big affiliate network (as an advertiser) like commission Junction, etc.

The junk removal marketing tips included in this write-up can get your business – more leads and revenue. In case you feel to follow up on any sub-topic related to this article or have some doubts/suggestions, kindly put your thoughts below.

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