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25 Jewelry Store Marketing Ideas to Pump Up Your Revenues

Take note of all the listings for jewelry stores that show up on Google when someone types a query like “jewelry store in [your city name]”. These results will undisputedly show how stiff is the competition for jewelry stores. To keep on growing your jewelry business amidst the presence of many competing businesses, you need to consider adopting a good marketing strategy. These jewelry shop marketing ideas presented in this article can significantly help drive more revenues for your business. Let us start exploring these strategies:

1) Use Website as One of Your Jewels

Did you know that most business owners who don’t optimize their website for conversions lose many potential customers and revenues indirectly? If the conversion rate of your jewelry website is high, it means your site is good in terms of converting visitors into customers. The conversion rate of your site is simple to measure, let’s say your website receives 300 unique visitors per month but only 15 of them take your products or services, in this case, your conversion rate is 5%. Hence you should strive hard to improve this number in order to fully utilize your site’s potential. Some of the features or website enhancements that will help to achieve this number are:

a) Online ordering options should be made available along with common payment processor integration.
b) A clear and visible working phone number needs to be displayed on the top header section of your website.
c) The whole website should be thoroughly optimized for mobile view so as to ensure a smooth experience for people visiting your site through their mobile devices.
d) Proper attention should also be given to the website’s loading speed because the slower the website, the higher its bounce rate.
e) Testimonials, case studies, company awards, and accomplishments need to be demonstrated on your jewelry website as it helps in increasing trust.

2) Make it to the Top 10 on Google

Getting a website on the first page of Google is not an easy task; the websites that make it to the top get rewarded with good traffic and leads. Those websites that don’t appear on the first page of the search results won’t receive any sizable organic traffic from Google. Hence, it is imperative that you look for strategies to position your jewelry website within Google’s top 10 results. Obtaining such rankings is ensured by a process known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As SEO is a complex process to handle all by yourself, contracting the work out to any SEO agency is a safe alternative.

3) Start Pouring Content

If you are looking for search engine rankings for a variety of keywords and consequently a big growth in visitors to your jewelry website, then you need to have more content on your website. When you start writing more articles and posts on your website, it will enable your website to rank for different keywords and will result in a significant increase in web traffic as well as sales. This is the reason why content marketing is so important for your jewelry business. If you would like to explore a number of keywords related to your industry, you can try advanced keyword exploring applications like Ahrefs. After a few months of continuously posting niche relevant content, your website will keep on getting visitors passively even after reducing the posting frequency.

4) Get Press Releases Distributed Online

Even in modern times, many companies still don’t understand how they can use press releases for promoting their business. People sometimes assume that press releases are used only to provide information related to current events. However, in reality, their range of benefits is much bigger. When a company issues PR using any high-quality press release syndication service, its press release is more likely to get published across hundreds of small and big news sites including some major news outlets like Digital Journal, the Associated Press, Market Watch, etc. They are also effective for getting valuable backlinks for your website apart from the brand building of your jewelry business.

5) Google Business Profile is a Must for Enhanced Advantage

Google’s local search results are generated using information from “Google Business Profile” or “Google My Business” (GMB) pages created by business owners. As they do necessarily show up for local search queries, it is best to create a GMB page as soon as possible. It’s crucial to be as thorough as possible when filling up your Google Business Profile like the business’s name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and any accompanying photographs, etc. With efficient optimization of the GMB profile, your business information will be displayed a higher number of times than those GMB profiles that do not optimize their GMB pages. SEO agencies can also handle GMB optimization if you don’t have enough time to handle it all by yourself.

6) Start Spending on Online Ads

Paid advertising generates a good possibility to quickly create leads for your jewelry business. However, you cannot expect the same quality of leads from all ad networks. When it comes to the selection of quality paid advertising networks, the most suitable networks are Google Ads and Facebook Ads followed by Bing Ads. You should have a firm hold on the basics of ad management and different ad platforms to get success from paid advertising. If you don’t optimize your ads effectively, you can possibly end up seeing negative results on the balance between your ad spend and returns. The effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns for your business can be facilitated with the assistance of an expert digital marketing agency.

7) Connect Socially With Potential Customers Online

Social media marketing has become a must-have strategy for business growth due to the massive user base present on such platforms. However, promoting your jewelry store on social media requires the patience to create a decent following first that can be marketed with your products later. For the first few months, focus on posting and sharing high-quality informational content on a regular basis with the least focus on marketing your products. You can ramp up your marketing efforts slowly after you have acquired a good following. For your convenience, you can also hire any agency to grow and manage your social media profiles.

8) Take a Few Influencers on Your Side

The term “influencer” is often used to describe those people who are successful in creating a big enough audience or followers on social media platforms. A good percentage of such influencers are open to business collaboration. All you have to do is search for such local influencers (from your city/town) followed by forming a business deal with them. As soon as these influencers publish posts related to the jewelry store, the followers of these influencers will come across your promotional messages. Due to the trust factor enjoyed by these influencers from their followers, your business will also gain a good advantage.

9) Start Working on Referral Strategy

Though word-of-mouth advertising is considered to be a natural outcome of providing quality goods and services, you can take the initiatives to artificially speed it up. For this, the most essential element is to devise some good incentives using which your present customers can get benefitted if they refer their close ones to your jewelry store. This process works well because real people become the promoters of your business rather than random advertisements that lack the trust factor available through word-of-mouth advertising.

10) Have Custom-Printed Items Ready for Giveaway

People usually don’t keep advertising materials like pamphlets, brochures, etc for a long period of time. However, if the advertising is embedded on some utility item like pen, mug, diary, etc, then people won’t throw them. This is why getting the name of your jewelry store printed on inexpensive items followed by giving it away to your customers is a great way to promote your jewelry store. There are many options online where you can easily order low-cost custom-printed items for your business.

11) Resort to Powerful Directories

Besides the fact that websites that are owned by individual businesses perform well in Google search results, a wide variety of credible directories such as Yelp, Nextdoor, Crunchbase, and so on, also rank great. Having a business profile on such popular sites can help your jewelry store gain more customers. A big percentage of such websites provide free business listings along with the choice of paid enhancements to generate more sales and visibility.

12) Create Videos of Your Jewelry Store

Youtube’s massive ranking power in search engines creates a great opportunity for businesses to adopt video marketing. By systematically targeting low competition keywords related to your business followed by uploading videos on these keywords, you will get great results in getting these videos ranked on Google. These multiple rankings for various videos will combinedly contribute to more views and sales for your jewelry store. So integrate video marketing to add extra leads for your business.

13) Make a Long-Term Plan With Email Marketing

There is a widespread misconception that “email marketing” relates to sending out unwanted messages to thousands of individuals. On the other hand, email marketing is an approach that is both professional and result-oriented and it allows you to generate more revenues for your business. To start collecting email addresses, you must set up an opt-in form followed by using it on your jewelry website to collect the email addresses of visitors coming to your website. To speed up the process of collecting email addresses, have a good incentive ready in exchange for which you can ask the visitors to leave their email addresses. Once you have managed to compile a few thousand email addresses, your business can anytime communicate with these subscribers.

14) Try These Offline Promotion Methods

Better targeting options along with lower costs are the most common reasons why most businesses are showing more interest in advertising online. However, it will be wrong to say that offline marketing is completely inferior to online advertising. Even today, the authenticity of offline ads is considered more than online advertisements and many businesses are using a combined marketing approach of both offline and online ads to strengthen their brand image. If you want to use offline advertising methods for your jewelry business, then you can start with the time-tested offline promotional methods like placing ads on newspapers and magazines, buying spaces on billboards, distributing flyers, etc

15) Have Good Reviews Online to Encourage More Sales

Due to the growing presence of the internet and online literacy, more individuals are becoming accustomed to searching for the legitimacy and online reputation of a business. This is done mainly to ensure that the money they (people) are putting in is not wasted on inferior quality products or services. So let’s say when consumers search for your jewelry business on Google and find good ratings and reviews, they will obviously become more inclined to deal with your business. The same is true on the reverse side too i.e. non-existent reviews or poor ratings can spoil the chances of making sales from these potential clients. So, develop a habit of asking your satisfied customers to leave positive feedback online, or entice them to do so by offering discounts or gift cards. By doing this, even if you had past negative reviews, you will be able to overcome them through positive ones.

16) Encourage Your Customers to Post Jewelry Photos on Instagram

For every customer that buys jewelry from you, offer some sort of reward to them if they post a photo of their recently purchased jewelry on their Instagram account. By implementing this method, your jewelry showroom profile on Instagram will also get more followers along with bringing more customers to your jewelry shop.

17) Manage a Local Pinterest Board

Sign up on Pinterest and make a local board with the name of your city/town attached to the board name so that this Pinterest board can rank for local search terms on Google. Within this board, add a big portfolio of all the Jewelry items that your store has. This process will get more visitors to your website which is again a great way to gain more customers. Since the dominant demographic of Pinterest is female, therefore having the presence of your Jewelry items on Pinterest is more likely to get you good results.

18) Start Handing Out Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a great method to get repeat customers. Since jewelry items are expensive, everyone would like to get a discounted loyalty card for their next purchase. The more loyalty cards you distribute, the bigger reasons you give to those customers to come again for their next purchase.

19) Maintain Occasion Record

For every customer who buys jewelry from you, ask for their birthdays, and anniversaries and maintain this record so that you can send them greeting cards every year. This process can build a good level of bonding between your business and your customers which is very essential to get repeat sales and even for getting referred by your old customers.

20) Effectively Train and Supervise Your Sales Team

It is not possible for you to single-handedly serve all the clients in your jewelry store, so you must ensure that every person in your sales team must behave professionally with your customers. The more efficient is your sales team in serving and convincing people, the more will be revenue generated by your business. You can also come out with some rewards for the best salesman in your store so that it would also motivate other salespersons to perform better and make more sales for you.

21) Keep on Updating Your Jewelry Portfolio With Recent Trends

People nowadays see new designs of jewelry online and expect the same from retail stores. For this reason, it is necessary that you must stay updated with the recent designs of jewelry, otherwise, you will lose such customers whose design expectations don’t match your portfolio of jewelry. You must always search for new designs on Google and must make them available in your store so as to gain an upper hand in comparison to other jewelry stores.

22) Participate in Craft Fairs

Keep an eye on all upcoming craft fairs in your region so that you can participate in them and can display your jewelry portfolio. You can also utilize such fairs to distribute coupons in order to to get more sales later.

23) Get Recommended by Fashion Bloggers and Blogs

You can send a few jewelry samples to leading fashion bloggers in order to make them vouch for your jewelry store. Similarly for famous fashion blogs, you can come out with some incentives so that they can mention your business on their site. Once you get a positive line/appraisal from them, you can display in all your marketing materials that your jewelry store has been recommended by many popular fashion bloggers and blogs, which will help increase your brand name and authenticity.

24) Sell More With E-commerce Sites

To expand your customer base to a global level, you can start listing your Jewelry items on famous e-commerce sites so that they can not only get more visibility but can also grow your sales. Once you get accustomed to selling on e-commerce sites, it will be very exciting to see your sales coming in from different parts of the world.

25) Start Getting Promoted by Affiliates

You can open up your own affiliate program so that people who join as affiliates will start promoting your jewelry store for commissions. To expose your business to a big source of affiliates, it is better to join any affiliate network as an advertiser. The big affiliate networks usually have thousands of affiliates and this can seriously get you more sales.

We hope that these marketing ideas for a jewelry shop would give you many great insights into promoting your business. If you have something to ask or contribute related to this topic, kindly utilize the comment box below.

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