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Best Jewelry Press Release Template, Example, and Writing Tips

Be it any announcement your jewelry business has to make online, a press release is the most suitable means to do that. Having access to a ready-made format for a press release makes your work easier and this is where this blog post will assist you in your press release creation and distribution journey. By going through this blog post, you will find a jewelry press release template, example, benefits of PR distribution, and important points to note before writing your jewelry press release.

Aim: The core objective is to successfully write and distribute a jewelry press release.

Tools: The path to fulfilling the above-given aim is provided by the subtopics given in this article in form of a template, writing tips, example, and advantages.

Template: The basic jewelry press release template that can be easily modified to make your announcement is given below:


[Headline] /* [Jewelry Business Name] + [Announces/Launches] + [Main Announcement (like grand opening, new branch, new range of products) + [Location (if applicable)] + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* write 1-2 line summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Jewelry business name], a [new/reputed/emerging] name in the jewelry [industry/sector], is pleased to announce [the kind of announcement like new opening, new branch, new product range, etc] at [location + date, if applicable]. [List one most significant to the customer]. [Any special offer, discounts, related to this announcement]. (3,4 sentences)

[Expand the specialties related to this announcement like key features + key people associated with this jewelry business + payment/delivery/return policy] (3 to 4 sentences)

[Quote from the Jewelry business owner or a top executive]

[Discuss a short background related to this announcement (what caused this) + what uniqueness will your business carry + how this jewelry store or its offers will benefit customers] (3 to 4 sentences)

[Quote from another senior executive or manager of the jewelry showroom]

[Discuss recent trends in the jewelry industry + future scope/potential of jewelry + how your business aims to contribute to the people and the industry ] (4-5 sentences)

For more information on the [type of announcement], visit [website/social media].

About [Name of the Jewelry Business]

[Business background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email only*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Benefits Availed from PR Distribution

The benefits that your jewelry business and your website will get from press release distribution are:

1) Displays the Transparency of a Business

The more transparent a business is in its operation, the more trustworthy and genuine it is perceived by people. For ensuring transparency, it requires disseminating information regularly regarding the key things associated with your business. Press releases play a very crucial role in this purpose as they ensure that every announcement made by your business spreads out across many big and small news sites, blogs and feeds. By entering relevant search queries in search engines, any interested person can easily access all the important announcements made by your business using press releases.

2) Gives Quick Traction to Your Announcement

For any company that wants its product/service or any other announcement to be able to quickly get traction online, an effortless and easy way is to draft the announcement in the form of a press release and then put it in the distribution queue of any quality press release distribution network. The choice of distribution provider can cause notable changes in the end results achieved by the press release marketing method deployed here. A good strategy here is to check the distribution portfolio/sample of the PR service provider in advance.

3) Opens Up a Brand Building Channel

Those businesses who opt for a proficient service provider for distributing their press release get a great advantage in terms of their business name being published on some of the most visited and reputed news sites in the world. This is how many small and bootstrapped businesses make their way to sites like Yahoo, AP, MarketWatch, etc. For delivering similar results, many advertising firms charge a heavily inflated sum from novice business owners. By knowing this secret to be published on high-end news sites, your business can get a competitive edge in building and growing its brand value.

4) Helps Your Site Achieve Good Links

The spread of your business press release across multiple sites helps to create backlinks to your official website from all those sites that host your PR content. Just by sending out 1 press release, your business gets numerous links pointing back to your website. This process helps in getting your site to get positioned better in the search engines as a result of which the traffic and leads/sales to your business will witness further growth. Other factors like Moz rank, domain authority, etc for your website will also witness a rise due to the newly created links.

5) Creates Big Chances to Get Voluntary Coverage

Whenever a press release is published, it opens the door to being noticed and published voluntarily by many other portals online. This is because the big coverage of press releases allows the content to be noticed by many people including journalists/editors and if the content is interesting and relevant to some sector, it will stand more chances to get picked up and published by other sites too. For this, one important requirement is to come up with a newsworthy and interesting piece of PR content. There are several cases where press releases have become viral thereby causing an upsurge in traffic, leads, and online visibility.

How to Write? Tips Explained

To write a press release for your jewelry business, consider these tips

1) Make the Content Get a Broader Appeal

Before you set on to write your press release, do keep a note of all the things or information that can be creatively inserted in your press release so as to make the content get a broader appeal. If the press release is written formally like hundreds of other press releases sent out every day, your press release will not have any extra edge or reason to make more people take interest in it.

2) Title of PR is a Crucial Factor

The title of the press release plays an important role in determining the extent of readability of the content of the press release. Writing a plain traditional style title won’t get as good results as can be achieved with a creative and interesting title. Reading the content of a press release is a secondary thing as the primary determining factor for a press release to be read is decided by the title itself.

3) Make Sense by Getting Basic Questions Answered

For any content to be complete and to make sense, relevant things related to it must be answered. This is also true in the case of press releases as half-complete press releases would give a bad impression to the business issuing the release. Brief answers to questions like what, where, who, etc must be provided (as per relevancy) in the press release. While doing this, the content length of the press release must also be kept in check.

4) Get the Content Explained in Simple Terms

Even though press releases are formal and professional pieces of content, they should not be written in a technical mode or literature mode. It means that using jargon is a strict no (unless required for some good reason) and using sophisticated English words to display command over the English language is also not recommended. Get the content of PR done in such a manner that even non-native English-speaking people can find it easy to grasp the crux of your press release.

5) Content Accuracy is a Must

Among all forms of content written online, one of the most precision-demanding content is a press release. If any mistakes go unnoticed in a press release during publication, these mistakes will remain present on the web for a very long period of time because correcting mistakes from published press releases is not as easy as getting press releases syndicated and published. So put the best and most accurate information and facts in the press release to refrain from any such issues later.

6) Do Not Use I, You, etc

For any professional document, the writing style must also convey professionality and this is why press releases don’t allow the typical writing style that is usually seen across the web in form of blog posts. If you take any press release randomly, you will find that they do not use direct referencing terms like I, We, Us, You, etc. Keeping this point in mind, you must always write a press release in a third-person writing format only. Direct referencing words and sentences are required to be put only in the quotes section of the press release.

7) Prevent Explicit Advertising Tone of Writing

Press releases should not be written in a sales tone as it can cause the content to be rejected by the distribution network and if approved somehow, it can negatively impact the number of sites where the final release will be published. If you want to insert a marketing element, do it so in a very subtle manner so that the press release in its entirety would sound like a professional statement with a very minor marketing component.

8) Use Fact-Based Claims and Data Only

Unverifiable claims, inaccurate data, and allegations in a press release are a few things that can be used as proof against your business for causing legal proceedings. To avoid this, every claim made by your company must have third-party backing, and data in the press release used must be presented with the reference source. If your press release contains any of these factors, you must be extra careful related to the content and must also get the content reviewed by a legal team to ensure that the wording and way of presenting things are within the framework of the law.

9) Don’t Mess up the Distribution with a Wrong Service

It is very common that even press releases with valuable content and interesting news angle do not succeed in getting the attention and end results that they deserve. Usually, this anomaly is caused due to the wrong choice of wire service used for distributing the press release. To avoid such mishappening for your press release, pre-check if the service provider selected by you has published press releases on big and popular sites earlier.

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