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18 Effective Interior Design Marketing Ideas to Get Clients Regularly

As an interior designer, you focus mostly on building beautiful and functional spaces, but having good skills alone doesn’t convert to dollars if you do not complement it with actively marketing your interior design business. You may have plenty of creative ideas for aesthetics but you need to follow good advertising ideas too to grow your interior design clientele. This article is aimed to provide you with power-packed working strategies to market your interior design business. So let us delve into the marketing ideas now.

1) Start with a High-Conversion Website

Having a website and having a high-converting website are two different things altogether. This is because you can get 10 customers every 100 visitors or 25 customers every 100 visitors depending upon the optimization of the website. So in order to optimize your website better to get more people converted into customers, you can carry on these changes in your website:

A) Check the loading speed of your website and make it quick loading. This is because many people surfing online are quick movers, they immediately switch the back button to move to another site if they find the site slow to load.
B) Make the site mobile-friendly as mobile traffic contributes to a significant portion of overall traffic for websites.
C) Incentivize people to leave their details using a free quote or free inspection offer.
D) Have a clear and recognizable contact number displayed notably on the main page.
E) Have all trust-enhancing elements on the first page of your site like licensing details, accreditation, awards, testimonials, etc.

2) Send Out Press Releases Regularly

Press releases are extensively used for reasons other than being mere announcements. Press releases bring about instant attention to your content along with providing backlinks to your site and increasing the brand value of your business. Some specialized press release services can also cause your content to appear on world-famous sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc. The big distribution emerging from press releases also results in the voluntary publication of your content on niche-related sites. This process can offer multitude of marketing benefits for your interior design services.

3) Enlarge Your Google Exposure

Most people will opt for a search on Google if they are looking for an internal designer. So, your business must be well-placed in Google to be visible to the potential customer. By well-placed, we mean the top 10 results on the first page of Google. To secure your position in the top 10 Google listings, take care of your SEO (search engine optimization) and adapt to the changing SEO dynamics. You can deploy any professional SEO agency to take care of your Google ranking.

4) Connect to Social Media

Social media is a great way to remain in touch with the local community and to bring sales and awareness for products/services. The method of social media marketing for an interior design business requires a harmonious balance between marketing and engaging with people. Assertive marketing usually does not yield great results on social media. So after you make a profile of your interior design business on such platforms, do start posting engaging and creative content to build up the audience for your business profile. Once more people start following your account, you can step up the marketing.

5) Go Faster With Paid Ads

By making use of paid ads on popular websites like Google, FB, Bing, you will surely see interior design leads coming in quickly. Particularly with Google ads, you will find plenty of active leads. To get the best benefits from paid ads, it is better to know the basic ad creation and optimization parameters because, in absence of a good grasp on the fundamentals, you may eventually lose more money in ad costs thereby reducing your profit margins. You can otherwise engage a digital marketing company to look after the ads.

6) Video Marketing

Interior designing is a visual art, therefore videos can be the best means to convey your work, ideas and to convince clients to try your service. Make sure to regularly post videos of different types of room, home designs on Youtube so that after a certain period of time, the entire web of videos will send you leads passively. You can also post such videos on your website and social media in order to magnify the effect. Also, people will perceive your company/business to be more professional if they search for your business name in Google and will find many videos produced by your company. You must have a video portfolio ready for your services.

7) Marketing Through Emails

When people will search for interior designers in your location, they will find many websites and most of these people won’t take any decision spontaneously. So you can utilize this consumer behavior to increase your sales with email marketing. You can write a short e-book on interior designing and can give it away for free to all those website visitors who leave their email on the email subscription form on your website. Once you get the email addresses of people, you can start monetizing them by promoting your interior design business.

8) Internal Pages for Local SEO Domination

You can create many posts on your website dedicated to various locations in and around your area of service. This way your website will have much better chances of showing up in Google search results when people search for interior designers in a small locality or neighborhood in your location.

9) Free Virtual Staging

To stand out from many other interior design companies out there, you can offer free virtual staging demos to your customers. By doing this, your customers can feel how their space will look like after taking your service. You can create various models using virtual staging and can let customers choose the best ones. You can also announce free virtual staging services on your website to get more visitors interested in your service. You can use applications like VisualStager, iStaging, HomeStyler, etc to do virtual staging.

10) Local Magazine Marketing

Local lifestyle and design-related magazines with good local circulation are one of the prime targets where you can get your interior design business advertising to be displayed for getting leads. If you don’t have any limitations to traveling to other cities for projects, you can also choose to promote your interior design business on national-level lifestyle magazines.

11) Utilizing Other Blogs

While striving towards the traffic growth of your website, you can start utilizing the traffic and authority of other big blogs related to your niche by getting guest posts on them. This marketing method for an interior design business has two main benefits. First, due to the content posted on such sites already getting traffic, you will start receiving traffic on your site. Second, the links that you gain as a result of these guest posts will assist in higher ranking and better visibility of your site in Google which will help to increase the monthly visitors and clients to your site.

12) Free Consultation

Whenever people visit your interior design site, you cannot make out what they might be thinking or what are their doubts and concerns. To increase your conversion rate from your website, you need to address such concerns quickly for which you must start providing free consultation regarding user queries. You can also hire and train your staff to consult on the most basic questions related to your interior design services. This will increase the share of interested clients.

13) LinkedIn Connections

To get some heavy cash hitting your business, establishing contacts with big players is crucial. The most well-off platform for making such contacts is LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, finding profiles of top-level executives of a company is very easy. Once you sort out your target profiles, you can reach out to them for providing your services.

14) Testimonials

Testimonials help in establishing trust with potential clients. Keeping this in mind, you must always ask customers to provide feedback on your services. For those customers who agree to have their feedback listed online, use their testimonials to boost your visitor-to-client conversion rate from your website.

15) Networking

Network with all such services and businesses that are more likely to get queries for interior designing. Some of these can be real estate agents, startup consultants, architects, Vastu consultants, etc. By building a network of people closely associated with your business, you can ascertain the growth of interior design clients from this factor.

16) Home Related Community and Sites

Browse online to find all such big sites that do accept listing business profiles. Houzz is a powerful target location where you can put your interior design business details. Apart from this, well-known sites like HomeAdvisor, Manta, Yelp, etc are also good channels where you can get your business details submitted to get more traffic and inquiries to your business.

17) Offline Marketing

For finding the best interior designer for one’s needs, most people start searching online. But a notable chunk of the population is either not tech-savvy or is not that much into online browsing. So adding offline marketing methods for advertising your interior design business will work as a great enrichment to your online marketing ideas. Within the ambit of offline marketing, the most common promotion methods include putting out ads on newspapers, billboards, distributing pamphlets, featured ads in magazines, reaching out to prospects, etc.

18) Targeting Competition Brand Names

To take a small ride on the brand image of your competitors, you can create articles targeting your competing business brand names in the interior design niche. If your competing business names are “ABC Designs”, “CDE Decorations”, etc, then you can make articles around these businesses with these names as the title of your posts so that your posts will have very fair chances of appearing in Google when people search your competitors. This can help you to catch a small but targeted section of potential people interested in interior design services. Even with Google ads, this process can be done by setting your competing business names as your keywords.

Interior design marketing ideas specified here are easy yet powerful enough to take your business to new heights. To get answers to any queries or to suggest any ideas related to this topic, do let us know in the section below.

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