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26 Home Decor Marketing Ideas to Win More Clients

The home decor industry is an ever-evolving one due to the need for new and stylish home designs. The things placed around us do affect our moods and behavior too and home decor items can not only provide a visual ambiance but can also make a person feel lively and refreshing. However, any potential customer nowadays has many options to shop for home decor items and this requires you to make use of a strategic advertising plan to grow your home decor business consistently over time. Given below are some powerful home decor marketing ideas that you can execute to start growing more sales.

1) Tweak Website, Improve Sales and Conversions

Many businesses miss the simple fact that their website itself can be tweaked to increase the conversion rates which will result in an increase in revenue/sales. The following list of things provided must be integrated into your home decor website to be able to convert more of your site visitors to turn into clients.

A) Check site speed and make the necessary changes to enhance its speed. Reason: Slow speed causes visitor loss and Google also considers site loading speed as one of its site ranking factors.
B) Create an eCommerce space on your website to allow direct orders from your website. Online order booking will lead more customers to buy home decor items.
C) People will access the site using various devices. So make the site resolution change smoothly as per the device used by the visitor.
D) Awards, recognition, accomplishments, media coverage, etc help to grow the trust factor. So use the applicable ones on your website.
E) Site must be designed with a professional look and must carry contact details and a call to action in the most visible part of the website.

2) Use Best SEO Practices, Get More Sales

Nothing can be better for the growth of your home decor business than getting potential customers in the form of visitors consistently through search engine traffic. To get this done effectively, your website needs to follow the best SEO practices like good backlinks, optimized content, etc so that it can uphold the top position on search engines for keywords that are oriented towards products offered by you. By ranking for more and more keywords related to your home decor business, your business will witness consistent growth in traffic and sales. There are many SEO courses and SEO services out there online that can help your business towards achieving this goal.

3) Get Many Direct & Indirect Benefits from Press Release

Press releases have been and are been used religiously by many businesses that are familiar with the many direct and indirect benefits provided by them. For promoting your home decor business, you can expect the following benefits by marketing using press releases. Your content published in a press release is likely to be seen by thousands of people simply because the amount of sites involved in press release syndication is in hundreds. Your website is bound to receive many new links from most of the sites that carry your press release and this will certainly alter your website ranking positively. The plethora of sites where your content will be published will act as the brand image builder of your business. It will also open up the possibility of your content being noticed (and further promoted) by journalists and editors as your content will be placed on some news sites too.

4) Content Marketing is Simple and Rewarding

A marketing strategy that is simple yet very effective in generating long-term traffic and sales for your home decor business is regularly coming up with new content on your website. Obviously, the content must be related to the niche of your business, home decor in this case. Regarding the type of content, you can either stick with the traditional and most common type of content which are blog posts/articles or you can also consider other types of content like infographics, FAQ-type posts, etc. Some of the best benefits from the content marketing approach are new link generation, increased credibility, building customer relationships, traffic growth, more sales, and better conversion rates.

5) Succeed in Google Local Results Ranking

Businesses that are able to make effective use of their Google My Business page (now known as Google Business Profile) reap rewards in the form of a consistent flow of fresh leads and customers. Your business can outrank many of your competing businesses in Google’s local results if you are good at optimizing your Google Business Profile along with gathering citations and positive reviews for your business. A direct consequence of this would be an increase in the number of customers availing of your products. Any reputed online marketing business can operate this work for you if you are unable to dedicate time to this strategy.

6) Go Big with Paid Advertising

If you have new ideas or a new angle to market your home decor business and want to test out how your new ideas/angle works out, then paid advertising on Google and/or Facebook is the perfect place to test them out and to see the results quickly. Paid ads speed up the process of generating sales and are therefore best suited for businesses that have a decent budget to try this marketing method. Good optimization of ads and their associated factors are required to ascertain that the money spent per client acquisition is less than the average revenue earned per client.

7) Grow Home Decor Sales from Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the interesting and creative ways to promote a home decor business. Before starting to promote on social media, you must make a clear picture of who is your target demographic and their basic identification parameters like interests, age group, potential income range, etc. After having a clear picture of your intended customer, you can find them using hashtags relevant to their interests, in groups related to their interests, in local community pages formed on social networks, etc. Though initially, it will take some time to make a connection and to make people aware of your business bu6t once a good amount of followers is reached, things will start going more quickly and smoothly from there.

8) Reduce the Site Visitor to Buyer Gap

Since there is a big gap between the number of site visits and the actual number of your site visitors buying your products, you can narrow this gap by collecting the email address of site visitors. For visitors to leave their email details, you will need a powerful incentive which you can give in form of some offer/discount, etc. This method also aids in building customer loyalty as people who remain connected with your business due to email communication are more inclined to buy from you first when they need it. To add more to the importance of adopting email marketing, note that the average return on email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent on it.

9) Use Videos to Attain Extra Google Ranking

Which one is better? Having just your website appear in Google search results or having both your website and business video appear in Google search results. Obviously, the latter is better as it will drive more traffic and possibly sales for your home decor business. Also, it is now easier than ever to produce videos as there are many applications for the same. By carefully sorting out less searched keywords related to your business, you can start creating video content around these keywords to magnify the present traffic and sales/orders. These videos can also be shared on your other digital assets for more engagement and traffic.

10) Open Bulk Sales Channel with LinkedIn

For home decor items, there are some professionals and businesses (like interior designers) who can cause bulk and regular sales of your products. With LinkedIn, it is easy to contact such people and businesses. Once you establish even a few links with such businesses, your business turnover will increase. So start building ties with LinkedIn.

11) Use the “Give More, Get More” Method

In a typical business transaction, a customer pays you the money and you provide the home decor item. However, this is a very formal and professional way of doing business that lacks a personal connection. If you start giving low-cost items marked with your business name to your customers for free, this small step will compel your customers to become loyal to your business for their next purchases. So buy inexpensive products like pens, mugs, etc in bulk with your business name printed on them and use them for customer loyalty building.

12) Get Benefits from Yelp and Similar Sites

The site Yelp can be seen popping up on Google for many local product and service search terms. You can discover a few more such sites by paying attention to the search results of Google. Once you have noted the name of these sites, all you need to do is to enter the information about your home decor business on them and this process will give your business extra customers, visibility, and backlinks.

13) Combine Trust with Marketing on Social Media

Influencers on social media are trusted by their respective follower base and this is why the posts shared by them get good engagement from their followers. Influencer marketing strategy for your home decor business will involve the selection of local influencers followed by sharing promotional messages through them. If you provide influencer-specific coupons to redeem at your store, the efficiency of this promotion technique will rise even more.

14) Try New Age Referral Marketing

Asking customers to refer to your home decor store is an old-time marketing method that will surely give results but a little twist can enhance the results from this method. The twist is to offer referring coupons that will give some incentive to the referred person as well as some to the referrer. This method will command more self-motivation because a direct incentive is involved.

15) Don’t Put Down Customers with Online Reviews

By looking at online reviews, it takes a few minutes nowadays to infer the kind of product/service that you can expect from a business. This means more negative or average reviews will push away many of your potential customers while more positive reviews will do the opposite. So keep asking for reviews to keep growing your review count and sort out negative reviews as soon as it comes to your notice.

16) Use Your Creativity to Find Space in Print Media

A very old way of marketing businesses through newspapers is by putting ads on them. However, it is an explicit marketing technique and things can get much better if you adopt a marketing method that doesn’t feel like marketing. For this to happen, publish articles in newspapers and other print media forms on topics like home decoration, how things around us affect our thoughts, how ambiance affects our productivity, etc. These articles will give brand power to your home decor business along with generating more sales.

17) Start Collecting and Displaying Photos

Photos leave a greater impact on people as compared to text. For every sale of home decor items from your store, you can provide a conditional discount that will require the customer to share pics of the items decorated in their homes. This way, you can collect many photos and can display them as a portfolio in both online and offline modes to make more potential customers turn into real customers. You can also create before/after photos with this method to gain traction on social media sites.

18) Sow the Seeds of Viral Marketing on Social Media with Contests

A faster way to get viral promotion of your home decor business on social media is by holding contests. To get the viral element added to your promotion, make it necessary for participants to tag/share a few friends in order to be liable for rewards. With many applications online for the same, it is now super easy to get such contests running for your business.

19) Get into Partnerships to Get More Customers

Many businesses and services do share a similar kind of customer demographic. If you find such businesses and services, it will be in your best interest to start collaborating with them to start selling more of your products. For your home decor business, good potential partners to bring more customers and sales can be interior designers, feng shui experts, Vastu consultants, bloggers in the interior design niche, etc.

20) Create and Distribute Home Decor Guides

Create (or outsource) home decor guides followed by distributing them online and offline to start getting more customers passively through these guides. To expand your scope, you can also get ebooks on Feng Shui and Vastu written and distributed to start selling more of your home decor appliances and products.

21) Sell in Already Established Marketplaces

Amazon, eBay, etc have spent millions in creating fame and traffic for their business. When you list your home decor items on these sites, you open a new and bigger source of acquiring customers for your business. To get the ball rolling on such marketplaces, you can first try their respective ad networks to bring in the first few sales and reviews faster because getting more sales becomes much easier once your products have acquired reviews and ratings.

22) Use AR and Tech to Increase Your Sales

By using AR (Augmented Reality) technology, you can now offer your potential customers to easily visualize how the decor items will look in their house. This will bring a deeper feeling into the minds of your customers which is a good way to influence buying decisions. This will also create word-of-mouth publicity for your home decor business as there will be very few home decor stores in your area that will be having such technology.

23) Catch Big Customers at the Early Stage Itself

How can you find out when people will be requiring home decor items the most? A rough and easy way to find this out, with a fair level of accuracy, is by keeping a watch on new building/office constructions in your area followed by approaching them with your portfolio and products. New construction projects can buy home decor items in bulk which will be very good for your business growth.

24) Follow the Local Crowd to Get More Sales

There are various occasions in your city/town that can lead to crowd gatherings. These occasions can be shows, events, festivals, trade fairs, local sports, etc. To get your home decor business promoted at such gatherings, you can adopt different marketing techniques like sponsoring, putting hoardings, putting stalls, distributing flyers, etc.

25) Add Extra Products and Services, Get More Revenue

Brainstorm all closely associated products and services that you can offer in partnership with other businesses to increase your revenue. Use them to grow the revenue you earn per client. For example, you can refer interior designing services to your customers seeking home decor items and can thus get a share from the referred interior designer.

26) Broaden Customer Reach through Offline Promotional Methods

Low advertising costs and good options to target specific people and their interests are the key factors that give an upper hand to online marketing over offline marketing. But depending just on online advertising will leave out a good potential to target people who for some or other reason are not active online. So by integrating both online and offline marketing for your home decor business, your business will be able to reach a much wider audience. The customary methods of offline marketing include billboard advertising, releasing ads in magazines and newspapers, distributing flyers/pamphlets/brochures, etc.

Take the next step of executing these home decor marketing ideas and see the positive outcomes yourself. Share this article to spread the knowledge and ask away any doubts in the discussion section below.

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