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26 Home Appliance Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

No matter how good is the quality of your home appliances, a good marketing strategy is a must-have factor to grow your business amidst high competition. Unless more people get to know that your product exists in the market, chances of growing sales for your home appliances are non-existent. We have, therefore, prepared a list of all the top home appliance marketing ideas that can assist your brand in getting more exposure and sales. The marketing strategies are:

1) Make Better and Effective Use of Your Website

A simple website may be created with minimal time and money invested, but it won’t be enough to convert visitors to customers. If your site’s real performance has to be measured, take note of the percentage of people it is able to convert out of all the visitors it gets. If for 300 visitors a month to your site, you get 15 sales, then your site’s conversion rate stands out at 5 percent. By trying to boost these conversion rates, you will achieve more sales from the same amount of site visitors. For this to happen, have these things on your website:

a) Have a live chat and support system to address any questions immediately.

b) Mobile-friendliness of your website is a must if you don’t want visitors to quit your website due to being not displaying properly on their mobile devices.

c) The ordering process on your website must be simple with multiple payment options.

d) Get your site to load quickly as people usually leave slow loading sites.

e) Emphasize the company’s history, achievements and show reviews and ratings to get the visitors to trust your business.

2) Implement Good SEO Practices to Grow Visitors

Organic traffic to a site from search engines helps to increase brand trust and sales, which is why your home appliance website should always strive to rank in the top 10 results of Google when terms related to home appliances are searched online. You want to make sure you’re always on the first page because 91.5% of users never go past the second page. All you need to do is to have a strategy in place to ensure that your website pages are on the top 10 Google search results. These strategies are technically called SEO (search engine optimization). You can learn the basics of SEO by using free online resources, however, if you wish to go in-depth you can pay for an advanced course. Since SEO has a technical side, hiring an SEO agency is a better option to take care of your website ranking.

3) Take Plunge into Paid Advertising

Paid advertisements that run on Google and Bing provide many targeting options that are absent in traditional advertising sources like television and newspaper ads. Further, the operational costs are much lower than conventional means of advertising (like running advertisements on newspapers/television) because you only have to incur a charge when a potential consumer actually makes clicks on your ad online. These ads online also get ready to show online within just 24-48 hours of approval time. To have better efficiency in your ad campaigns, you can hire a digital advertising agency to look after creating and operating ad campaigns online. You can also become familiar with online ad operating tips and techniques using tutorials given online.

4) Use Press Releases for Your Brand Growth

If you are the owner of a business and haven’t used press releases for marketing your business, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Some people believe that press releases are used only for announcing major events. But those who understand the all-round benefits of a press release know that it not only helps in improving the online reputation of a business but also provides authoritative backlinks which act as a strong ranking signal for your website on the search engines. All you have to do is to approach a high-quality press release distribution network that can syndicate content on authority websites like Associated Press, Yahoo news, Fox news affiliates, etc.

5) Make More Sales By Growing Content

Consistently creating and posting relevant content on your website will enable your website to be shown for more keywords (search queries). In other words, content marketing will drive more relevant traffic to your website, which leads to more sales and revenue for your company. When it comes to writing content related to your niche (home appliance in this case), keyword research tools can be used to uncover good keywords related to your home appliance niche. Businesses that consistently produce content reap long-term rewards in the form of their traffic and sales growth with time.

6) Have “Google Business Profile” Ready for Your Retail Outlets

Have you ever noticed that “Google Business Profile” or “Google My Business (GMB)” listings always appear on the first page of search results when you are looking for a local service or product? These listings can open up a wonderful opportunity to get more sales for your business when anyone types keywords like “home appliance stores near me”, “home appliance stores in [CITY]”, etc. This necessitates the need to create a Google Business Profile page with as many details as possible filled up, such as the company name, address, phone number, photos, opening and closing hours, and so on. Also, these details are shown in Google maps which enhances the marketing potential further. So get GMB pages ready for your retail outlets or franchises.

7) Adopt Social Media Marketing

No longer can the impact of social media be ignored as it has become pervasive in the lives of many people. Social media marketing has been adopted by many businesses because of the many advantages it offers. Putting forth the effort to grow your company’s social media following will pay off in the long term. Your business has to consistently provide interesting and useful content if it wants to grow its social media audience and keep them engaged. Though social media marketing of your home appliance business will be a slow process during the initial phase, you can expect faster growth after consistently promoting your business over there.

8) Influencers Can Also Promote Your Business

A popular term for those who have gathered a large online fan base is “influencers”. If you reach out to these influencers for getting your home appliance business promoted on their social media accounts, many of them would agree to do this for a commission. Building business marketing relationships with these influencers and getting them to share content about your business on their social media accounts is a good marketing strategy for the growth of your home appliance business. The significant point to note here is that the influencers with whom you will collaborate must be in a closely related niche.

9) Use LinkedIn to Expand Your Business Coverage

LinkedIn is the best place where you can meet other business owners, CFOs, CMOs, and similar key decision-makers of businesses. Establishing contacts with such people is good for you if you would like to make connections with big distributors and owners of big home appliance stores. You can also find and connect with wholesale dealers of home appliances from various parts of the world by using LinkedIn.

10) Promote Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most rewarding marketing strategies for a business. By working towards this marketing strategy, you can get long-term clients because the trust factor is involved in word-of-mouth advertising. A very simple, quick, and easy way to achieve this is to provide referral coupons to your existing clients to suggest your business to their social circles. Successful implementation of this advertising strategy can do wonders to your business revenues.

11) Giveaway Free Merchandise With Orders

The distribution of low-cost promotional items with your company’s name printed on them, such as pens, key chains, balloons, pencils, pocket diaries, and other similar items, is an easy and simple approach to leaving a long-lasting impact on your clients. Also, other people who come across these personalized printed items can also become aware of your home appliance brand.

12) Earn Even More by Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic option to consider if you want to keep in touch with clients who have shown interest in your products by visiting your website or interacting with any of your other digital marketing assets. Place an email sign-up form on the key visible area of your website so that visitors can easily notice it. If you start providing some incentives like discounts, coupons in exchange for email addresses, it will speed up the rate at which you will get subscribers to your email list. If you have the email addresses of your clients, you can send out your offers and messages anytime and this can result in more revenue.

13) Video Marketing is a Good Factor

Some businesses successfully employ video marketing to their advantage. They create and upload videos by targeting less competitive keywords as a result of which they do not face much competition in ranking for relevant keywords. You can do the same for your business too. Once you have created and uploaded a sufficient number of videos, you will start noticing that more views, more sales and better brand positioning are achieved for your business.

14) Ignoring Reviews is Detrimental for Growth

With more people accessing the internet, there is a behavioral shift towards finding the ratings and reviews of a business online. Potential customers are more likely to make use of the products offered by your home appliance business if, after doing an internet search using the name of your business, they come across good reviews about your business. If a prospective customer does a search for your business name and gets negative or no reviews, it will lead to the loss of these potential customers. To avoid such things for your business, you must request online feedback from each and every one of your customers.

15) Use Sponsored Ads on Amazon

Amazon being the top e-commerce company in the world, you can expect plenty of sales regularly from this platform if your home appliance brand kicks off on this platform. Since your home appliance brand will be new and unfamiliar to many people, therefore you must start with sponsored ads on Amazon to get the initial sales and reviews. If your appliances succeed in getting a good number of positive reviews on Amazon, you can also choose to switch off the sponsored ads on Amazon and can rely only on the massive traffic received by Amazon.

16) Offer Bundles for More Sales Per Customer

You can design various discounted bundles (combos) of home appliances in order to get more sales per customer. The customer will benefit because he/she will have to spend less money on buying your combo offer and your company will also sell more products per customer by utilizing the combo offer. Therefore coming up with combo packages is a Win-Win situation for both parties.

17) Play With the Pricing Range

Since your home appliance brand will be fairly new to the market, customers won’t have that level of trust in your products as in already established ones. So, you must come up with a powerful feature for your products in order to make more sales. In this direction, pricing is a very common strategy that you can utilize to get more sales of your home appliances. Research the market and keep your price low for the same set of features as offered by established brands. This is important because many websites and e-commerce sites put up comparison charts of various features and when customers see that the same features are available at a low price, then your home appliances will get an upper hand in being chosen by the potential customers.

18) Set Up a Strong Distribution Network and Franchise

The more home appliance stores where you can get your appliances displayed, the more will be the sales of your home appliances. In order to take your product to several retail home appliance stores, you must have a strong distribution network. For this, you can search for the names of big distributors in your region followed by making a good deal with them for promoting your home appliances to retail stores.

Another good way to generate bulk sales along with spreading your distribution network is by offering franchises of your business in different parts of your targeted regions. You can announce franchise opportunities through popular newspaper ads and can get responses from many people who are willing to invest in your business model.

19) Hold Social Media Contests for Mass Publicity

With millions of profiles on social media, a great way to get your home appliances promoted on them is by holding contests where people can win exciting rewards if they promote or share your promotional messages with their friends and relatives. There are many apps online using which you can manage such contests on social media. With the good implementation of social media contests, your brand can gain momentum and can witness faster growth.

20) Partner with Big Channel Owners on YouTube

Search for home appliances-related videos on YouTube and make a list of all the big channels that show on YouTube. These channels must have at least a few thousand subscribers in order to be qualified for promoting your business. Send them a business proposal for promoting your household appliances. You can also tie up with many more related channels like recipe channels and can sponsor them to get your home appliances referred by these big channel owners.

21) Give More Margin to Retailers for More Sales

For offline sales of your home appliances through retail stores, the actual group of people who will have the responsibility of making sales will be the retailers. So you must give them the best possible margin rates so that they can make more efforts to convince potential customers to buy your products. For this, do market research to find out how much margins are the other leading brands giving to these retailers and you must give more profit margins than them to increase your sales.

22) Choose a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is the face of your company and you must choose a popular or semi-popular face for this matter. The choice of your brand ambassador must be such that it must not be a financial burden on your business and the person selected as a brand ambassador must not have any controversy attached to his/her name.

23) Sponsor Teams and Events To Be More Visible

If your marketing budget permits, you can also sponsor popular teams and events in order to make your brand more known to the public. This is a high-end branding method and you must not use this method in the very early stages of your business growth when you have limited money set for your marketing needs.

24) Make Faster Sales with Affiliates

Many e-commerce sites like Amazon used affiliates to grow their business. Today there are many big affiliate network sites like ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc where you can join as an advertiser and can come up with a fixed profit margin to share with those affiliates who will promote your home appliances through different means online and offline. The more the number of affiliates who promote your products, the more will be your sales.

25) Stay updated To Remain Competitive

As the competition is intensifying, it is highly essential that you keep a close eye on the new changes that are taking place in your household appliance niche. If a new product is patented in the home appliance niche, your business must be the first to make a deal with the patent holders so that you can heavily cash on the new opportunity.

26) Use Offline Marketing Methods

Traditional offline marketing approaches are still quite successful for many businesses, despite the fact that the majority of contemporary marketing strategies focus on increasing a company’s visibility through online marketing. Even though it costs more to advertise offline and that too with lower targeting, offline marketing cannot be ignored altogether. It can help you to reach new customers who are not much active online. Putting out your business advertisements in newspapers, advertising through posters, banners, advertising on billboards, etc are some of the prominently used offline marketing techniques.

We hope that this extensive write-up would give you effective ideas for growing your home appliance business. For further communication or any doubts, kindly make use of the comments box below.

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