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Hip Hop Press Release Template, Benefits, Example, and Tips

Different types of music have their respective loyal fan base and hip-hop is among one of the common music forms. When you want to make an announcement related to hip-hop music, be it a new launch, agreement, new band, etc, a press release is an ideal step for first-level publicity. However, a successful hip-hop press release must encompass a good template, professional writing, and proper distribution to get the desired results. This is where this blog post will be effective in giving you all the related information like a premade hip-hop press release template, tips on writing and distributing the press release, example, and benefits. Let us see the essential components for writing a hip-hop press release:

Aim: Send out a hip hop press release online together with ascertaining that it gets well distributed.

Tools: In line with the aim given above, you will find in this blog post – a template for the press release, writing tips, advantages of sending a press release, and a line on successful distribution.

Template: Fill and complete the hip-hop press release template given below:


[Headline] /* Hip Hop Artist/band name + type of announcement (launch of new album/agreement/new deal) + creative angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Give 1-2 sentence short brief */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of Artist/company/band] is delighted to announce [nature of announcement like a new release, a new agreement, etc] + [launch date, if any]. [What is interesting in this announcement for people/fans + how they can buy/participate]. (3-4 sentences)

[Previous work of the artist/company + achievements + key members] (4-5 sentences)

[Direct Quote by the hip hop artist/company]

[Talk about the latest hip hop trends + what is exciting about the current announcement + how this announcement relates to the present audience and industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a partner/team member/fan/record label]

[How the hip hop (artist/company) expects the future scope of related industry + what are the future plans + message to fans/audience] (3-4 sentences)

For detailed information on the [release/launch/agreement], visit [website/social media] or reach out at [email/phone number].

About [Hip hop artist/company]

[Give background (initial days) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email address*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Significant Benefits

The top benefits provided by press release distribution are:

1) Realize the Target of Good Visibility

Visibility is a key factor for the success of a business, service, or individual brand. Visibility is also required if a business/service/entity intends to make some new announcements regarding its product, service, or any other related matter. A straightforward way to get people to see and read your announcements is by getting a press release out online. If you have opted for a good-enough service for the circulation of your press release, you will get somewhere close to 250+ sites that will have your PR published due to which your press release content is deemed to be seen by at least a few thousand people.

2) Makes the Process of Branding Easy and Inexpensive

Brand building seems like a tough and cost-heavy affair to many businesses and private entities. However, the utilization of a good PR wire service can make the entire brand-building effort smooth and inexpensive. An established PR wire service can effortlessly get your content/announcement to appear on some of the premium and most sought-after sites in the world. Once published on big sites, your business or brand will find it much easier to get its content approved on many other high-class sites as well. All these brand-building benefits can be availed at a very low cost compared to what you might have spent on hiring a branding firm.

3) Gets Many Links to Your Site

SEO agencies strive to secure good quality links for their clients so that the websites of their clients enjoy top positions in search engines and can therefore get more visitors. A good approach in the direction of getting good quality links is by distributing content in the form of press releases along with containing an active hyperlink of your website. If the chosen distribution network is good, a press release can easily fetch links from some of the most popular news sites in the world and this process will definitely help in positively influencing the placement of your site on Google.

4) Good Tool for Transparency Building

Gone are the days when hiding information was the norm for many businesses and entities. Nowadays updating stakeholders and customers with important information (like earning reports, investments, appointments of key employees, new branches, etc) is a much-required step for establishing transparency. To make this a possibility, a press release is the right channel as it has the potential to spread out these crucial announcements across several websites with many of them being news sites. Depending upon how good is the selection of your press release distributor, the end results will also vary.

Tips to Write and Distribute Press Releases

To write down a professional press release that gets good end results, keep the below factors in mind

1) Use Non-technical and Simple Writing

A press release written using simple words is one of the key factors that determine how well a press release will get results in the form of readability and visibility. Low readability happens primarily because of two reasons, the first being the existence of many distractions online that can get further amplified by complex words and the second being the low attention span of people. So by being aware of these factors, it is always recommended to use a simple and non-technical writing format.

2) Creativity Must Show Up in Headline

When press releases are sent as feeds and snippets to subscribed people like journalists, industry experts, niche bloggers, they do not sit down to read all of the press releases sent to them every day. They do take a cursory look at all the sent feeds and select to read further if they find the title of the press release compelling and convincing enough. This makes a strong case for the fact that your press release title must be the most thought-out and creative part of your entire press release.

3) Increase Views with Good Content Presentation

Creative content finds more takers and press releases despite having a professional tone of writing can imbibe an element of creativity by discussing inter-linked sectors that will be affected by the announcement or that have caused the announcement. By devoting more time to making the press release more appealing to a broader audience, the number of views of the press release will proportionately increase.

4) You Don’t Get a Chance for Corrections Later

If you are uncertain regarding any data or information, you must avoid putting it in a press release because it is hard to get modifications to a press release after getting published as too many sites are involved. Such inaccuracies and mistakes can also pose the threat of legal risks if any competing agency gets them highlighted. So with a press release, the safe route is to put only accurate data and to get it checked a few times before you send it for publication to any press release network.

5) Don’t Make the Content Feel Partial

Press releases that miss out on providing vital information related to the announcement made by them are not uncommon to come across. This mostly happens because there is no prior set of questions being thought of, before writing the press release. For you to not repeat such mistakes in your press release, ask the most relevant questions like what, where, when, how, who, etc for things associated with your announcement after which you must provide the answers to all the questions that fit well with your announcement.

6) I, You, etc are Not Possible

Comparing a press release vs a blog post will clearly show you the main difference in writing styles. A press release is primarily written in the third person only while there is no such restriction for a blog post. So whenever you get to write a press release, do not make use of I, You, and such words that do not belong to the third-person category. If a direct speech has to be included, put them in quotes along with naming the person who has said it (for a press release).

7) With Strategy, You can Rank PR Too

A press release can be easily optimized to rank for low-competition keywords in search engines by using keywords wisely. For this, the success mantra is to find out keywords with low competition using any keyword explorer tool followed by using the combo of an optimized press release published on a high authority press release site. This strategy can provide long-term traffic from the press release for a one-time cost of publishing the press release.

8) Photos and Videos in PR Get Good Engagement

Plain text-based press releases are too common and do not have as much impact as press releases that contain multimedia. Photos and videos can express your business brand much better and it is therefore much preferred to use multimedia along with your text content in the press release. On distribution, all sites publishing your press release will not display the video directly alongside text content, so the best option is to upload the video on your official site or on YouTube followed by giving a link in the press release to access it.

9) Main Benefits Rests with a Good Distribution

The range of possibilities that a press release can provide can be witnessed if along with the right content, the distribution is also right. Right distribution means getting PR announcements on sites that carry high authority and have high traffic. For the right distribution to take place, one must inspect if the service provider has published press releases on such high-end sites in the past (using a sample PDF report of published links).

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