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20 Herbal Products Marketing Ideas to Go Big

More people are becoming aware of the various side effects of modern medicines and therefore, the demand for herbal products is increasing. This increasing demand for herbal products can be a boon for the growth of your herbal products brand if you are equipped with the right marketing strategies to capture a bigger market share. The following set of herbal products marketing ideas are the ones that can deliver you fantastic results in terms of achieving the required growth.

1) Get These Factors Present on Your Website

A website is the first thing that you must consider to begin marketing your herbal products business online. To get optimum results for your herbal business, the factors listed must be imbibed in your website.

A) Easy Order Process: Make the online order process easy with many payment options.
B) Trust: Things like testimonials, achievements, key distinct features, awards, news appearances, etc instill trust in a visitor which is a powerful factor to influence user decisions. So get them placed on your website.
C) Video: Video explains things much clearer and with better engagement. So get a professional video out there on your website that would highlight the best part of your business.
D) Mobile-Friendliness: The website should open on mobile devices with auto-adjusted resolution. It is useful as more people are using mobile devices as opposed to desktops/laptops for online browsing.
E) Fast Loading Times: Sites that take time to load face a significant traffic loss. So use all factors like image compression, cache, cloud server, reducing redirects, etc to speed up your website.
F) Ready Contact: Get the contact options for your business placed in clear sight on your website.

2) Succeed in Attaining the Top 10 Rank

There are many websites competing online to appear for search terms related to herbal products, however, Google displays only the top 10 results on the first page. This means that if your herbal products business fails to appear in the top 10 Google placements, your competing businesses will get all those potential clients. This makes the case for having a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in place which you can get by taking the services of any specialized SEO agency or by doing it yourself if you are a new business or have a low budget.

3) Get Added Perks with Google Local Pack

The three local business/service results that appear on the first page of Google in a distinct section are known by many names with the most common nomenclature being “Google Local Pack”. “Google Local Pack” is displayed whenever local businesses or services related search queries get searched on Google. Since this section is displayed on the first page of Google, getting your herbal products business displayed here means unfolding a great opportunity to get more visitors and sales for your business. While Google takes into account many factors for displaying businesses in this section, the two significant factors are the number of good reviews for your business and the number of citations/mentions of your business online. For effective work towards getting your business in this section, any competent SEO agency can assist you.

4) Take the Many benefits of Press Release Marketing

One of the marketing methods that is capable of getting many targets achieved for your herbal products business is press release marketing. Whether you want your content to be seen by thousands of people or want your business name to appear on big news sites or if you want the creation of new high-quality links for your official website, a good press release distribution service will yield all these to you. The best part is that out of all the paid marketing methods, marketing your herbal products business using press releases is very much rewarding considering the scope of benefits it provides to your business.

5) Start Getting Sales from Social Media

Promoting herbal products on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc will require you to adhere to a consistent routine of sharing good and interesting content for gaining a targeted audience. Some other methods to grow your audience can include strategies like joining and interacting with other profiles/groups, hosting contests, making use of hashtags, cross-promoting affiliated or partner businesses, etc. It will take some time initially to get a good enough user base to follow your profile but things will unfold faster after the initial slow phase. One associated advantage with social media marketing of herbal products is that it will also help towards the brand development and growth of your herbal product business website.

6) Hasten the Process with Google Ads

If you would like to prioritize the available options for online marketing of your herbal products business, then running paid ads will find a place among the topmost ideas. This is so because, with paid advertising of herbal products, you can hasten the process of getting potential customers. One thing to note here is that every traffic platform is different and your final outcome will depend heavily on the traffic platform chosen by you. To get started with the highest quality lead generation platform (paid source), use paid advertising on Google Search using Google Ads. Though it has a learning curve for efficiently creating and managing ads, you can do the advertising solo by using many resources online (YouTube, Forums, Sites) or if time is a constraint, just contract out ad campaigns to any digital marketing company.

7) Explore the Beauty and Benefits of Content Marketing

The beauty of content marketing is that each and every post that gets published on your website creates the potential to generate more traffic to your website. This is the top reason why consistently posting new posts on your website helps you to boost sales due to the gradual traffic growth. The posts that you publish can be case studies, articles, interviews, statistics, FAQs, etc. Also, covering a lot of sub-niches and related topics on your website creates the perception of being an authority source in your niche which is an added plus point in growing the revenue of your herbal products business. Content marketing also opens the doors to fetch more links which directly affects how well your website performs in search engines.

8) Use the Well-Known “Email Marketing”

Email marketing is a well-known marketing method that is actively used by thousands of businesses around the world. Email marketing for herbal products can give you the benefit of a great return on investment, the comfort to broadcast messages anytime, an easy brand-building effort, and long-term customer relationship building. While the initial time required to get a considerable number of people to subscribe to your list may be a concern, things proceed smoothly once you have put up the effort to get a few thousand people on your list. Cross-promoting to a relevant email list of other related businesses is a good way to see a faster increase in getting email subscribers to your list.

9) Deliver More Traffic and Sales Through Videos

As there are many applications for video editing now (both free and paid), it is way easy to create videos. With YouTube being the top 5 most trafficked sites in the world, people look for information on almost all kinds of businesses/services there. This explains why you must also embrace video marketing for promoting herbal products. Another advantage is the powerful ranking of optimized videos on Google search results which works as a great complement to drive traffic to your website besides the organic ranking of your website itself. Apart from posting on other sites, you can make use of videos on your own website to raise the overall conversion rates that you are getting presently.

10) Incentivize People to Refer Your Herbal Products

With each sale of your herbal product, give a referral coupon that would provide benefits to both the referrer and the beneficiary of the coupon. Promotion of your herbal products through people to their friends (for incentives) will be more rewarding for the growth of your business and will also help in getting repeat sales.

11) Make Big Contracts and Deals Easily

Be it supplying your herbal products to a big company or be it contacting distributors for your business, the huge professional network existing on LinkedIn makes it simple to connect with executives, decision-makers, and owners of other businesses. So keep contacting new businesses on LinkedIn to land big deals that can consume a much bigger inventory in one go rather than selling products on a small scale.

12) Start Targeted Broadcast of Your Business

If you collaborate with social media influencers in the health and fitness niche, you can get your herbal products announced to a big group of enthusiastic followers of these influencers. Such promotions made by influencers are more convincing to the followers of these influencers rather than the many other forms of marketing because a trust value is attached to this marketing method. It is this trust factor that holds value in influencing the decisions of people.

13) Gain Additional Marketing Channels and Backlink Sources

Good-ranking directories that get millions of visits per month can influence your sales if you list your herbal business details there. We are talking of directories like Yelp that not only have traffic but are also considered a trusted platform. While impacting sales is a direct benefit, getting backlinks from them to your site is an indirect benefit for your business.

14) Increase Uniqueness in Product and Price

Two major aspects on which people nowadays compare herbal products are ingredients and price. So make your herbal brand unique in terms of ingredients and price. If your price is higher than your competing brands, this high price must be justified by quality and packaging.

15) Use Free eBooks for Business Growth

Get free ebooks created for herbal products so as to empower any person on the use of various ingredients, doses, side effects, and similar things. These free ebooks should contain references to your herbal products and website. Distribute these ebooks freely all over the web through PDF directories, on your website, on social media, etc. As more people start downloading them, your sales will also grow.

16) Educate with Authority to Boost Sales

Inform people about various ailments and health problems along with herbal remedies through newspaper articles. Initially, it may take some effort (and money) on your side to get approval from local newspapers to contribute to health-related issues, however, the results will start tricking in as more and more people will become familiar with your herbal brand through your articles.

17) Use App for Free Promotion

Get a health app designed with plenty of free information on various health problems and their remedy through herbal products. Get this app listed on prominent app stores like Google Play Store, etc. Do some initial promotion in getting downloads and reviews of the app and this will lead to organic growth in the downloads and use of this app. As this app will contain advertisements of your herbal products, the more downloads your app gets, the more will your herbal range of products get promoted.

18) Get Affiliate Program Ready

Offer commissions to people bringing sales of your herbal products by opening an affiliate program for your herbal business. Just some technical modifications are required on your website to start tracking sales made by affiliates. Announce your affiliate program on various internet marketing forums and websites to get affiliates to your herbal business.

19) Fuse Traditional Offline Marketing in the Overall Strategy

By focusing on advertising your herbal business online, you can have advantages like lower costs, much more precise targeting, high return on ad spend, etc. Still, you will miss the chance to reach many potential customers who do not have their footprint online or who use the internet sparingly. This explains why any serious business must also fuse offline marketing into its overall business promotion strategy. The most common and well-known offline marketing methods that you can adopt for your herbal products business promotion are banners, billboard ads, ads in newspapers, hosting or sponsoring related events, etc.

20) Score Great in Reviews

Most people, when they come across a business/service in Google, will type the name of that business/service in Google to judge its authenticity by looking at the reviews. This necessitates the need for having plenty of positive reviews and ratings for your herbal business online. These positive reviews can turn the decision of any potential customer in your favor. Sincerely request reviews from your customers to keep on adding new reviews for your business online.

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