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28 Hardware Store Marketing Ideas to Grow Sales Successfully

The first step towards the success of a business starts with more and more people knowing about it. This is why marketing has remained an integral part of businesses. Tools, building supplies, and various utility items provided by your hardware store are essential in various stages of residential and commercial space, however, whether a potential customer will buy from you or not will largely depend on how successful you are in marketing your hardware store. So this article has listed a mix of some tried and tested ideas along with a set of new ideas to help you grow your hardware store. Read on and implement the hardware store marketing ideas given below to start moving towards a successful path.

1) Increase Your Website Output

For advertising your hardware store online, the first and most basic step begins with owning a website. The next step is to enhance the website with all those features which would boost the output (i.e. conversions). These features that must be put forth in your website for boosting conversions are:

A) Let people add and order products directly from your website. This small step itself will cause a notable rise in your sales as any step taken towards boosting customer experience gets rewarded by customers.
B) All the key convincing factors must be present on your site like recognition of your business, any awards, key achievements, testimonials, certifications, etc.
C) Make the website respond to the screen resolution of the user’s device. In short, the website must be mobile-friendly and its resolution must change as per the device of the user.
D) Make changes in all the factors that slow down your website like big images, heavy files, redirects, etc. This is because the slow loading of a website causes loss of a significant number of visitors.
E) Give good reasons for the site visitors to call/email your business like discount vouchers, free consulting, and information on any hardware product, etc.
F) Get a professionally made video detailing key qualities of your hardware business on the main page of your hardware store website in order to convey your business with better user engagement and results.

2) Stay Strong in Google Search Results

If you open a business offline in an isolated location, it will suffer to get clients. The same holds true for online marketing of your hardware business too. If a user types keywords like “hardware store in [city/town]”, “hardware store near me”, etc and your website does not come up on the top page of Google, you will miss those potential clients to your competing businesses. So adopt a robust SEO plan either by yourself or by any online marketing agency to get and maintain a favorable presence online for getting clients consistently.

3) Achieve 3-in-1 Benefits from Press Release

Promoting your hardware business using press release distribution is an effective way to shoot many targets at once. On one side your press release content will get a wide audience while on another side, it will be attracting new links to your website which will add to the SEO power of your hardware store website. It will also earn media coverage depending on the type of press release distribution provider. Press releases are economically way more sustainable than many other paid forms of marketing online. The distribution process of press releases is fast and you can easily see your content appearing on hundreds of sites in a few days.

4) Explore the Perks of Social Media Marketing

Great possibilities for marketing your hardware business can be uncovered by adopting social media marketing. Depending on the type of social media platform used, you will have to tweak the marketing campaign accordingly to suit the demographic of your target business as well as the broader demographic of the platform itself. Since the nature of communication involved in a social media website is not strictly professional, so a better bond is established with people. Some of the main promotional methods in social media marketing for your hardware store will involve posting short informational content regularly, using hashtags, contests, joining and collaborating with other entities/businesses, etc. It will also serve as a new digital asset (apart from your website) in the promotion of your hardware business.

5) Optimize GMB Profile, Start Getting More Sales

Local businesses (and services) receive many leads from their GMB profiles displayed in the local listings on Google. This makes GMB a.k.a “Google My Business,” a fantastic marketing and lead-generation tool for all kinds of small and big local businesses. Google displays a special section consisting of three business listings for local searches along with the other organic listings displayed by Google. In every sector, businesses having GMB profiles for them are large in number, so Google will only show three of them based on a variety of parameters. To get your hardware business to be shown more often, it completely depends on how much time you are willing to spend on optimizing your GMB profile. However, to ease up the process of optimizing the GMB profile in order to get more leads from it, you can definitely outsource this task to an internet marketing agency having the right expertise.

6) Use Paid Advertising with Skilled Management

To see some serious traffic and customers coming to your hardware store website quickly, paid advertising is the most effective choice. However, one has to tune in to the right settings for all the involved parameters of paid ads to optimize them for better performance. Unlike traditional online advertising methods like content marketing, it (paid advertising) is much faster in producing results. Google Ads is the top paid advertising medium that can deliver highly targeted leads for your business. Facebook Ads is the next big one in online advertising. To extract the best possible benefits from paid ads with an optimized ad spend, get the ads managed by any specialized agency.

7) Automate Regular Sales with Content Marketing

By creating and publishing new content on your website consistently, you will start attracting traffic for many more search terms (keywords) thereby building a source of passive sales generation for your hardware business. You can publish content in the form of blog posts, infographics, FAQs, etc. Since selling products using content is more of a soft selling approach, it has better lead generation rates. Further, the more articles you have related to your hardware niche, the more you will be perceived as an authority in your business which will lead more people to buy from your store.

8) Reduce “No Action” Traffic and Build Loyalty

Many people on visiting a website do not avail of any product/service at all. There can be many reasons that could cause this. In order to lower the percentage of this “no action” traffic, email marketing is the best recourse. You can come up with an offer that visitors can get in exchange for their email addresses. After getting their email address, you can follow up with them to market your goods and offers again and again. This will not only bring up your conversion rate but will also help your business to build a loyal base of customers because of your hardware business being in touch with them regularly through email marketing.

9) Do Video Marketing for Long-term Regular Growth

Similar to text content, you can create many videos around different keywords/topics related to your business and can start posting them on YouTube to open a new source of traffic and sale generation for your hardware store. YouTube being one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world is, therefore, a powerful platform that any serious marketer or business must not miss out on. YouTube videos also find a place in Google search results for very specific search terms (if the video is optimized) which stresses the need to create and upload videos related to your hardware business. It further leaves a positive impression on any video viewer regarding your business which greatly improves the chances of sales.

10) Use a Professional Platform for Major Growth

Identify the core professionals and businesses who require bulk hardware products regularly. Introduce your business to them through LinkedIn in order to secure your chances of growing big clients for your business. LinkedIn can also help you to explore more marketing features with its premium plans.

11) Create an Informal Link with Small Gifts

Buy inexpensive gifts (like pens, diaries, mugs) with your hardware business name printed on them. For every customer who makes a purchase order above a certain limit, start giving away these customized gifts too. This process will add an informal line of connection with your customers which works great to generate customer loyalty. Nowadays, it is very easy to get such things custom-printed in bulk and you will find many such websites online that provide custom printing.

12) Get Referred, Get Growing

It hardly takes a few seconds to ask a customer to refer others to your business. However, if you start giving some extra incentives like referral coupons, the motivation to refer your hardware store will increase much more.

13) Let Local Influencers Build Your Reach

Select a few famous social media influencers from your region and make them promote your hardware store by offering them monetary incentives. Though this process will not give you instant sales, it is a great branding method for your hardware store as many local people following these influencers on social media will know about your business.

14) Add Extra Links and Traffic

Yelp, Nextdoor, and similar sites not only provide businesses with the option to list their website but also provide leads due to their good ranking in search engines. So list your hardware store in selected directories and get both traffic and backlinks.

15) Non-Classified Print Media Marketing

While putting ads on print media does yield results, a much more professional way to advertise is by getting your articles out in local newspapers. This mode of subtle advertising will also create brand value for your business along with giving visibility. So explore the opportunities to contribute articles related to hardware on print media to indirectly help in growing your business.

16) Start Associating Professionally to Get More Customers

Identify all such businesses and services that come across addressing the need for tools and building supplies. Start introducing your hardware store to them and even offer a small discount to leads sent through them. A few good potential partners can be home contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.

17) Let Discounts Push Your Sales

Many small and big companies around the world have grown and established their business by working on pricing and discounts. So systematically create a plan to give discounts as it will push more sales. To announce the discounts, get a big banner posted on your shopfront along with announcing the discounts online on your website and social media.

18) Advertise Across Prominent Crowded Places

Identify the crowded areas in your city/town and get your hardware store advertised there through hoardings, banners, etc. These areas can be popular markets, malls, popular movie theatres, etc.

19) Be Swift in Identifying New Targets

Mostly, new construction works (buildings, shops) are the best targets where the need for hardware tools and supplies is required more often. So reach out to those places where new construction work is getting started and introduce your hardware supplies and the benefits of buying through your hardware store. Such construction sites can get you big volume sales.

20) Work on Increasing Your Inventory to Grow Sales

Start keeping a record of all the inquiries that you get at your hardware shop and note their frequency. If the frequency shows a growth in inquiries, start keeping these products in your hardware store. You can also add a new range of products like paints, garden supplies, unique products shown on TV, etc. to grow sales in your hardware store.

21) Don’t Ignore the Community Crowd

When it comes to promoting your hardware store, any crowd is a good crowd. This means that if a local event, trade fair, or local festival is taking place in your area, you can make people notice your hardware store by various methods like sponsoring, booking stalls, hosting contests, etc.

22) Bring More Revenue with Add-ons

When people come to your hardware store, some of them might enquire for the contact details of professionals for carrying out the required work. You can, therefore, partner with professionals like plumbers, electricians, etc to refer them to new customers and to get additional revenue from your business.

23) Adopt Quick, Grow Business Faster

In every business and industry, new things get discovered from time to time. If you are one of the first to adopt them, then your hardware business will surely benefit by being an early adopter. To keep track of such new things relevant to your industry, pay attention to industry events, read home improvement magazines, follow niche-related websites online, etc.

24) eList Your Products on eCommerce Platforms

If you want to go beyond the demand and supply system of your local area, you must start listing your products on popular eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. This method of online promotion through eCommerce sites will cause faster rolling of your products due to an increase in the exposure of your product range.

25) Bring More Sales with Free Guides

Depending upon the kind of hardware products sold by you, you can get free guides (physical and digital) created on the services that require such products. These guides when spread online and offline will start generating more sales for your hardware business.

26) Create Contests to Popularize Your Business

Contests are popular on social media. You can finalize some good rewards to get more participation in your contest as more participation will bring better end results for your business. To qualify for rewards, make it essential for participants to post your promotional message along with tagging at least a few of their local friends. If done systematically, you can get many new customers to your business and many new followers to your social media profiles.

27) Offline Marketing Can Also Add Extra Advantages

When businesses opt for marketing nowadays, they do lay a great focus on online marketing due to numerous advantages over offline marketing like low cost, refined targeting, easy to operate and analyze, etc. But there does exist a big enough segment of the population that is either not tech savvy or doesn’t have good faith in products and services they see online. This segment of people can be served better with offline promotion strategies like flyers, banners, newspaper ads, magazine ads, sponsoring events, etc. Further, when people who see your ads online start seeing them offline too, the brand value of your hardware business will definitely increase.

28) Get Judged Positively by Review Management

Judging a business nowadays has become very easy due to online reviews left by people. The more good reviews your hardware store accumulates online, the better it will be for creating a positive image of your business and vice versa. So make sure to ask for reviews from your customers.

These hardware store marketing ideas just need the implementation to yield success for your business. The least you can do to show appreciation for this article is by sharing this on your favorite social network. Comments, judgments are always welcome (use the box below).

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