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16 Powerful Handyman Marketing Ideas to Get New Customers Regularly

As a handyman, you might have a wide range of skills but if you lack the skill of marketing your handyman business/service, your professional skills won’t get decent exposure and in turn revenue. The additional expenses and efforts required for advertising handyman services will give you much greater returns in terms of overall revenue. It is this factor (marketing) that separates you from other people who are offering the same set of services. To stand out from the competition and to conquer the giant share of clients, these handyman marketing ideas will prove to be of immense help to get you more clients.

1. Professional Certification and Association

Trust and security are two factors that arise from human emotions. This is why big brands invest so much money to build their brand value and to impart a sense of trust in their products and services. The same holds true for handyman services too. You can associate with reputed bodies and can showcase your accreditation like the “Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP)” to let your potential customers know that you are trustworthy. If you have some big reputed clients, you can also show them as your clients across your marketing channels like website, press release, brochures, signboards, etc.

2. Website

You will find much more clients online than offline if you formulate a strategy for digital marketing of handyman services. The first step for getting ready for online marketing is to have a professional website. Just putting up a website is not enough, it must have the following features:

A) A direct appointment/call booking feature.
B) Mobile-friendly design to load easily on mobile devices.
C) Quick loading time to prevent visitor loss.
D) Testimonials, accreditations, achievements to build trust.

3. Good Position Online

Your website won’t get much visitors if it doesn’t gets visible on the first page of Google when people search for terms like “handyman near me”, “handyman in [your city]”, etc. To get a good position, you must work on its SEO (search engine optimization). You can hire an SEO agency for your handyman services or can alternatively try to do it yourself by learning it from content given online.

4. Local Listings

Google shows local listings for many queries that it finds relevant to local niches. By making a Google My Business page and working on its ranking, your handyman services will fetch more customers. Any digital marketing service can handle that for you in case you don’t want to learn the process of ranking GMB pages.

5. Ads

Facebook ads and Google ads are two big sources for generating millions of leads for local businesses monthly. You can tap into either or both of these platforms to get clients for your handyman services quickly. However, you will have to be efficient in managing ads, keywords, interests, etc else you may end up losing more than you are spending because the click rates on these platforms are high enough to drain big budgets easily. There are many video tutorials online that provide a complete guide to handle ads and their associated parameters.

6. Press Release

Press releases serve multiple functions at once and are therefore used significantly by all kinds of businesses. Announcing your handyman services through press releases will not only give you quick views but will also increase your trustworthiness by getting your content spread across many news platforms. It also leads to the creation of backlinks which is a prime factor for growing the ranking of a website in Google. There are also press release services that can land your content on ultra-high authority platforms like Yahoo Finance for a one-time cost.

7. Online Directories

Certain directories that enjoy powerful ranking in Google are ripe sources for getting leads for handyman business. Some of these sites are Yelp, Foursquare, Craigslist, Crunchbase, etc. By creating a profile of your business on such sites, you can open up new assets for lead generation.

8. Youtube Videos

Youtube videos tend to rank much quicker and better in Google for terms that are less frequently searched. You can compile a list of such keywords easily by paying a few dollars ($10-$20) to any freelancer on a freelance site who is efficient in finding keywords. Once you have a list of such keywords, you can create videos around them (or can get it created by somebody) and can start ranking and getting additional clients and sales.

9. Social Media

Social media marketing for handyman services is very easy. You can create accounts on big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and can update with new posts and photos to build a social presence. Apart from creating profiles, you can connect with people in your local area on these networks. Facebook groups is an excellent lead generation tool utilizing which you can associate with your local community and can get good leads.

10. Expanding Portfolio of Work

As a handyman business operation, you may have a limited set of skills and therefore your client base will also be limited. You can partner with more associated businesses and service providers to expand the range of customers that you can serve. You can network with others on commission basis so that all the involved partners can not only get more sales volume but can also grow their client demographic.

11. Social Network of Customers

Getting referred online is a good way to increase sales for your handyman services. If you get a task for a client, you can ask them to share your handyman service/business on their social network in exchange of some discount or incentives. By having every customer share your services on their social networks, you will increase your client reach and visibility of your business. This will also serve as a testimonial for your work which you can use on your website and other marketing materials.

12. Business Referrals

You can inform of your services to all such businesses that can send you leads. This can include realtors, repair services, interior design consultants, packers and movers, plumbers, etc. You can either maintain friendly relations with them for getting referrals or can give monetary incentives per lead.

13. Feedback

You can ask your clients to leave reviews for you on social media and on your Google Business Listing as more feedback would attract more leads and sales. Getting more reviews is also an important factor for ranking a business listing in Google which would then indirectly lead to grow your business.

14. Corporate Networking

If you want your handyman business to grow fast, then getting hold of commercial or corporate clients is a must. You can find and connect with such clients on LinkedIn which is a perfect platform for getting in touch with big whales (i.e corporate customers).

15. Merchandise Promotion

Whenever you get a new task/project, you can utilize that venue for marketing your handyman business too. You can put your business name on a standing banner or a stand to let the passers-by and neighborhood know that your business is handling that task.

16. Merchandise

If you have employees, you can give them merchandise carrying your business name. This can include T-Shirts, gloves, diaries, etc. You can easily get such merchandise with your business name printed on it from many online vendors for cheap. You can additionally give such things to your customers so that it can not only create a good relation but can also make a connection so that they can refer it to their friends and relatives.

The handyman marketing ideas given above are worth implementing if you want to gain an increase in your clients and revenue. For any questions, discussions, comments, use the section below.

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