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Handbag Marketing Ideas to Start Selling Big and Fast

The fashion industry is ever growing and new handbag brands are entering the market every year. The price range of handbags ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the brand and quality. To start growing in this segment, the most significant aspect is having a well-laid-out marketing plan. After going through this article on handbag marketing ideas, you will have a very clear idea of the steps that you need to take to start establishing your brand and to start growing your sales faster. The ideas are as follows:

1) Increase the Success Rate of Your Website

Most businesses nowadays understand the importance of a website but many of them don’t know how to increase the success rate of the website. By success rate, we mean how many visitors your website gets and how many of these visitors actually become your customers. There are certain factors that can control and affect the number of customers that you are successfully able to make out from your site visitors. These factors are:

a) Have an easy-to-select and order interface for your handbags on your website with good enough payment processing services.
b) Get your site to load fastly with a 95+ speed score on site speed testing sites. It is essential because your business can lose up to 10% of its traffic simply due to slow loading times.
c) Make people trust your business by mentioning the certifications, awards, testimonials, mentions on news sites, and other significant achievements, etc.
d) Have live chat support on your website as it is known to increase sales.
e) Offer commission-based refer a friend program on your site so that people would share your handbag site with their friends for earning commissions.
f) Video is a powerful medium to convey ideas. Introduce the most striking features of your handbag business through a professional video set on your site homepage. This will add to an increase in conversions.

2) Get Easy Press Coverage for Your Handbags

To quickly spread any announcement about your handbag business on many news sites, nothing beats press release marketing. If your business makes use of any premium press release syndicating service, then getting your content and business name on high-end sites like Associated Press, Yahoo News, etc is not a big feat. Since many news sites publish your press release, the kind of quick attention that every business requires is easily made possible due to press releases. Further, all sites that publish press releases on their platform provide backlinks to the main site associated with the business which is one of the most significant factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many smaller benefits as well that come with press release marketing and it is, therefore, crucial for your business growth.

3) Adopt Skilled SEO for Traffic and Sales

If you want search engine traffic to find your handbag website, the most necessary step is to ensure a top 10 ranking in search engine results. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop needs a good location, your website needs good visibility online. If you miss out on the visibility of your website online, you will also miss out on many potential customers too. “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” is a term for the process involved in ranking websites. SEO needs taking care of many elements and if you are successful in the right implementation of SEO on your website, your site will be rewarded with great rankings (and hence traffic) in search engines. To have better SEO implemented for your website, get the services of an expert SEO agency.

4) Start Writing More on Handbags to Grow Sales

A key role player in getting traffic/visitors to a website is the content published on the site. If a site has less content, accordingly the traffic will also be less. The more you start publishing content, the more traffic your site will start getting. This explains how content marketing is significant for growing your handbag business. To start writing on the topics, you can choose the most frequently asked questions/doubts related to handbags. If you would like to generate a big list of topics to write and publish on your website, using any keyword tool like Ahrefs can be extremely important. Even posting content as guest posts on high-traffic sites is a good way to get more people to become familiar with your handbag business.

5) Get More Handbag Sales Locally with GMB

When it comes to advertising your handbag business and the acquisition of new customers, “Google My Business”/”Google Business Profile” presents a wonderful opportunity. Google lays out a special section commonly known as “Google Local Pack” where 3 local businesses/services are shown for search queries that have a local orientation like “best handbag dealers near me”. The entries in this section are taken from GMB (Google My Business) pages. Since results displayed are only 3 (in the local pack) and businesses with GMB pages are many, only those businesses who have better optimized their GMB pages stand better chances to be displayed frequently. The creation and optimization of your GMB page can be effectively handled by any competent digital marketing service provider.

6) Right Ad Platform + Right Ad Campaigns = Success

A significant percentage of people click on ads when buying goods or services online. This makes PPC (Pay Per Click) ads a very important marketing strategy for business owners because it has the potential to generate high-quality leads/sales. Many online advertisers agree that running paid advertising on websites like Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. is a fast and effective way to fetch leads more rapidly. Not every platform may be the right one to advertise as the lead quality differs in each ad network. Google Ads is considered to be one of the best available advertising platforms, followed by Facebook Ads. So if you are a beginner in ad management, most probably you will find that you’ve spent a lot more money than you’ve actually made from running these ads. Therefore, it is advisable to either learn how to use these ad platforms or hire a specialized digital marketing agency to get a greater return on investment (ROI) while reducing the monetary risk.

7) Start Developing Your Social Media Profile for Sales

If you meet 10 people, you will hardly find a few who won’t be having a presence on social media. This is why social media is becoming a very attractive platform for marketers and businesses. Combined with the fact that a business can freely promote itself on social media, it is now taken seriously by small and big businesses alike. You just have to create your business profiles on such platforms followed by consistent interaction and activity for a few months to get your follower size to a decent number. After the initial efforts, getting more followers, sales, and recognition for your handbag business becomes automatic.

8) Start Using Influencers for Handbag Promotions

To market your handbag business across various social media profiles, you can use the trust factor of any person who has already established his/her credibility on such platforms. These people are known as influencers and posts shared by them get good engagement due to the high number of followers these people have. To make use of such an opportunity, you must send a business proposal to a few influencers from your town/city and must sort out a reasonable deal for your business promotion. This marketing method can bring you sales consistently.

9) Set Referral Marketing in Action

Whom would you trust better? friendly advice from someone whom you know or the advertisements that you come across online or offline. For most people, it’s their friends and relatives whom they will believe more for purchasing a product or service. This behavior of people is the underlying reason why word-of-mouth advertising converts way better than any other marketing form. You can get this process rolling for your handbag business by handing over referral coupons to your customers so that they can bring in more sales for your business by giving these coupons to people closely associated with them.

10) Start Adding Memories with Marketing

Small items of utility (like pens, pocket diaries, mugs, etc) can carry and propagate your business name if they are custom printed with the name of your handbag business on them. Distributing such items can not only create a good impression of your business but will also help in getting your business remembered and referred by people. So buy custom-printed merchandise in bulk and use them for propagating your business.

11) Focus on Long Term Business with Email Marketing

If your business puts efforts into developing an email list, it can turn out to be a long-term income-generating asset for your handbag business. This is so because with a good email list, you can broadcast a new range of handbags and offers to thousands of email subscribers with the click of a button and this will in turn help you to quickly generate repeat sales. Since email marketing helps to foster a line of communication, it is also a good mechanism for building brand loyalty. So get your email opt-in form ready to be displayed on your business website.

12) Make Good Use of Directories

A few years earlier, many directories used to rank very strongly in search engines. Though the golden era of directories has passed, there are still some directories that continue their dominance in search results. The most familiar ones in this category are names like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, etc. If you take just a few hours of your time in getting your handbag business details listed on such sites, your business will automatically gain a few extra customers (and backlinks too) from such directories regularly. So create your profile on some of the selected authority directories online.

13) Engage and Sell More with Videos

The human mind retains video content for way longer time period than text. Also, videos are much more engaging to the human mind than text. By embedding a video of your handbag business on your website, you can have the visitors stay for a longer duration on your site which will inevitably work positively in growing your sales. Another way to market your handbag business through videos is by sharing your videos on social networks and other video platforms. This video-sharing strategy can yield even much better results if any influencer shares your videos with his/her followers. So start exploring video marketing for getting more customers.

14) Use Monopolistic Marketing

Go through all major sites online where handbags are listed and find the most selling designs. You must make an enhanced touch-up to the famous designs to create a range of unique and creative handbags so that you can create a small monopoly for your brand. Such new designs can help to boost the sales of your handbags.

15) Instagram and Pinterest Marketing

Two social networks where such products (handbags) can witness faster unloading are Instagram and Pinterest. So start growing your follower count on these two social networks along with taking the help of influencers in these networks to get regular sales.

16) Get Big with Distribution Marketing

Find the big distributors of such items and make a good commission arrangement with them so that you can take your product to many retail stores through them. The more retail stores that start selling your handbags, the bigger will be your turnover and revenues. If you don’t know the distributors, just go to any retail store and ask for their suppliers and repeat the process till you find the big distributor.

17) Offer Customization for More Sales

Personalized items carry a special worth and by offering personalization of handbags, you can create a special customer base of your own. You can display samples of custom handbags to give a good idea of your final finished product to your potential customers. This feature, if included, will also separate you from many other vendors.

18) Use Contests to Grow Your Brand

If you start a social media contest where the participants will have to share your handbag business promotional message to a certain number of people to qualify for rewards, you can soon enough get your handbag brand name across thousands of profiles. With many apps available for holding such contests, it is no longer a complex process to create and execute such contests.

19) Start Using eCommerce Platforms

If you start listing your handbags on popular platforms like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc, you can see many passive sales coming from these platforms. There are different kinds of guides for making the best use of all such platforms and you can go through such guides online to see how you can increase the visibility of your listed handbags on such sites.

20) Grow with Tie Ups

Tie up with fashion influencers and bloggers to get your handbags promoted through their profiles and sites. You can also tie up with other fashion accessory businesses like makeup products, apparel, etc to cross-promote each other or to give discounted combo offers to people.

21) Get Affiliates Ready for Marketing

Find any big affiliate network and join as an advertiser. This way you will find many people who will work as affiliates for promoting your handbags and in exchange, you will have to offer them a certain percentage of the sale. This process can get you many people who will start advertising your handbags and you will have to give them commissions only on confirmed sales.

22) Offline Promotions are an Added Bonus

With offline marketing, it becomes hard to test how different promotion methods are yielding results. This, however, doesn’t stop businesses from adopting various offline marketing strategies. This is because offline advertising, though a bit more expensive than online marketing, has been consistent in delivering results for businesses all over the world. The dual promotion strategy of online and offline marketing is the most common advertising method chosen by most businesses. Putting out ads in newspapers, handing out flyers/brochures, getting ads on billboards, hosting/sponsoring events, are some of the common offline promotion methods that are used by businesses.

23) Don’t Ignore the New Marketing Currency

A few decades earlier, people used to consult their friends and relatives if they had to make a buying decision for any product or service from any business. However, times have changed and people now have the power off gauging the quality of products/services by looking at the reviews left by previous customers/buyers. It is therefore right to say that reviews are the new currency for social proof and your handbag business must accumulate more of this currency to grow its revenues.

Use the combination of these handbag marketing ideas and see your sales grow in no time. Also, don’t just move off from this website, show your love for this article by sharing it on your social media. If unclear on any point, let me know using the section below.

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