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Gym Press Release Template, Example Along With Writing Tips

Health and fitness sector is evergreen and gyms are one of the important modules of this sector. If you have to issue a statement online or want to announce something related to your gym business, the preferred way to get it done is through a press release. As press releases have to be professionally written, they follow a distinct format and rules. This post on the gym press release will provide you with all the essential things that are required for writing and distributing such a press release. You will get access to a gym press release template, benefits of sending press release, example, and tips on writing and issuing such press release.

Aim: To carry out the creation and distribution of a gym press release.

Tools: To resolve the above aim, this post has included several subtopics like gym press release template, example, benefits of press releases, along with the crucial tips that need to be followed for creating and distributing such a press release.

Template: Modify the below given gym press release template and get a professional press release crafted.


[Headline] /* [Name of the Gym] + [Announces/Launches] + [Key Announcement (like new opening, new branch, new trainer, location change, etc) + [Location (if applicable)] + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* Describe the core content in 1 to 2 sentences (summary) */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the Gym], a [emerging/new/reputed] name in the [gym/fitness] [niche/industry/sector], is thrilled to announce [mention the kind of announcement like new opening, new branch, new trainer, location change, etc] at [location + date, (if applicable)]. [How will your potential customer benefit (give only 1 significant reason)]. [Any special offer, discounts, related to this announcement]. (3,4 sentences)

[List more benefits/facilities to the potential customer at your gym + give a line or two on the gym owner/in charge + his/her experience and credentials] (3 to 4 sentences)

[Quote from the Gym owner or Gym incharge]

[Give a brief background associated with this announcement (what caused this) + what distinct things your gym has to offer + why people should join the gym + membership plans and packages (if applicable)] (3 to 4 sentences)

[Quote from another senior trainer at your gym or from a customer]

[Discuss recent fitness/gym trends + future scope/potential of gym + how you aim to contribute to people’s health and the fitness industry] (4-5 sentences)

To get more details on [the announcement], visit [website URL/social media profile link].

About [Name of the Gym]

[Business background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email only*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Most Powerful Benefits

The most powerful benefits that a press release can give to your gym business and the website associated with it are:

1) Gives Branding Benefits at a Very Low Cost

If the choice of your press release wire system is good i.e. your press release distributor has syndication rights on big media outlets online, then your business will soon be found on some of the most sought-after websites in the world like Yahoo-affiliated sites, Associated Press, etc. Many branding and advertising agencies charge 8-10 times the amount spent on the press release to get the same kind of results for your business. The other good and associated perks that come along with syndication on big sites are that the authenticity perception of your business rises and it opens the doors to your business being covered on other sites as well.

2) Provides Visibility with Ease and Speed

Whenever the benefits of a press release are discussed, the visibility provided by a press release always finds a mention as one of the key benefits. Despite the availability of a number of marketing methods that any company can use for getting visibility to its new launch/service/changes, the ease, speed, and simplicity with which a press release can do the task is simply unmatched. As this method (press release distribution) involves many sites, the traffic contributed by each of these sites combines to give a big result in overall visibility.

3) Helps Bring Up Your Business Transparency

Press releases also help businesses to achieve transparency by publicizing key announcements. For every major change/event taking place in your business that is of significance to the current and potential customers, journalists, investors, etc, your business must make sure to let this change be publicized through press releases for ensuring easy access to such information. If the selection of the press release distributor is good, you will easily find your business announcement being published by some of the most trustworthy and popular websites in the world.

4) Aids in Link Building and SEO

While building backlinks for a website might seem like a big task for some businesses, an easy start in this direction can be done by making use of the power of press releases. Every site that carries your press release content after distribution will act as 1 backlink for your website and for each instance of sending press releases, you will be able to make at least a few 100 such backlinks. These backlinks will power up your site’s position in Google (and other search engines) and will thereby assist in getting more visitors and consequently sales/leads.

5) Makes You Eligible to Use the “As Seen on…” Logo

Whenever most business/service owners come across the widget, “As seen on…” followed by logos of big news sites, they think that it takes some big marketing strategy to get such coverage. Press releases are one of the simplest yet economical methods by which your business too can get seen across such high-end news sites followed by rightfully using the “As seen on..” widget on your site too. All you have to do is to create press release content for your website followed by using any quality service for syndicating your press release content across big news sites.

Tips to Consider for Writing the PR

1) Headline Should Spark Interest

A good press release content must be complemented with an even good title as most people will decide to go to your press release content only if they find the title good enough to spark interest. Further, most journalists who subscribe to feeds of press release distribution services receive snippets of 100’s of press releases daily and the core criteria upon which they decide to read the press release is based on the relevance and uniqueness of the title itself.

2) Cross-Link Content, Get More Reads

Most press releases usually get less interaction on each of their published sites/portals because they do not provide a compelling reason for people to interact with the content of the press release. Instead of just focusing on the core announcement, look for ways to cross-link the content to some recent phenomena or to different sectors that will be influenced by the announcement. By doing this, people interested in the discussed phenomena or the different sectors mentioned in the press release will also have reasons to involve with your press release, thereby getting more traffic and coverage to your press release.

3) Address the Direct and Relevant Questions

As press releases showcase the official statement issued by a company, if the press release misses out on the most direct and relevant questions, it would not convey a good impression of the company/business issuing the release. One good way to avoid such a situation is to list out all possible and most significant questions that are associated with the announcement and to briefly answer them in 1-2 sentences each in the press release while making sure that the press release length doesn’t get overstretched.

4) Don’t Make Content Harder to Comprehend

Simple writing is the format that you must adopt for writing a press release. The reason in favor of simple writing is that once your press release gets published, it won’t just get the eyeballs of people from your sector/industry only as people from different backgrounds and knowledge will come across it. The harder it is to comprehend your content, the lower will be the number of people who will fully read your press release.

5) I, You, We, etc Not Fair for PR Use

For posts written for a blog, a person is free to express ideas using his/her own style of writing. Press releases, being professional pieces of content, don’t allow a freestyle type of writing. The basic requirement for a press release is that the content must be written strictly in the third person only. This means you are not allowed to use “I”, “You” and other words that belong to the first and second person.

6) Mistakes Can Become Eternal

With press releases, one of the greatest problems is that your mistakes will become eternal or at least long-lasting if the press release is not accurate. The sole reason for this drawback in a press release is due to the involvement of a number of sites that make the possibility of corrections next to impossible. By taking note of this factor, you must always make sure to get the press release strictly checked to avoid any inaccuracies or mistakes.

7) Don’t Give the Tone of Advertisement

Though most businesses send out press releases to gain some publicity for their business/product/service along with making announcements, the press release in its entirety must not sound like a sales copy as it will impact the final distribution. The marketing aspect, if any, present in the press release must be indirect and subtle so that the marketing aspirations are also met along with sounding professional.

8) Use Only 100% Verifiable Information

Press releases are not meant to make unverifiable claims. Though some press release platforms do not pay much attention to such claims made in the content, press releases being long-lasting and hard to edit after publication can create legal troubles for your business at any time in the future. Therefore any claims made by your business regarding any product/service must have endorsement or support by any third-party agency.

9) Use a Competent Distribution Service

Despite having good newsworthy and interesting content, many times press releases fail to create the impact expected from them. One of the biggest and most common reasons for this is that their preferred distribution network for the press release was not competent to get their content across big and famous sites where such content could have easily picked up many advantages like traffic, links, and visibility. This explains why you must always be careful in selecting your wire service for content distribution.

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