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Writing a Great Partnership Announcement Press Release: Tips, Template and Example

Businesses that have come together for a purpose need to announce their partnership and a partnership announcement press release is the perfect way to do this. Such partnership press releases are important as they give a clear picture of the association to investors, customers and industry experts. Media professionals, investors and industry-specific magazines keep a watch on new partnerships as they provide new opportunities and trends.

Aim: The main aim of writing and distributing a press release for announcing a partnership is to ensure that all different stakeholders and interested parties can get informed of the event. In order to do so, it becomes important that the content must be crafted using the right set of keywords followed by distribution through high authority channels (discussed later in this article) so that they can gain visibility in search engines.

Partnership Announcement Template:

The template that can be used for announcing the partnership is given below:


[Headline] /*use name of both entities and a catchy news angle here*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary type content of 2-3 sentences here*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Entity 1] and [Entity 2] have announced the formation of a strategic partnership on [date] that is likely to [impact explanation]. [Entity 1] has been operational since [time in years or months] and has [achievements]. [Entity 2] has been operational since [time in years or months] and has [achievements].

The agreement will [joint impact and possibilities]. [Impact on users and customers]. The partnership is expected to boost [growth possibilities, some figures if possible]

[CEO/President name] of [entity 1] said “[quote from the person]”. He added that “[Quote continued].”

Customers of [Entity 1] and [entity 2] will now be able to [how it will benefit them].

[CEO/President name] of [entity 2] said “[quote from the person]”. He added that “[Quote continued].”

About [Entity 1]

[Entity 1 details like year of establishment, vision and mission].

About [Entity 2]

[Entity 2 details like year of establishment, vision and mission].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Example of a Partnership Press Release

BigMart and GreenGrocer Announce Strategic Partnership to Promote Sustainable Farming

(Summary) Two retail giants “BigMart” and “GreenGrocer” have joined hands for a better cause.

New York, Jan 15. BigMart and GreenGrocer have announced the formation of a strategic partnership on Jan 10, 2023 that is likely to revolutionize the food industry. BigMart, a retail giant with a strong foothold in the market, has been operational for over two decades and has earned a reputation for being customer-centric. GreenGrocer, a small but successful start-up, has been operational for five years and is known for its commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The agreement will focus on promoting sustainable farming practices and creating awareness about the importance of consuming organic produce. The partnership is expected to boost sales for both companies, with a projected increase of 15% for BigMart and 20% for GreenGrocer. The partnership will also provide opportunities for local farmers and suppliers to expand their reach and increase their revenue.

Mr. David Johnson, CEO of BigMart, said “We are excited to join hands with GreenGrocer to promote sustainable farming practices. We believe that this partnership will be a game-changer for the industry and will pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.”

Customers of BigMart and GreenGrocer will now be able to enjoy a wider range of organic produce at affordable prices. The partnership will also provide customers with information about the farms and farmers that supply their food, allowing them to make more informed choices.

Ms. Emma Brown, CEO of GreenGrocer, said “We are thrilled to partner with BigMart, a company that shares our commitment to sustainable farming practices. This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact in promoting organic produce.”

About BigMart

BigMart was established in 2000 with the vision of becoming the leading retailer in the market. The company has since then grown to become a household name, known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.

About GreenGrocer

GreenGrocer was established in 2017 with the mission of promoting sustainable farming practices and providing customers with access to organic produce. The company has since then grown to become a successful start-up, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

Media Contact:

John Doe
Public Relations Manager
(555) 123-4567
New York City, New York

Benefits of announcing partnership through a press release

A press release announcing the partnership between entities can provide the benefits listed below:

New Clients

A partnership between business entities can increase the growth momentum which in turn will attract new customers. However, this information must be conveyed effectively using the right channels so that it can get placement on reputed platforms for better visibility and reach. More details about getting better visibility for a partnership press release are given later in this article.

Credibility Boost

Nowadays, most people before buying a product or service look for ratings and reviews online. If people searching for a business find that the business has tied up with a new partner to grow its service, then it can cause a boost in the credibility of the business. This is why many big companies spend on getting good placements as they know the significance of brand building using reputable press release platforms.

New Partnership and Investing Opportunities

Many businesses look to partner with big businesses in their related industry. When these businesses come across such announcements in the form of press releases, they are more likely to tie up with a growing business. The same goes for investors too. Investors look for new and growing avenues for investment and a partnership between two entities is a good signal that the joint business will grow better than the individual efforts.

Link and Traffic Growth

When the PR announcing the partnership between businesses gets syndicated to hundreds of platforms through press release, then the link building is also affected positively as the business sites mentioned in the press release gets linked from the syndicated platforms. This link building counts towards pushing the rank of the website in search engines which in turn brings more visitors and sales. Despite “no-follow” attribute of most pr sites, there are case studies which prove that such links are important for link building profile.

Chain Reaction

If the partnership is expected to cause a big impact or if the press release has been framed with an interesting news angle, then it is likely that it will get additional coverage through news and industry-specific portals. Once the PR makes it to these portals, then the effect of this chain reaction can get magnified and so are the results.

Do’s and Dont’s of a partnership press announcement

Once the press release is ready, note these points before sending it for distribution.

1. Take time to create a catchy headline

Brainstorm through various angles and see if there is something that can be included that can make the headline enticing for a media person or a reader. A headline is the most crucial element in the entire press release. With journalists and readers coming across hundreds of stories every day, it takes just a few moments to catch their attention. For example: Instead of using “LADA and BADA Form Partnership to Boost Electric Bike Production”, “Petrol run Bikes Face New Danger After LADA and BADA Partnership”.

While making the headline catchy, do note that it must not become too long. While different platforms have different requirements for headline length, make sure to limit it to 90 characters.

2. Format the PR right

Typical low-tier PR platforms and their syndication channels accept almost all types of press releases. However, high-end platforms require the content to be framed in the right format without errors. The content must not be confusing and must have data-backed claims. Also, the statements in the PR must not contradict each other.

3. No Accusations

The partnership press release must not accuse any of their competitor without any strong proof. Even after having substantial claims, main press release portals do not entertain such press releases that accuse or critic any company or government policy as there is always a legal implication for such content.

4. Easy to Read and Understand

Most people shy away from content that is filled with industry-specific jargons. So it is better to avoid fancy and complex ideas and words in the release. Keep the press release easy to comprehend. Only if the press release is specifically targeted to a very small subsection of industry experts, then it can contain industry-specific terms, however, it will diminish the reach and effect.

5. Write in Third Person

Do not use direct reference words like I, We, You, etc in the press release. A press release must be written in third person and the only place where direct references can be included in the quote section.

6. Not a Sales Letter

A press release must not sound like pure marketing material. Even though a small tinge of marketing is overlooked in press releases, it must be sufficiently small to be ignored.

7. No Loop Content

Sometimes, the content of press release might feel like reiterating the same idea again and again without any useful information. To avoid such a scenario, note down all the key facts, figures and possible outcomes of the partnership before framing the press release. If the content feels boring, no one will be interested in publishing or covering it on their portal.

8. Answer Basic Questions

Even though a typical press release is a short form style content, it must answer the basic questions like what, who, where, why, how, etc? The explanation to the basic questions must not exceed 1 to 2 sentences each.

9. Use Contact Information Wisely

Press releases are accompanied by contact information at the end that includes details like contact person name, his position, email, phone number and location city. Journalists, potential clients, investors and readers who come across your press release might want to know more about the partnership for which they might enquire on the details provided in the media contact. If the media contact contains some general reception or website maintenance staff details, then they might get missed or ignored. So it is better to use this space wisely with details of a responsible person.

10. Use the Right Distribution Partner

This is the crux of press release distribution. Use it ignorantly and the entire distribution will become meaningless. With floods of options nowadays, it is easy to get confused on this aspect. As a general rule, use only that network which is capable of getting placements on reputed platforms like Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Market Watch, LA Weekly, etc as press releases on these platforms rank high in search engines. They also give an added benefit of using “As seen on…” phrase on your website.




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