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Writing a Grand Opening Press Release: Mega Tips, Sample and Template Revealed

A grand opening is not of much significance if it does not find proper coverage. In this comprehensive article about writing a “grand opening press release”, we will cover entire aspects that are essential to ensure widespread coverage of the mega launch including samples and template. So let us get started with its various dimensions.

Aim: The purpose of writing and distributing a grand opening press release is to ensure that mass visibility is achieved. For this, it is essential that the press release must be crafted using the right keywords and the distribution channels used must be authoritative (more on this later in the article).

Basic Template:

The basic template that can be used for this is given below:


[Headline] /*use company name and catchy news angel here*/

[Sub-heading] /*Some pr sites require it. Use a summary type content of 2-3 sentences here*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of Business/Company] is set to a mega launch on [date]. [Business/company name] cordially invites all the people who are interested to experience [key qualities of the business] firsthand. The event is set to begin at [time] at [location].

The key attraction of the mega opening includes [put special offers and key attractions].

[Key person from the company], [position that he/she holds] of the company, said “[Quote 1-2 sentences]”.

[Business name] intends to [distinguished qualities]. It has a vision of [insert vision here]. [Key factors that will make it noteworthy]

[Name of CEO/President] said “[about the community where the business is located]”

About [Business Name]

[Put Mission + Vision + business partners].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


A grand opening press release example is given below

Grand Opening of Luxe Spa & Wellness in Downtown Miami

The new luxury spa “Luxe Spa & Wellness” offers exclusive treatments and amenities for guests.

Miami, February 18th, 2023. Luxe Spa & Wellness is set to have a grand opening on March 1st, 2023. The brand new spa invites all those who are looking for a luxurious and relaxing experience to visit and indulge in the exclusive services provided by the spa. The grand opening event is set to begin at 5 pm and will take place at 1500 NE 2nd Ave, Miami.

The grand opening of Luxe Spa & Wellness is set to be a grand affair with the unveiling of their exclusive treatments and amenities. Guests can look forward to experiencing different kinds of body massage by the experienced staff at Luxe Spa & Wellness . There will also be a live music performance, refreshments, and a chance to meet the staff and learn more about the spa.

“Here at Luxe Spa & Wellness, we’re excited to be opening our doors and providing our guests with a truly luxurious experience,” said Maria Rodriguez, the Marketing Manager of Luxe Spa & Wellness. “Our team has worked hard to create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere for our guests, and we can’t wait for them to experience it firsthand.”

Luxe Spa & Wellness is not just another spa in Miami, it is set to be a one-of-a-kind luxury spa. The spa offers exclusive treatments and amenities that are at par with international standards. The spa’s vision is to provide guests with a unique and luxurious experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

“We believe that Luxe Spa & Wellness will stand out in the crowded spa industry because of our unique services and commitment to exceptional customer service,” said Michael Smith, CEO of Luxe Spa & Wellness. “We are proud to offer our guests the best possible spa experience, and we’re confident that they will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and completely satisfied.”

About Luxe Spa & Wellness

Luxe Spa & Wellness is a new luxury spa located in the heart of downtown Miami. The spa offers exclusive treatments and amenities, as well as exceptional customer service. The mission of Luxe Spa & Wellness is to provide guests with a unique and luxurious spa experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

Media Contact:

Maria Rodriguez
Marketing Manager
(305) 123-4567
Miami, Florida

Benefits of sending out a press release about the grand opening

A press release announcing the grand opening of a business can bring you the following benefits if done correctly:

New Clients

A press release, if done correctly through the right channels, can reach big sites through which it will get enhanced visibility. This means more clients for your business. There are some nuts and bolts that determine the extent of coverage of your press release which is discussed later in this press release.

Big Reputation

People often look for reviews and ratings of a business before making a purchase decision and this trend is continuously on rise. If potential clients find your business covered on some of the top known sites of the world, then they are much more likely to consider your brand reputable. Media coverage and branding is crucial element in buying behavior.

Link Building

When your PR (press release) gets distributed to hundreds of channels and becomes visible on many platforms, then it also counts towards link building as your website is linked through the press release. Link building is a crucial element in determining the ranking of your business website on all major search engines. Even though the link type of press release is usually “no-follow” (i.e. they do not pass any link power), still they help in pushing your site ranking.

Recurring Traffic

Press releases, directly and indirectly, help in building up recurring traffic (clients/customers) to your business. Through the SEO route and link building benefits, they help in pushing your site’s ranking and providing traffic. If press releases land on authoritative sites like Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly etc, then they have much better ranking power (press release themselves) for long-tail keywords which in turn brings customers.

Snowball Action

For newsworthy press releases, it is possible that they get noticed and covered by journalists which would then create an entirely new world of coverage and public attention. There are also many small sites and blogs that syndicate press releases from big sites and this can bring additional visitors and links.


Things one must keep in mind before writing a press release for the grand opening of their business

1. Know the demographic and target accordingly

Before even writing your press release, you must have a clear idea of your intended customer. It is essential that you know your target audience so that you can frame the press release better. If your PR is crafted using this group in mind, then it is more likely that your content will spark interest in them.

Also, you must give a compelling reason for them to attend your grand opening. This compelling reason can be some exciting reward, coupon, or performance by some famous artist. If you can create something unique, it is much likely to get shared and liked on social media which will push forward the momentum.

2. Using the right formatting

There are various levels of distribution channels. Novice people use the one which is the least expensive as they are unaware of the potential of press release. Most of the time, the least expensive ones do not care much about formatting and approve almost all types of press releases. However, the authoritative ones do not approve all press releases. They require that the content for press release must follow a particular format and must be considerable enough for distribution. The content must be free from grammar errors and must not include statements that either creates confusion or go contrary to each other.

3. Use the Best Catchy Headline

A headline is the most crucial element in a press release as it determines the read and syndication extent. The more newsworthy and catchy a title is, the better are the chances that people will read it and more sites and portals will cover it. If there is nothing new about a business that you can think of, try to make it exciting by adding some event or dimension that would make it more attractive.

However, note that headline must not go too long as most big sites do not approve of it. Ideally, they must be less than 70-80 characters (including spaces). Using the right keywords and framing a catchy headline within the character limit may require some brainstorming but it is worth the effort.

4. First Paragraph Must be Compelling

After using a catchy headline, it must be followed with a compelling paragraph. It must include some of the best reasons why the user must attend the grand opening and what is special for him. While working on this, it must also be noted that the paragraph must not become too long to read. 4-5 sentences are good for the first paragraph.

The details must be included in the following paragraphs. Answer some basic questions like who, where, what, why, etc.

5. Simple Language and Content

Do not go for fancy words and phrases in your PR. Keep it simple to read and understand. The average user (or journalist) who comes across your release must not find things hard to comprehend. Avoid industry-related jargon and try to explain things suitable for a novice person. Only in specific cases where the release needs to be hyper-targeted, one can use industry-specific jargon.

6. Frame it in the third person

While crafting a press release, do not use first-person and second-person references like I, We, you, etc as most PR platforms will reject it. Craft a PR only in the third person. If you want to use words like I, We, You, etc in PR, then the only place for such references is in quotes.

7. Main Body of Press Release

The next paragraphs of the release (after the first paragraph) can expand and convey more detailed information. While expanding in other paragraphs, make sure not to reiterate the same things again and again. Make it exciting using direct quotes from key people of your company. Quote is the only portion in a press release where you can use first and second-person references like I, We, You, etc. These paragraphs can include highlights and specific benefits of your business. You can also include social proof like customer testimonials and statements from known personalities (if you have one) about your business or industry.

8. Boilerplate and contact info

The boilerplate (or about section) of the company must include things like the founding year and vision of the company/business. All press releases must include contact information at the end that includes things like contact person name, his position, email (official), phone number, website and location city. Make sure to include details of a responsible person in the media contact as Journalists and interested people (potential partners or new customers) may email at the given details for more information and if it is handled by a generic reception staff or website operator, then the chances of missing a potential opportunity may increase.

9. Right distribution channel

Selecting the right distribution channel is of the utmost significance as it can make or break the entire opportunity. Names like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Associated Press, Digital Journal, Market Watch, LA Weekly are the most trustworthy as most companies wish to get their press releases covered on these platforms due to their huge market reputation and traffic. There are many freelancers that can land your press release on 100’s of unknown sites at a very low cost, but these numbers are just useless as these sites do not rank anywhere in the search engines. Only a few authority sites rank in Google and that too if the PR is framed with the right SEO optimization.





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