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Get Cleaning Clients Fast: 29 Ideas to Promote and Grow a Cleaning Company

If you have opened a cleaning business/company, but are not active in adopting good marketing principles, then you are definitely leaving money on the table. By promoting your cleaning business actively, you can get cleaning clients fast along with increasing the market share of your business. Due to covid, more people have become conscious of hygiene and cleaning but it won’t mean any much benefits to your cleaning business if your competitors grab these clients.

Despite being a high-margin business, people who do not remain updated with the best promotion strategies for their cleaning business would fail to get more customers. So, we have listed cleaning business marketing tips that are sure to grow your cleaning business. Let us find out what they are:

Cleaning Service Marketing Ideas

The following cleaning service promotion strategies work best for getting more clients.

1) Existing Customers

Before looking for new customers for your cleaning business anywhere else, pay attention to the existing customers as they are the ones that can generate word-of-mouth publicity for you. But why are they going to do it for you? They can do it if they are happy with your service or if they have some incentive to do so. You can incentivize your existing customers by many methods like discounts, coupons, referral reward points/schemes, etc. One good way in this direction is to give your customers some low-cost gifts customized with the name and contact details of your business like calendars, mugs, etc. You can order such custom printed products from many sites online like VistaPrint.

2) Website

The focal point of your entire online marketing activities will be your website. So get a professionally designed website for your cleaning company/business that must have the following components:

A) Must be fast loading and optimized for mobile.
B) Must be well organized.
C) Must have a contact number at the top and most visible end of your cleaning website.
D) Must showcase testimonials and affiliations, accreditations.
E) Must showcase samples of your previous work (preferably in video format).
F) Must highlight the best features of your cleaning business.

3) Press Release

To get a quick spread of your cleaning business name across 100’s of sites online, nothing can be better than issuing press releases. It also helps to get attention for your business at a low one-time cost along with generating the necessary backlinks that are required for any website to perform better in Google. You can get your cleaning business-related announcement to get placed on many well-known sites by using a press release. After the press release distribution is over, you can also mention on your website that your business has been covered on many reputed sites so that people can get a better impression of your business.

4) Organic Search Performance

If people would like to search for a cleaning service, then a significant portion of them will definitely head over to Google to search for terms like “cleaning services in [city/town name]”, “top cleaning business near me”, etc. If the name of your cleaning business won’t show up when people search for similar terms, then your potential clients will be served by your competing businesses. So always aim for a better position in Google search engine rankings by using the right site optimization principles. You can get any expert SEO agency to manage the ranking for your cleaning business in Google organic search and on Google local places listing.

5) Google Ads

Optimizing your cleaning business website to rank in Google (either by you or by an agency) will take some time to show results. If you want to get cleaning clients fast, then the best route is to go for ads on Google that will show up on all the relevant queries/keywords set by you. There is fierce competition in almost all kinds of businesses and services for running ads on Google due to the high quality of leads provided by it. So, the per click rates on Google ads are also on the high end.

Due to this reason, it is always recommended to learn to run Google ads before directly creating cleaning business ads on this platform else you may find that the expenses are more than the returns gained from it. Another method is to hire a professional agency to run the Google ads for growing your cleaning company/business fast.

6) Fb Ads

Ads on Facebook have a different set of targeting options and lower rates than ads on Google. But the quality of leads is a little weak than Google ads due to its user profile not being active in searching mode. Nonetheless, you can get clients for a cleaning business from Facebook ads with the right targeting options. There are Youtube tutorials that can provide you with insights on running ads on Facebook. The option of running such ads through an agency is also a viable option.

7) Videos

Videos do rank much faster on Google than a traditional website for lower competition keywords. Also, the conversion rates with videos are higher due to better engagement of people. The only downside is that they rank for low competition keywords or longer keywords with at least 4 to 5 words. So you must first collect such long keywords like “best cleaning service in [city/town name]”, “emergency cleaning service in [city/town]”, etc. Once you have a list of such keywords, make one video per keyword and post on Youtube regularly for 1-2 months. After 1-2 months, you will be having many such videos that will send you leads passively. If you find it hard to create videos, take the help of any freelancer from any freelancing site.

8) Running Ads on Youtube

Ads are Youtube are much cheaper to run and they provide many targeting options. The traffic potential and reach of Youtube is also great which makes it a big advertising platform. You can tap into the power of Youtube advertising to start getting more leads for your cleaning business.

9) Social Media

Social Media marketing for a cleaning business is a long-term strategy that gives good results once you get a decent following. The initial stage of establishing the presence of your cleaning business on social media might take some time as you will need to engage people with good and interesting content. Once you have a good number of followers, you can start sending out cleaning business marketing messages to them.

10) FB Groups

While it is true that social media marketing is a slow but rewarding marketing strategy for a business, using FB groups for a cleaning business can hasten the process of connecting with prospects. You can search for Facebook groups in your city and can join the big ones. After getting in such groups, you can discuss marketing opportunities for your cleaning business with the administrator of the respective groups. Since such groups are likely to have the residents of your city/town, your business will get more exposure and leads from these groups. It is one of the good social media marketing techniques to grow your cleaning business faster.

11) Social Media (Incentivized)

You can incentivize people on social media to promote your cleaning business on their profiles by rewarding them with coupons/discounts/gift certificates etc. The bigger is the reward, the more will people be inclined to share it on social media. Before-after photos get good attention on social media and you can ask people/customers to share such photos too along with your business name and contact details. This way your cleaning business can find visibility on many profiles thereby bringing in more customers and business.

12) Network

You can network with other businesses and services that help you to grow your cleaning business. Some of these businesses/services can be real estate brokers, home renovation advisors, plumbers, handymen, construction services, moving services, etc. You can either give this business and services some commission per referral or can just ask them to refer you in return for you bringing clients to them.

13) Franchise

You can invest some time and money to train other people in locations outside of your direct service area and can ask them to pay certain fees per service. You can automate and track this by using a central booking and service-providing number through which you can remain in touch with the customers outside of your direct service area. This will open up a new revenue stream for your cleaning business. Once you have a sufficient number of such franchises, you can just look at the top management operations while your employees/franchises will be handling the main day-to-day service.

14) Exit Popups

To squeeze the best out of your website visitors, use an exit popup that shows an irresistible offer to visitors who decide to leave your website for some or the other reasons. This will increase the overall conversion rate from your cleaning business website and you will get many more leads that you might have otherwise got. It also serves as a method to explore greater potential of your website for cleaning services advertising.

15) Paid Emails and Subscribers

If you can capture the email address of your website visitors, then you will get long-term benefits and recurring revenue for your cleaning business because now you can communicate with customers every time you want to send them an update, discount, offer, or any other new add on service. You can get it done by giving good incentives to your website visitors either in form of discounts or any other offer.

The same thing can also be done with paid email marketing if you don’t have enough subscribers presently. You can contact some big local blogs/sites in your city and can ask if they would like to promote your cleaning business for a fee. Since these blogs write on local topics, they are more likely to have a local userbase which would greatly help to promote your cleaning business.

16) Influencers

People on social media from your location who have a good following (in some thousands) are good prospects who can be contacted to advertise your cleaning services and relevant offers. Instead of directly promoting your cleaning business, you can also promote your social media profiles so that your cleaning business can gain more followers which would help to connect with local people much more often thereby generating more revenue.

17) Trade Shows and Events

You can actively participate in trade shows and events in your locality to showcase your cleaning business. Before you attend such shows, make full preparations to utilize them by coming up with enticing discounts and packages to hand out to the interested people. It will make your cleaning business more recognized locally and will help to generate more leads and customers.

18) Using Competitor Brand

As the owner of a cleaning business, you must be familiar with all the big cleaning businesses in your area of operation. You can utilize their (competitor) name in two ways to get more customers. These two ways are:

A) Using Content: You can write 1 post for each of your competitor’s brand names on your website with basic SEO optimization. By doing this, pages from your website will also show up on Google when people will type the name of your competing cleaning businesses. So, you will get more chances of convincing people towards your business who are searching for your competitor in Google.

B) Using Ads: You can put your competitors’ brand name as keywords for showing your cleaning business ads. This will also enable your cleaning business ads to show up every time when people will search for the brand name of your competitors.

19) Content Marketing

Your city/town might be having multiple small neighborhoods and connected areas. You can write one post for each of these localities like “cleaning business in XYZ county” so that your website will show up on these ultra-local searches, thereby giving you more cleaning business leads. Apart from such targeting, you can also add regular value-driven content related to the cleaning business so that you can also enhance the brand value of your business. It is a simple, effective and long-term way to grow any cleaning company.

20) Big Directories

Big directories and sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, NextDoor, Crunchbase, etc rank for many local business searches. You can make a profile of your cleaning business on all such sites so that your business will get more leads and visibility online. It also helps to generate links for your website which aids in better site positioning in Google.

21) Technical Updates

Modern-day customer is much influenced by up-to-date technology. You must remain attentive to the most advanced techniques in the cleaning business and must incorporate them in your business soon. This will serve you following benefits:

A) Better service which will lead to more satisfied customers and in turn more reviews.
B) Better management of your business with less effort.
C) You can also show off all the advanced facilities (that your competing businesses are lacking) in your marketing materials to get an extra edge.

22) New Avenues

One simple way to find clients for a cleaning business is by being vigilant of new avenues in your surroundings where people might require your cleaning service like new buildings, new constructions, etc. You can build relations with concerned government employees who look after such departments that require cleaning activities often.

23) Recurring Subscriptions

To get more out of each customer, you can create recurring subscriptions so that the customer would have to pay less for the next cleaning services if they take your service for a specific period. This can also be done with corporate clients whom you can reach through LinkedIn.com. Anyways, LinkedIn is very effective to get commercial cleaning clients.

24) Flyers

Flyers are one of the offline marketing methods that still holds relevance for getting clients for most local services and businesses. You must come up with a flyer template detailing all key features of your services and then get it distributed across all areas where you service.

25) High-End Branding

To make people perceive your cleaning business as a brand name, you must start contacting local journalists in order to explore the chances of publishing your articles in local newspapers. By getting your articles on newspapers related to your industry, people will see your cleaning business as more genuine and reliable. This can also end up in getting chances for publishing in big newspapers thereby getting you commercial cleaning clients too.

26) Refer a Friend Program

People trust their friends and relatives way more than other forms of advertising. You can come up with a “refer a friend” program so that people who refer your business to their colleagues, friends can also get benefits in form of cash incentives, gift certificates, reward points, etc.

27) USP (Unique Selling Point)

You must focus on increasing your business USPs (Unique Selling Points) so as to stand better chances of people selecting your cleaning business amongst others. Some of the ways you can build your USPs are by being eco-friendly, having a flexible schedule, having an insurance cover, being certified by a trusted body, 24/7 availability, etc. You must prominently highlight all such distinctive features in your marketing materials to stay one step ahead of your competing cleaning businesses.

28) Offline Marketing

Though most of the cleaning marketing methods given here are focused more on online marketing, offline marketing methods like newspaper ads, banners, billboards, display booths, radio advertising, etc can also be used to promote a cleaning business. The only limitation is that tracking results with such methods are difficult. Nonetheless, it is a viable option for cleaning services advertising.

29) Reviews

Reviews have increasingly become dominant in influencing decisions. So always strive to maintain a good rating online for your services. Ask your customers to leave feedback online if they are satisfied with your cleaning services as it has the potential to affect the growth of your cleaning business.

By utilizing the above cleaning business advertising and marketing methods, you will see a consistent growth of your cleaning business by getting a competitive marketing edge. If you feel that something has been missed or have some doubts, do leave your comments below.

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