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Garage Door Marketing Ideas: 27 Tips to Get More Customers

Getting your garage door business to grow continuously despite the entry of new businesses requires making use of effective garage door marketing ideas. Since every business in the garage door repair and installation business will control some market share, your focus must be on maximizing the market share that your business gets. For this purpose of promoting your garage door business to its topmost potential, we have listed the following garage door marketing strategies that will be a game changer for the revenues of your business.

1) Website – The Core of Online Marketing

As your garage door business will find more customers online than offline, a website is the first thing that should be paid attention to. Most of your online garage door marketing efforts will inevitably get your potential customers to land on your website and if your website fails to convince people, you will simply lose out on dollars from every potential client. Your website must NOT be something that would give a feel of a decade-old design. The design of your website must show professionalism and dedication rather than a casually made effort.

The content put on your website, especially on your home page must be the most convincing one. For growing the trustworthiness of your business, do make sure to have testimonials and key features of your business listed on the first page (home page) itself. You can include awards, recognition, accreditation, and news coverage of your business too as some of the other powerful elements on your website. Since videos are much more convenient to watch and grasp than plain text, use a professionally made video of your garage door business on your website’s homepage to convey the most viable points about your business.

Ensure that your site loads up super quick on browsers by checking site loading speed and accordingly making the necessary changes. Also, pay attention to the fact that most people will visit your site through mobile devices, so anyways having a mobile-friendly resolution of your website cannot be ignored at any cost.

2) Don’t Disappear Online When People Search for Your Business

Any garage door business that appears on page 2 and beyond on Google is going to see very minimal results from search engine ranking. The simple reason for this is the fact that a vast majority of people do not ever have the need to go past the first page of Google. So get your Garage door business on the first page of Google using SEO (search engine optimization). As SEO is a broad subject, we won’t be discussing all the parameters here. You can learn SEO strategies through many resources freely available online or if you just want to focus directly on your business growth, make sure to select a good digital marketing agency to hand over the task of your website’s SEO to them.

3) Get Found More with More Content

The more content your business has online, the more will be the chances of capturing garage door leads. In simple terms, adopt content marketing. Make new articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc regularly and share them on relevant platforms to increase the chances of your business getting found online. If you do not want to try various forms of content and various platforms, a very simple way is to keep on making and publishing new posts on garage door issues on your own website. By doing this simple task, your site will start appearing for many varieties of keywords related to your business and this will bring you more leads for garage door services.

4) Gear Up With Paid Ads

To fasten up the process of getting garage door leads, nothing beats paid advertising. With paid advertising, you can start showing your ads to relevant people within a few days of starting your ad campaign. However, the only downside is that if you are inefficient in creating ad campaigns and optimizing them, you may end up losing more money than you gain. Ads on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Bing are preferable for getting high-quality leads. The best way out is to gain knowledge of ad operation (management) on a particular platform first followed by scaling it to other platforms. If you devote some time to understanding and learning paid advertising, you can successfully run ad campaigns for your garage door business with a positive return on investment.

In another case, if you want to get the benefits of paid ads without any hassles of managing the ad campaigns daily, you can search and hire any competent PPC agency to handle this stuff.

5) Grow Your Reach Even More with Retargeting Ads

For any potential customer searching online for garage door services, there can be a number of reasons to get diverted. To get a good amount of these diverted potential customers back into buying mode, retargeting ads is a wonderful solution. The process is fairly simple. You just have to install a tracking pixel on your website given from the advertising platform and it will ensure that your garage door ad is shown to the visitors on many other websites working with the advertising company. This way your potential customers will see your ad in multiple locations and multiple times which will boost the chances of making sales. Your chosen ad agency can handle this task if you can’t handle the retargeting ad campaigns yourself.

6) Get Leads from HomeAdvisor

Get your business listed on HomeAdvisor and use their ads option to reach more customers. By serving the leads from HomeAdvisor faster and by maintaining positive reviews, more people will avail of your garage door service. You can start with less budget on Homeadvisor and can test their premium plans as you witness more leads coming for your garage door business through HomeAdvisor.

7) Leads from Google Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) also called as “Google Business Profile” provides details of 3 local services on the first page of Google with business details like name of business, phone number, address, and reviews. The starting process is very simple indeed. You just have to add your business information on the Google page intended for GMB. For the ranking part, you must ensure having a good number of citations and reviews for your business. It is worthwhile to know that even the GMB page can be optimized to show more frequently. Mostly digital marketing agencies handle such profiles too along with working on your organic ranking on Google.

8) Make Use of Google Local Service Ads

“Google Local Service Ads” is yet another powerful source of paid advertising. Google Local service ads are intended for home service professionals. However, it also involves a screening process by Google to ensure that the best professional services are displayed to the users searching for such services on Google. The best thing about these ads is that you will have to pay for every qualified lead rather than for clicks to your ads.

9) Local Parties and Open House

Hosting a small-level party for people in your neighborhood is a good way to build healthy relations with people in your locality. Once people visit your party, you can collect their contact details like name, email, and phone number to remain in touch with them and even to promote any new offers periodically. This is a good way to build referrals too. You can also distribute small merchandise items (for example: calendars, fancy mugs, covers) with your business name printed on them to attendees of your open house or party.

10) Leave Your Business Marks

For every customer that you serve, you can leave some or the other business mark so that more people can be made aware of your services. A good example is to get custom printed gate/door messages like “No Parking”, “Please Keep Closed”, “Beware of Dogs”, etc. along with your business and contact details at the bottom of these signs. You can get such boards affixed on each of your customer’s houses/premises and this will be mutually beneficial for both of you.

11) Facebook Business Page

Create a professional Facebook business page in order to show your presence on social media. Though the direct advantage of making a Facebook business page might not be as large as other marketing methods like SEO or paid advertising, it has many indirect benefits. Having a presence on social media gives a positive impression of the brand image of the company. As social media pages also get ranked in search engines when people specifically search for a business name in Google to find reviews, they provide an extra edge in brand building. Some of your potential clients can also connect with your business through such pages and therefore having them is useful for your business.

12) NextDoor Advertising

Even though getting started with finding customers for a garage door on Nextdoor is free but by spending a little extra on advertising through Nextdoor, you will grow your chances of leads and sales. Since advertising rates on Nextdoor are not as high as that on Google Ads, you can start advertising your garage door repair or installation business on Nextdoor for even a small budget.

13) Grow Your Sales With Videos

YouTube being one of the most visited sites in the world enjoys a good authority and ranking position in Google searches. Videos posted on Youtube get visitors from two sources namely the Youtube platform itself and from their appearance on Google searches. By creating and posting videos consistently (particularly for low competition keywords), your garage door business will start receiving more traffic and sales.

14) Press Releases

Do you know that there exists a mechanism through which you can distribute your content to hundreds of news sites within a few days? Yes, press releases provide this benefit of mass distribution which results in 3 benefits at once namely traffic, link building, and brand growth. All you have to do is to create content that makes some announcement related to your business followed by sending this content for distribution through a good quality press release distribution network. Once the press release of your garage door business gets distributed on news sites, your official website will receive backlinks (an important factor in SEO) along with your business being mentioned on many online news platforms.

15) Email Marketing

It is usual that many times people change their minds while looking for goods and services online. To lessen this effect, make sure to integrate email marketing into your website so that you can collect the email addresses of your website visitors (by offering some incentives like discounts, offers). The next step after collecting email addresses is to send an email regarding your service so that this communication link can create another chance of making a sale. Once you have good enough people on your list, you can send them emails periodically to make them aware of your new offers and maintenance services.

16) Company Vehicle Ads

If your garage door company has some vehicles that are used during the transport, you can get these vehicles covered with your banners and advertisements so that you can promote your garage door business even while driving on the streets. To scale up this method, you can also pay other vehicle owners to cover up their vehicles with your advertisement.

17) Referrals from Other Local Contractors

People often have many requirements related to their homes for which they utilize the services of some or the other repairmen or contractors. By getting in touch with contractors in different segments/professions, you can get more leads and customers. For better results, you can fix a commission for them if they refer customers to you.

18) Fast Intake to Prevent Loss of Customers

With people becoming more internet savvy, their attention span and patience levels are also declining. So, you must design a proper setup to quickly set up bookings with potential customers by attending to them as soon as possible. Enable email notifications right on your mobile phones and assign a dedicated person (or do it yourself) to handle incoming phone calls.

19) Use Competitive Intelligence

Successful businesses/services in your niche are the best sources from where you can learn and adopt their key marketing tactics. Keep a constant eye on your competing businesses and track their best practices.

20) Handwritten Mail

While most auto-printed mails are usually rejected by the receivers because most of them have become used to seeing this, handwritten mails add a new level of personalization. So either write personalized mails yourself or hire a person to do this task.

21) Local Community

Keep an eye on community events and participate in them. To get more attention, you can even become a sponsor of such events or can take permission from local event organizers to promote your garage door business in local events either by distributing your marketing materials or by booking a stall in such events to showcase your business.

22) Marketing Through Guest Journalism

Reach out to local reporters who are part of newspapers with good circulation. Ask them for paid or free editorial opportunities. As the owner of a garage door business/service, you can publish many columns (articles) on common problems related to garage doors and this process can establish your business as trustworthy. Many times, it also leads to getting more writing opportunities for other newspapers and magazines which proves to be a great promotion strategy for any business.

23) Free or Discount Service

The word “free” is a powerful incentive for many customers to try out your services. You can provide the least expensive and less time-consuming service either free of cost or at heavily discounted prices to get more garage door customers.

24) Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, every city/town in the world has at least a few dozen social media influencers i.e. people with a large enough following on social media. You can reach out to these influencers belonging to your city/town from their respective social media handles and can collaborate with them to get the word out about your garage door repair business.

25) Offline Marketing

Even though it is a fact that more businesses around the world are actively focusing on online marketing strategies, offline marketing is still a good complement to bringing in that leads which is not possible through online advertising methods. Since all people in the world are not internet savvy, a business can’t reach out to them through online marketing methods. So keep on advertising your garage door business through common offline marketing methods like banners, billboards, newspaper ads, too.

26) Reviews

Earlier people used to discuss with their friends and relatives to get recommendations on products and services. Now, with the power of the internet, most people head away straight to Google to find reviews of various businesses and services. If you have not paid attention to maintaining good positive ratings and reviews online, then your garage door repair/install business is guaranteed to lose such potential customers who do a preliminary check online. So encourage your customers to leave reviews about your business online in order to maintain a good image of your business online.

27) Associated Services

Make a list of all closely associated services (vehicle maintenance, garage cleaning, etc) that are somehow related to garage door services and partner up with the best service providers in the respective niches. By doing this, you can offer extra add-ons along with your service which will definitely improve the revenue earned per customer.

We are hopeful that these comprehensive garage door repair marketing ideas will give you many new insights to grow your business. For any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to initiate a conversation using the comment box below.

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