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Best Gallery Press Release Template, Example, Tips, and Advantages

Any gallery needs public attention to term it successful. While there are many ways to promote an upcoming gallery, the traditional and effective way is to issue a press release for announcing the gallery. When you decide to send out a gallery press release, the next question is how to write a press release for a gallery. For this, we have provided a gallery press release template in this post along with the writing and distribution tips to make your press release announcement successful.

Aim: To successfully send out a press release for making an announcement related to the gallery.

Tools: In order to accomplish the aim given above, we have provided a gallery press release template as well as tips required for successfully writing such a press release, the benefits, sample, and a key point on ensuring good distribution.

Template: Write your gallery press release faster with the template given below


[Headline] /* Name of Gallery Organizing Entity + Announces + [new art/photography/group/gallery exhibition] + at [location] + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* a brief of 1-2 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Business name/Organization], a [renowned/emerging] name in [type of industry like art/painting], is pleased to announce the launch of its upcoming [type of gallery] at [location] on [date]. [Address the target people + how they can benefit and participate + timing of the gallery]. [Special offers for the gallery visitors (if any)].

[Past work of the hosting business name/organization + key artists + achievements + main people and work of the business/organization] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a Senior Executive]

[Briefly talk about the new trends in the related industry + expected changes in the industry + how this gallery will add value to the people and industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from the artist/sponsor/previous participant]

[Key things that people can see in the gallery]. To get more details on this [type of gallery + gallery], visit [website/social media] or reach at [email/phone number].

About [Gallery Organizing Company]

[Backgound of the company (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like Gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Press Release Advantages

The main advantages that any business/event/individual can get from press release distribution are:

1) Gives Great Results in Delivering Online Visibility

For companies/organizations that have issued a press release, they realize the range of benefits it brings to the company among which one of the most important benefits is the factor of visibility. The great number of sites involved in publishing your press release across sites enables the PR to gain eyeballs quickly. If the choice of your distribution network is proper, then the results are also accordingly better both in terms of traffic and quality of sites. A press release can also be optimized for easy-to-rank keywords as a result of which it can become able to pull in traffic and visibility for a long period of time.

2) Provides Low-Cost Branding

Businesses that are unaware of low-cost brand-building methods have NO other option left than to hire an expensive agency for branding their business. To ease out brand building, a very simple and straightforward step that you can take is to find a press release wire service that has a track record of putting its clients’ names across high authority news sites like affiliated sites of Yahoo, Associated Press, etc. It will also help your gallery earn extra coverage due to voluntary pick-ups by other sites that actively receive the feed of big sites and by those sites that republish content from big sites.

3) Will Fetch You Diverse Links to the Concerned Website

A press release is just one of the marketing methods for a business/gallery/event, the core focus for the marketing of a business/gallery/event online is its website. Press releases do exert a positive influence in growing the visibility of your website online due to the links created as a result of the PR content being posted on many sites including quality news websites. The quality of links will be better if the press release distribution service chosen by you has posting privileges on high-quality news websites. Some distribution services can even secure links from sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc.

4) Imparts Push to Transparency

Earlier most entities didn’t care for revealing much information related to their business/gallery/event. However, times have changed and now it is considered a norm to give out as much information as required for informing potential customers to make better choices. This enhances the need for press releases as they are one of the most suitable means to roll out related announcements on a few hundred sites with ease and convenience. So, your gallery/business/event too can let all your announcements be known to the concerned people online using press releases.

5) Make You Eligible to Use “As Seen On…” Privilege

To be able to use logos of big news sites along with the tagline “As seen on..” on your website, you first need to get your gallery organizing business name to be covered on such news sites. Paying 1000’s of dollars to a marketing agency is one of the most expensive ways to do it. A low-cost and effective substitute to this is by making use of press releases that are distributed by high-quality press release distribution services. Thus press releases ease the process of getting bytes on prominent news platforms along with building the reputation of the concerned business.

Important Tips to Note Before You Write the Press Release

1) Increase Effectiveness by Adding New Angle

A plain and formal type of announcement made using a press release will limit the number of people who will find interest in the press release. To trim this limitation, think of all the linked sets of things that will be impacted by the announcement and get them creatively integrated into the press release. By doing this, the final results achieved from the press release in the form of views and voluntary publication of the press release content will increase.

2) Put Forth the Best Catchy Title

Apart from being directly published on various news sites, the press releases are also sent out as feeds to people like journalists, industry experts, etc who have subscribed to receive them. Out of the many press releases received by these people every day, only those press releases get selected whose titles convey an interesting angle or content. For this reason, it is always proposed to put forth the best possible title suitable for your press release.

3) Answer Important Questions While Sticking to the Normal Word Limit

Many times it may happen that you may overlook providing some key information related to your press release. To keep away from such mistakes, even before writing your press release, think of questions like who, when, how, what, where, etc that are applicable to the announcement made by your company/business. Answering these questions should be limited to 1-2 sentences for each of these questions so that the overall press release length does not cross a certain word limit, mostly 500-600 words as it can negatively impact the readability.

4) Don’t Distract with the Complexity of Words

Any distraction that happens for an online reader while reading your press release will have an adverse impact on the number of views that your press release gets online. A common source of distraction for some press releases is the complexity of words used for the press release content. So you must write your press release using simple and easy-to-understand terms.

5) Don’t Write it Like a Blog Post

If the writing styles of press releases and blog posts are analyzed side by side, one will easily find out that words like I, You, Us, We, etc are missing in the press release content and even if they exist, they will always be within the quotes. The simple reason for this difference is that press releases being written for a company have to adhere to professional norms and using first and second-person words like the ones mentioned earlier gives a casual and informal feel to the content. So, a third-person writing style is a way to go for writing up a press release.

6) Remember the Complexity of Editing Later

For every bit of information that is being included in your press release, always remember to get the facts and information checked a few times as only a few sites will allow editing of the content after publication and the charges included for such modifications are also way higher than getting the press release posted. Legal risks and risks to the brand image of the company are two negative consequences that can arise if your press release has mistakes.

7) Identify the Best Keywords to Rank Organically

Press releases can also be used to generate long-term traffic and customers if the press release is sufficiently optimized and is placed on a big reputed news portal using any quality press release service distributor. To begin with this process, you must first identify the best low-competition keyword related to your niche using any keyword exploring tool. Once a good keyword is found, you must then create content and title around this keyword followed by getting it published on a high authority news site.

8) Make PR Interesting and Engaging with Multimedia

To make full utilization of your press release, do make use of multimedia files in your press release content. By using multimedia (photo and video), the overall results that you get from a press release will get a big boost. It will also help readers and potential customers to get a more close feel of your business/service because watching a video is proven to affect the human mind more strongly than reading a text.

9) Do Carry This Step Before the Distribution

Before selecting the platform for sending out your press release, do ask for a sample file or PDF report of published links of any previous press release to check the list of sites where your press release will become available. If the list is just filled with hundreds of less-known and low-traffic sites, your press release won’t fetch you any decent results. So always look for good distribution to get good results.

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