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21 Frozen Food Marketing Ideas to Enlarge Your Business

With advanced refrigeration systems, it is now possible to ensure all year round supply of various food items. This has led to the growth of frozen food businesses. But being in the frozen food business doesn’t automatically guarantee good growth as there are already big players in this sector and new ones are consistently emerging every year. To thrive in this sector, the fundamental thing you require is an actionable marketing plan. This post on frozen food marketing ideas will give you the necessary understanding of various methods that you can adopt to start increasing your sales.

1) Do Simple Site Changes for Good Results

While it is normal for people to overcomplicate things, sometimes very simple things can show great results. This holds true for your website as a few changes will enhance the output of customers you are converting from your existing traffic. So let us see these required changes

A) Improve your site speed as a 1-second delay in site loading can result in 7% loss in your visitors.
B) People are more inclined to respond to bargain pricing. So come over with all such incentives like offers, discounts, bulk deals, etc.
C) Video increases conversion rates and time spent on site. So put a well-shot high-quality video about your frozen food business on your website.
D) Things that show the genuine side of your business must be showcased like media coverage, awards, achievements, testimonials, etc.
E) Check if your website loads optimized on all types of devices like desktop, mobile, tablet.
F) Professional design and easy-to-find contact details are must-have factors.

2) Handle SEO Well to Improve Online Sales

Websites in the frozen food niche that have secured a good ranking in Google (first page) for related keywords do manage to get sales regularly. In order to displace any of your competing business from Google to get your website placed, you need to outperform its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As most non-marketing people are unfamiliar with the topic of SEO, it is better to give this task to any eligible marketing agency that has a track record of ranking their clients favorably in Google.

3) Get a Multitude of Benefits with Press Release Promotions

With a multitude of direct and indirect benefits, a press release marketing strategy for the frozen food business is bound to yield good results. As it is not feasible to discuss all the benefits, let us focus on some of the most powerful ones. First, in a matter of a few days, the content of your press release will be seen by a few thousand people because the number of sites involved in press release distribution is simply huge. Second, your website’s link diversity and link trust will increase because your site will receive many new links pointing to it due to the distribution. Third, you will earn media coverage from online news portals as a result of which the brand image of your business will improve. The best point about all this is that it doesn’t cost much to issue a press release considering the number of benefits it provides.

4) Keep Writing, Keep Growing Your Business

A simple and effective marketing approach to grow more sales (and traffic) to your frozen food business is by taking advantage of content marketing. The overall process to begin content marketing is very simplistic. You just have to keep on posting information (related to your business) on your website. This information can be in many forms, be it in the form of articles, audio/video content, infographics, etc. As search engines will find more content on your website, they will start showing your website for more search queries (keywords) which will positively impact the number of visitors to your site. With more visitors, the sales (and revenue) will also correspondingly rise.

5) Work on GMB Optimization for Local Ranking

Businesses that know how to properly use Google My Business pages (now called Google Business Profile) will find that it provides them with a steady stream of new customers. If you take the time to fill up your Google Business Profile page followed by getting more reviews and citations for your business, you can easily outrank many of your competing businesses in Google’s local rankings. A result of this optimization would be an increase in sales for your business. To make sure everything goes well, you can get this process managed by an experienced digital marketing business.

6) Run Successful Ad Campaigns Online

For promoting your frozen food business, one set of marketing techniques will require putting more time into witnessing the results (like content marketing, SEO, video marketing, etc) while the other set of techniques will allow the results to appear in a short period of time for which one of the best mediums is paid advertising on Google and Facebook. Paid ads can start producing results very quickly even as quickly as 24-48 hours after launching the ads. However, to get a positive return on investment, one must learn all the different optimization factors that determine the success of an ad campaign.

7) Adopt Long Term Social Marketing Technique

To do social media marketing of frozen food business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, first you need to start with a consistent content producing and sharing plan for growing your following to a few thousand. Though there are social media marketing agencies that do look after the task of growing and promoting your social media profile, you can start doing it solo if you are tight on budget. Apart from content sharing, other methods like hashtags, quizzes, contests, groups, cross-promotion, etc are the other methods for making your social profile grow. Once you reach a sufficient number of followers, it will be easy to gain more followers automatically.

8) Mass Promote with Email Marketing

How would it feel if you just click the send button and thousands of potential customers would get notified of your new offer/discount? Email marketing is the mechanism that can enable this option for you. However, one needs to be persistent in building a list as it takes some time to get a good enough number of people on your list. But if we look at the rewards in the long term, one will find out that the return from list building far exceeds the efforts put towards building a list. To hasten the process of capturing the email addresses of your frozen food site visitors, you will need a powerful incentive that can convince the visitors to leave their email addresses in exchange for the incentive.

9) Videos are a Long Term Asset

Videos create a new traffic source for your business online apart from your website. To create engaging videos, you can either use many free or paid applications present online or can get any freelancer to do it. The fact that well-optimized videos for low-competition keywords tend to perform better in Google search results makes a good reason for incorporating video marketing. Another powerful reason is that it also aids in imparting reputation to your business as people are more likely to perceive a business with video content to be more credible than one without it. Given the fact that videos are better at converting than text, it is rewarding to put videos on your website too to enhance the results that you get from your website.

10) Open Big Distribution Link with LinkedIn

Be it supplying your frozen food range to big retail chains or to distributors, you need to contact them first and LinkedIn is the platform that can give you access to such businesses. LinkedIn has profiles of top decision-makers of many small and big companies across the world and this is why it carries great potential in offering reach to business contacts. So create a professional profile on LinkedIn and start connecting with big potential clients.

11) Follow the Traffic with Directory Listing

Yelp is a common name that comes to mind when authority directories are discussed because it ranks on Google for millions of local businesses and services. If you explore Google for more search terms related to frozen foods, you will definitely find a few more authority sites. The next process is simple, start listing on these sites as they carry authority and possess traffic and your frozen food website will get extra backlinks and extra traffic as a result of such listings.

12) Do Fast Mode Social Promotion with Influencers

Depending upon whether you want to supply your frozen food range locally, regionally, or at the national level, you can accordingly select social media influencers with different demographics to promote your frozen food brand. If you provide the option to order directly from your online shop, you can also make many sales while simultaneously building the brand value of your frozen food range through influencer marketing.

13) Take Review Marketing Seriously

Many customers are serious about reviews of businesses and services and their decisions are influenced by reviews. This is why when it comes to indirect marketing of your frozen food brand through reviews, you must not fail at it. Ask (or even incentivize) customers to rate and review your frozen food business online to cause an increase in the positive image of your business.

14) Guide Your Sales with Free Guides

Create different guides on making various kinds of recipes with frozen foods and freely distribute them online and offline. As these guides will contain the name of your frozen food brand, these guides will start bringing you more sales and recognition depending upon how efficiently you get them distributed.

15) Expand Your Customer Base with eCommerce Brands

Setting up a new frozen food brand with the assistance of established platforms like Amazon can be rewarding. As popular eCommerce sites have the much-needed traffic and trust factor, listing your frozen food items followed by giving them an initial push with ads (Amazon ads or ads of the respective ad platform) can start growing your sales.

16) Grow Business with Local Involvement

To get local support for your frozen food brand, start involving in local events, fairs, festivals, and sports. For good marketing gains, involve using sponsoring, banners, distributing free recipe guides, distributing vouchers, etc. If you want to lower your advertising cost in such events, you can do joint marketing with any non-competing business.

17) Reach Out to Direct Targets

Businesses like restaurants, bars, groceries, etc are good target customers that can buy your frozen food range repeatedly if you successfully promote to them. So start connecting with these potential businesses.

18) Unlock Large Scale Sales with Distributor Tie-Ups

For most retail products, there are distributors who not only control the distribution of products to retail stores but also introduce new products to retail stores through their agents. If your frozen food business makes a promotion and distribution deal through these distributors, then large-scale sales of your frozen food range will become extremely easy.

19) Give Rewards for Completing Sale Targets

Be it, retailers or wholesalers, people are motivated by rewards. If your frozen food business formulates a reward system where businesses (retail and wholesale) are rewarded at different levels for achieving specified sale targets, you can see your sales volume definitely impacted by this method.

20) Give Discount Vouchers for Next Purchase

One of the ways to make a customer come back again is by giving a discount voucher to him/her for the next purchase. As an alternative to discount vouchers, you can also provide points for every purchase that can be added up to claim different rewards.

21) Use Traditional Marketing Techniques as a Bonus

As a frozen food business owner, low advertising costs and better targeting are the prime reasons for you to choose online marketing over offline marketing. However, if you would like to expand your reach to cover those people who do not use the web or who use it sparingly, then offline advertising must also be considered. It will also help to complement your efforts on online marketing as people who will see the advertising both online and offline will tend to trust your business better. Ads in magazines/newspapers, flyers, banners, billboard ads, radio ads, etc are some of the most frequently used methods in offline marketing.

Our top recommendations on frozen food marketing ideas have now been given over to you. It is your turn to implement them and use them for the growth of your business. Share your inputs, leave comments, ask questions, through the box given below.

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