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15 Florist Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers to Your Flower Shop

The sale of flowers on special occasions like mothers day, valentines day, etc gets a big boost but it remains comparatively low on non-festive days. If you want to ensure that your floral shop gets good sales every day, then apart from maintaining the day-to-day aspect of your business, you will have to pay attention to the most crucial element of every business i.e. “MARKETING”. By marketing your floral business effectively, you will not only get consistent sales but will witness much bigger revenue and profits. By adopting a good advertising strategy for your florist business, you can reach a multitude of clients who require flowers on multiple occasions. So let us dive right away into the working strategies.

1) Current Customers

Most businesses while looking for new customers tend to forget the fact that their current customer base can be utilized effectively to grow their business through creative methods. You can buy low-cost things in bulk and can have your floral business name printed on it for the purpose of giving it to your customers. For example, you can buy keychains, hankies, greeting cards in bulk and can have good slogans or wishes printed on them along with the name of your business and can give it as a complement to your customers. This will not only build loyalty but will also help to spread referrals.

2) Creative Social Marketing

Creative social marketing for a floral business requires you to take advantage of special occasions and events. For special occasions, you can decorate and donate flowers to institutions that are always in public attention. These institutions can be charities, NGOs, government departments, parks, etc.

3) Website

The online space is a huge market for almost all types of businesses and the most basic requirement for this is a website. Have a professional, good-looking website ready for your business that can have all the necessary pages and posts like pricing, catalog, contact information, testimonials, online ordering, discounts/offers, etc. The website must also be adjustable on mobile devices as a big chunk of online traffic will be from mobile devices. It must load quickly, must have eye-catching pictures of different varieties of flowers and bouquets.

4) Google My Business

With Google prioritizing local results for local searches, you must definitely take advantage of the Google My Business listing that can enable your florist shop to show up every time someone searches “florists near me”, “florists in [city name]” on Google. To have a good presence on this listing, apart from creating your business profile, you must also pay attention to the number of reviews, citations and links for your business. Alternatively, you can take the service of an SEO agency to handle your florist shop advertising on GMB.

5) Google Ranking

Having a good organic ranking (on the first page) in Google means that your website will get many visitors and sales consistently. To have a good organic ranking, many factors come into play which is combinedly called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short form. If you want to learn this process, you can devote some time daily to internet marketing forums, video tutorials on Youtube, etc, or can hire a specialized online marketing agency.

6) Press Release

A low-cost way to achieve multiple benefits for promoting your florist shop is by issuing a press release. A press release provides multiple benefits like instant views, brand building, links to a website and big distribution. Most marketing-conscious businesses issue press releases regularly to remain in public attention along with getting quick syndication and views.

7) Paid Ads Online

Google and Facebook ads are the two common sources that are extensively used by many small and big businesses to get sales quickly and consistently. With a number of targeting options provided on both these platforms, you can just keep paying for the ads and continue to get new customers for your florist business. Many free and paid tutorials for running ads on these platforms are easily available online along with the option to get it handled by a third-party marketing agency.

8) Social Media

Social media especially Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram can be effectively used to build a huge following online which can, in turn, be used to promote offers and in boosting sales. Pinterest and Instagram have the best audience for visual things and posting pictures of new floral decorations, flowers, bouquets can be a simple and effective way to get your floral business noticed on these platforms. Social media marketing for florists is simple, free and easy to implement marketing idea.

9) Email Marketing

You need to stay in touch with the maximum number of people that come across your floral website. For this, it is essential that you collect their email addresses so that you can send them emails regularly and make a constant connection. To get visitors to leave their emails, you can give free low-cost rewards or discounts on their next purchase etc.

10) Local Influencers

You can search for local influencers on Instagram and can utilize their brand power to get more sales to your florist business. Many such influencers provide their contact number, email on their insta page and are open for business inquiries. Since people trust them on social media, getting a vouch from them helps to bring sales and recognition to your floral shop.

11) Tie Up

You can tie up with non-competing businesses that can send you customers regularly and can help you in florist advertising. Some of these businesses include photographers, event managers, bridal salons, wedding planners, Limo services and other party organizing businesses and services.

12) Big Online Directories

Online directories and sites that rank well in Google like Yelp, Crunchbase, etc are good sources to list your florist business and in turn, get sales due to the traffic they generate.

13) LinkedIn

A great place for many businesses and services to get bigger clients and orders is LinkedIn. LinkedIn being a professional community with profiles of key decision-makers of a company can be extensively used to connect with targeted people with deep pockets. On LinkedIn, you can sort people by their location and their position and can offer your proposal to get bulk orders or subscription-based offers to promote and grow your floral business.

14) Offline Marketing

If you do not want to leave out the segment of potential customers who is not tech-savvy or who does not search for products and services online, then you must complement your florist business with offline marketing. The marketing mediums most common for implementing offline marketing for a florist business include pamphlets, door-to-door communication, newspaper ads, banners, billboards, etc.

15) Reviews

In the age of Internet, your reputation online can affect your business both positively and negatively depending upon the nature of reviews your business has online. So always encourage your customers to leave positive feedback online along with tackling negative and average reviews sooner and with effectiveness.

This ends up our suggestions and ideas for florist business marketing. For anything more concerned with this subject, do kindly “leave a reply” below.

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