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24 Flooring Marketing Ideas to Start Booking More Orders

Every month many new houses, shops, and offices are coming up and many old ones are getting renovated. This process definitely maintains the demand for flooring services. However, whether you can benefit from this demand or not will determine largely on how well you are able to promote your flooring services. If you fail at making a good marketing plan, your competitors will benefit from your failure. These flooring marketing ideas will work both for new and old flooring businesses. So stop other things going in your mind and pay sharp attention to these ideas listed below:

1) Upgrade the Site with These Small Elements

To promote your flooring business online, the first step towards this starts with getting a website. But a website can be upgraded with some crucial elements that can cause a significant rise in the number of clients that your website can convert from the total traffic it gets online. These small yet powerful elements are:

A) Inculcating Trust: The more a visitor trusts your business, the better will be the chances of him/her becoming a client. To inculcate this trust feeling in a visitor, put things like testimonials, achievements, news appearances, awards, recognition, etc on your website.
B) Make User Stay Longer: The longer the period of time a visitor spends on your website, the better will be the chances of conversion. An efficient way to increase visitor time on site is by using a professional video on your homepage detailing all your best features and services.
C) Speed Loading: It has been found that the slow loading time of a site has a negative impact on viewed traffic. So make your site faster using things like cache, reducing third-party hosted content, compressing images, etc.
D) Mobile-ready resolution: Due to the increasing shift of peoples’ browsing habits from desktops and laptops to mobile devices, make the website resolution is auto-adjustable to perform well on mobile devices too.
E) Quick Contact: The email address, phone number, and physical address of your business must be easily locatable by any visitor.
F) Powerful Inducement: What can compel a visitor to call your business right away? It can be things like a free quote, free inspection, etc. So get such offers on your website to motivate the visitor to get in touch with your business soon.

2) Gain Good Visibility, Gain More Customers

With the presence of so many websites for flooring businesses online, only a few rank on the Google front page for search terms like “flooring services in [town/city name]”, “flooring contractors in “[town/city name]”, etc get clients organically. SEO is a key factor that ascertains good visibility of your business online which in turn gets you more clients and revenue. To take care of your SEO needs in order to boost the visibility of your flooring business online, make a deal with any SEO agency or if you are low on budget, you can spend some time learning the principles of SEO from various internet marketing forums and websites.

3) Bag Many Rewards with Press Releases Promoting your flooring business using press release distribution can help you bag many rewards at once. Firstly, it can help your press release content to get thousands of eyeballs due to the content being spread across hundreds of sites. Secondly, it can assist towards the upliftment of your website ranking in Google due to the diverse set of links built as a result of the distribution. Finally, it will help in fostering the credibility of your flooring business due to the fact that many well-known sites and news portals will be hosting your press release content. You can avail of all these benefits for a very affordable cost by selecting a good distribution partner for your press release.

4) Lead Generation with Google Ads

Out of all the online advertising ideas for a flooring business, if we prefer to choose the one that can deliver results quickly then paid advertising online is the best one among all the methods. Since the waiting time for getting your ads to display to the target audience is very low, it is preferred by businesses and services that are willing to spend some money consistently for paid advertising. The choice of platform for paid advertising can make a world of difference and it is, therefore, better to start with the most qualified lead-generation advertising platform available in the form of Google Ads. You can get any course on Google Ads to know it better or can also browse through some free tutorials to learn the basics. An even better option is to outsource the creation and operation of these ads to any distinguished and experienced digital marketing agency.

5) Produce More Content to Fare Better in Site Traffic

Every article that you have on your website is a potential traffic-generating asset for your business. This means that the more articles that you are going to publish regarding the topic of “flooring”, the more will be the traffic growth and proportionate growth in clients. Articles are not the only form of content marketing, you can use infographics, statistics, FAQs, case studies, interviews, etc to start boosting traffic and consequently leads. Content marketing also gives much better conversion rates because it involves soft selling along with providing useful content. Since content marketing enables your business to have plenty of articles on related topics, your flooring business will be perceived more trustworthy by readers which will help towards getting loyal customers.

6) Use Multiple Social Media Channels and Growth Methods

In order to promote your flooring business on social media networks like FB, Twitter, etc, the first thing is to devise a marketing plan specific to the demographic and engagement difference of users on specific platforms. As the type of interaction in social networks is informal, hence it gives a chance to form a more deeper and loyal relationship with customers. To do social media marketing for your flooring business, the frequently used methods include regularly posting good and creative content, making use of hashtags, joining other groups and profiles, hosting contests and quizzes, etc. The process of establishing a solid foundation on social media does take some time but after a certain period of time, the efforts start to yield results consistently. It also indirectly helps the growth of traffic and links for your website.

7) Accomplish Ranking Your Business in Google Local Pack

The three local search results that show up in a distinct section on the very first page of Google go by many different names with most commonly being referred to as “Google Local Pack”. If you can get your flooring business details to show up in this “Google local pack” for the vast majority of local queries pertaining to your business, customers, and revenues of your business will definitely increase. The most important factors in establishing a position within this category are online reviews and citations (online mentions of your business). Many SEO firms provide the service of ranking businesses in this section, and you may seek help from any of the competent ones that you come across.

8) Let Emails Bring Back Missed Customers

No website in the world converts at 100% potential. This means if 100 people come to a website, only some of them will buy a product/service while the rest will not, due to various reasons. To make the best of these missed potential customers, offer them something (like discounts, ebooks) to get their email addresses added to your subscriber list. As soon as you get the email address added to your list, you can send them prescheduled messages to convert more of them to take your plumbing services.

9) Use Simple Video Marketing for Long-term Results

Creating videos has become child’s play due to the availability of many free and paid video editing tools online. Video marketing for a flooring business is very simple. You have to identify long tail search terms (like “best tile flooring contractor in [city/town]”) followed by creating and uploading videos on these topics on YouTube. By doing this, your visitor can find your business video on YouTube as well as on Google search results which means more traffic and possible clients. To broadcast your videos better, you can ask any local or niche-related YouTube influencer with thousands of subscribers to post your business video on their channel so that your flooring business gets bigger and more credible coverage.

10) Use Local Influencers for Local Recognition

Local social media influencers from your region [city/town] have already done the hard work of collecting many local people as followers. To market to this ready base of local followers, all that is required from your end is to make these influencers promote your flooring business to their followers. So catch up with good influencers locally and use their network to introduce your business.

11) Benefit from Bigger Third-Party Sites

There are a few high-traffic sites like Yelp that give the option to list businesses and services. Evaluate Google search results to find out such sites in your niche followed by listing the details of your flooring business on them. This can start giving traffic passively along with providing links to your flooring website.

12) Just Keep Asking to Refer You

Asking your current customers to refer new customers is a very old, but not outdated, method to get more customers by utilizing the network of your present customers. To update this method for better efficiency, tie up rewards for getting your flooring business referred by others.

13) Start Getting Bigger Flooring Orders

Corporate and commercial clients can give you much bigger contracts than an average household or retail shop. However, getting into the circle of such people holding decision-making powers at big companies is the real challenge. You can break into this network through the LinkedIn professional network and can start your path towards bagging large orders and faster growth of your flooring business.

14) Offer Price Match with Quality Work

Two major considerations for people looking for flooring services are quality work and reasonable pricing. Offering quality work depends on your skills and you can create a good perception of quality work beforehand by showing your past work portfolio to clients. For the price, you must keep a watch on the rates charged by your competitors currently. If you provide a combo of quality work at a good price to customers, you will get more referrals, more work in the future from clients, and good reviews.

15) Establish Close Line Partnerships

By paying little attention, every business or service can easily identify and know which other businesses or services are more likely to provide targeted leads for their business. For the flooring business, the most suitable businesses/services to partner with are contractors, tile-selling stores, realtors, remodelers, electricians, interior designers, Vastu consultants, etc. So connect with more such businesses and services to get more clients for your flooring business.

16) Tap into the Future Orders with Discounts

To every customer whom you serve, give them the offer of discounted flooring work on their future orders. This will make your current customers more liable to take your services in the future. To efficiently handle this marketing idea, you can give a form to them (customers) with your sign, signature, and date which they can show to you for avail discounts for future flooring work.

17) Make More from Your Work with Add-ons

In many cases, people requiring flooring might be having many more associated works like electrical fitting, painting, plumbing, etc. So tie up with household work contractors and offer these extra services in partnership with them. This will make you earn extra money apart from your flooring work. Make sure to ask your customers if they need any other household work done and you will be amazed to find many new opportunities that can make you money due to your partnership with other types of work contractors.

18) Make Your Past Portfolio Bring New Business

People are more likely to take your flooring services if they are convinced that you will deliver quality work. To render the feel of quality work, your work portfolio can be a big asset and game-changer. Start collecting before/after photos of your work and put these photos on your website, social media, and in an offline album. These before/after photos of your flooring work will impact your potential customer in a powerful manner and they will have a much stronger chance to take your services.

19) Work with Leads Provided by a Lead Agency

For almost all sectors, there are lead generation agencies that undertake various advertising operations to start providing leads to their clients. Mostly, they charge their clients on a per-lead basis. You can select such lead agencies, after checking their reviews, to get flooring leads from your city/town. Depending on how well these leads are converting, you can scale your budget accordingly.

20) Let Your Flooring Advertising Move Across the Roads

While booking a billboard across the road might be expensive, you can advertise your flooring services on-road by wrapping the outside of your car with your flooring business advertisement. By raking in more private vehicle owners to do similar advertisements (by paying them), this vehicle advertising method can be scaled even further.

21) Use Discount Promotion Method

At every location where you carry out the flooring work, tell your customers that they can get a discount if they share the photo of the completed work on their respective social media profiles along with crediting your flooring business name for the work. This method will let the friend circle of your customers know about your flooring business which will serve two purposes. First, it will promote your flooring business, and second, it will bring you more work because people will have more trust in your business after seeing their friend/relative vouching for the service on his/her social profile.

22) Start Co-Hosting Annual Parties for Your Customers

Invite all your previous customers to your party and also ask them to bring more people with them. Such parties can serve a dual purpose of loyalty building as well as introducing new people to your business. As hosting parties are a costly affair, better co-host party with other businesses, and this will bring down your costs and will also help to introduce your flooring business to the customers of your co-host.

23) Make Use of Regular Offline Promotional Methods

Be it better targeting of people or be it lower costs of advertising, online marketing beats offline marketing hands-off. Still offline marketing must be assimilated into your marketing strategy because you won’t find every customer online due to the behavioral, educational, and demographic differences existing in society. Further, the perception of authenticity of a business/service is much better in offline mode than in online mode. Promotional methods like banners, flyers, pamphlets, billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, etc are some of the regular offline promotional methods.

24) Let Your Online Image Bring More Business

People judge products, services, and businesses based on the reviews left by their respective customers. If your flooring business is active in asking for and collecting good reviews online, it is sure to positively impact your business. So make a request to your customers to take the time to rate your flooring business online.

This ends up our top compilation of flooring marketing ideas. If you found this useful, show your appreciation by sharing this article.

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