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21 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

As a financial advisor, you help other people in managing their wealth but to get such clients regularly, you need to frame a marketing strategy to reach them first. Your potential clients are increasingly using the digital medium to search for finance-related queries and services, if you can make an impact in this digital medium (online), you are sure to get clients regularly and passively. Just opening an office and hoping for clients to somehow find you is a very impractical approach. When it comes to finance, trust plays a big role in influencing people’s decisions. So we have listed power-packed financial advisor marketing ideas that you can implement to grow your customers.

1) Showcase Licensing and Achievements

In finance-related services, trust is a significant influencing factor. If you are either associated with any reputed organization, awarded by any well-known organization, have licensing and registration with government and local bodies, have some well-known and big customers, then do let it know across your various marketing channels, office, website, etc. This will help in trust-building which will significantly increase the conversion rates.

2) Website

To remain relevant with the changing customer behavior, having a professional and well-built website for your financial advisor business marketing is a must-required thing. Your website must have elements like testimonials, clear contact information, schedule a call option, etc. Your website must also load quickly on all devices (mobile, desktop) and must be well organized. To boost your conversion rates, you can offer a free basic consultation offer via skype/chat and can announce it through your website and other marketing channels like social networks.

3) Quick Start with Press Release

A very efficient way to get quick coverage across 100’s of websites is by using a press release which can be done for a one-off cost. By issuing a press release, you can reach 1000’s of people quickly and can also build your business brand value by virtue of being featured on many sites. It also acts as a good link-building strategy and helps to push your website up in search engines. Since press releases remain live on the placed sites for a long period, hence it is a very cost-effective strategy for advertising your financial advisor business.

4) Organic Ranking

People searching for financial advisors online will not go through all the websites shown on Google. Since the first page results of Google capture 90% of all traffic, if your site does not appear on the first page of Google, you will lose a big share of potential clients every month. The method to rank your website depends on the level of optimization done by you (SEO), so you must get hold of a good SEO marketing agency to ensure that maintain a good organic ranking position online.

5) Online Ads

If you want to get more clients for your financial advisor business quickly, then using paid ads on Google and Facebook is the best strategy. Both these sites have a big userbase and one can use among the various targeting options to reach out to the right audience. Google ads are slightly more expensive than Facebook ads but the relevancy and conversion rates on Google ads are much better than Facebook ads. You can show your financial advisor ads to interested users every time they search for your preselected keywords in Google. Similarly, you can show ads by interest type on Facebook. There are a different set of technicalities involved in ad creation and operation in different platforms, so learning the fundamentals helps to get good results.

6) Social Presence Online

One of the free and interesting ways to connect with people from your locality online is by using the medium of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Though many businesses/services become inactive in social media marketing due to the initial long period of establishing a presence on such networks, the long-term results are very nice. Initially, it may take a few weeks to months to get a significant amount of people to follow your profile but after the short waiting time, your business/service will be well-known socially (online) which will give you leads continuously for a long time. So you must stick with social media marketing of your financial advisor business to see good results.

7) Dominate a Narrow Niche

One of the relatively quick ways to get started in financial advisory services is to narrow down your niche to effectively target only a specific section of people followed by expanding to other niches. You can choose many sub-niches like financial advisor services for healthcare professionals, tech professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, etc. By targeting a sub-niche, your will be competing with less number of businesses which will give you more exposure and leads. This will also help to establish your business as an expert in the related sub-niche.

8) Join and Market to Small Business Groups

There are many dedicated small business groups and professional groups active on Facebook. You can select the ones from your area of service and can join them to instantly make your services familiar to a large group of people. Once you join such groups, you can look for collaboration options with the administrator of the group to make sure that your financial advisor marketing becomes more effective.

9) Become an Authority with Book

By being the writer of a book, you can boost your credibility and brand value many folds which will, in turn, lead to more sales. You can also offer your book on various online portals and also as an incentive to get more leads. Handing out free e-books in exchange for visitors’ email addresses on your website can get you many leads whom you can follow up to generate more sales in the long term.

10) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is simply unbeatable when it comes to getting high-end clients for business and services. You can start by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn followed by connecting with local high-end professionals and businesses. As your network grows bigger in size, it will become easier to get referred to other high net worth individuals by your current base of customers.

11) Video Marketing

To give a more engaging experience to your potential customers, videos are simply unrivaled. By creating a rich portfolio of videos around low competition keywords in your niche, you can start getting clients passively for your financial advisor service. Even to boost up the conversion rate of your website, one simple trick you can employ is by adding a professional video on the site’s home page.

12) Journalist Outreach

People trust those entities much better which are positively covered in media be it online or offline. By offering writing for local or regional newspapers and magazines and sites, you can make your business and personal profile a brand in itself. This method of marketing by creating a strong brand perception enables any business/person to easily rake in high-end clients. This process can be started by reaching out to local level journalists and small end websites followed by magnifying it to big magazines and newspapers.

13) Utilizing Chamber of Commerce

The local chamber of commerce is a great way to get in touch with local businesses. You can actively participate and start building connections with people in such business forums to start building your new portfolio of clients.

14) Referrals

Word of mouth publicity is one of the most influential methods of generating leads and customers. To get referrals consistently for a financial advisor business, the first thing is to provide the best service so that people can be compelled to refer you. Other than this, you can also incentivize people to refer your business by actively asking them to do so or to give some discounts/rewards for every customer referred by them.

15) Content Marketing

By consistently writing and posting content around various topics around the topical of financial management, you will start a new channel of free lead generation. To get the best results, choose underserved and less-competitive topics within your niche so that people find discover your content much easily. It also helps your website ranking indirectly because the more you write, the more topics you will have that will be linked by other websites (backlinks from other sites).

16) Partnerships

All those businesses and services that have a similar client base as yours can be the best potential business partners. Insurance agents, safety advisors, tax consultants, tax advisors are a few of the professionals that you can cooperate with for mutual partnership. Also, getting your business referred by a real person has a much better impact than getting referred by other means.

17) Big Sites

Heavyweight sites and directories like Yelp, NextDoor, etc that rank exceptionally well in Google are some of the best platforms that you can resort to in order to establish a new model of marketing your financial advisor service. Since such sites already have the necessary traffic, all you have to do is to create a profile of your business/service and the rest will follow i.e. the leads.

18) Offline Marketing

While most financial advisor marketing ideas discussed here are online, offline marketing was and is one of the good sources of marketing even though it is hard to target the audience and track results. Ads on business newspapers, billboard advertising, banners, local event meetings and sponsorships, etc are good ways to get the word out about your financial advisor services.

19) Reviews

Reviews are actively being sought after by many people before they make up their minds to try a new product or service. So you must remain vigilant of the reviews that people leave about your financial advisor services. Having a few reviews or negative reviews can cut off many of your potential clients while having a good number of 5-star reviews can add more to your client base.

20) Guest Posts

To take advantage of the massive traffic and authority of big websites, guest posts can be the perfect infusion to your marketing efforts. By getting guest posts published on mega authority sites, you will cut a small slice of their traffic along with getting performance benefits in search engines due to getting high quality and niche relevant backlinks from such sites.

21) Affiliate Networks

If you want to get other people to promote your financial advisor service, you can join any pay-per-call network so that the affiliates of that network will do the hard work of coming out with various ways of promoting your service. All you have to do is to give these affiliates a certain commission for driving qualified leads to your business/service.

This winds up our top recommended strategies for marketing a financial advisor business. For any interaction related to this post, you can leave comments below.

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