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Film Press Release Template and Example with Writing Tips

Want to announce a new film screening/premiere/launch through a press release and don’t know where to start? No worries, this article will cover everything that is required to create and distribute a press release for a film. This article provides template, example, film PR benefits and key points to know for writing and distributing a film press release. Let us get started with the different sections.

Aim: To create a film press release and to get the best possible visibility through PR.

Tools: The tools required to achieve the given aim are template, sample, tips for writing and distribution. All the tools are given and clarified in this article. So make sure to read it fully to get the best results.

The Template: The film press release template is given below:


[Headline] /* Film name + launch date + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. The film [name of the film] is set to release on [date]. Directed by [director name], this film is [general focus of film]. With stars like [name of stars], this film [expected results]. [How can viewers watch it + trailers available on channels]

[past notable films by director/actor/producer] + [Budget + film shooting + partners of film].

[quote from film director/producer/actor]

[details of debut actors (if any) + some basic information of storyline + review or critic by an authorized person/organization]

[Quote from sponsor or film critic or media partner]

[link to URL and other online assets like FB, Twitter, Youtube for more information on film]

About [Production company]

[Production company (establishment) + past achievements + mission + vision (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Advantages of a film press release

The benefits that you can avail from this press release are:

Generate Attention

For any film premiere/launch to be successful, one of the key elements is to get the attention of media and people. Press releases are cost-effective means to generate the initial momentum as it good coverage through many platforms involved in a PR distribution system. Many big production houses regularly issue press releases to announce events/films and other relevant subject matter.

Opens Organic Coverage Possibilities

Many reporters and industry-specific experts go through the feeds of PR platforms regularly. This opens new avenues of getting featured organically through voluntary pick-ups. If the film PR stands out from the generic ones, then it holds better chances of getting seen on entertainment sites and news portals. Once it gets organic pick-ups, then the reach of the film promotion increases by leaps and bounds.

Multimedia Branding Opportunity

A film has various marketing materials like video trailers, teaser images and banners. By using a press release, one can provide a link to this content on the press release thereby getting these marketing materials into the public domain which can open a new dimension of organic promotion through shares on social networks.

Creates the Feel Big Factor

A production house or company that actively markets its films through press releases and other means creates a positive perception of the company/production house. This creates a good brand image of the entity behind the marketing and can lead to more trust among people who are involved in financing and investing in the film industry.

Film press release writing and distributing tips:

Remember these points while creating and distributing PR for film release

1. Restrain Promotional Content in PR

While it is true that press releases are used as one of the promotional mechanisms, this does not imply that the press release itself should sound like a promotional piece of content. Minute promotional content may not raise any kind of objection but if the PR sounds explicitly like marketing, then most probably it won’t even get approved for distribution.

2. Must not sound unplanned

A good press release must be properly planned. It means that any person coming across your press release must not be wandering about the basic components of a press release. Basic things like film release date, main cast, relevance, etc must be answered. While answering basic questions related to the film release, don’t go in-depth else it will negatively affect the length of the press release which will have in turn have a bad effect on the readability and promotion.

3. Full and Final Mode

Remember that whatever you write in the PR content is full and final. It means that there is no chance of making any edits to content later. This is due to the mass syndication of the press release and its placement on 100’s of different sites. So any mistakes in the PR will go across multiple sites and it will be extremely cumbersome to contact each and every site and ask for correction. Some sites may agree to edits but they charge hefty fees, still, there will be many sites that would not accept such requests. So before you hit the send button, check it 3-4 times.

4. Make sure to link multimedia

Always make sure to put all marketing materials for the film accessible to readers. Though press release portals limit the number and type of multimedia used, they do provide the option to link to websites and social networks. You can put marketing materials (trailers, banners) on a website and can provide the link to readers so that they can interact more with your upcoming film.

5. Correct and Responsible Media Contact

The media contact option at the end of the press release is very significant. Use the details (name, email, phone number) of a person who can responsibly handle queries aimed at the media contact section. Many times media people and film critics may try to contact for more information on the film and if the communication is not handled properly, it can cause a loss of opportunity to get greater coverage.

6. Make it Unavoidable

Journalists and industry-specific bloggers come across many press releases every day. Hundreds of PR headlines reach their inbox and they scan through them quickly due to which each press release headline gets a fraction of seconds to either catch their attention or to get ignored. If the PR headline is generic like 100’s of others, the chances are it will go unnoticed. So put more time in making the headline and content attention-seeking to ensure more chances of visibility and coverage.

7. No I, We, You

Press releases don’t accept blog-type content that contains direct referencing words like I, we, you (technically called first person and second person in English). Make the content in third-person reference. One thing to note here is that such direct words (I, We, You, etc) can be used within the quotes section of PR.

8. Don’t Compare

While showcasing your positive points, don’t get into accusing competitors. PR portals stay away (mostly) from content that goes against any individual/organization. Some portals have a clear policy of rejecting any accusation-related content.

9. Distribution Plays the Most Vital Role

All things aside, if the distribution is not of quality, then the entire task of creating the PR content would become useless. People new to the PR industry think that getting published on a maximum number of portals is the most significant. They are ignorant of the fact that Google only selects a few high-end portals for ranking in search engines. If they miss the high-end portals (like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc), they won’t get any significant advantage.

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