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23 Fertility Clinic Marketing Ideas to Book More Appointments

Lifestyle, late marriages, and a number of extra factors are contributing to the growing problem of conception. This has led to the demand for various medicines and fertility clinics. The important thing to consider is that this growing demand is not generating good revenue for every fertility clinic out there. The established ones and the ones with big marketing budgets are able to attract a large part of the potential customers seeking fertility help. This is why unless you adopt good fertility clinic marketing ideas, you will have a tough time growing your business. So read on these tips and discover the steps that you must take to start growing your revenue:

1) Diagnose Your Website for Better Conversion rates

Having a website is the first necessity for any business that wants to get its presence online. However, it does not mean that getting one designed as a formal requirement will suffice. In order to make certain that your fertility clinic website is able to get the best possible traffic to client conversion rates, ascertain that the mentioned parameters are present in your website:

A) Credentials are necessary to improve conversion rates. So highlight testimonials, accreditations, awards, achievements, news appearances, etc on your website.
B) Mobile-friendliness of the website (resolution adjustment) must be ascertained. This is a much-required factor because of the increasing number of people who are using mobile devices to visit websites online.
C) Get the site to download faster on user devices. The lack of a fast-loading website means you are definite to lose many potential patients.
D) Make the contact details, especially your phone number and email address, distinctly visible on the website.
E) To stimulate the website visitor to call your fertility clinic/hospital, give an irresistible offer like free consultation, discounted checkup, etc.
F) Get a good and pro-level video readily available on the homepage to explain your fertility clinic services and features better and to engage visitors for a longer period of time.

2) Work on Good Online Visibility with Good SEO

As any offline shop needs a good location to get footfalls of customers, similarly your fertility clinic website will need a good location in Google for it to be visited by people. The ideal situation is to get the site on the first page of Google whenever any user searches for keywords like “fertility clinics in [name of your city/town]”, “best fertility hospital in [name of your city/town]”, etc. For this, the process of search engine optimization or SEO has to be taken care of, which consists of dealing with many parameters like links, content, relevance, etc. There are many free and paid tutorials online for explaining SEO which you can opt to learn and implement or an easy substitute is to take the services of any SEO agency.

3) Use PR to Spread Your Business Name

The true value of a press release lies in the distribution it provides to your business. Getting your fertility center mentioned across hundreds of sites within a few days is easily achievable by using press releases. These site placements will generate a good impression of your business whenever any interested person types your fertility clinic name in Google or any other search engine. Apart from this benefit, you get links to your website from these sites which helps towards the overall SEO of your site. Most of the high-end distribution plans for press releases can land your fertility center name on some of the most recognized and traffic-heavy sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, etc.

4) Work on Your GMB Page to Get More Patients

GMB is the abbreviation for “Google My Business”, and year after year it is proving that it is one of the best free marketing strategies to generate high-quality local leads. Be it a small or large fertility center, your GMB page has equal chances to get shown in the “local listings” provided by Google on its first page for various local-oriented search queries. Google typically displays a special section (with three algorithm-selected listings) for local queries and all businesses having a GMB page are the eligible candidates to be displayed in this section. Those businesses with GMB pages that are better optimized will be displayed in this local listing. The degree to which you optimize your GMB page will impact how prominently and frequently your fertility business details will be shown here. Any seasoned internet marketing firm can support your GMB marketing efforts in order to dominate the local listings, thereby generating more customers.

5) Reach Potential Patients Faster with Ads

From a small pin to a big yacht, Google ads has the power to get clients for almost all kinds of businesses and services. The same holds true for Facebook ads too which is the next big advertising platform besides Google. Both these ad platforms can be successfully used to advertise your fertility center. The only requirement to get good results from these platforms is to know the fundamentals of creating and optimizing ads. This process of managing ads on these platforms can also be outsourced to any agency if you don’t wish to spend time optimizing your ads frequently.

6) Make Content Land You More Cases

The more content you spread across different sites online, the more links and traffic you will receive from such platforms. Ideally, you should identify a related list of keywords for your fertility center niche for which you can create and publish content on your own website first to increase traffic. Then you must identify other high-traffic sites that are open for guest posts and you can send them content for publishing along with your site links. Just after a few months of consistently creating and spreading content, you will see the cumulative effects in traffic increase along with achieving a better ranking in search engines.

7) Make Systematic Use of Social Media Marketing

Since most of the big social media platforms have their user base in millions, it will not be wise to ignore this traffic source for getting customers to your fertility clinic. As most people join social media to interact and engage with people, so your initial strategy for marketing on social media should also be the same rather than making a profile and starting advertising your fertility clinic. After having a decent presence (more followers), you can get your marketing content out along with non-marketing content to ensure that people would not perceive your profile to be spammy.

8) Get Back Many Missed Opportunities with Email Marketing

Let us say 100 people landed on your site and only 10 people out of them visited your fertility center, it means that your website conversion rate is 10%. You can increase this conversion rate even more by using email marketing which will require getting emails from your website visitors succeeded by promoting to them many times over and over again. Give some incentive to your site visitors to leave their emails and once you have their email addresses, you can start sending them targeted messages to make them visit your fertility clinic. Email marketing is a low-cost and quick impact-making method to get your message out to the desired targeted audience.

9) Tactically Approach Video Marketing

There are many businesses and services that have videos as their chief source of generating traffic and sales. You too can add video marketing as one of your key marketing methods. To generate a new channel of promotion for getting clients to your fertility center, you can collect long tail and weak competition keywords so that you can proceed with creating videos on these topics. Due to these keywords being less competitive, your videos after getting posted on YouTube will have strong chances of showing up on Google search results too due to which the combined effect of these videos can land you many clients month after month.

10) Line Up Local Influencers for Promotion

When promotion comes out through a trusted source, it carries more value. This is why getting your fertility clinic promoted by social media influencers will have better results for growing the brand image of your business. As most of your customers will be local, so the choice of your influencers must also be local who must be having a significant number of local followers. Consistent use of influencer marketing will make your fertility clinic get the first preference from the followers of the respective influencers.

11) Build Referral Partnerships by Using LinkedIn

Join LinkedIn in order to easily contact other physicians and hospital owners from your region. Most professionals (physicians, etc) and businesses (hospitals, small healthcare facilities) from your region that can refer patients to you regularly can be found on LinkedIn and this explains the importance of having a professional LinkedIn profile.

12) Top Directories Can be Your Added Assets

Yelp is a common name that you will find ranking high on Google for local businesses and services. Add a few more similar directories with high traffic and domain authority to list your fertility center details on them. The benefit of this method is extra patients for your business and extra backlinks to your fertility website.

13) Build the Way to Trust and Customers with Media

There are many misconceptions and doubts regarding fertility. You can use the local media to clear these misconceptions and doubts along with growing the brand value of your fertility clinic. As more and more people come across articles written by you in local newspapers, the more they will consider you an expert in resolving infertility problems. So make friends with local newspaper editors or give the proposal of free contribution on fertility issues to start promoting your fertility clinic along with gaining reputation.

14) Get a Consistent Brand Image

Big businesses and services pay a lot of attention to maintaining subtle aspects of brand building like logos, photos, taglines, etc. To give a feel of professional value to your fertility clinic, use professional logos, photos, and all subtle aspects of your marketing materials. As your business is in the health niche, people are extra careful in selecting a service for them, so handle even the subtle details well enough.

15) Make Your Success Stories Work for You

Case studies and success stories are very effective in affecting the decisions of people. So start working on sharing both text and video success stories of people who have resolved their pregnancy, fertility, and related problems by taking your service. Share such success stories through your website, YouTube, social media, etc. As many people prefer their privacy in such cases, you can give out success stories while hiding their personal details.

16) Host Seminars and Webinars for More Business

Many businesses use the marketing strategy of giving free information to get more customers. Since the fertility niche is full of misconceptions, you can host free seminars and webinars to address common questions related to your niche. As such seminars and webinars will mostly attract a targeted audience, you can get many patients by this method.

17) Get Business Partnerships Established

Introduce your fertility services to other doctors, medical shops, Ayurvedic doctors, physiotherapists, and many similar professionals in the health segment. Just remaining in touch with various health professionals can get you many patients regularly.

18) Reduce the IVF Price Fear

Mostly the price of methods like IVF scares away many potential clients and they start looking for alternative therapies. By giving options like accepting Insurance, EMI, post-dated cheque, etc, you can ease the price fear that becomes a big hurdle for many people.

19) Make More Revenue with Health Apps

There are various health apps that connect doctors and patients for direct consultation while enabling the patient to transfer the consultation fee online. You can join such apps to make extra money by consulting people online.

20) Author a Book, Grow Your Business

Writing a book on fertility or any related topic can give a big boost to your personal image. The book doesn’t has to be comprehensive or too technical. You can just write out 20-30 pages, get it published in ebook form online, and can then start attaching the book name to your personal profile to give a trust factor to your name. You must put your ebook name and cover on your website, social media, and other platforms to create a good personal and professional image.

21) Do Marketing Through Interviews

Invite (paid) popular regional YouTubers and influencers to take your interview so that these interviews when uploaded on Youtube can bring more attention to your fertility clinic. Also, when people will try to seek reviews of your fertility clinic online, they will find these video interviews and will get a positive impression of your fertility clinic.

22) Add Traditional Ways of Advertising

Though the major shift for marketing nowadays is inclined more toward online marketing, offline marketing continues to generate millions of leads for businesses and services around the world. Despite online marketing having several advantages over offline marketing, offline marketing is still relevant because not all people are web savvy and people are distracted online much more due to the multiple choices they get there. Thereby adopting advertising methods like flyers, billboard advertising, newspaper ads, ads on radio, etc are some of the good methods that you can adopt to market your fertility clinic offline.

23) Don’t Lose Customers in the Final Consideration Stage

For most people making up their minds about availing of a product/service, one of the final steps is seeking the reviews of the respective business/service online. If your fertility clinic has no reviews or many negative reviews, your business will most likely lose many patients. So get working to boost the positive reviews of your fertility clinic.

These fertility clinic marketing ideas carry immense potential for propelling growth in the number of patients in your clinic. So implement them and if you don’t mind, share this article on your social media.

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