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19 Fencing Company Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Owning a business is one of the most honorable and reputed things because a business provides you with an independent and prosperous lifestyle. But managing a business is not as simple as it might seem because competition is intense in almost all kinds of businesses. This article is primarily intended for those fencing business owners who are looking for marketing tips to get more fencing leads and sales.

To get your fencing business among the leading ones in your area, proper planning of your business technique is necessary and for this, the fencing company marketing tips listed below can help you immensely. All the leading businesses and companies concentrate the most on expanding their audience through marketing. Let’s jump on to these fencing business marketing ideas now:

1) Create A Fully Featured Website

The first thing that most people do when they find out about a company is to look it up online and research it. A website is a fundamental way to promote your fencing company and to make people realize how your business is the best for their requirements.

a) Create a quick loading website as slow websites have a high bounce rate (drop rate of customers).
b) Make sure to enter all the significant information about your company: your fencing services, your prices, your contact details, achievements, etc.
c) Check if your website is working well with rightly optimized resolution on every device: phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc. This is because a user might access your website from any device.
d) Add a Q&A section to your website and mention all the questions there that a new customer might have in mind. Answer them efficiently and informatively to make them choose your company.
e) Add a review section to your website, and ask your current customers to write their testimonials. When new customers get to hear from the existing ones, their chances of referring to your company increase.
f) Instead of simply boasting about your company on your website, add content that shows people what your fencing company can do for them and how it can make them fruitfully tackle their issues.
g) Add new and unique content regularly for getting better placement and preference from search engines.
h) Make your website navigation menus correctly so that all the prominent information must easily be located by site visitors.

2) Get Fencing Clients Using Press Releases

Write a press release for your fencing business and choose a good press release distribution provider to let the press release get distributed across some of the most recognized sites of the world like Yahoo News, Associated Press, etc. It will not only generate traffic but will also add up to the credibility of your fencing company. After press release distribution, you can proudly showcase (on your website and other marketing materials) that your business has been covered on such big sites.

3) Utilize Google My Business

When any person types fencing services in his/her location in Google, then some of the search results will be pulled from “Google My Business” pages also known as GMB pages. This explains why you must have a Google My Business page ready for your fencing business. Put all the necessary details along with attractive photos of your business and ask your customers to leave reviews on this page because reviews are one of the strong factors which Google considers while ranking and prioritizing GMB results.

4) Use LinkedIn to Catch Big Sharks (Clients)

Every business likes to get big orders and LinkedIn being a professional network, the quality of leads that you can get for your fencing business on this platform is simply great. Start by making an account on LinkedIn followed by searching for people from big companies and estate in your area. Make connections there and grow your business much faster by getting more revenue per client.

5) Email Marketing

Whenever people come to your website during the course of their online search for fencing companies or contractors, many of them might not contact you for one or the other reasons. To ensure that you achieve a bigger strike rate for converting your site visitors into clients, adopt email marketing as you can promote your fencing services over and over again once you get the email of your targeted prospects. It is also a handy tool to send out periodic newsletters and offers to your subscribers which in turn will build loyalty and create more orders for your fencing services.

6) Take A Leap With Social Media Promotions

Social media has turned into a huge phenomenon these days. Almost everything makes it to the internet. With most people being on social media, paid promotions on social media might turn out to be a highly profitable idea for your company. Market your fencing business on all the trendy social media platforms out there. Promote your company on every platform that has a rich userbase and multi-dimensional targeting options.

Prepare engaging advertisements, contact some well-known names with a massive following on social media, and ask them to feature your advertisements. The right word from the right people can do wonders.

7) List Your Company Online

Numerous online directories are available for you to enlist your fencing company online and the best part is that most of them are free of cost. Popular sites like Nextdoor, Yelp, Crunchbase, etc., allow you to register your business with them for free. It’s an easy way to stay visible online for your customers, update them on your services, prices, contact details, service timings, etc using these high-ranking directories. Customers can also post their questions on such sites in case they want to know anything about your fencing company.

Through online directories, customers can also book your services online. There is also a rating and review section for customers to find out what others have got to say about your company. An online directory is a free and worthwhile way to market your company.

8) Reach Out To Developed Businesses

When you are in the initial years of your business, it’s a little hard to grow business. Customers are more interested in and attracted to flourished businesses rather than flourishing ones. In such circumstances, reaching out to developed businesses might seem like a reasonable idea. A well-settled commercial company already has a vast customer base. These customers are regular and have faith in the company and its services. Tying up with such a company can prove favorable for your fencing business too. It will provide you with exposure among customers and brands, help you market your product with other leading labels, and make you well recognized among the public. There are many well-settled companies in closely related niches that your business can pair up with to grow your business.

9) Achieve Growth by Showcasing Authority

Newspapers and magazines are considered to be more authoritative and therefore if you can make your article/opinion published there, it will not only help to create a big brand perception of your fencing business but can also land you some premium customers. You can get in touch with the editorial staff of famous newspapers/magazines in your area and can enquire about opportunities to showcase articles that are closely related to your fencing business.

10) Get Bigger With a Blog

When it comes to fencing or any other business, people may search various terms and keywords associated with the business. By publishing content on your website catering to such keywords, you will draw in more traffic and consecutively sales from the search engines.

11) Try Requesting For Referrals

Although it might seem like a minor step, it can do wonders for your company. Positive praise from the general public seems more natural and trustworthy, and it can initiate other people to buy your product. Ask your existing customers to speak out about your fencing company within their circle. A few nice words from their mouth will sound more genuine and will encourage their close ones to research and even reach out to your company. Using your current customer base to extend your future customer base is a pocket-friendly and clever strategy. The more your company gets discussed among the general public, the easier it will be to attract new clients to your fencing business.

12) YouTube Leads

YouTube videos are known to perform well in search engine rankings too and thereby fencing related videos posted consistently on your video channel will start bringing you extra leads. To see good results from marketing on YouTube, one might need to have a basic knowledge of the right video optimization techniques for YouTube which can be easily found online.

13) Make Full Use of Your and Other Company Vehicle

A fencing company is sure to have numerous transports/vehicles for their tools to be carried and their employees to travel to their customer’s location. While your vehicles are on the road, utilize them to promote your company by attaching banners marketing your company. Make them classy and modern, this can help your company reach customers from all over your city. You can also pay local bus and cab services to attach your banner for more reach. You can also market your banners in notable public places for more people to come across them.

14) Incentive Marketing

While it is obvious that many businesses ask their customers to refer other people too, the results are minimal. To increase the percentage of people referred by your existing customers, do offer them some referral coupons and incentives like gift cards, customized products so that they will have more powerful reasons to refer and grow and your fencing business.

15) Approach Big Potential Prospects

Amusement parks, farmhouses, new construction, etc are some of the most promising locations where you stand more chances to sell fencing services. So get in touch with all people who can get you in contact with people owning such properties. These people can be real estate dealers, contractors, brokers, roof/tile installation services, home renovation services, etc.

16) Keep Up with New Technology

In almost every industry, some or the other new changes do take place periodically either in terms of types of equipment, operation process, materials, etc. Do keep a watch on the changing trends in the fencing sector and be the first in your town/service to adopt it as this can not only set your fencing business apart from other businesses but can also make your business more smooth in operation and efficient. An easy way to do so (updating with the latest trends) is to set up a Google News alert for keywords like “fencing technology”, “fencing service”, etc.

17) Market Your Business While Fencing

Whenever you are at the premise of your customer while doing fencing work, do make sure to put up big boards across the area (with permission of the owner) so that all people in the vicinity, as well as passers-by, can know the name of your business. This will give you free publicity and more eyeballs of potential clients.

18) Question Your Customers For Insights

Data is the core of a good marketing campaign. Question your customers for obtaining valuable data. Ask them where they got to hear about you, what they desire in a fencing company, what things attract the most to them in a fencing company, and so on. This will help you analyze what marketing tactics and changes you must adopt for the good growth of your fencing company. Spot the actual deal changer and work on it, evolve and expand it so that it can turn out to be more profitable for you, and eliminate the factors that are not doing anything worth your company’s expansion. Spend your money and your time only on those marketing ideas that provide leads. Do not forget to track your marketing strategy every once in a while to monitor growth.

19) Give Your Company A Face

A creative way of getting into customers’ minds is through good designs and illustrations. Words are easy to overlook, but an impressive and innovative picture is hard to bypass. Contact some inventive and skillful designers who can design a unique and out-of-the-box logo and designs for your company. Something catchy and modern will appeal to all kinds of audiences from youth to adults. This will provide your company with a face, something which will stay in the audience’s psyche. Get a little more productive with your logo and get it inscribed on T-Shirts, phone covers, washing machine covers, etc and distribute it to your staff, customers, etc.

If done correctly, marketing helps your business grow in no time. It is not about putting much effort but using the right techniques that can ensure your company’s development. These steps will assist you in marketing your fencing company in a simple yet efficient way. Follow these and witness your company grow in no time. In case of any queries, you can write to us below.


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