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Fashion Press Release Writing Tips with Example and Template

Have something to announce related to a fashion show, collection, brand or event? A press release is a perfect way to get started. In this piece of article, we have covered the A to Z details of a fashion press release. It (the article) includes press release writing tips for fashion show/event/brand along with a ready-made template that you can use to frame the PR easily. Example and distribution tips are also included to make the entire process smooth and easy. So let us get started with the details:

Aim: To successfully write and publish a press release for a fashion-related event/show in order to get good coverage and attention.

Tools: The tools provided here (in the article) are ready-made template, example, advantages, writing and publishing tips. Make sure to read the full content to ensure that the aim is achieved successfully.

Ready-made Template for a fashion PR:

The fashion press release template is given below:


[Headline] /*fashion company name + main focus of press release (launch, event, new portfolio, etc) + attractive news angle*/

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Fashion Company Name], a [new/renowned/emerging] fashion company, is pleased to launch [new product line/event/changes]. [Location and date of launch, if relevant]. [For whom this is designed/targeted]. [How this announcement will help its customers + uniqueness of product].

[what has been the core product line/achievements of the company + how this event will add value to the company + how the public can participate or get special offers].

[Quote from a top-level executive of the fashion company]

[Mention prominent clients]. [Facts and figures for growth]. [Showcase some of the top features of the collection]. [Notable fashion designers working for the company]

[Quote from a designer or client]

[Impact on the company on fashion industry + future plans for expansion/customer + expertise area]

About [Fashion Company Name]

[Fashion company background (establishment) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Example of a Fashion Press Release

Lux Fashion Launches its Latest Collection for the Upcoming Spring-Summer Season

Discover the latest style and trends from Lux Fashion in New York city. This collection will host unique designs and offers pre-order booking options.

New York, NY, Nov 10, 2021 – Lux Fashion, the prominent New York-based luxury fashion brand, is delighted to launch its latest collection for the Spring-Summer season. The launch event will be held at the grand ballroom of the Plaza Hotel, New York City on Nov 15, 2021. The collection is designed to cater to fashion-forward individuals who value style and luxury. The collection boasts unique designs with quality craftsmanship and the finest materials.

Lux Fashion has a successful track record of producing high-end fashion that’s loved by customers worldwide. The new collection is expected to add more value to the brand and set the tone for the upcoming season. The company is offering customers an exclusive opportunity to pre-order the collection at the event or online to avail of special offers.

According to Mary Rhena, the CEO of Lux Fashion, “We’re excited to unveil our latest collection and bring the latest fashion trends to our customers. Our focus on innovation and creativity sets us apart, and we’re confident that our new collection will reflect that.”

Lux Fashion has a prestigious client base, including prominent individuals from the entertainment industry and royalty. The company has seen significant growth over the years, with an impressive presence in various international markets. The new collection features some of the top styles, colors, and designs that the fashion industry is raving about, with notable designers who have contributed to the creation of the collection.

Frenka Williams, one of the lead designers of the new collection said, “Our designs are inspired by contemporary trends and unique aesthetics. We’ve worked hard to incorporate diverse elements, ensuring each design stands out and resonates with our clients.”

The launch of the new collection is expected to impact the fashion industry and set the bar for luxury fashion. Lux Fashion plans to expand its customer base and establish a stronger presence in various markets worldwide.

About Lux Fashion

Lux Fashion is a luxury fashion brand established in 2010. The company’s vision is to create a diverse range of high-end fashion that caters to individuals with unique taste. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with innovative, creative, and timeless fashion that’s crafted to perfection.

Media Contact:

John Williams
Public Relations Manager
New York, NY

Advantages of issuing the press release

The benefits you can get from such a press release announcement are listed below:

Better Attention

If any event/show/brand needs to get in front of media and people, then one of the most common methods employed by brands is by issuing press releases. Since press releases find placement on many syndicated partners of press release platforms, the visibility is enlarged. Big brands regularly issue press releases to remain in focus. The cost incurred for issuing a press release is much less than the results (visibility) it gets. It is therefore a preferred means of marketing by startups and big brands alike.

More Recognition

Companies/businesses that remain in focus regularly get better results in terms of building brand value. People nowadays look for reviews of a company before making a purchase decision. This is also true for media people and industry experts who look out for relevant news about companies/brands while creating content. Getting seen on big portals through press releases gives an excellent opportunity to get more recognition online.

Attracts More Sponsors and Investors

Sponsors and investors look for the authenticity of a business/service/brand before dealing with them. Having many articles and press releases about the brand/company online is one of the effective ways to create a good impression and to attract more partners.

Featured Logo

Once the press release gets published on common and popular platforms, the brand/company can use the name of publishing entities on their website. This adds more trust in website visitors.

Opens More Sources of Coverage

Apart from being a press release publishing platform, many big PR portals have their feeds subscribed by many bloggers and journalists. This means that whenever a story/PR is published on such top-level platforms, the notification on new PR’s reaches out to the subscribed group of people. If the PR is created creatively with some unique angle, then it stands a good chance for getting voluntary republished on other big news sites and blogs.

Fashion press release writing and distributing tips:

Keep these points in mind for a good and successful write-up and distribution

1. Don’t Get in Promotion Mode

Even though most companies and brands issue press releases as one of their marketing tactics, this does not mean that the press release itself must sound like a complete marketing template. If the promotional aspect is feeble in a press release, then most probably it will go unnoticed. But if it has more aspects of promotion, then it will be rejected by most of the credible platforms.

2. Answer Basic Questions

If the PR is for announcing a new fashion brand/event, then first ask what are the most basic and relevant questions that are related to this announcement. Answer these basic questions while keeping in mind the general word limit of 600-700 words. The PR must not sound like an incomplete piece of information.

3. No chance for making corrections

Once the press release gets published, there is no room for making corrections because it will get covered by various sites that are owned by different entities. It will be a tedious task to go to each and every site and ask for corrections. Also, most sites charge hefty correction/deletion fees after publication. So make sure that the information given is accurate and won’t require any edits later.

4. Keep the tone indirect

Unlike blogs where one is free to use words like I, We, You, etc, press releases are different as they require the content to be in third-person only. The only way to include direct reference is within the quotes.

5 Don’t Accuse

While writing a PR, if there is an instance of accusation on either a competitor or any third party (public/private), then the press release would get rejected by 90% of platforms. Most PR sites don’t get into the trouble of publishing anything controversial.

6. Keep brand factor as core

While distributing a press release, many services promise to publish on 100’s of platforms. People who are new to the PR scene are unaware that unless the release gets covered by big sites, it won’t get much traffic and visibility no matter how big is the list of publishing sites. Only a handful of sites have maintained the trust of Google due to which their PR’s get good ranking (and thereby traffic) in Google.

7. Play with the content

Don’t create a generic press release that people see daily. List down all the key points that can be creatively used to make the press release interesting. What stands apart gets the most attention. This is true for press releases too. Make unique and compelling headline and content and you are sure to get more pickups and coverage. Your PR will just get a fraction of seconds to catch the reader’s attention. Use the headline wisely to make it unresistable for any reader. However, don’t become clickbaity during this process.

8. Add more assets

If people want to explore more information about your announcement, give them a way through social media profiles, website, videos, photos. Include link to your website and social media so that people can know better about your brand/event/announcement.

9. Distribution is the real king

No matter how attractive your fashion press release content is, if it lands on unknown sites, it won’t get good results. Make sure to get published on authority sites so that you can get both visibility and quality backlinks.

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