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22 Event Marketing Ideas to Get Lots of Attendees

Nothing shows the success of an event better than having lots of engaged attendees. However, for your targeted group of people to attend the event, the most crucial thing is to make them informed about the event. This is why a carefully laid out marketing plan for an event becomes a must in determining its success. So, if you are someone who is in charge of making a specific event successful, you will find this post on event marketing ideas very helpful. The following event promotion strategies listed below must be considered for getting good results:

1) Get an Event Website First

Make a small website exclusively for your event as it will be the centerpiece of your online promotion strategies. Put all the event-related details on the website along with the option to directly book seats/slots for the event through your website interface. From this website, link out to all the other social media posts related to your event. Mention the schedule, instructions, and key features of the upcoming event on your website. If you have held similar events earlier, provide photos/videos of your past events on this website. You can also incentivize your site visitors to share this site on their respective social media profiles by giving some freebies or discounts. Using your website, give a clear picture of what your event attendees can get by participating in the event.

2) Prepare for Organic Ranking

Make your event website at least a month before your actual event day so that it can get crawled and indexed by search engines. If you would like to use this website for organizing similar events periodically, you must pay attention to its SEO (search engine optimization) so that your site can rank well when your event-related keywords are typed in Google. To get its SEO done professionally, any good SEO firm can be contacted.

3) Press Releases are Great for Events

With a press release distribution through a good source, your event press release can get posted across top-quality sites and news sources. Press releases can also give more attention to your event announcement thereby getting more attendees to your event.

4) Localized Paid Advertising Campaign

Select the best keywords that are relevant to your event and use these keywords to display ads on Google search in your target region. By doing this, ads will be shown to people searching for these keywords which will help to get more crowd in your event. To better frame and operate ads, you can advertise your event ads through any digital marketing company.

5) Use LinkedIn for Targeted Audience

If the event is organized for a specific group of audience like crypto investors, medical professionals, etc, then you can use LinkedIn to effectively inform targeted group of people from your specific location. All you have to do is to start sending messages to the targeted people using LinkedIn messaging option. LinkedIn also allows paid ads with many targeting options and you can hence target specific professional groups from a region through paid advertising on LinkedIn.

6) Social Media Promotion of the Event

Be it promotion on local Facebook groups or be it using relevant hashtags, social media provides multiple ways of promoting your event. You can also use social media contests to make people promote your upcoming event to their friends. Almost all the popular social media platforms have paid advertising options too that can be used to increase the visibility of your event.

7) Shared Email Promotions

If you are hosting an event for local people, you can research and find out all the local businesses that have an email database of their clients. After this, you can connect with these businesses for paid promotion of your event using their email database and all they have to do is to send out emails to their subscribers to announce your event. This process can also be repeated for specialized targeting of people, the only change here will be that you will have to use the email database of specialized and relevant business owners.

8) Select Influencers to Promote Your Event

Find out which niche categories suit well with your event-attending demographic and find the most relevant influencers accordingly. Collaborate with these influencers to announce your upcoming event to their followers. You can also give free event passes to relevant influencers to take this marketing strategy to a new level.

9) Set Merchandise for Your Event

Order custom-printed merchandise for your event (like T-shirts, mugs, badges, etc) so that you can use this merchandise in various ways to grow your event attendees. You can sell this custom-printed merchandise, can offer them as rewards for social media promotions, can give them away as a gift to event attendees, etc.

10) Build Buzz Using Videos

Make a professional video of your upcoming event and use this video on all suitable platforms like your website, social media, etc. You can also run video ads on YouTube as these ads are low-cost and provide many parameters for selecting targeted profiles.

11) Use Tested Offline Promotion Methods for Your Event

You can announce your event dates through ads in newspapers, by sending out mail cards, by promotion on billboards, by announcing it through flyer/leaflet distribution, etc.

12) Fill Up Slots Faster with Early Bird Registrations

The “fear of missing out” on offers works well across many industries. Provide early bird registration offers and announce these offers through local newspaper ads. This will make more people reserve their seats for your event.

13) Use Related Industries to Bag More Crowd

Instead of searching for relevant customers/attendees to know about your business/event, it is always good to announce your offer to a targeted group. This is why you must make a list of businesses and services closely related to your event and must then network with them to get access to their customer base for promoting your event. For example, if you are going to host a music event, network with music clubs, bars, etc to announce your music event.

14) Use the Participating Base of Attendees

Announce some incentives to your attendees so that they can announce your event on their social media profiles. You can host some sort of contest so as to get people to start promoting your event to their followers on their respective social media profiles. This will help you to reach your event announcement to more people.

15) Build Extra Entertainment Value for Your Event

To get more people interested in your event, you can spice it up by providing a greater entertainment value. This entertainment value can be in form of games, challenges, etc. The greater the scope of the value your event provides, the more will be its reach.

16) Use Newsletters (Yours + Others)

If you have hosted an event earlier, you can send a newsletter to all the participants of earlier events to join your new event. If you don’t have access to the email addresses of local people, you can utilize the audience base of some other local business/event organizer who has collected the email addresses of local people (in exchange for some monetary rewards).

17) Add Virtual Reality to Boost Participation

Virtual reality is a trending technology and by using virtual reality in your event, you can get more participants. Depending upon the type of event you are going to conduct, you can offer a VR tour to people so that this can become a major attraction point for your event.

18) Start Researching and Using Hashtags

Find out all the popular hashtags relevant to your niche and use them on your social media profiles to get noticed by more people. You can also utilize trending hashtags to announce your upcoming event.

19) List on Event Discovery Websites

Many sites like Eventbrite, Thrillist, etc are popular event listing sites that receive a high number of visitors monthly. By listing your upcoming event on such sites, you will get more people to know about your event. Some event listing sites also offer paid advertising options which you can use for getting extra exposure.

20) Make Use of Sponsors and Their Reach

Depending upon the kind of event you will be hosting, you must seek sponsors in related industries. By getting sponsors, your event will get two good benefits. First is the direct monetary benefit from your sponsors and second is the extra reach that you can get by getting your event advertised on their social media profiles and to their customers.

21) Use Other Events to Market Yours

Find out the other events that are taking place in your region and get your upcoming event announced on such events. Most event organizers will allow you to promote your event on their events if you give a fair offer in return.

22) Give Out Free Passes Selectively

Distribute some free passes to socially influential people and ask them to announce your event to their follower base. With this method, you can easily make use of the reputation of these people to get your event promoted to their followers.

These event marketing ideas are simple and easy-to-implement ways to get more people to attend your event. If you have a few ideas to contribute to this topic or have anything else to discuss, do leave your comments.

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