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23 Esthetician Marketing Ideas to Grow Clients Faster

You have done the required course, got the necessary skills, opened your esthetician business, and are hoping to grow your esthetician business quickly. However, there are many established names in your region and with time, more and more competition is catching up. In such a situation, the only thing that can help you out is the active marketing of your esthetician business. As there is a lack of authentic and systematic guides for promoting an esthetician business, these esthetician marketing ideas will pave the way for the growth of your business. These ideas are:

1) Your Website Esthetics is Not Enough

Almost all business owners nowadays focus on getting a good-looking website, however, there are many more aspects that can help your website to extract more customers from your site visitors. If your website is currently able to get 300 visitors per month and out of these many visitors, just 9-10 avail your services, then the conversion rate of your website stands out at 3 percent roughly. If you want to increase this percentage of conversion from 3 to 10 percent or even more, then take the steps mentioned below:

a) Use a widget/plugin on your website to make the site visitors directly book/schedule their appointment directly.
b) On your website, list out all the certifications, accreditations, awards, coverage in online/offline news portals, testimonials, etc. These factors will help to convince even more number of your site visitors to come to you for their beauty requirements.
c) Make a portfolio of before/after photos resulting from your service and put them up on your website so that it can make your site visitors confident of your service.
d) On the technical side, make your site fast-loading and mobile-friendly (dynamic resolution) because the absence of these factors can cause a 10-15% loss of visitors to your site.
e) Get a professional videographer and shoot a high-quality video of your business. Put this video on your site’s primary page as videos outperform text in terms of convincing people.

2) Where are You on Google?

On Google, search for terms like “estheticians in [Your City Name]”, “[City Name] estheticians”, etc, and start locating your website. If your esthetician website is on page number 2 or beyond page 2, then it indicates that the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website is poor compared to your competitors. This lower rank of your website will make your business miss out on many customers from your region. So start working towards the SEO of your website either by yourself, if you have the necessary knowledge, or by employing the services of a third-party professional SEO service provider.

3) Is Your GBP Performing?

GBP (Google Business Profile) [earlier known by the term “Google My Business” or GMB] is the first and foremost requirement to be listed among the 3 local results shown by Google in its “local pack” on the first page. Certain number of factors apart from the GBP profile like the number of reviews, location, the number of relevant links, etc are considered by the Google algorithm to put a website in the “local pack”. So, learn more about GBP optimization and use those factors to your advantage or simply assign this work to any credible SEO agency.

4) Add a Paid Channel for Getting Leads

Paid advertising of your esthetician services through Google ads and/or Facebook ads is a good medium to bring more clients for your esthetician services. We have selectively mentioned only two advertising platforms because they have quality traffic and are the most trusted advertising networks. The results that you will get from running ads on these platforms will be mainly dependent on your skills to select the right parameters like ads and targeting. If you are not well-informed about running paid ads, you can take the help of many free online guides available online. If still time is a constraint for running ads, then reach out to any good digital advertising agency and assign this project to them.

5) Gather Press with Press Release

If someone finds your esthetician business name on renowned news sites like Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, and many such similar sites, then you can imagine the impact it can have. A cost-effective approach to get your content seen on such sites is through a press release distribution carried out by a PR service. Since all press release service providers don’t have the necessary publishing agreement with big sites, so you must select your press release distributor wisely. Once your content makes it to such big sites, you can showcase the line “As seen on…..” on your website and social media too.

6) Build up Your Local Social Base Online

Success in social media marketing of your esthetician business can be seen through a consistent effort of a few months of actively engaging on such platforms. The initial trajectory for growing your presence on social media might be slow, but things become absolutely smooth afterward. Sharing the before/after photos on local (city/town) Facebook groups is a powerful way to garner the attention of local people toward your business. Other ways to engage and attract people to your social media profile is by using relevant hashtags, sharing content, replying to comments, engaging in trending topics, regularly posting in groups, etc. There are also social media management agencies that do these tasks on behalf of their clients.

7) Let Email Marketing Bring You More Customers

After visiting your esthetician website, people might leave without taking any action for a number of reasons. So a good step to lower the rate of lost visitors is to start collecting the email addresses of your site visitors. By doing so, you will get many attempts to convince these people to take your services. Since people would not provide their email addresses unnecessarily, you must give them (your site visitors) some value in exchange for their email addresses. This exchange item can be an ebook related to beauty, discount codes, offers, etc. By building an email subscriber base, you will get the additional privilege of announcing new offers and updates related to your business anytime.

8) Start Putting Localized Content to Grow Clients

Make a list of all topics that have local orientation and start publishing posts related to these topics on your website. For example, you can write on topics like “best esthetician in [your city/town name]”, “where to get good facial in [city/town]”, “where to get micro peel done in [city/town]”, etc. Each of these articles posted on your website will contribute some extra visitors each month. The more the number of articles, the more will be visitors and proportionately clients. This process of content marketing seems small and insignificant at first look but makes a big impact in the long term.

9) Expand Your Influence with Influencers

See who are the most popular social media influencers in the fashion and makeup niche from your area. Find their contact details from their profile page and send them a business proposal for getting your esthetician business promoted through their profiles. Also, get a fair estimate of what percentage of their followers are from your local area so as to get your business promoted to a relevant audience. By working with a few good influencers, you can not only get your esthetician business promoted but can also increase the number of people following your social media profiles.

10) Use Powerful Directories

When local search terms are typed on Google, you will find many instances of big directory-type sites appearing on their first page. Mostly, this will be sites like Yelp, Homeadvisor, Nextdoor, etc. To take advantage of the visitors these sites are getting, you must list out the name and other relevant details of your business on such sites. This process of listing your site on such directories will effortlessly give you extra leads per month.

11) Maximize Your Business Potential with Videos

Videos can be used in many ways to advertise your esthetician services. You can post videos on YouTube and can get traffic from both YouTube and the appearance of these videos on Google search. These videos can be shared on your social media profiles to get more interaction and reach. You can make short video reels of “before/after” looks and can get them promoted through influencers. You can also use professionally made videos on your website in order to express your services better than text.

12) Get More People with a Referral Program

You must provide next time discount coupons so that your clients can get an additional reason to come back to you again. They can also hand out these coupons to their friends so that even they can get your services at a discounted cost. Mark a validity date on such coupons so that the clients won’t sit on these coupons for a long period of time.

13) Promote Using Traditional Offline Advertising

You can also promote your esthetician business by getting ads in local newspapers. Other methods of offline promotion that you can try are putting your business ads on billboards having good visibility, banners across crowded areas, distributing flyers, etc.

14) Use Review Management to Get More Customers

When it comes to skin-related issues, most people won’t take the services of any business that has no reviews or even worse “negative reviews”. Checking out reviews online is an important step that most people nowadays take before taking any service or product. So regularly check for the kind of reviews left by people for your business. You can also take the step of building your positive image faster online by asking and even incentivizing your customers to leave reviews.

15) Increase Visual and Virtual Branding

As your business is related to the beauty niche, the aesthetics of your business must reflect the nature of your work. The visual esthetics of your physical location and the virtual esthetics of your website must be attractive and synchronous. Colors and designs subconsciously affect our decisions and so your branding must be accordingly adjusted.

16) Add More Partners for Growing Your Business

Spa, salon, wellness centers, general physicians, etc are a few businesses that can send you customers frequently. So make such network of associated businesses so as to keep on getting customers from them. You can also add some of these services (spa, salon) as add-ons so as to get more revenue per customer.

17) Start Contributing to Local Newspapers

Newspapers carry a big level of trust and your articles published in newspapers can make a lot of positive difference in your business promotion. To get started in this direction, you will have to contact the local newspaper publishing unit followed by offering your proposal to contribute articles for them. You can write on various beauty-related topics and this will start increasing your brand authority.

18) Start Getting More Customers from Colleges

Announce creative contests in colleges followed by distributing discounted vouchers for your business to the participants. You can also arrange contests in such a way that it would require the college students to share your esthetician business promotional messages on their social media profiles. This way your esthetician business can start fetching more clients from colleges and universities.

19) Get More Clients with Good Before/After Portfolio

When it comes to beauty, before/after photos are a great asset in bringing and converting clients. Sharing before/after photos on social media and having a portfolio of such photos on your website can turn out to be a great funnel for attracting new leads for your esthetician business. People are more impressed by end results and before/after photos are the best assets that can convince people to avail your esthetician services.

20) Use Cards for Repeat Sales

For every customer who takes service from you, you can note their basic details and can send out cards on specific days like their birthdays or the date on which they took service from you. This will help you maintain a continuity with the customers which will help you bring repeat sales and more referrals.

21) Host/Sponsor Beauty Events and Contests

Since your business is associated with the beauty and fashion industry, you must make use of beauty and fashion-related events as such events will have more of your target demographic. You can either host, sponsor, or can participate in such events depending on your budget.

22) Use Lead Generation Companies/Agencies

There are many lead generation companies that work on a cost-per-lead model i.e. you will have to pay per qualified lead that they send to your business. In such cases, they will do advertising to bring in leads for your esthetician business and you will have to pay for their performance. You can do a Google search to come across many such lead-generation agencies. Do conduct a good search before selecting one as the quality of leads provided may differ from one agency to other.

23) Let Affiliates Start Promoting Your Esthetician Business

Join any big affiliate network as an advertiser and you will find plenty of affiliates who will be ready to advertise your esthetician business for a predetermined commission per customer. Some of the big networks in this category are Commission Junction, Shareasale, etc.

This sums up our top esthetician marketing ideas that you can utilize to cause a big jump in your customer base as well as in your business. We welcome your input and you can share your ideas and questions below.

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