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21 Equipment Rental Marketing Ideas to Go Big With Orders

Every business needs to reach out to new customers to keep growing and an equipment rental company is not exception. It doesn’t matter if your equipment rental business is an established one or a new one, the more customers you get, the more will your business grow. So take note of these equipment rental marketing ideas, utilize them for your business, and be amazed by the results. That’s enough of introductory talk, let’s shift to the main promotion ideas:

1) Make Small Changes for Big Results

In the age of the internet, your website is more important than your physical office because most searches for products and services now happen online. Most business owners are amazed when they see how small changes made on their website significantly affect the number of customers sent to their business from their website. So examine the presence of these factors on your equipment rental website and accordingly apply the ones that are missing:

a) Make the equipment booking process easy directly through your website with various online payment options. If you don’t want to provide a static price for equipment rental on your website, let the visitor fill out a form to get a quick quote from your side.
b) Don’t let your website design feel congested and crowded to site visitors as it causes many visitors to leave your site. Professional, elegant, and simple-to-navigate design is a must for your website.
c) Good trust-boosting signals like certification of your business, affiliations, awards, testimonials, and other key achievements must be highlighted on your website.
d) Low loading time of the site means many visitors will fall back to another site. Therefore, inspect the site loading time and if it is not within 1-2 seconds, take corrective action on the elements causing slow loading time.
e) Check for mobile-responsive design by browsing your website on a mobile phone. If your site doesn’t automatically resize as per your mobile device screen size, it’s time for making your site mobile-responsive.
f) Videos have a better influence on impacting the decisions of people. So get a professionally created video on your site homepage which will list out and explain your best features in brief.

2) Handle SEO and Customers Will Follow

Practically, your equipment rental website will be invisible on Google if it doesn’t appear on the first page when people search for equipment rental businesses in your city/town. This is because there is literally little to no traffic on page 2 and beyond of Google. To break the competition for first-page ranking, a solid SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be done for your website. SEO is an amalgamation of many factors and it will take some time and practice to excel in SEO skills on your own. There is no scarcity of free materials online that deal with the subject of SEO. Alternatively, use an SEO agency and they will work on your site ranking.

3) Start Appearing in Google Business Listing

The 3 local Google business listings shown on the first page with enhanced details like phone number, ratings, direction, etc for local search terms are a nugget for local businesses and services. However many businesses fail to rank in this section as they just create a GBP (Google Business Profile) for their business without carrying out the necessary optimization. If you create a GBP for your equipment rental business and follow it with good optimization practices, either by yourself or by an SEO agency, you will get a real feel of the benefits of ranking a business in Google business listing.

4) Get a Strong Media Presence to Grow Customers

Out of two businesses, one covered in big media outlets and the other not having any media coverage, which one are you more likely to use? Obviously, at least 90 percent of people will go for the first option. To get coverage in some big media outlets, you don’t need to spend much because with any good and well-networked press release service, it is fairly easy to have your press release appear on top media portals of the world. After getting good media coverage, your business can use the badge of this media feature on your website and can have more people choose your business over others.

5) Use Targeted Ad Campaigns Through Ad Networks

Ad campaigns, if run on good ad networks, can give a quick supply of leads to your equipment rental business. Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads are the three most favored by businesses due to high-quality traffic and results. However, it is not easy to run ads profitably if you lack various ad campaign management skills. It is common for many unskilled people to overspend on ad budgets while getting low returns. So get educated on respective ad platforms where you want to run ads and then start with a small budget and progress with time. To evade this learning and executing process altogether, contract out this work to any capable PPC marketing or digital marketing agency.

6) Use LinkedIn and Connect with Big Clients

To get repeat orders and long-term clients, networking with big companies and decision-makers in companies is essential. This is where LinkedIn gives you the edge in making professional contacts. By having a LinkedIn profile, you can search and send a connection request to people whom you want to connect with. The more you become successful in landing big clients, the better will your network and revenues be.

7) Get Your Social Media Marketing Right

Many businesses understand the potential of social media yet fail at marketing on social media due to a lack of consistency in their promotion. Social media marketing of your equipment rental business will yield results in the long term only if you are dedicated to spending a few months on consistent involvement on these platforms to grow your social media profile first. Growing your social media profile will require you to start sharing useful posts, start joining local groups, using niche-related hashtags, engaging with comments and interactions, etc. Once you get sufficient growth on social media, getting followers after that point becomes automatic.

8) Do Have Custom Merchandise Ready

Even though a gift might have a low monetary value, it can help to build a lasting impression on your customers and this is why custom-printed gifts are one of the good ways to increase customer loyalty. So order inexpensive gift items online with your business name marked on them and start handing them to your customers. Custom-printed diaries, mugs, towels, etc are a few examples of things that you can give to your customers. Depending upon the monetary value and potential of a client, you can increase the monetary value of the gift provided from your side.

9) Integrate Mechanism for Email Marketing

If a visitor comes to your website, you have a single chance of converting that visitor into a customer. However, if you get the visitors’ email addresses, you will have countless chances to keep on promoting your business and offers. Also, your email list is your long-term asset and carries the potential for repeat sales. So start collecting emails from your site visitors and to persuade your site visitors to provide their email addresses, give some rewards and discounts.

10) Videos are the New Growth Channels

Every video posted by you on YouTube creates a new potential for generating traffic to your website. The maths here is very simple and straight. Start posting more videos and start getting more views and ultimately traffic and customers. The results from video marketing will be great if videos made by you target low-competition keywords in the equipment rental industry because this way they can easily rank on both YouTube and Google searches.

11) Take Content Marketing Seriously

As explained in the previous topic, content marketing also has a similar and simple success formula. Start posting more content on your website, your site will show up for more keywords and this will bring more visitors and hence sales. Here too, writing articles on low-competition keywords holds the magic. Any keyword tool can provide you with many article topics in your industry that are less competitive. You can also pay 5-10 dollars on freelance platforms like Fiverr to have a freelancer provide low-competition keywords to you.

12) Score Extras with Directories

HomeAdvisor, Yelp and all similar good-performing directories can be used to list your equipment rental business. Such directories get heavy local traffic for various industries and the mere process of listing your business on such directories will easily give you many visitors and customers.

13) Start Subtle Advertising with Authority

Catch on a few editors of local newspapers and give the offer of contributing articles on topics related to equipment and the related industries served by your equipment. These articles will be more of informative type but your profile and business will get subtle yet authoritative promotion through these articles published in newspapers. The more you start contributing to such newspapers, the more your business will see a direct impact.

14) Let Your Advertising Move Through the Streets

Get an eye-catching banner made for your equipment rental company and put it on your vehicle. Whenever you take your vehicle out on the streets, this banner will fetch more visibility to your business. You can contact other taxi, cab owners and can ask them also to put your equipment rental advertising banner in exchange for fixed commissions being served to them.

15) Start Networking with Contractors

Depending upon the sector/sectors for which you provide equipment rentals, you can reach out to sector-specific contractors and businesses to inform them about your equipment rental services. The more contactors you have in your network, the faster will you see your revenues rise.

16) Gain Extra Edge with Discounts

Many people and businesses usually do a price comparison before taking products and services. If your potential customers enquire about equipment rental services and find your prices better as compared to your competitors, then the chances of your business being selected will be higher. So keep a watch on the cost charged by your competing equipment rental businesses and provide a discounted price to get an extra edge in getting customers.

17) Find and Attend Relevant Events

Events related to trade, construction, etc are great to introduce your business to many potential referrals as well as customers. So start taking part in such events or even becoming co-hosts of such events to avail the associated benefits. A quick Google search can reveal many upcoming events in your city/town.

18) Incentivize People to Help Growing Your Business

Getting your equipment rental business advertised through the joint efforts of hundreds of people can have a much bigger and better impact on your business revenue. To have people promote your business, some good and powerful incentive is required and this is where social contests come into action. You can announce a social contest where people will share some messages about your business on their social media profile and this will give them a discount on your equipment or some other reward like gift certificates.

19) Try to Increase Per Client Value

To increase your overall business revenue, you must find out what is the average amount you earn per customer currently followed by working on ways to improve it. A fantastic method to achieve growth in per-customer value is to start providing add-on services and subscription/loyalty programs.

20) Complete Your Marketing Plan with Offline Promotions

Though you can have a good reach with online marketing techniques, you can further expand your reach by complementing your online marketing with offline marketing. As online promotion methods are many, so are the offline promotion methods. You cannot try out all the different ways of offline marketing hence stick to the most trusted and used methods like publishing classified ads in newspapers, advertising through posters on walls, billboard promotions, distributing marketing brochures, etc.

21) Get More Thumbs Up for Your Business

Seldom do people nowadays consult their friends and family for getting recommendations on businesses and services because all they need to do is type the name of the company on Google and they will easily find the reviews and ratings left by other people. If you have not paid attention to maintaining good reviews, you will lose many potential customers owning to this. So start collecting reviews by asking your customers to do so.

This mega compilation on equipment rental marketing ideas can easily help you discover a new level of growth in your business. Get your questions and other mysteries asked in the comment section underneath this article.

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