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30 Embroidery Marketing Ideas to Get Steady Sales

Despite the growing use of factory-printed apparel, a good segment of the population still likes and buys embroidered materials. However, people must know about your embroidered range of products to buy them. The extent of growth of your embroidery business depends on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy used by you. The embroidery marketing ideas presented in this article can be a game changer in marketing your business to a massive segment of people which will cause steady sales for your business. Go through the below ideas one by one, select a few of them and execute them to see results:

1) Prepare Your Website for More Sales

While you are looking to promote your embroidery business. it is best to start with optimizing your website so that you will be able to make more number of customers from your current website visitors. To optimize your embroidery website to convert more visitors, these factors must be taken into consideration:

a) Your site should not cross 1 or 2 seconds time to load as it is seen that many people (up to 10 percent of visitors) leave slow-loading sites.
b) To convert better, ensuring trust factor in visitors is of prime importance. So have all the trust-building factors like awards, achievements, accreditations, etc placed on your leading page.
c) To get more people to leave their details (email, name) on your website (for promoting to them later), offer things like discount coupons, free ebooks on embroidery, etc.
d) To cater to those visitors who are reaching your website via mobile devices, make your site load smoothly on all kinds of mobile devices with different screen sizes.
e) To communicate instantly with visitors as they arrive on your site, use a live chat widget on your website.
f) Make all the content properly categorized and easy to access along with providing an easy to locate contact details.
g) Get a video on your main page to engage more site visitors.

2) Achieve a Higher Google Ranking to See Sales Growth

The return on investment for getting your embroidery website ranked in Google is simply great. Therefore many local businesses/services take the help of digital marketing agencies to rank their websites for the relevant keywords. Some people mistakenly think that getting a website to be shown in Google is sufficient forgetting the fact that there are thousands of results for each keyword. Therefore instead of getting the site indexed, you must look for getting the top 10 placements in Google when people put keywords like “embroidery shop in [your city/town]”, “personalized embroidery store in [city/town]”, in their browser.

3) Grow Your Business with Competitive Intelligence

Most businesses and services tend to focus on a handful of keywords/search terms related to their business/service website due to which they leave much potential traffic from other keywords. To come across these profitable keywords for your website, exploring the keywords of your competing business/service is very important. You can either use any tool like ahrefs for discovering it or can hire an agency to discover such keywords along with the task of content creation for these keywords so that more traffic would arrive on your site.

4) Earn Media Coverage Easily for Business Growth

People who think that getting media coverage requires hiring some million-dollar PR firm will be more than happy to know that they can get their brand name and business information to be available on news portals directly by using good quality press release distribution service. Distributing a press release containing your business information is way too cheap compared to taking the services of a PR firm. Press release distribution provides additional benefits like getting backlinks, attracting traffic, and providing authenticity apart from its brand-building benefits.

5) Hasten Leads and Sales with Ads

Paid advertising for your embroidery business is the most applicable medium to witness a quick inflow of leads and inquiries. Due to the existence of several factors that need to be managed for effectively running ads, they can be overwhelming to manage. The ability of paid ads to provide quick results is a big plus factor compared to most other online marketing methods. Though one can make a big list of many platforms for paid advertising of his/her embroidery business, the two lucrative and better result-yielding platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Right tracking and adjustment of all ad-related parameters is the key to success with paid advertising and you can opt to get it done by any experienced firm/company if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills.

6) Keep Getting Traffic with Content

A long-term passive traffic and sales generation method for your embroidery business is consistently creating and publishing new content on your website. With more content (articles, case studies, infographics, etc) on your embroidery website, your site will have chances to show up for hundreds to thousands of search queries depending upon the number of posts/articles published. Content marketing is also proven to convert traffic better because informative articles sound less salesy and people don’t like to be sold directly. It also gives an upper hand to your embroidery business from those competing businesses that do not adopt content marketing.

7) Get More Business with Google My Business (GMB)

For local businesses, “Google My Business”, often known as GMB, is a powerful tool for marketing and lead generation. Google basically displays a unique area/section with 3 chosen listings of local businesses for local searches in its organic listings. These 3 results are clearly differentiable from the rest results mainly due to the fact that its background and layout are different. A large number of businesses have their GMB pages but Google will only show 3 of them in its search results every time, based on a number of variables. So if you exercise better control over the factors determining the placement of your business GMB page in this section, you will get way more leads and sales. To achieve placement in this section without much effort, an effective way out is to outsource it to any skilled internet marketing firm that can assist you in dominating the local listings using GMB.

8) Handle Social Marketing for Long Term Gains

For handling social media marketing of your embroidery business, you have to fine-tune the marketing campaign depending on your target demographic and the broader demographic of the social media platform. Social media helps to develop a better and close relationships with people due to the informal nature of communication involved. You can spread and promote your embroidery business on social media platforms using hashtags, posting informational content regularly, quizzes, contests, promoting in other groups/profiles, cross-promoting partner businesses/entities, etc. A great additional benefit of using social media marketing is that your website will also receive more traffic, link power (for search engine ranking), and extra leads using social networks.

9) Reap Continuing Benefits from Email Marketing

You simply have to collect emails from your site visitors to get started with this. Used by millions of businesses and services around the world, email marketing is a marketing strategy with numerous advantages. By adopting email marketing for your embroidery business promotion, you can initiate a closer bonding with customers which, in turn, will work towards loyalty building for your business. You can collect email addresses through your website as well as by getting back to your old customers and asking for their email addresses to send them occasional offers and discounts. Compared to most other paid marketing channels, email marketing has lesser costs and is easy to use and operate by a single person.

10) Use Strategic Video Promotion

When people use very specific, long, and targeted search terms in Google, then the chances of videos showing up in Google search results are higher. This opens the possibility of using video marketing for your embroidery business. The more videos you put out on Youtube for long and specific search phrases related to your business, the more will be traffic and ultimately leads + sales for your embroidery business. Further, due to the greater engagement power of videos, they are much more reliant on the ability to convert visitors to customers. This explains why having videos on your website is much more important than having text content alone.

11) Create Massive Promotions through Influencers

Select a few regional influencers, mainly in niches like fashion, and pay them to promote your embroidery website and social media profile. To make the promotion special, you can also give special coupons for the followers of these influencers so that it would cause more increase in sales.

12) Start Regional Partnership with LinkedIn

To get more shops, hotels, and businesses in your town/city to order embroidered items from you, you will have to contact them first. Since contacting physically has certain challenges, the best alternative to make these businesses your clients is through LinkedIn because you can find and connect with many businesses locally through this platform. Using this platform, you can also expand your business reach to more cities and towns.

13) Ask Your Customers to Bring More Business

It takes nothing to ask your customers to pass on the name of your business to their known ones. To make this referring mechanism even more powerful, you can also hand them referral coupons and can allocate points to your customers every time their provided coupon is used at your business.

14) Use Yelp and Yelp Like Sites

Yelp and similar multiniche listing directories are powerful in driving sales for many businesses. The process of listing on such sites is also very simple and doesn’t require regular meddling with your listing. So get listed on a handful of directories that receive big traffic volume monthly. Links gained from such sites to your website are an added indirect benefit.

15) Capitalize on Local Auction Based Fundraisers

Auction-based fundraisers at schools, churches, or any other venue, usually take place in crowded places. To get the name out for your embroidery business, donate some creative and attractive embroideries for auction with your business name stitched on them so that apart from getting attention to your embroidery, this process will also lead many people to become familiar with your embroidery business.

16) Replace Traditional Gifts with Embroideries

Be it functions for birthdays, weddings, or any other kind of anniversary, giving flower bokeh, fancy items, etc as gifts is a common norm. However, by presenting your custom-made embroidery as a gift, you will not only stand out from the rest but it can lead to these people contacting you for designing similar gifts for their friends and relatives.

17) Promote at Craft Shows and Events

Always be prepared for the next craft show or any popular event that is scheduled to take place in your town/city. Be active in reaching out to the organizers of the event or craft show to get your stall booked so that you can not only promote your embroidery options directly but can also hand out coupons to the attendees for discounted prices for their future purchases.

18) Partner with Local Boutiques

Meet the owners of local boutiques and give them the offer of designing custom embroidery on their clothing so that they can charge more to their clients for this extra feature and you can get more business. You can also offer to provide your own range of embroidered clothing to them.

19) Tie Up with Interior Designers

Interior designers are very choosy about providing a new range of designs to their customers. Further, interior designers mostly serve the upper financial status clientele. You can tie up with them to offer a new range of designs for various items like curtains, mats, carpets, etc. This will help the interior designer to add uniqueness to his/her portfolio along with giving you big business.

20) Get Creative with Vehicle Advertising

Take out your vehicle on the road while covering some parts of it with images of your best embroidery items along with the name and contact number of your business. As people take notice of your advertising put up on your vehicle, the more likely you will get new leads. Pay other vehicle owners and repeat this vehicle advertising strategy to magnify the effects.

21) Get More Business with Shopping Cart Trolleys

List out the names of prominent departmental stores, stores in malls, etc followed by designing embroidered covers for their shopping cart trolleys. These covers must have the name of the respective business name along with your own business name marked on them so that customers arriving at these stores will notice your business name and contact details. Depending upon the scale of execution of this method, you will notice a proportional growth in customers. You can implement this method in almost all such crowded places where shopping cart trolleys are used.

22) Grow Your Business with Free Bags

Host or co-host competitions in local schools and colleges and give away free embroidered bags to the winners. Make sure to design these bags by considering the recent punch lines and fandom common among the youth. This will lead more students to contact your business for getting new bags designed for them.

23) Get More Business with Big Service Providers

Hotels, departmental stores, and all such businesses that require their staff to wear a specific uniform can be contacted to offer custom embroidery on their uniforms with the names of staff/store/logo embroidered on them. Apart from uniforms, you can also contact such places for embroidering on other types of clothes like curtains, table mats, table cloth, etc. You can also give curtains, table mats, etc carrying your business name for free at large hotels and restaurants to get free publicity.

24) Make More Sales with eCommerce Listings

eCommerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, are mega traffic sources and they generate revenues for thousands of businesses around the world. You can start listing your range of embroidered items on these sites to start growing your embroidery business beyond your geographic location. As there is big competition among sellers on these eCommerce platforms, you can use the ad platforms on the respective sites to get the initial push. You can also start listing your items on new eCommerce platforms as the competition is less there and this can give more sales to your business.

25) Bring More Sales with Rich Portfolio

People have diverse choices and getting the attention of potential customers becomes easy if you maintain a rich portfolio of your work. Take pictures of all your embroidery work done by you, make a portfolio section on your website, and showcase your work along with timely sharing of this work on your social media profiles. This process will give you more orders as pictures are far more impressive than text in convincing people.

26) Utilize the Power of “Free”

Some businesses creatively make use of social media contests to gain popularity and new customers for them. You too can host contests on social media that would require people to share your embroidery business on their social media profile along with tagging a certain number of friends. Such types of contests will give good exposure to your business and can take the social media reach of your business to a few thousand people easily if you carry out this method orderly. To announce such contests, you can use a few influencers from your region or can do it through ads in local newspapers.

27) Utilize the Wisdom of Fandom

A great segment of the human population is driven by emotions portrayed through films and TV shows. Many dialogues, symbols, etc from such shows and movies become popular (like “Game of Thrones”) among the youth and this is where you can capitalize on such dialogues and symbols by stitching them on your merchandise. To promote such merchandise carrying dialogues, symbols, etc, you can use the fan pages of respective actors, and TV shows on social media or by other advertising means like paid ads on social media, etc.

28) Give Incentives to Others to Promote You

Start an affiliate program for your embroidery business so that every order/sale made by your affiliates will provide commissions to them. Setting up a self-hosted affiliate program is easy with many plugins available online. As people are driven by rewards, once you get a sizeable number of affiliates, you will easily see your sales growth due to the efforts of your affiliates.

29) Offline is Still Here

Despite the growing acceptance of online marketing, offline marketing methods are still driving leads very well for businesses and services locally as well as nationally. So do not completely ignore the conventional promotional methods like newspaper classified ads, banner advertising, flyers, brochures, radio ads, etc. Start them at a small scale and magnify or reject them as per the results achieved.

30) Gain Customers with Reviews

There is enough research data online depicting the growing influence of online reviews for businesses and services. So it’s time to start asking your customers to leave reviews online along with being active in addressing any non-favorable reviews at the earliest. The equation is very simple, people search your brand name on Google, find many positive reviews online and decide to buy from you and vice versa.

That’s it. It took great effort in writing down this article on embroidery marketing ideas. If you find some trouble in any of the points or want to compliment us, write to us below (comment section).

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