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21 Electrician Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients Consistently

As an electrician, you may find it hard to increase your client base due to new electrical contractors and businesses entering the market along with facing competition from old and established electrician businesses. However, if you are willing to adopt some new-age electrician marketing techniques, you can get an extra edge over the competition due to which you can start a new channel of getting many more clients than you are presently getting. So let us delve into electrician marketing ideas that can give your more electrical work consistently.

1) Press Release

One of the best and cost-efficient ways of getting announcements/content related to your electrician business across many websites and news portals is by using press releases. Whenever you issue any press release, you are sure to get the following benefits that have been listed below:

A) Getting widespread content distributed on many sites.
B) Getting your content to be read by a big audience due to enhanced distribution.
C) Valuable backlinks to your official website which is an important ranking factor for SEO purposes.
D) A big increment in the brand value of your electrician business.

By paying for premium plans for a press release, you can also reach some of the world-famous portals like Yahoo News apart from effectively advertising your electrician business.

2) High Performing Website

For marketing an electrical contractor or business, a website is very much essential if you are serious about online presence. However, just having a website for namesake isn’t going to get you much benefits. In order to pull out the best possible advantages of having a website for your electrician business, make certain that you have these things implemented in your website:

A) Since the attention span of people is decreasing, so highlight all the best features of your business on the front page like 24/7 operation, free quotes, years in operation, top skills, awards/recognition, etc.
B) Attach testimonials of some big and notable businesses or individuals from your location (trust factor).
C) Make certain that your website resolution adapts to screen size i.e. mobile-friendly as many people will access your site through tablets and mobile phones.
D) To catch the user’s attention for a longer period of time, embed a professional video on your homepage.
E) Make the entire website easy to navigate apart from it being professionally designed.
F) Improve the loading time of the site in order to prevent users from leaving your site due to slow loading time.
G) Contact options like phone/email/skype, etc must be distinctly visible on the front page itself.

3) Dominate 2 Organic Listings

Since the most prevalent tendency of people nowadays is to head over to Google to search for almost all things, ensuring that your electrician business gets seen on the first page of Google is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to miss many active prospects. Within Google’s first page, your electrician business can find a position in two places one being “Google Local Listing” and the other being the generic search results. Getting visible in both of these positions require taking care of different set of parameters. You can either spend time learning and implementing it yourself or can get an SEO agency to handle it for you. Once you get good ranking, you can enjoy a consistent flow of active people seeking electrician services.

4) Opt Ads for Quick Results

If you want to see customers/leads for electrical contractors (or services) pouring in quickly, then running ads online on big traffic platforms is the best option. The topmost source that can generate plenty of targeted leads is Google Ads due to the virtue of the ads being shown to the actively seeking people. The next big name in ads is the Facebook ads platform that can give good results. Both of these platforms have their own set of intricacies for making ads and setting parameters for their display.

If you are a novice in running ads, then spend some time in getting familiar with the respective ad platforms first before investing big in it. Wrong selection of parameters can negatively affect your budget and return on investment. Another option to get it done efficiently is by hiring a digital marketing agency. Electrician advertising using ads online is thus a great way to start getting new customers quickly for your electrician business.

5) Mark Active Presence on Social Media

Social media, though a slow marketing process initially, gives a wide variety of benefits (clients, brand building, links, etc) in long term. The strategy to promote electrician business/service on social media is a little bit different in a way that it requires building an audience first which takes time and consistent efforts. Aggressive marketing on social media platforms works detrimental to the business/service and therefore, slow and subtle marketing is most suited in such platforms. Once you successfully establish your presence in social media with followers in a few thousands and above, you can start marketing your electrician services more smoothly there.

6) Video Marketing

Anyone who comes across the brand name of your electrical business/service is likely to search for reviews and ratings of your business/service in Google. In such cases, having videos online can drastically improve the success rates of conversions. Further, posting videos of your electrician services on Youtube can fetch you, new clients, too. You can also share such videos across your social media platforms to enlarge the benefits. Further, posting videos on website has been proven to increase the visitor stay time on the site and in boosting conversions. So utilize video marketing methods to get more electrical work consistently and to grow your revenue.

7) Email Marketing

Remaining in active memory of potential customers is a great way to generate more business revenue. Email marketing for an electrical business is one of the lesser-used marketing methods that has lots of potential. Whenever people visit your website or whenever you serve any client, collect their email address and send them 2-3 emails/month to maintain the connection which will translate into more sales. Another method is to find some businesses from your locality who collect and maintain the email addresses of their customers and then offer some incentive to these businesses to promote your business to their email list. This way you can send out your message to many local people at once without having to wait for increasing your list size.

8) Directories

You can also ride the strong ranking position of big sites and directories to make your electrician business more visible online, thereby getting more leads. You will find that sites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Crunchbase, etc rank very well in Google. By doing a one-time task of putting your business details on these sites, you will get more chances of online exposure through these third-party platforms.

9) Local Referral Network

As an electrician, you can tie up with all other such businesses and services that may frequently get customers who need electrician services. Some of these businesses and services can be electrical shops, handymen, real estate agents/brokers, etc. You can also put flyers/banners on offices of such businesses to get more exposure (with permission).

10) New Construction Advantage

Keep an eye on the construction of all new buildings, offices, schools, that are taking place in your surroundings. Be the first to reach out to them for getting the contract for all electrical wirings required in the construction. Better get in touch with the construction in charge and tie up with him (commission basis) to get the electrical contract for the entire building. This is a local and creative way of marketing an electrical contractor/business.

11) Commercial Clients Outreach

Commercial clients mean much bigger work and much bigger revenue. So if you want to remain busy with your work, get in touch with as many commercial clients as you can. The most efficient way to build relationships with such commercial clients is to utilize LinkedIn to find and connect with top leadership position holders of businesses in your region. Even by securing a few commercial clients for your electrician business, rest will follow by word of mouth publicity. You can establish contact with big developers, big contractors, big architects, etc.

12) Local FB Groups

Facebook groups are one of the most under-utilized marketing methods. You can search for city-specific groups on Facebook and can find many opportunities to know local people using these groups. To take better advantage of these local FB groups, make a connection with the group administrators and ask for various advertising opportunities in their group. It is very easy to get familiar with thousands of people in your town/city using these groups.

13) Influencers

Since most non-paid social media marketing strategies take time to show results, one easy way to cross this limitation is to hire paid influencers who already have the much-needed requirement i.e. audience. These influencers can get your business or message to be known to their followers by simply posting your message on their social media profiles. Selecting a good influencer is a crucial requirement for this to happen and you must select only that influencers who have a good local following. Sites like Upfluence.com have a variety of options to sort and select influencers.

14) Custom Carry Bags

You can bulk order custom carry bags that have your business details printed on them. Now you can distribute these carry bags to all the electrician shops so that everyone who buys some or the other electrical products gets to know your electrician business/service through the details printed on the bag. You can distribute such items to all such locations where you believe that potential customers would most likely arrive and shop around. It is a low-cost way for electrician marketing.

15) Flyers

Though distributing flyers might seem to be an old idea, the reality is that it works to generate calls. You can keep on testing the flyers with different fonts, colors, and other parameters to come out with the best converting flyer for your business. Nowadays, there are even flyer distribution services so that the most essential feature of flyer marketing i.e. distribution is easily taken care of.

16) Local Forums

You can advertise your electrician business on local Reddit forums that are centered around your city. Similarly, you can exploit local Facebook groups and ask the group owners to display your business advertising in exchange of some money. You can also approach sites owned by local people and you must discuss all possibilities of running your ads on their site.

17) Active Participation Locally

Your business must be seen across all the active events that are taking place in your locality/town. To go one step ahead in this game, you can talk to the event organizers to sponsor, co-sponsor or host the event or to set up a booth in the event. For people who are too busy to attend such events, you can hire a company representative so that he would actively participate in all such events to gain more local customers for your electrician business.

18) Build Subscription Base

To get more dollars per customer, you must make all efforts to convert one-time customer to a regular customer. This can be done by creatively packaging your services into a long-term offer. The customer must get the feeling of a good bargain on buying your subscription. Subscription plans also help to increase loyalty in business which is also one of the factors towards increasing business revenue.

19) Expand Reach

To gain more customers, one way that you can use to achieve it is by crossing your geographical limitations by ideas like a franchise, branch office, etc. If you want to do all the tasks alone, it will drain away your time and resources. So it is much better to get paid commission on all such electrician services (apart from your region) that you might have otherwise missed. You can train some people and can let them serve in the surrounding regions while you passively enjoy the commissions earned from it. If you want to take your electrician marketing potential to the next level, then utilizing this step opens up bigger potential.

20) Offline Marketing

People do notice offline advertising too and they have been used for centuries. Despite the drawback of offline marketing being untargeted and costly, they do produce awareness and leads. So you must integrate offline electrician advertising methods like newspaper ads, billboard ads, brochures, pamphlets, etc to remain visible to all the segment of people who are not that tech-savvy to search for electrician services online.

21) Reviews

The significance of having good reviews online is on the rise because people like to check the profile of a business or service before trying it. Having no reviews or average reviews signals people to move away while good reviews act as a pull factor for business/services. So always proactively insist people to leave reviews of your service. It must also be supplemented with early detection and removal of bad or average reviews by interacting with the customers who leave such feedback.

This winds up our list of marketing ideas for electricians. If you have more ideas to share or have something to discuss, the comment section below is your best friend.

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