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DJ Marketing Ideas: 25 Tips for Growing Your DJ Business

Looking for a power-packed set of DJ marketing ideas? Well, this comprehensive post on promoting your DJ business is aimed at DJ business owners like you who are looking for genuine ideas that are proven to produce results. Without elongating the topic with introductory stuff, let us jump right into the main strategies for DJ business marketing.

1) Have a Website With Powerful Attributes

As most online DJ business marketing strategies will direct interested people to your website, having a website is the first step in advertising your DJ business. However, simply getting a website isn’t the right way to do this. Your website should have these aspects in order to convey the impression of a professional DJ service

a) A professional bio with a press kit (photos, logo, brand identity).
b) Link to a gallery section containing photos of events and your upcoming events.
c) A mobile-friendly website in order to serve mobile visitors of your website with the right resolution frame.
d) A quick-loading website to avoid the dropout of visitors.
e) All the awards, testimonials, and achievements of your DJ business.
f) A convenient medium of contact and booking your services.
g) Salient features that set you apart from others in the market.

2) Show up Powerfully When Searched Online

As DJ services are mostly searched by new age group people, so it becomes obvious that most of your potential customers will start their search online. If they type “DJ services in [city name/town name]” and your DJ business website is nowhere in the top 10 results of Google, you will lose all those clients to your competing DJ services who appear on the first page of Google. So get your DJ website to show up on the first page of Google (and other search engines) by learning and implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or by hiring a professional digital marketing service for ranking your website.

3) Make Use of Google Local Pack

Google Local Pack is a small block of search results that displays local businesses and services when such kinds of search queries (local-oriented keywords) are typed in Google. The two most significant factors that are taken into consideration for displaying businesses and services in this pack are citations and reviews. If you do not have sufficient time to understand and implement the whole mechanics of ranking your business in Google Local Pack, you can still rank in this pack using any digital marketing service that is competent in ranking their clients in this block.

4) Spread Your Business With Press Release

People finding about your business on your website and people finding about your business on a news website are two greatly different things when it comes to creating a brand image. Press release is one of the perfect low-cost means to get your DJ business to show up on world-famous news portals like Associated Press, Yahoo News, Market Watch, etc. However, if your selected distribution service for the press release is not good enough, your DJ business won’t get placed in top-tier publications. Another advantage of the press release will be that the links created due to the distribution will also assist your website in better ranking on many search engines. So get set for a press release to promote your DJ business.

5) Speed Up DJ Leads with Paid Advertising

Using paid ads online is a tried and tested method for many businesses to grow leads and sales. If you advertise your DJ business on big advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you will get many extra leads for your DJ business every month through this medium. However, starting and running ads is effective only if you can optimize them (ad campaigns) enough to ensure that you get a positive return on your ad spend. For hassle-free and effective lead generation through ads, use a professional ad managing agency or learn the fundamentals of creating and managing ads yourself.

6) Social Media Marketing of DJ Business

For most people who are born in the digital era, social media platforms are a part of their lives. The amount of people present on social media platforms is simply too big to ignore. Hence, get a thriving presence of your DJ business on all the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followed by growing the number of followers by constantly making connections with people and by sharing good content. After having a good presence (high number of followers) on these platforms, it becomes really easy to get a few extra leads from social media sites too. Another advantage of social media marketing for your DJ business is that you can easily find and connect with other DJ businesses for exploring more opportunities.

7) Email Marketing

To create and retain a fan base, email marketing is very significant. By making an email list, you can announce your upcoming DJ events, discounts, offers, etc at any time to your subscribers. This will get more repeat business for you. Though collecting subscribers to your email list will take some time, the results that your business will achieve will be long-lasting. You can embed your email collecting opt-in forms on your website, social media profiles, and on all other marketing platforms that allow you to do so. To fasten the process of collecting subscribers, incentivize people to give away their email addresses by using offers like discounts, rewards, etc.

8) Manage a Consistent Brand Image

In all your marketing materials, online and offline, use a consistent brand image of your DJ business by using a unique logo, image and tagline for your business. By using the same brand identity, your business will be easily recognized by people.

9) Have a Press Kit Ready

Most professional services have a press kit to showcase the most vital elements of marketing in one place. Your press kit must include professional photos of your DJ business, photos of past events, famous celebrities/influencers who participated in your events, news coverage, awards, logo files, audio/video files, big clients, etc. By having a press kit, your business will not only convey professionality but will also assist people to get systematically arranged marketing materials in one place.

10) Put Videos on YouTube Too

Put videos of your events on YouTube too because when people search for knowing more about your DJ business, they will come across these videos too which will work as an added advantage for your business. Also, it is noteworthy that since YouTube attracts billions of search queries every month, having your own channel active on this platform can help gain more recognition for your business. If you upload videos by optimizing them for local search queries (For example: Best party DJ in Houston), then there are high chances for such videos to appear on web search results of Google too, which can provide you more leads.

11) Grow Your DJ Business Faster With LinkedIn

Big clients for any business means more money and more connections and referrals. In order to make such contacts, the aptest platform is LinkedIn. Join LinkedIn and search for big clients in your city/town. Send them a connection request and start growing your connections to the top decision-makers of such businesses. You can find top contacts across various industries like event organizers, owners of big hotels, yacht owners, etc through LinkedIn.

12) Marketing Through Customized Merchandise

Make custom merchandise for your DJ business and use it for your business growth. As your custom-printed merchandise will carry your business name and logo, getting it distributed will aid in making more people aware of your DJ services. You can have T-shirts, mugs, pens, calendars, wrist bands, plastic bottles, etc printed with your business images and can give them away to people coming to your events. You can also use them as rewards for people who post your DJ business-related advertisements or images on their social media profiles.

13) Business Card Marketing

Get quality business cards printed and hand them over to as many people who are potential prospects. Marketing through business cards leaves a more personal impact than email marketing. It is one of the low-cost marketing techniques for a DJ business. If you don’t feel comfortable handing out business cards to people, you can hire a person to take over this task.

14) Use Influencers to Promote Your Business

All people from your city/town who have a large young following on social media are the ideal prospects who can promote your DJ business. Search for such profiles and send them a collaboration request. Select those people who quote reasonable rates and have more proportion of your intended demographic. By broadcasting your message on their profiles, your business name can get more recognition along with gaining an increase in the number of followers to your social media profile.

15) Share Music/Videos on All Top Platforms

Your music videos from your DJ events can get eyeballs on many platforms like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. Also, make sure to share them on your website and social media profiles. The more platforms where your business gets seen, the more it will help towards enhancing your DJ brand image.

16) Grow Your Network

Other businesses that involve in similar or associated events can be the best entities to send new leads to your DJ business. Some of the good networking partners can be club promoters, wedding planners, cruise event managers, club managers, event organizers, etc.

17) Evolve to Remain Contemporary

Every sector keeps evolving with new trends and technologies. The same is true for your DJ business too. To remain one step ahead in your business, join DJ forums, music forums and keep an eye on new trends by setting Google alerts for news related to your sector.

18) Sponsorship from Local Businesses

For marketing your DJ business effectively and consistently, you will require funds. If you don’t want to use your money or want an additional source of money, get sponsors in the form of local businesses. For example: you can tie up with an alcohol store/brand to promote their brand in your events in exchange for funds you receive from them. Similarly, you can reach out to other businesses for collecting funds.

19) SMS Marketing

People check their phones and SMS much more than emails and therefore SMS marketing is a big opportunity if you can get people to subscribe using their phone numbers. A good way to do this is to hold “SMS to Participate” contests where users will have to send SMS to participate in contests (or scan any QR code to participate) along with opting for future marketing messages from you. Once you have a rich portfolio of numbers, you can at anytime promote new events, discounts, and offers.

20) Grow With Tie-Ups

If a person approaches you for DJ and you offer catering and event arrangements along with your services, then you can make more money per customer. For this, you must tie up with all associated businesses and offer a package deal so that every business involved with you can benefit. The same can be replicated from the other side too as they too can offer your DJ services (in combo package) if clients approach them.

21) Marketing in Crowded Places

Advertise through banners and billboards on all prominent crowded places where young people hang out. These locations can be crowded bars, pubs, clubs or simply famous food stalls and shops. You can also get your pamphlets and brochures distributed for promoting your DJ business at these places.

22) Grow With Low Monetary Expectations

If you are fairly new in the business, many people will obviously approach you with the belief that your charges will be low. Before you establish a name in your niche, do not charge on similar lines as your competitors. First, try to build a good portfolio of clients and events in order to reach a level where you can charge higher.

23) Referrals

For every client for whom you have performed, ask them to refer others or give them a referral coupon/discount for the next occasion. This can bring both repeat services and new clients.

24) Reviews

Many people usually check for feedback and reviews online before finalizing their decision to select goods and services. Keeping this in mind, encourage people to leave positive reviews of your business online so that it would help in shaping the decisions of more people in your favor.

25) DJ Music For Special Events

Host DJ music events for special occasions like a popular football match, independence day, etc. Announce low-cost entry for such events to start getting attention from more people.

We hope that this blog post has served plenty of new ideas for advertising your DJ business. If you have some more ideas to share or have any questions to ask, kindly do so using the comments below.

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