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Dentist Press Release Template, Writing Tips, Example Guide

As a dentist, there can be situations where you would like to make an announcement related to your dental practice or any related scenario. For such announcements, press releases are the most effective. However, press releases require a slightly different method of conveying information, unlike traditional blog posts. The dentist press release template given here can make the process of framing a press release easier. Apart from this, you will also find tips on writing and distributing your dental press release effectively in this blog post.

Aim: To get the dentist press release distributed online resulting in a big visibility online.

Tools: The above aim can be easily achieved with the tools/modules given here in the form of a well-structured press release format (template), advantages of PR broadcast, tips regarding the writing of the PR, and example.

Template: Make your press release effortlessly using the dentist press release template given below:


[Headline] /* [Name of the dental clinic/dentist] + Announces [the main announcement] + at [Location] (if location is applicable) + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Provide a short brief of 1-2 sentences */

[Location City], [Date]. [Name of the dental clinic/dentist], a [new/emerging] name in dental service, is pleased to announce the [type of announcement with date and location (if date and location are applicable)]. [What is the significant benefit to people/potential customers] (2-3 sentences)

[Background of the announcement + key facilities provided at clinic/hospital + work experience + academic details] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from the Dentist]

[new trends in dental practice + how your dental practice is in line with latest changes + what unique benefits patients can get] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a patient or another senior doctor associated with your clinic]

To know more about [the announcement], visit [website URL].

About [Dental Service Name/Dentist]

[Early stages (established since year) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* only official email, not free ones */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Most Common Benefits

The most common benefits that a press release distribution for your dental practice-related announcement can give you are:

1) Fast Spread, Fast Attention

Is there any business/service that would NOT like to get more potential customers to become aware of their product or services? None. But this wish doesn’t come true for many businesses and services out there simply for the fact that most of them do not know the means to do so. Press releases provide the solution for this. The press releases issued by any company get spread across many sites (in 100’s) and the consequence is that the announcement covered in the press release gets many eyeballs quickly. Further, if the press release content is developed well enough by keeping basic online SEO practices in mind, then the results achieved are well above the results achieved otherwise.

2) Provides Easy Branding

Branding agencies charge exorbitant prices from new businesses to get their names mentioned on popular news sites. A straightforward, cost-effective, and easy way to achieve this brand effect is by writing a press release and using a competent distribution provider that has access to such quality news sites. An added advantage that comes with being published on such big news sites is that your other content (guest posts, articles) will have an easy time getting approved and published on other big-name sites once they see that your business has already been covered on popular sites.

3) Helps Acquire Diverse and Powerful Backlinks

All benefits that your business gets using press release distribution are not direct in nature. A major indirect benefit is that press release distributions lead to an outburst in the number of backlinks as all the sites that publish your press release count towards backlink building for the website mentioned in the PR content. Since backlinks are a significant factor in determining the visibility of your website online, press releases indirectly improve the visibility of your website which helps to attract more traffic, sales, and awareness of your business.

4) Creates the Perception of a Transparent Business

For businesses that are committed to ensuring transparency in their business, press releases provide them with a good option to move forward in this direction. A straightforward and simplistic approach in this direction is to make sure that all the important changes taking place in your company/business like quarterly financial results, new investments, new C-level employees, new tie-ups, etc are announced through press releases so that these changes become known to all the interested parties. Further, this process will ensure that any person (investor, consumer, journalist, etc) interested in your business can come across various pieces of data (through press releases) that will assist him/her to make a better assessment of your business.

5) Inexpensively Gets You on News Sites

What impact it would bring when people type your business name in Google and see your business story/content being published on Yahoo Finance and other well-known sites of the world? It is obvious that the impact will be positive. However, if you are unsure as to how to make this possibility a reality, a press release is the solution. A press release sent using a quality wire service or distribution service is capable of rendering such results. This benefit yielded by a press release will save you hundreds of dollars that any marketing or branding agency would charge you for the same.

Must Follow Tips

Follow these tips before you start writing the press release.

1) Make it More Exciting with Good News Angle

For press releases to perform better than the several press releases issued every day, they should not be written like the typical announcement-style press release that most businesses send out regularly. By associating cross-links with other sectors, industries, or any exciting news angle or current event, the press release gets a good chance to make more impact as the scope of its readers gets widened when new elements are linked with the press release.

2) Don’t Show Vocabulary Power

The content of your press release must be written such that any person with basic English skills can read it in one go without having to refer to any dictionary or internet for understanding the words mentioned in your press release. Though the usage of some jargon might be inevitable sometimes, their usage should be limited to the extent possible.

3) Good Headline Will Attract More Readers

Whenever people arrive on a website that publishes press release content, they are shown multiple press releases and news stories which makes it difficult for your press release to get noticed unless it has some very interesting headline. This explains why the headline of your press release must be written in such a way that any person reading the headline would get motivated to read further.

4) Answer Basic Questions Without Elongating the Content

Before writing a press release, making a rough skeleton of all the possible questions applicable to the press release announcement is very significant in order to ensure that the final draft of the press release doesn’t miss on to provide answers to any of the vital questions. This process must be carried out while keeping in mind that the length of the press release should not exceed a certain limit, mostly around 600-750 words.

5) PR is Hard to Fix Later

Some things are too hard to fix later and a press release is one of them. If the content written for your press release gets published, there is simply no way that you can get corrections done on all of them at a later stage. Some of the sites may entertain correction/modification requests, but since the number of sites related to the distribution is simply huge, you will not be able to successfully modify all the copies of your press release content existing on the web.

6) No Direct Addressing

You cannot directly address a person in your press release unlike a typical blog post like this where I can freely use the words like “I”, “You”, “mine”, etc. For writing a press release, you must only get the writing done in the third person only. The exception to usage of the first-person and second-person is only within the direct quotes section said by any person like Roger, the CEO, said “We are hopeful of……”.

7) Don’t Get in Legal Trouble with Unverified Claims

Unverified claims and/or accusations should not form a part of your press release due to the legal risks that they can bring to your company. Also, if faced with legal problems, you will not have the recourse to get corrections done in press releases after getting published because your content will already be spread across various sites with each of them having different policies for modifications and editing of content. So whenever you write a press release, avoid any accusations or superficial claims.

8) Right Media Contact is Necessary

The concluding part of a press release involves putting details like the name, email, phone number, and location of a person who is responsible for handling the queries resulting from the press release. As a press release can open many opportunities in the form of interest from other publishing houses, new partners, new clients, etc, putting the right and responsible details in this section must be ensured.

9) Check the Sample Report First to Decide the Provider

Among all the benefits of a press release, one of the most powerful benefits is to get the content published on some of the major and popular news sites of the world. For this, choosing any random service won’t make the cut. You must check a sample distribution PDF report from the distributor to find out the actual list of sites where the service provider can get your content published.

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