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20 Dance Studio Marketing Ideas to Land More Students/Clients

Despite imparting good dancing skills, your dance studio will not be able to get more students if it doesn’t pay good attention to its marketing. Clients are the lifeblood of any business and in order to get more customers to become aware of the existence of your dance studio, you need to take the necessary steps to promote your dance studio. Given below are some of the most relevant dance studio marketing ideas that can be used to grow your business:

1) Start With Making Changes to Your Website

While it’s true that a basic website may be up and running with little effort and cost, it won’t be adequate to attract new customers with its design alone. The success of your dance studio website is gauged by looking at the number of qualified leads produced in relation to the overall number of site visits. If 20 out of 500 people who visit your website each month end up contacting your business, your website will be said to have a conversion rate of 4% which is low indeed. You need to boost your site’s conversion percentage if you want your website to reach its full potential. Therefore, have the following things on your website:

a) It is critical that the website be optimized for mobile devices as the number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices is on rise.

b) Put a promotional video on the homepage so that people can get a feel of your dance studio.

c) A phone number with a call to action should remain on top of your website so that more people will likely contact you.

d) Instantaneous loading of your website must be ensured to prevent visitor loss.

e) Build trust with customers by highlighting achievements, news mentions/appearances, and testimonials.

2) Create and Distribute Press Release for 3-in-1 Benefits

Press releases are a boon for strategic marketers and business owners but sadly the majority of businesses still don’t use them because they don’t understand the value that they can provide to their business in the long run. Press releases are not just a means for making announcements, as many people believe. By writing and distributing press releases through some reputed distribution channels, your business-related content can appear on some of the most popular news portals of the world including big names like Associated Press and various Fox news affiliates. Not only brand growth, but links, traffic, and greater visibility are the other advantages that are conferred by a press release.

3) Post More Content to Get More Visitors and Clients

If you want your dance studio website to rank for 100’s or even thousands of keywords, you should start creating a lot of content. When you use the right keywords and create good content on them, it will bring relevant traffic to your website. This explains how creating good, relevant content consistently can generate more visitors and accordingly, clients. When you select the right local level keywords related to “dance studio” and create relevant content for such keywords, you will see leads and students rising passively for your dance business.

4) Win More Local Clients with GMB

When people search for a local service or local store on Google, the most popular result that is displayed on top is the “Google Business Profile” or “Google My Business (GMB)” page. This is the reason why you should definitely create a Google Business Profile page followed by filling it out with as many details as you can, including your dance studio name, address, opening hours, phone number, and all other pertinent information related to your business. In fact, the details from GMB also appear on Google Maps. With the right optimization, the GMB page for your dance studio can become an extra channel for sending clients to your business.

5) Have an Optimized SEO to Outrank Competitors

Unpaid traffic from search engines goes a long way in increasing leads/sales and brand awareness. You want your website to be on the first page of the search results page when someone types in keywords like “dance studio in [CITY NAME]”, “best dance classes near me”, etc. Therefore, you should create a strategy to rank your content in the top ten results of the SERP. As you start your journey to rank your website on the SERP (search engine results), there are a few requirements that you must meet. These requirements are referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To fully understand what SEO is, it’s best to go through a couple of free online resources on this topic. Later, you can make a decision of doing it yourself or hiring an SEO agency. Hiring an agency can be safer because all the technicalities are handled by them.

6) Get More Students from Social Media

The widespread adoption of social media by people is a very common fact. Due to the vast opportunities presented by social media, social media marketing has been embraced by all small and big types of businesses. Your dance academy/studio will benefit from social media marketing in the long run if you invest time and energy into increasing the number of social media users who follow your business. In order to attract and retain a larger social media following, your business has to regularly provide engaging and helpful content. By promoting your social media handles through other marketing sources, you will notice a greater percentage of people following you across various social media accounts.

7) Online Ads Can Give a Faster Boost

Advertisements on search engines like Google and Bing are far better targeted to a particular audience than those on more traditional media like television and radio. If we compare the ad price of more traditional forms of advertising, such as airing commercials on television/radio, to online advertising, it will become evident that the cost involved online is much budget friendly as you are charged based on ad clicks rather than mere visibility to an audience. As it takes very less time to approve the ads online, you might begin getting traffic and leads almost immediately after starting an ad campaign. You may either hire a digital advertising agency to handle your commercials for you, or you can read one of the many readily available internet guides to learn the basics of digital advertising management.

8) Take Influencer Marketing Services

Those people who have amassed a sizable follower base online are called “influencers”. Many of these influencers are happy to work with businesses that reward them monetarily in exchange for promotions done by these influencers. So one of your business strategies must be to build business relationships with these people in order to have them share content about your dance studio on their social media channels. You can also get short reels of your dance academy posted on their profiles to get more eyeballs to your business. However, you must not associate with those influencers who don’t have a good enough following of people from your region because if people outside of your business region will see your advertisement, it won’t be of any use to your business.

9) Make Email Promotions for Business Growth

In order to maintain long-term contact with customers who have shown interest in learning dance via your website, email marketing is a great marketing method. You can boost the number of people who sign up for your email list by putting sign-up forms in a noticeable place on your website and social media pages. Offering discounts or freebies in exchange for email addresses can also significantly increase the number of people subscribing to your email list. If you have your customers’ email addresses, you can promote your dance studio and new events/offers related to your dance studio at any time, especially during the lean season of your business.

10) List Your Dance Studio on Directories

Simply typing in local search phrases related to dance classes (example: dance classes in [Your City Name]”) can help you to find out quality directories ranking on the first page of Google’s results, such as Yelp, Nextdoor, etc. The subsequent step is to register your dance studio business on each of such directories. This simple process is an effective way to get some clients passively every month. You should also be sure to respond to any queries or reviews that have been made on these websites in order to give a good impression of your business.

11) Supplement Your Marketing with Videos

You can convey your dance studio promotions to more people if you add video marketing as part of your marketing strategy. Focusing on low-competition keywords followed by creating and uploading videos on them is a great way to ensure that your videos will rank higher for relevant keywords. Posting videos consistently will lead to the creation of a big web of digital assets that will generate more customers for your dance coaching passively. The brand image of your dance studio will also get an advantage as a result of video marketing.

12) Involve Referral Marketing

The marketing strategy of your dance studio should not ignore the aspect of increasing positive word-of-mouth publicity for your business. It’s a simple tactic that might win over new consumers by the assistance and promotion done by your existing customers. Providing rewards to your current customers who refer your business to their social networks, such as friends and family, is the straightforward and simplest method to do this. Customers will be tempted to tell their friends about your company if you provide them coupons with attractive discounts and rewards. If this marketing plan is executed properly, it has the potential to dramatically boost your customer base.

13) Merchandise Can Also Contribute to Marketing

Key chains, balloons, hankies, pens, pocket diaries, and other low-cost materials that may be printed with the name of your dance studio can serve as good mediums for establishing an impact on people. Everyone who comes into touch with such printed items will definitely notice your business name.

14) Try Traditional Offline Marketing Methods

Even though online marketing methods are increasingly being adopted by businesses, traditional offline promotion methods are still effective and relevant. Higher cost and lower targeting are two limitations of offline marketing. Yet, offline marketing helps your business to get additional results when used along with online marketing. Advertising through posters, banners, billboards, newspaper ads are a few of the most common methods of promoting your dance studio offline.

15) Manage Your Reviews

The trend of looking for business/company reviews online is on rising as more and more people are becoming tech-savvy. Potential customers are more inclined to utilize your services if they find favorable mentions of your company online. If a potential client types the name of your dance studio and finds either no results or unfavorable reviews and ratings, he/she may get a poor impression of your business and consequently, it will affect your business too. This makes it mandatory for your business to seek ways to boost positive reviews of your dance studio online and one simple method in this direction is to ask your dance students to leave reviews online in exchange for some good incentives like discounts.

16) Make Effective Use of Open House Promotions

While hosting an open house for your dance studio is very good to give a close feel of your dance studio, you can use “open house” more effectively if you can collect the contact information (email, phone number) of the attendees of the open house so that you can get more instances of promoting your dance studio to them later.

17) Use Voluntary Participation and Special Events to Promote Your Dance Classes

Participate in community events along with wearing custom-printed T-shirts displaying the name and logo of your dance classes to make more people aware of your business. You can also ask the event organizers if they would allow free dance performances by your students in their event. By this method, you can indirectly promote your dance studio.

18) Get More School Students With Creative Advertising

Mostly, schools won’t show interest in promoting your dance studio directly. A creative way to get school students to visit your dance studio is by announcing some general knowledge competitions or studying-related contests. For distributing the prize to the participants, you can choose your dance studio as the venue so that you can get more chances to promote your dance classes to students.

19) Utilize Free Dance Classes and Performances for Getting More Participants

You can announce free dance classes and even free dance performances to attract more crowds. Once people arrive at your location for either free dance classes or for watching free dance performances of your students, you can then have many ways to persuade these visitors to join your dance classes.

20) Free Performance at Weddings

Your dance studio can contact wedding organizers and can offer free dance performances at weddings in order to make your business visible to more people. This same process can be repeated for events too if you can offer free dance performances at big events.

Apply these dance studio marketing strategies and get your dance studio packed with students. Want to discuss something or feel that something is not clear, the comment section is waiting for you :).

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