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26 Credit Repair Marketing Ideas to Pump Up Your Customer Base

There are many people who need credit repair services. However, having an ample demand for credit repair services doesn’t mean that your credit repair business will start getting customers easily because there is intense competition in this field. Nowadays, any business/service that lags behind in its marketing strategy will have a hard time sustaining its presence. This is why this post on credit repair marketing ideas has been created so as to provide the necessary strategies for the growth of a credit repair business. The necessary marketing techniques are:

1) Extend the Potential of Your Website First

In the age of the Internet, it is obvious that a website for your credit repair services is a must. However, certain things when applied to your credit repair website can show a big jump in the results that you are presently getting from your website. Take note of these things and apply them if you haven’t done already.

a) Make more site visitors get in touch with you by offering a strong incentive like a free consultation on your website or by providing a quick appointment scheduling option.
b) Real-life examples are a powerful tool to convert visitors to customers. So put case studies of how your credit repair business has helped people with their financial problems.
c) A video has many times more convincing power than text and this is why your site homepage must have a quality video explaining the best features of your credit repair service.
d) Many sites lose 5-10% of their visitors owing to the slow loading time of the site, so check if your site loads quickly and if not, then make the necessary technical adjustments.
e) Sites that fail to resize on mobile devices also lose traffic, so get your credit repair site mobile device optimized.
f) List every best feature of your website like key achievements, mentions in media publications, accreditations, unique services, etc.

2) Fuel Up Your Search Engine Rankings

Many sites in the world simply do not get a considerable number of visitors due to lack of a good SEO (search engine optimization). Having a good SEO gives you the benefit of a higher rank in Google and other search engines. The higher the rank your site gets in search engines, the more visitors it gets, and consequently, the number of customers also increase. There are a lot of factors that decide the efficacy of SEO. The good thing is that hundreds of articles, videos, and tutorials are there online using which any business owner can improve the SEO of his/her website. Apart from this, there are many SEO service providers online who handle SEO for their client’s websites.

3) Get into the Google Places Listings

A very significant achievement that your credit repair business can make for getting more customers is by showing up in Google Places listings through GBP (Google Business Profile). Given the fact that these listings are displayed on page 1 of Google and their click-through rate is high, making your business in these listings can have a big impact on your site visitors. Again, without good optimization of your credit repair GBP page, your profile won’t be shown frequently. To get the best possible output from your GBP page, learn and implement its optimization methods or get it implemented through a digital marketing agency.

4) Get Press Mentions with Press Releases

For any business, getting mentioned on popular media portals is a big feat in terms of its brand value building. This process also helps in growing customers by means of generating the much-required trust factor. With a good enough press release distribution service, achieving placement on popular media portals has become very easy. A very significant add-on benefit from press release distribution is the vast number of backlinks created due to the mega distribution from the press releases. These backlinks help in the SEO of your website. So start press release marketing for your credit repair business.

5) Let Content be the Game Changer

A search engine will show your credit repair website for more search queries if you have more articles on your website. As you start pushing up the content on your credit repair website, you will start witnessing a similar growth trajectory for your site visitors too. So start writing on topics that can attract local people like “credit repair services in [city name]”, “credit repair for small business owners in [city name]”, etc. It will take a time period of a few months of writing and publishing content to start seeing a rise in your site traffic.

6) Do Quick Gear Marketing with Ad Campaigns

Using ad campaigns for promoting your credit repair business can be a powerful way to get new customers. Google ads is the preferred choice among all ad networks due to the targeted quality of leads it delivers. As the quality of leads is great from Google Ads, so is the competition and price. This is why one has to pay a high price for getting clicks from Google ad campaigns. With the right understanding and usage of Google ads, you can lower your per-click cost and can get a positive return on your spending on ads. Many free tutorials on YouTube are available for understanding various dimensions of ad optimization through Google Ads.

7) Use Targeted Influencers from Your Niche

There are some people on social media platforms who are successful in creating a big follower base and these people are commonly referred to as influencers. Due to the fact that thousands of people read posts published by these influencers, there is a great opportunity for marketing your credit repair business using these influencers. To get started with influencer marketing, the first step is to select influencers from your city/town followed by sending them a business proposal. For better targeting and results, note that these influencers must be people in money, finance, and similar niches. Once they agree to work with you, your credit repair business will witness more growth.

8) Grow Bigger with Social Media

Making connections offline to grow your credit repair business is a slow process. With social media, you can grow your local reach much faster if you regularly put 1 to 2 hours every day for social media marketing of your credit repair business. You can find many local groups on Facebook that you can join for your business promotion. You can also find out popular local hashtags and can use them for business promotion. Along with these, you can also regularly share posts to grow your profile and reach on these platforms. With all such methods executed consistently over a time period of a few months, your business profile on social media will easily grow to a few thousand and this will create a snowball effect in the growth of your credit repair business.

9) Add Video Marketing Advantage

Many marketing professionals are increasingly using video as a marketing tool. This is mainly due to the fact that the authority of the YouTube platform makes it fairly easy to rank videos as compared to websites. So how do you start leveraging this method? It’s simple, start making videos on long-tail and less competitive keywords (5, 6 words, or higher) in the credit repair niche. This will increase the chances of your videos being ranked on both Youtube and Google search results alike. Leads to your business will rise proportionately as you start uploading more and more videos to your YouTube channel for such extensive keywords that have good search volume but low competition. In addition to this, it will also indirectly aid in raising the brand identity of your credit repair business with no additional effort.

10) Enjoy the Marketing Benefits of Directories

In Google, enter keywords that are relevant to your credit repair business and make a note of the names of directories (such as Yelp and Nextdoor) that appear on the first page of Google search results. After that, create an account on each of these directories and then add your business information to each of them. Doing this process will start generating some traffic and customers passively for your business. However, you should make sure to visit these sites on a regular basis to see the ratings and reviews that have been left by consumers, and you should make sure to respond to any queries or reviews that have been submitted on these sites. Putting your company’s information into such high-ranking directories is an economical way to grow clients for your credit repair business.

11) Make Professional Connections with LinkedIn

Many different businesses and services can be partnered up for sending credit repair leads to you. Such businesses and services can be easily contacted and partnered with using the professional network of LinkedIn. Apart from this, having a LinkedIn profile gives a tinge of professionalism to your business. You can also find many small businesses from your region through LinkedIn whom you can contact for providing credit repair services.

12) Use Current Customers for Growth

While most businesses are focused on getting new customers, you can also tap into the network of your present customers for the advertisement of your credit repair business. For this, you must ask your present customers to share your business on their social media along with tagging a few of their friends. You can also provide some incentives to them for increasing the chances of getting new customers referred by them.

13) Dive into the Offline Promotion Route Too

While online marketing is becoming too popular, don’t forget the sphere of offline advertising of your business. You can give ads of your business in local magazines and newspapers, you can do billboard and banner advertising, flyer marketing, etc to tap into a wider audience base.

14) Enrich Your Marketing with Email Lists

A visitor might come to your website just once but if you collect his/her email address, you can promote your business many many times. Along with this, a targeted email list built by you will give you lifetime access and reach to your email subscribers. This is why email marketing is so powerful in growing businesses. To get emails collected on your side, just put an email opt-in form on your website and offer some good rewards to your site visitors to compel them to leave their email addresses. You can schedule a series of newsletters to be automatically sent out to your new subscribers so that this entire process of email marketing will be hands-free for you.

15) Let Hashtags Bring You More Business

Various topics and posts are discovered on social media using hashtags. Therefore, you must compile a list of all popular hashtags in the credit repair sector followed by using them in your social media posts so that your posts can get more attention. Not only this, you can also use such hashtags to find people who are asking questions related to credit repair and this can open the opportunity to sell your credit repair services to them.

16) Propagate Your Expertise and Business Locally Through Press

Local newspapers can be very good resources not only to share information about your business but also to get in new customers along with showcasing yourself as an expert in the credit repair sector. For this, all you have to do is to contact the editors of local newspapers followed by asking them permission to contribute articles related to bad credit, credit score, and other similar topics. Once you start writing on such subjects, all people who read these newspapers will not only get valuable information but will also approach your credit repair business.

17) Use Semipopular Figures for Brand Trust

Things related to finance and money requires a good amount of trust for growth and this is why having a reputed person as a brand ambassador or promoter of your business can help immensely in growing your credit repair business. As popular figures charge “an arm and a leg” for doing promotions, you can opt to get your credit repair business promoted through semi-popular or less popular people so that you can establish the trust factor without spending too much.

18) Get Leads from Lead Generation Services

If you want to get leads for your credit repair business then you can also opt to directly approach the lead generation sites who will do the necessary marketing in order to provide you with credit repair leads. Sites like Aeroleads, Marketo, etc, are a few good examples of lead-generation sites for businesses. Just by doing a basic search on Google, you can come across many such sites that provide leads. By looking at their reviews and ratings online, you can decide which service would suit your business the most.

19) Get Your Advertisements Across Hot Locations

Banks, popular lending services, and financial service providers are a few such places where people approach for getting assistance related to their financial needs. By displaying your billboard advertisements or banners near such places, your credit repair services can be seen by more people which will increase the chances of getting more active leads. For this, you must do preliminary research on the popular businesses and services that people approach for getting financial assistance followed by placing your advertisements near those locations.

20) Reach Out to More People With Free Events, Seminars, and Webinars

You can hold events, seminars, and webinars in order to educate people regarding topics on credit repair, credit scores, etc. Once people attend such events and seminars, you can then market your credit repair services to them and can also collect their email addresses and phone numbers so that you can connect with them anytime. For promoting your business, you can announce such free events, seminars, and webinars through local newspaper ads, banners, social media, etc.

21) Make Partnerships with Closely Associated Businesses

Mortgage brokers, financial planners, tax advisors, and accountants are few such people who occasionally come in contact with people requiring credit repair services. You can reach out to this group of people and can ask them to refer credit repair clients to your business in exchange for which you can either give them commissions or you can cross-promote their business. By brainstorming, you can also think up many such groups of businesses and services that come across people having low credit scores.

22) Get Clients through Community Outreach

There are many organizations and occasions using which you can bring forth your credit repair services to a big group of people. Local Chamber of commerce, charity events, seminars, fairs, etc, are a few such gatherings where you can mass promote your credit improvement business. You can also book stalls at such gatherings in order to ensure that more people notice your services.

23) Free Consultation Can be a Big Lead Generation Source

You can provide free consultation on credit-related problems and can thereby get more potential customers approaching you. You can announce your free consultation through various online and offline marketing means like websites, social media, ads in newspapers, etc.

24) Sharing Case Studies

Case studies are very effective in increasing conversion rates because people find them more genuine. So in order to make sure that more people coming to your website would take your credit repair services, show them some good case studies about how your business has helped people in restoring or growing their credit scores. You can share these case studies while hiding the personal identification details of your customers.

25) Recruit Affiliates to Promote Your Business

You can start an affiliate program so that you will get the support of affiliates in getting your credit repair business promoted to people. Joining a big affiliate network is also a good option to open up your affiliate program to thousands of active affiliates who are looking for various affiliate programs. By paying some commission to your affiliate partners, you can start getting many new credit repair leads by harnessing the marketing efforts of these people.

26) Have a Good Review Collecting Mechanism

Most people who will come across your business name will type the name of your credit repair business to find what others are saying about your business. If they find that many people have left positive feedback on your service, these reviews will act as a powerful catalyst for your business promotion. So collect more positive reviews online by asking each of your customers to take a few minutes of their time to leave reviews online.

These are our top compiled credit repair marketing ideas that you can execute to see magnificent results.

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