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26 Craft Business Marketing Ideas to Start Selling Way Faster

Craftwork business can be an extremely small-scale one to a full-fledged megastore with its own e-commerce platform. No matter what is the scale and size of your craft work business, it needs the right marketing to succeed. Potential customers who are interested in buying handmade goods have hundreds of options to shop for crafts nowadays and this is why getting visibility in front of potential customers is the basic minimum requirement to grow your craft business. This article on craft business marketing ideas will introduce you with the best ideas that you can apply to start selling your inventory faster. Let’s jump right into the details

1) Use These Ideas on Your Website

A great number of businesses nowadays have a website. But many business owners don’t have the necessary insights as to how they can make small changes to their website to get more business benefits from their site. So match the below-listed points with your website and apply them if they are absent on your website:

a) Does your craft business website has the option to display and order your handmade product portfolio right away from the website? Having a simple interface to order your crafts online from your website can cause a big change in your business revenue.
b) Does your website feature a video on its homepage? The efficiency at which a video can highlight your best features followed by building trust in your business is much larger than written content.
c) Does your business seem legitimate? Mentioning testimonials, awards, affiliations, achievements, press/media mentions, on your website are a few powerful ways to make your site visitor believe that your business is legitimate.
d) Is your site losing visitors due to slow speed and rigid interface? Check the site loading speed and mobile responsiveness of your craft website and if its slow or non-responsive on mobile devices, get them corrected.
e) Does your site provide visible access to reach you? Prominently display all the best means using which the customers can reach you in case of order-related questions.
f) Is your site simple to navigate across different categories and pages? People want the ease of accessing a website and any hurdles in smooth accessing of a website will cause many site visitors to move to another site.

2) Be Good at the Craft of Online Visibility

Google is a mega traffic provider for all businesses and services that rank on its first page. The success to the first page ranking of a website depends largely on the optimization (SEO, search engine optimization) of the website. If you start working on the SEO of your craft business website, you will find improvement in your ranking position on Google. If your site manages to get in the top 10 rankings for craft-related keywords, getting traffic and sales consistently will become the norm for your business. SEO skills can be acquired by you by learning from various online guides. If learning and implementing SEO by yourself is a constraint, you can hire a digital marketing agency for it.

3) Show Your Business Locally with Local Listings

For local search terms like “craft businesses in Texas” on Google, you will come across 3 local results on the first page with enhanced details like their phone number, directions, opening hours, ratings, etc. These 3 local results are generally called “Google Local Listings” and the biggest advantage of getting into this section is that your business will start getting more visibility and customers. To make the placement of your craft business in this section, make a “Google Business Profile” first succeeded by its optimization. Many detailed optimization tips and tutorials are available online for GBP optimization along with the choice of optimizing your GBP through any agency.

4) Make Your Brand Big and Powerful with Press Releases

One of the popular ways to grow sales and recognition of a business is by growing the brand image of a business. However, it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to get your craft business name seen across major news sites of the world. A good enough press release distribution is enough to give you massive coverage across hundreds of websites with a good percentage of them being news sites. Two other linked benefits that come complimentary with press release distribution are traffic and backlinks. So start exploring the potential of press releases for your craft work business.

5) Take a Faster Lane with Paid Ads

If you do paid advertising of your craft business on Google ads, then you can surely speed up the rate of getting many potential customers to your website (depending upon your daily ad budget). You can also get similar benefits by advertising through Facebook ads. To keep your overall returns positive, having a fair bit of understanding of ad optimization is required because the rates for operating ads on quality ad networks are expensive and a lack of ad campaign skills can cause more expenditure and fewer returns. Ad optimization for Google and Facebook ads can be learned through various free tutorials online or this step can be bypassed altogether if you take the services of any advertising agency for managing your ad campaigns.

6) Start Making Private and Direct Sales with Email Marketing

All visitors that exit your website without buying any crafts are lost opportunities. To reduce this wastage of site visitors, a great tool is email marketing. With email marketing of your craft business, you can start making direct sales of your craftwork at any time you decide. All you need to set up for collecting emails from your site visitors is an email opt-in form along with a proper incentive (like an ebook) to make site visitors submit their email addresses. Having direct reach to your customers through email addresses can be a long-term asset for your business as you can promote new offers and products anytime.

7) Publish Content to Start Attracting More Customers

Generally, the smaller a website in terms of content, the lesser will be its visitors. So if you keep on posting content regularly on your craft business website, your website will show up on Google for more articles and this will mean more visitors and customers. However, getting untargeted visitors to your site won’t do any good for your business, so you must create and publish locally relevant topics on your website to attract relevant buyer traffic. For example, you can write content on topics like “where to get handmade gifts in [city name]”, “best craft stores in [city name]”, etc. Visible results to your site traffic and business revenues can be seen after a few months of regular writing and posting on your crafts website.

8) Explore Bulk Selling Opportunities with LinkedIn

You can quickly scale your crafts business if you can find big distributors for your business or if you can directly deal with other local stores to start selling your crafts. To find relevant people who can be a great asset in growing your craft business, LinkedIn is the obvious and productive choice. On this platform, finding local business owners and top CEOs of companies is very easy and once you get your network growing on LinkedIn, you will come across many new possibilities for expanding your business by making new and powerful contacts locally.

9) Start Making a Link with Merchandise

If customers of a business/service get extra benefits while buying products/services, then it can make the customers come back to you often along with referring other people to your business. This is why if you start offering custom-printed inexpensive items (like pens, plastic bowls) for free along with your crafts, then it will not only help in the promotion of your crafts business but will also make the customers loyal to your business.

10) List Out on Good Ranking Digital Assets

Your website is one kind of digital asset for your business. Similarly big and powerful directories like Yelp, Crunchbase, etc are also digital assets for your business because by listing your crafts business on such directories, you can easily get many new customers every month. To discover more of such directories that rank well in Google, you can type craft business-related keywords in Google and can start making a note of all such directories that pop up on the first page of Google.

11) Start Making a Local Audience through Social Media

Social media is a ripe source of traffic and customers for those businesses who know how to make their presence on such sites. If you just make an account of your business on social media sites, it won’t impact your business. You must start working on growing the people base following you on such sites to start getting business benefits. By persistently devoting some time to sharing new posts, using hashtags, connecting with other local people, joining local groups, etc, you will surely see a constant improvement in the growth of your social media profile along with the growth of your craft business.

12) Start Asking for and Promoting Referral Marketing

It is a good practice to ask your customers to refer new people to your business. However, giving some incentives to these customers for doing so (referring) is a more powerful way to get more clients. You can print out and give referral coupons to your customers for getting new people introduced to your business.

13) Use Videos as Additional Customer Sources

Having a YouTube channel for your crafts business can serve you three main advantages. First, videos from your channel will show on Google searches too and this will make more people reach your website. Second, YouTube itself gets billions of impressions per month and your video will definitely get many views from within the YouTube platform itself. Third, these videos can be used for traffic generation on social media sites too.

14) Contact Influencers and Get Them to Promote

Local influencers from your city can be associated with doing promotion of your craft business. Depending on the rates quoted by them for advertising your craft business through their profiles, you can select and reject candidates. As these influencers carry a level of trust among their followers, your craft business when advertised through them can start getting sales.

15) Get Your Promotion Done, the Traditional Way

The traditional way to promote businesses has been through offline marketing. They do bring in customers from various sectors and hence you too must get benefits from the offline promotion of your crafts business. Put your craft business ads in local newspapers, use banner ads in crowded locations, get pamphlets for your business distributed, etc to proceed with offline advertising of your crafts business.

16) Donate Samples to Grow Your Handmade Business

All such organizations and events that can give big reach to your business can be utilized to market your handmade business. For this, a good way out is to donate a few samples of your handmade works to charities, auctions, fundraisers, etc. After donating craftwork, you can ask people from these organizations to share your craftwork on their social media profiles and website so that your craftwork business can get more attention.

17) Promote your Craft Work as Closing Gifts

Approach big businesses and services in order to promote your craft work as closing gifts for their clients. Some of these businesses and services can be owners of luxury hotels, real estate developers, car dealers, and other premium goods and service providers. By providing your craft work as closing gifts, these people and businesses can create bonding with their customers and you can sell more of your craft work. To boost your sales, you can also offer customized craft work for these businesses and services.

18) Pinterest Marketing

For selling low-price items and craft works, Pinterest is a great platform. You can create pins of your craft work and can start sharing them with dedicated craft-related boards in order to grow your customer base. As this platform receives visitors from all over the world, you can enhance your revenue multiple times if you integrate online orders and worldwide delivery of your craft work. You can also ask other big board owners on Pinterest to share your craft work related pins in order to get visibility and sales at a much faster rate.

19) Use Big Third Party E-Commerce Stores

Big e-commerce sites receive traffic in millions. So by listing your craft work on such sites, your business will get views from thousands of new potential customers and which can increase the turnover of your business. Some of the most notable names that belong to this category of e-commerce stores are Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Artfine, eCrater, etc. For increasing your reach on these platforms, you can also try their ads to get more sales.

20) Utilize Contests

There are many applications nowadays using which you can hold contests on various social media platforms. The main advantage that you can gain by holding contests is that people themselves will start promoting your craftwork to their followers and this will create great visibility for your business. Once you get the initial momentum in starting such contests, getting people to voluntarily share your product will become a snowball effect. The success of this concept depends largely on the kind of incentives or awards that you come up with. So it is essential that your rewards must be compelling enough for people to start sharing your promotional posts.

21) Use Press to Impress

Connect with local newspaper editors and offer contributing articles for their newspaper. You can write on various topics regarding gift ideas, the benefits to local economy, the ecological impact of handmade crafts, etc. By publishing such articles regularly, you can also get more people to notice your handmade craft business. This will grow direct sales of your craft works and can also help you get the chance of writing opportunities for bigger newspapers and magazines.

22) Grow Your Craftwork Sales by Distribution

You can start distributing your craft work to fancy shops, parlors, and other places where people are more likely to buy various kinds of items. You can take a look around at all the famous retail shops that can become the retailers of your business followed by giving your business proposal to them so that both sides can benefit from such a partnership.

23) Package Handmade Crafts as Gifts for Various Occasions

You can create gift-buying guides for various occasions like father’s day, Mother’s Day, etc, and can make reference to your craft work as gifts for these occasions. You can also reach out to other website owners who write gift recommendations and can offer to include your craftworks as gift ideas in their articles. In exchange for these edits to their article, you can offer them some commissions.

24) Keep Upgrading to Make Consistent Sales

Most people would not be attracted to design and craft work which they have seen many times. To stand out from the rest and to get customers regularly, you must keep improving your design and craft work. For this, you must regularly watch all the craft work selling sites and must take inputs from the most selling handmade items.

25) Putting Up Your Stalls

You must note all possible occasions like events, seminars, and festivals that are likely to attract the crowd. Then, you must put up stalls for your craft work in these places in order to get a big number of people to know about your business. To make even better use of these stalls, you can also offer coupons so that people will buy products from your business at some or later date.

26) Solidify Your Business Image Online

As more and more people start leaving positive reviews for your crafts business online, more people will become likely to select your business among all the available options. The other side is also true that if your crafts business has negative reviews, it will work against your business image and will cause a loss of customers. So ask every customer of yours to put ratings and reviews of your business online.

These are some powerful craft business marketing ideas to start growing your sales quickly. Questions, comments, feedback, etc are welcome and we would like you to start asking out your concern in the discussion section below.

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