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Writing Tips for a Corporate Press Release with Template and Example

Do you have an announcement related to the corporate sector? If yes, then you would like to know how to get the best possible viewership for it. A press release is the most commonly used method used for such announcements. However, simply writing a press release and sending it for publication without knowing anything more about it would not get you the results that it deserves. For a corporate press release to be successful, you must have a fair enough knowledge of the factors that can govern its success. It is for this reason that we have provided template, example and tips so that you can get good results out of it. Make sure to read through the full content to make your PR successful. So let’s get started with various sections one by one.

Aim: To issue a corporate press release and to get good viewership and coverage for the announcement.

Tools: To fulfill the aim given above, the relevant sections provided are sample template, example, tips and benefits.

Sample Template: The template for a corporate press release is given below


[Headline] /* Corporate company name + main focus of press release (announcing quarter results/new launch/expansion/agreement) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /*A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Corporate company name], a [new/reputed/emerging] name in the [type of industry] sector, is pleased to announce [type of announcement like new launch/expansion/results]. [What have been the contributing factors]. [how it will benefit customers].

[past achievements + key specialties of the announcement + a brief on staff size/employees and key people + its area of operation] (4 to 5 sentences)

[Quote from a key person like CEO/CMO/President]

[Discuss recent shifts/trends in the associated industry + future scope of the industry + how they assist the industry/people] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from a client/partner]

For more information on the [type of announcement], visit [website/social media].

About [Corporate Company Name]

[Company background (when establised, by whom, initial days) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]

Corporate press release benefits

A corporate announcement related press release has the following benefits:

Fast Broadcast and Buzz Creation

For an average PR distribution, at least 200+ sites publish the press release within 1-2 days of distribution. Due to this, it generates bulk views. Also, some of the authority sites also rank on search engines due to which it adds an extra edge for traffic generation.

Increases Brand Image

Many big brands and startups regularly issue press releases as it aids in periodically informing new changes and announcements to the people. As an added advantage the company/brand issuing the release remains in the news which builds a good image of the company.

Builds Credibility

People do not easily show their trust in companies that they have not heard of earlier. To instill recall value, it is necessary to generate positive press so that more people interested in that sector can become familiar with the company. Once a company becomes successful in building its reputation, it helps the company to generate more sales and conversions.

Helps in Partnerships and Investments

If a company wants to grow through partnerships and investments, the target group of people (potential partner, investor) must be able to get a good amount of information about the company online. Press releases add to the information portfolio of a company.

Key Writing Tips for a Corporate Press Release

1 Understand Your Demographic First

Take time to get a clear picture of who is the main target demographic for your product/service/business. What key benefits can you highlight in the press release that can compel them towards you? Human beings being innately self-centric tend to search for their own benefits and you must address this by providing reasons to associate with your business/service.

2 Keep Voculabry Skills Aside

You make a press release complex and technical and you will see the negative impact. This is because people have a short attention span and no one would like to spend time comprehending a press release. Try to make the entire write-up very simple so that any average internet user coming across your PR can understand it.

3 Don’t Write Like a Blog Post

Unlike a blog post, press releases must be written in a professional manner. For all press releases, it requires third-person writing only which means that you won’t be using words like I, You, etc in your content except in the quotes section.

4 Don’t Let the PR Go Off-track

While writing a PR, if you try to include greater details, the PR would eventually become too long which would adversely affect the reading. Explain main points in a minimal number of words. PR’s generally ranging between 500 to 600 words are considered good in terms of length.

5 Image and Videos Open New Possibility

If you have images and videos related to your business, make sure to take advantage of it. Though the PR portal might have some restrictions on the number of images and videos that you can directly put in a press release, you can adopt an alternative route for achieving this. You can upload these files on your site and can provide link in the press release. People respond and remember ideas conveyed through photos and videos far better than ordinary plain text. Also, the chances of sharing photos and videos on social networks are far higher than text.

6 Headline can Make or Break

If you would like journalists to pick up your story, then the most important element to pay attention to is the headline. The reason is simple. Journalists don’t go through each and every notification of press release that they receive as they have many tasks to do. They quickly scan through the main headlines to choose whether to read more about it. So your PR actually gets a fraction of seconds to either get approved or rejected by them and the main kingpin is the headline that can decide this factor.

7 Check Multiple Times Before Sending for Publication

Any wrong statement or basic mistake (like spelling, grammar, etc) will create a bad impression on your business as a press release is considered to be an official statement. If the statements are factually wrong or go contrary to each other, then they can also cause legal risks. Though PR portals do check press releases before publishing, you must take precautions from your end as the risk is bigger at your end.

8 Distribution Can Turn the Game

A PR that doesn’t get published on reputed platforms is not of much use nowadays because Google has started to index only a few major sites out of total distributed sites. Google gives favorable ranking to only a few of the top names like Associated Press. Yahoo, etc. So if your PR doesn’t make it to these sites, then the results will not be any good.

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