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Construction Press Release with Free Template, Tips and Example

Opening a new construction company, have a new construction project or any announcement related to the construction industry? A Construction press release is the right approach to announce the information related to the construction business to the media and public. The process for announcing through PR (press release) is not simple as one must know some basic methods and tips in order to get the best possible results. In order to get good results, we have provided all the necessary tools in this article like template, example, benefits and tips. Let us start with the main content:

Aim: To issue a press release for the construction business and to get good coverage for it.

Tools: The tools given here are sample template for construction press release, example, writing tips and benefits. Apart from it, we have also included the topic of choosing a distribution vendor for the best possible results.

Construction Business Template: The template for announcing a press release for a construction business is given below


[Headline] /* Construction company name + main focus of press release (new project/branch/agreement/event/acquisition etc) + attractive news angle */

[Sub-heading] /* A summary of 2-3 sentences.*/

[Location City], [Date]. [Construction company Name], a [established/emerging/new] name in [construction/real estate/development industry], is excited to announce [new project details/new branch/agreement/event etc]. [Construction company name] is located at [location] and [will serve/serves] [region/regions/state]. [How and when people can book flats or participate or how it is relevant to people]. [Any special offers].

[Facilities + past projects/work/events + accreditation (recognition) + 2-3 important people in company and their work experience] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from President/Head of the company]

[Briefly talk on construction industry trends + future growth/changes expected in the industry + how this announcement serves the industry] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from a client/partner/sponsor]

[talk about what is exciting about this]. For detailed information of this announcement, visit [website/social media] or reach at [email/phone number].

About [Construction Company]

[Company background (when established, by whom, initial days) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address] /*official email, not free ones like gmail, yahoo*/

[Phone number]

[Website URL]

[Location city and state]

Main Benefits of issuing a construction Press Release

You can get the following advantages

Fast and Extensive Coverage

If you see the syndication level of any reputed PR distribution portal, then you will find that it distributes to 100’s of sites. This means that your announcement can get extensive coverage. With good coverage, the number of people seeing it will also be high. So most brands and companies regularly use press releases to ensure quick spread for their announcements.

Faster branding

Some of the partner sites of a high-end distribution network are very credible and authoritative portals. If your news announcement related to the construction business gets published on such sites, then it will definitely add to the brand value of your company.  Quality press releases are one of the easiest and effective ways of building brand value. When people search for your company name in Google and land on news portals covering your story, then it adds a positive experience for your brand.

Growth of your official website

One of the good by-products of issuing press releases is the number of links gained during the process due to the syndication of content on many sites. This portfolio of links from various sources adds in propelling the sites’ ranking in Google which in turn generates traffic and sales.

Right start for marketing

Do you know that most big brands regularly use press releases for announcing new changes? They do so because the process is not only cost-effective but also helps to put a company in limelight. It serves as the right base before trying other marketing techniques because people always tend to look for the authenticity of a company first and press releases help in that direction.

Creating Information Hub

When anyone intends to write a story or blog about your construction company, he will need many sources to quote references. By getting press releases out in the public domain, it creates an information hub for the company which can be used to create more articles and news about your company. It also helps when any potential investor or partner wants to find out more information about your company before making a decision.

Expert Tips for Writing a Construction Press Release

  1. How it benefits others?

It is a general human tendency that people seek benefits for themselves first? If your announcement is related to a new construction project, don’t forget to highlight the key facilities and offers the buyers can get. If it is for an event, tell what people can get and how. Similarly, you must answer on the benefit for your target group to get good interaction and results from the press release.

  1. Answer all basic things

Ask all or as many questions that readers of your press release can ask. You must aim to provide answers to all basic questions else the release would feel incomplete. As a thumb rule, ask the basic questions of what, why, where, when, etc to ensure that you provide a proper release. Keep the answers to 1-2 sentences max and don’t get in details as it will become counter-productive.

  1. Don’t Forget to Utilize Multimedia

Text is much weaker in creating experiences than images and videos. If your release is about a construction project, take images and videos of flats and upload them on your official website. Provide the link to this official site in your PR so that people can get more influenced by your project.

  1. Don’t Switch on the Technical Mode

No matter how much expertise and experience you have in writing content for the construction business, if you write a press release in technical language, it won’t get a good response. An average internet user won’t spend time searching for the meaning of industry-specific terms. So try to explain things in a manner that would fit into the mind of an average internet reader.

  1. Highlight the Best

If you have any awards or achievements to showcase, mention them in PR. Also, if you have created a big or famous project, let the readers know. A press release for your construction business can also act as a supplement for getting leads as people going through it can become your customer if they find your work and offer good. However, don’t be too aggressive in showcasing all achievements as it will render your PR to promotional material and more probably, your PR won’t get approved.

  1. Mistakes are Forever

If you write something on your website or blog, you always have the freedom to go back and edit it anytime. But with press releases, this is not the case as you don’t own those sites and the only chance for making edits is by requesting them. Given the large number of sites where the release is distributed, it becomes a herculean task to get changes done after getting published. So try to check the PR 2-3 times to make sure that no change will be required later. Also, such mistakes can tarnish the company’s image.

  1. Different is Better

Like many people have become accustomed to ignoring banners, similarly, journalists have become accustomed to ignoring old-fashioned releases. If your release is similar to the many they see daily in their inbox and feeds, your release would also be lost among the 100’s of others. Take some time to add creativity to your story using different facts and figures. If your PR title and body stand out from 100’s of others, your release will have better chances to get picked up by journalists.

  1. Be Ready to Answer

People going through your release may be interested in your company for different reasons. To handle these queries, you must give details of an active and responsible person in the media contact section to ensure that you do not lose any opportunity.

  1. Choose Service Provider Wisely

From services promising you visibility on 100’s of sites to services claiming premium portals, you must make the correct choice for your PR distribution. If the PR gets visible on all unknown sites, then the entire task won’t give any significant results. Choose a partner that can get you on quality sites (like Yahoo) that are trusted by Google.

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