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28 Construction Marketing Ideas for Big Business Growth

Is your construction business having problems getting new projects? Has it been overshadowed by competitors? If yes, then these construction marketing ideas would give you the much-required information on taking your business to the trajectory of growth. So start implementing these ideas now

1) Track and Update Your Website

The main interface where people will arrive while searching for construction services online will be your website. This is why your website must be much more than just a design. Your website should encompass all the relevant elements and technical factors that are vital to persuade the visitors of your website to contact you for their construction requirements. Check and implement these factors for your website:

a) Provide a “free consultation” or “live chat” widget on your website to get more visitors to connect with you.
b) Showcase a portfolio of your past construction work on your website.
c) Mention your affiliations, accreditations, awards, achievements, and testimonials on your website as they help to create a good impression of your business.
d) Speed up your site loading time. It is necessary to have a fast-loading site as just a delay of 1-2 seconds can cause a loss of 5-10% of visitors to your site.
e) Put a video on your construction site homepage as a video can better explain your business.
f) Make your site mobile-optimized i.e. site must load on mobile devices with auto-resizing.

2) Be Found for Construction Related Keywords

When anyone types “construction business in [city name]” in Google, your website must be found within the top 10 organic results. If it (the website) is not there, then this implies that you have not handled the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website well enough. Once you get good SEO done for your construction website, either through yourself or by an SEO service provider, you will see hundreds of new visitors and leads to your website every month. The greatest advantage is that these construction leads will continue to roll in as long as your website holds a good ranking in Google.

3) Don’t Miss the Local Business Pack of Google

For keywords that are region-centric (town/city), Google selects and displays 3 businesses in its local pack. Your construction business can also make it to this local pack provided if you make a Google My Business (GMB) page and optimize it properly. There are many guides online that show methods to optimize a GMB page. Since this local listing by Google can send many construction leads, your construction business must definitely work on your GMB page or must get it worked upon (optimized) by an SEO agency.

4) Build Your Construction Business Reputation

A good way to build the reputation of your construction business online is by sending out a premium press release. Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, etc are a few premium outlets that will publish your press release if you use a quality PR service for distribution. This is the main mechanism of how many businesses get the advantage of “As seen of ….” for their business. The advantages of press release distribution also include extras in the form of more backlinks to your site and more traffic (visitors).

5) Reach More Clients with Paid Advertising

By paying for running ads through any advertising network like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, you can speed up the acquisition of construction leads. The basic essence of success with paid advertising starts with the skills and knowledge that you have for running ads efficiently. Inadequate knowledge of running ads and setting up of related parameters can diminish your returns or may even cause negative returns. So make yourself acquainted with the basic ad operating skills or run your construction ads through any skilled freelancer or agency.

6) Tap into More Local Clients with Social Media

A significant percentage of the local population from your town/city will be having social media profiles. So being involved and engaged with social media consistently will allow you to get connected with more local people. Social media marketing of your construction business will include activities like joining local Facebook groups, using city/town related hashtags, engaging with social profiles of other businesses in your area, sharing locally relevant content, etc. This entire process of promoting your construction business on social media will require regular effort from your side so as to maintain getting new followers on these sites. If you lack the necessary time to implement this marketing strategy, you can hire someone to do so or can utilize the services of any social media marketing agency.

7) Enrich Content and Traffic will Come

To multiply the number of visitors that you are presently getting for your construction website, start posting new and relevant content frequently. You can write on relevant topics like “How can I get a housing loan in [city/town]”, “what is the average construction cost of a 2 BHK house in [town/city]”, etc. The more locally-centered content you start writing, the more will such content start fetching you, new visitors. The best part is that after having a good enough volume of content on your construction website, visitors will keep on coming passively year after year and this will help your construction business to get many new leads every month.

8) Use Email Marketing to Stop Losing Clients

It is a true fact for every website in the world that only a small percentage of its visitors actually become the customers of the business represented by the website. Most of the visitors, for various kinds of reasons, do not avail of the product/service offered through the website interface. In order to increase the efficiency of your website, do start collecting your visitors’ email addresses by offering some catchy incentives in return like a free consultation, ebook, etc. You can then use preselected emails to sell your construction services to every new email subscriber. With email addresses collected on your side, you can put creative ways and wordings multiple times to convince these people to take your services.

9) Make Bigger Contacts and Orders with LinkedIn

Every business likes to rake in big clients and big orders as big orders can increase the revenues of your construction business way faster. LinkedIn is the best network in terms of getting big clients (CEOs, CFOs, etc) for your construction business. You can tie up with big project developers using LinkedIn and can start getting bigger orders through LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you can easily sort things through various filters like location, employee position, etc. Also, getting into the circle of high-net-worth individuals and organizations becomes easier with LinkedIn.

10) Do Utilize Big Name Directories for More Leads

How good it will be if you can get an opportunity to utilize targeted traffic from different websites to grow your construction business. You might have come across sites like Yelp, Nextdoor, etc ranking on Google. These sites rank well for many local product/service searches. To utilize their traffic, you must make an account on such sites and must list your construction business there. Such sites also provide paid options for featured listing which you can explore as per your needs and budget.

11) Start Promoting Using Videos

It is not uncommon to find many YouTube videos ranking in Google searches. This happens mostly for low-competition keywords. So if you start uploading videos related to your construction business on YouTube with the right title, keywords, and description, they might show up in Google for various keywords which will add more customers for your business. These videos can also be posted on your social media profiles as videos are known to receive more engagement from people.

12) Start Building a Referral Chain

It takes a few seconds of your time to ask your customer to refer others to your business. Though the efficacy of this method in boosting your construction business will be low, you can increase the effectiveness of this method if you start rewarding people for referring new businesses and people to you.

13) Take Advantage of Local Press for Marketing

People like dealing with experts and one of the best ways to position you (and your construction company) as an expert is by getting your thoughts and opinions known to the people through the press. Local newspapers are easy to approach and if you can offer free writing on construction-related issues, you can get an opportunity to bring out your knowledge along with your brand through these newspapers. Some local newspapers might even charge you for getting your opinions published but the leverage that you will enjoy in terms of brand building and getting high-end customers will be worth the price and effort.

14) Make Vehicles Your Moving Advertisements

Your private vehicle can take the advertisement of your construction company on the streets if you put a catchy advertisement of your construction business on your vehicle. You can also rent such advertising spaces on more vehicles depending upon your budget to get more people to notice your construction services.

15) Adopt SMS Marketing for Double Benefits

You can use SMS marketing for your construction business and can get two major benefits. Firstly, you can showcase to your potential customers that your business uses SMS marketing to update construction progress to its customers. This will give you one big advantage over other construction companies that don’t offer this feature. Secondly, you can give the option of SMS marketing to your potential customers to get a call back from you and to answer their queries.

16) Reach Out to Local Community Events

Where there is a crowd, there is a big marketing possibility. This is why you must mark the presence of your construction business at all major community events. You can also contribute to the organizing of such community events by becoming a sponsor/co-sponsor of such events. You can also distribute low-cost fancy merchandise (pens, mugs, etc) at such events with your construction business name printed on them.

17) Use Sponsorships as a Marketing Tool

Announce sponsorships on major schools and colleges in your area. You can also periodically hold contests at such institutions followed by getting this contest news published in local newspapers so that it gives you the double benefit of branding as well as your business being seen as welfare-oriented.

18) Use Leftover Materials as Donations for Marketing

There are many things that get leftover during the construction process. You can donate these items and can publicize the donation of these leftover items through newspaper ads. This will create a good impression of your business along with the promotion of your construction business.

19) Make Your Participation in Relevant Trade Shows

Participation in relevant tradeshows in the construction industry can not only introduce your business to new prospects and partners but can increase your network too. Now there are many websites that list upcoming tradeshows in different sectors and you can periodically check them to remain updated with the next trade show related to your industry.

20) Partnerships Can Give You Many New Leads

If you partner with entities that deal with a similar demographic relevant to your construction business, you can start getting many new clients for your construction business. Some of such relevant entities for forming partnerships are architects, real estate dealers, big developers, construction materials suppliers, etc.

21) Convert More Prospects to Customers with New Technology

With many options for construction services for people, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by adopting new technology. Be it VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), or 3D technology, you can browse through the web to adopt such technologies for giving an innovative experience to your prospects and this will increase the likelihood of them selecting your business.

22) Utilize the Construction Site for Marketing

Construction projects take a long time and during this time, you can affix your banners and other advertising materials on such areas to make more people notice your construction business name. This is one of the common and easiest ways to market your construction business.

23) Hire Lead Generation Services

There are many lead generation services online that do various advertising campaigns on your behalf and charge you only for giving you qualified leads. You can set the parameters for a qualified lead followed by making a deal for cost per lead with them to get new leads for your construction business.

24) Build an Impressive Portfolio with Drone Photography

An impressive portfolio of your past work can help you secure more clients. A good way to create an impressive portfolio is by capturing the aerial view of your construction work through drone photography and drone videography. You can also share drone videography videos of your construction work on Youtube and other social media sites to get more views, engagement, and leads.

25) Hold Party for Old Clients to Grow Your New Network

A creative way to introduce new people to your business is by holding a party for your past clients and asking them to bring their friends to such parties. This way your past clients can develop a deeper connection with your business and can use your services again along with bringing you the advantage of introducing new people to your construction business.

26) Start Providing Add On Services

Every business has the potential to offer some related products/services that can work as revenue boosters for that business. For your construction business, you can partner with architects, materials suppliers, etc to get more revenue for your work. Providing a whole lot of related services can also work as a unique feature that can make more people select your business.

27) Integrate Offline Lead Generation Methods

While online lead generation methods for your construction business can give you great results, you must not remain limited to them only. Adding offline marketing for your construction business can provide you with more customers. Posting your business advertisements in local newspapers, renting billboard ads, advertising using banners, etc are some of the viable offline promotion ideas for your construction business.

28) Enrich Your Reviews Online

It is sure that a good number of people will type your construction business name on Google to find reviews before taking your services. If your construction business has no reviews or negative reviews online, people will get a bad impression of your business and will tend to choose other construction businesses with positive reviews. So do prioritize maintaining a positive impression online as it can cause a significant shift in the number of customers that your business gets online.

This power-packed set of marketing ideas for construction business can become your valuable assets in growing your business. Want to add more ideas or want to ask anything relevant? let us know in the discussion section below.

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