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Concert Press Release Sample, Template and Writing Tips (Detailed)

Have an upcoming concert and want to let the people know about it? If yes, then getting started with a press release is the first thing you must consider as it has numerous benefits (discussed later in the article). A concert press release includes various details related to it that are necessary to announce and gather media and public attention. Let us see all these factors one by one.

Aim: To issue a concert-related press release.

Tools: Tools provided here are example, template, writing tips and benefits.

Template: Find a readymade concert press release template below


[Headline] /* [Concert Announcement Headline with Location and Name of Concert, if any] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* 2-3 sentence for summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Organizing Business/Organization] is pleased to announce the concert [name of concert] at [location + date + time]. [How people can attend? + core theme of concert + any offers for first few + what people can witness/get?].

[Key performing artist/artists + past acheivements + facilities, if any + main people/organizations/sponsors associated with the concert] (4-5 sentences)

[Quote from the concert organizing company head]

[How successful were past performances (people attended, tickets, etc) + related trends in this sector + what is the upcoming potential of this niche/sector] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from performer/team/attendee]

[Provide a link to the official website, social media to discover more about it].

About [Organizing Company Name]

[Background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:


[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


By issuing a press release for announcement of a concert, the benefits that can will get are

1 Gets 1000’s of Views in Short Period

When you send out a press release to any network, the participating sites, blogs and feed subscribers (journalists, bloggers) in the PR network combinedly contribute to the generation of 1000’s of views for your announcement. The best part is that this process gets completed within just a few days (typically 48-72 hours). This is one of the prime reasons why press releases have remained as one of the common traditional methods for getting announcements out online for several years.

2 Wards Off the Unfamiliar Feeling

If you come across a business, concert/event or service which you have never heard of before, it is sure that you won’t be able to trust it in the first instance. Press releases help in warding off the unfamiliar feeling because they help in getting the word out about your business, concert/event or service on many websites, mostly news websites. Once people see your business/service/concert announcement across multiple websites, it imparts a feeling of genuinity which is very much essential to generate sales/awareness/audience.

3 Unlocks Association Potential

Companies or entities interested to work with you or to invest/sponsor your business/company/production house will definitely conduct a thorough check and if they find that your business, production house or company has secured placements on reputed sites, then it will work as a positive influencing factor in their decision making.

4 Helps the Website Too

Not only your concert announcement, but your website also gains positive effect due to the generation of a huge set of new and diverse backlinks by press releases. These generated backlinks count towards one of the prominent factors in improving the performance of your website in search engines which in turn drives more awareness.


Note the following press release writing tips for a concert:

1 Why is it Special?

Apart from the usual announcement, you can also add the specialty of your concert to showcase your strengths. If you don’t have any special or unique thing, you can also showcase the expertise and experience of the performers and people behind it.

2 Different from the Rest

Press releases are generally boring for most people as they are strictly professional sounding in nature. If you can make it a little informal by adding new angles, then the PR will perform better. However, during this process don’t make it controversial or erroneous as it may affect the image of production house or business negatively.

3 Can it have been better?

A press release is considered complete if all the essential details are present in it. Sometimes people tend to miss providing answers to very basic questions that are very much related to the press release. To ensure that you send out a complete PR, ask basic questions like what, where, when, who, etc on the core issues and then accordingly create the content.

4 Enhance Visitor Interaction Time

If a reader likes your PR, he/she will be tempted to share it and it will, in turn, boost your concert PR coverage and provide more opportunities. However, text content is not much tempting to get good attention. You can create images or videos and provide them alongside the text to increase visitor interaction.

5 How Long is Good?

A press release is good only as a short form of content most ideally within 500 words. Using too many details would actually harm the readability in most cases. In some cases where it is absolutely necessary to provide much more details, you can provide that details on a separate post on your official website provided by giving its link in the press release.

6 Make the Best Accurate Content

If you write a blog post or guest post, then you have the option to get back to the site and get edits done even after getting it published. With press releases, you won’t have many options left because it will not be feasible to contact 100’s of sites that published your PR announcing the concert. Also, many of them might not even respond to such requests, so make the best accurate content.

7 Create for the wider audience group

Most people who surf the internet are not tech-savvy and academic, so if you adopt an academic style of writing or technical writing, then it will be detrimental to your content. Keep the content easy, simple and straightforward.

8 Take Care of the Final Placements

If the sites where your PR finally lands are not of good quality and traffic, the results will not be any significant. Select only a PR distribution service that can make it to some of the most trafficked and reputed sites like Yahoo News, Associated Press, etc.

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