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23 Computer Repair Marketing Ideas for Big Business Growth

With the omnipresence of computers, the number of people requiring computer repair services is also huge. However, if you look at the other side (supply side), you will find many computer repair services in every location due to which the scope of growing your computer repair business is also hampered unless you adhere to a good marketing plan. Your skills in computer repair is not enough to grow your business due to the oversupply of such businesses. To address this issue of growing your business amidst competition, this content on computer repair marketing ideas will be extremely useful to you. So let us dig into the advertising ideas one by one:

1) Repair Your Website First

While your website might be functioning well, whether or not you are able to extract full benefits from your website depends on taking care of certain small and big factors. Just managing some issues on your website can have a direct impact on your conversion rates i.e. how many site visitors turn into customers? Get your website to perform with a higher conversion rate with these factors:

a) Let your visitors directly order their computer repair from your website with a direct pick-and-drop facility from your side. This single step can significantly get you more business.
b) Show your expertise and authority with certifications, affiliations, testimonials, and other achievements on your site homepage.
c) Have a video introduction of the top features of your computer repair services on your site homepage. A video will explain your services and influence your customer way better than text.
d) Two factors that are often ignored by businesses are mobile device responsiveness and the loading time of the site. These two factors do affect visitors staying time on site. So get your site mobile responsive and quick loading.
e) Have a clean interface with a good amount of free space distributed throughout your site. If the site looks congested, more visitors will move over to another site.
f) Get the contact number displayed at the visible spot on your website.

2) Select Keywords and Start Ranking for Them

For every business/service, people search for them on Google using certain words commonly called keywords/search terms. Keywords for finding a computer repair service will be like “computer repair service in [city/town]”, “computer repair technician in [city/town]”, etc. So make sure that your computer repair website does appear in Google search on the first 10 results (as lower ranking sites on Google are useless in generating visitors) when such keywords are typed by a potential customer. Good ranking of your site will require good SEO (search engine optimization) which can be learned and executed by yourself, if you have the necessary time, or can be outsourced to an SEO service provider.

3) Rank and Bank from Your GBP Profile

Type “computer repair in [your city name]” on Google and pay attention to the first-page search results. You will surely find a separate section that has 3 businesses listed with their ratings, phone numbers, directions, etc. This is what is commonly known by the name “Google Local Pack” and it generates many local leads to businesses that make it into this pack. To see the power of Google Local Pack for your computer repair business, your business must create and optimize your GBP (Google Business Profile). Creating GBP is simple and can be done by yourself in about an hour but optimizing it (GBP) for ranking within the local pack will require you to have optimization skills. So learn GBP optimization online or get GBP optimized by any expert service provider.

4) Force Media Coverage and Get More Customers

While large companies make it to the media due to their big and expensive PR team, your computer repair service can also make it to a few big and established media sites for a very low budget. This is possible for small businesses by using a press release distribution service. Any press release service provider with syndication access on big sites can conveniently give a big brand push to your computer repair business along with providing traffic and backlinks as side benefits. Once your business name gets published on reputed sites, you can start benefiting from this achievement as it will set your business apart from your competitors.

5) Get Good Leads with Google Ads

Google ads is the unmatched advertising network in delivering top converting clients for millions of businesses around the world. However, this also makes it one of the most costly ad networks with very high pay-per-click rates. So a business can quickly lose its budget without getting significant returns if it lacks the skill in running ad campaigns on the Google advertising platform. To prevent this, learn Google ads optimization and campaign management to begin advertising your computer repair service through Google ads. If you get results in negative (more spending and less returns) or lack the time to handle and test ad campaigns, use any PPC or digital marketing agency.

6) Do Long Term Business with Email Marketing

People usually reach out to their familiar businesses and services when the need arises. This is why collecting emails and establishing long-term communication through email marketing is essential as it helps to get repeat business. It is also essential to promote new offers, products, and discounts from time to time. So begin growing your email subscriber list by putting an email subscription form on your website and offering something valuable in exchange for email addresses like discounts, free computer checkups for minor errors, etc.

7) Use a Combo of Tech Influencers and Coupons

People who have already worked hard in growing their social media accounts with thousands of followers are referred to as influencers. Influencers from your city having a fair percentage of local followers can be an asset in promoting your computer repair services to their followers. You can contact tech influencers and ask them to promote your business along with customized coupons so that the followers of these influencers would contact your business for their computer repair requirements.

8) Work on Loyalty Building Techniques

For every customer who gets his/her computer repaired by you, ask them to refer more people by posting your business on their social media. For creating posts in favor of your business, you can give them a discounted price as this process will help promote your business too. Also, give next time coupons to your customers so that they will contact you again for their computer servicing-related requirements i.e. loyalty building.

9) Use Big Sites for Extra Customers

Sites like Yelp, Homeadvisor, etc that have a big presence in search engines for local search terms are good platforms that local businesses can utilize to fetch additional visitors. The process to discover such sites is very simple. Type your computer service-related keywords in Google and collect the names of all such sites that rank in the top 10 results. Next, start listing on such sites. You can also test the upgraded listing options on such sites and can see if you start getting more leads.

10) Do Video Marketing with Less Competitive Keywords

Videos are long-term digital assets as they continue to bring in views and site visits months and years after their creation and publishing. With careful selection of low-competition keywords for videos, the chances to rank and gain views increase many folds. Just post a few videos monthly and after a few months, you will find passive traffic coming regularly from these videos.

11) Consider Social Media for Long Term Results

If more people from your city/town know you on social media, this recognition will easily translate into more customers offline. So the first requirement is to get as many people from your region to follow you. For this, you will have to dedicate some time daily to doing activities like posting and sharing new text/photos/videos, joining groups from your region, tagging posts with industry-specific hashtags, etc. The process of social media marketing for your computer repair service will initially be slow but with time, it will gain a natural momentum of growth.

12) Let Your Service Hit the Roads

By wrapping your vehicle with vinyl advertising of your computer repair service, your vehicle will become a new advertising asset for the growth of your computer repair services. Many people will come in contact with your computer repair business name while driving to their destination and this will get your business name to be recognized even more locally. It is easy to take this marketing method to a new level by getting such advertising done by other vehicle owners too (by paying them money to do so).

13) Increase Convenience to Increase Sales

Human longing for comfort and convenience is immortal. If you increase the convenience of your customers by giving them the option of free pick up and drop of their computer/laptop or even home repair for minor issues, then getting word-of-mouth publicity and customer loyalty is guaranteed. These convenience-boosting options if announced on your website and social media will cause more online visitors (to your site and social media) to call you.

14) Grow Engagement with Before/After Photos

While you must have normally come across before/after photos in the health segment (especially weight loss and skin care), they can be used for marketing your computer repair services too. As before/after photos get extraordinary engagement on social media, use them for your computer repair services by offering some discounts/offer to all your customers who share the before/after photo of their computer on their social media profile along with citing the name of your business. This will naturally grow your reputation and customer base.

15) Start Earning More Per Customer

To grow the revenues from your computer repair services, apart from focusing on growing your customer base, you can also focus on increasing the average dollar value earned per customer. This can be done by methods like providing a subscription service (in order to book customers for the long term), selling add-ons like computer accessories, providing website hosting and website design services (either by yourself or in collaboration with a third party), offering bill payments, providing game installations, etc.

16) Give More Value, Get More Loyal Customers

For most businesses and services, there are some small, inexpensive products and services that can be given free of cost without having any big financial impact on your side. In case of your computer repair services, you can give more value by providing some free things like free antivirus installation, free low-cost mouse pads with your business name printed on them, etc. You can add more to this list to give better and bigger reasons for customers to choose you.

17) Follow the Crowd for More Exposure

At all those places where the local crowd is present, your business should try to get its name seen by the participants/attendees. For this, get your stalls booked in events/tech fairs, become a sponsor or co-sponsor of community associations, get coupons or flyers distributed at such venues, etc.

18) Take Seminars, Get New Clients

In prominent schools and colleges in your city/town, you can give presentations/seminars on computer safety, online privacy, and similar topics along with introducing your business and its role in helping resolve computer problems. You can also offer coupons and other marketing materials to the students so that they would come to your shop/store to avail themselves of their computer repair.

19) Spill Expertise, Get More Business

People expect the best solution for their problems and once you are successfully able to get yourself positioned as an expert, your business is bound to notice a rise. Creating an expert image for yourself and your computer repair services is very easy if articles written by you on computer problems start finding a place in local newspapers. So make efforts to collaborate with local newspapers for getting your articles printed out by them.

20) Use Game Contests as Your Marketing Tool

Gaming is becoming a big thing in many parts of the world. A big percentage of people who play games have games installed on their laptops and desktops too. By hosting or co-hosting (with another business) such a competition, such competition will become the talk of the town, will find its name among gaming enthusiasts, and will bring attention to your business. To announce such competitions, use ads in local newspapers.

21) Improve Your Business with Book

Using your knowledge of computer repair, write an ebook (even of a few pages) and list it for sale on some platforms like Amazon. The label of being a book writer can push many of your site visitors to go for your services as they will perceive you to be more knowledgeable. On your website and social media, you can proudly introduce yourself as the writer of “XYZ” to gain an upper edge over your competing businesses.

22) Offline Marketing Still Rocks

Putting your computer repair ads in local newspapers, on billboards, and through flyer distribution are some of the traditional marketing techniques that you can use to reach a greater segment of the population that might not have been covered with online marketing.

23) Don’t Lag Behind in Reviews

The decision regarding whether to take a computer repair service from you or not can be significantly affected by the type of reviews that your business has online. If people do not find any reviews about your business online or find negative reviews, you will most probably lose those potential customers who are searching for reviews of your service. The other side is also true i.e. if positive reviews are found, they will help to convince the potential customer to take your service. This explains why you must not only ask your customers to give feedback about your computer repair service online but must also encourage them with offers and incentives to do so.

So we finally conclude this long and strong write-up on computer repair marketing ideas. Implement them and thank us later. Ask out any queries or confusion in the reply box below.

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