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21 Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas to Make Your Business a Success

Coffee shops are opening up in almost every locality of cities and towns. Though this might be a good change for coffee lovers as they are having more choices now, it is definitely not good for coffee shop owners as the competition is increasing. In such circumstances, having a robust marketing strategy for promoting your coffee shop is very much required. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of top coffee shop marketing ideas which on implementation can give you growth in customers and sales. Let us take a look at these marketing strategies for a coffee shop:

1) Start with These Features on Your Website

When it comes to getting customers online, your website will be the dominant factor in ensuring that the incoming traffic converts to customers. For this, it is essential that your website must not only be well designed but must also have certain elements that ensure better performance. The major factors for a successful website are:

a) Having a fast-loading website to ensure that the drop-out rate of visitors (due to low site loading speed) is minimal.
b) Having the website displayed with optimal resolution (screen size) on all different kinds of devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.
c) Having reviews and testimonials displayed on the first page of your website to provide a good impression of your business.
d) Having a menu ready with online ordering and delivery options.
e) Displaying relevant certificates, recognition, awards, news coverage, etc on the website to build trust.
f) Displaying contact information on the website followed by attending to the incoming calls/messages soon.

2) Marketing through Search Engine Ads

Contrary to advertisements over television or radio, advertising your coffee shop through search engine ads (especially Google ads and Bing ads) is much more targeted because you can choose keywords and placements. Also, the cost involved is way less than TV ads because you will pay only when any interested person clicks on the ad. They are also one of the fastest means to bring customers because the ad approval process usually gets done within 1-2 days and you can start noticing clicks and leads coming in after that. If you don’t know the ABC of running such ads, you can go through various free guides on this subject online or can get a digital advertising agency to do it.

3) Promotion With Google My Business

For every instance of searches like “coffee shops near me” and “coffee shops in [LOCATION]”, Google shows 3 local listings along with the regular search results. To get your coffee business included in this list, the most basic requirement is having a Google My Business page followed by gathering reviews and citations for your business. So create a GMB listing and work on the associated parameters or get any SEO agency to handle this process for your coffee shop.

4) Go Big With Press Release Distribution

To get the name and brand of your coffee shop spread across many news sites, the simplest method is to send out a press release using a quality distribution service. Apart from the traffic provided by this method, the backlinks earned by this method will help your coffee shop website to rank higher in search engines thereby getting your site more traffic. By regularly sending out press releases, your coffee business will get multidimensional benefits.

5) Promotion Over Social Media

Social media has grown too big to ignore. Many businesses and services are integrating social media marketing due to the vast potential offered by it. Though growing your coffee shop business to a decent follower size on social media platforms will take some time, things will become much more smooth once you have put in the initial efforts. The key to the successful social media marketing of your coffee shop starts with consistently sharing relevant and interesting posts in order to grow the number of people following your business page. You can also share the links to the official handles of your social media channels on other online and offline marketing materials so that you can get more people added as followers. Diligently ask your customers to like and promote your coffee shop on their social media profiles. People are more likely to go to coffee shops that are recommended by someone.

6) Spread Out Your Business on Multiple Directories Online

There are many big and high-authority directories online that easily rank in search engines. By listing your coffee shop website on such directories, you can get a share of the traffic received by them. So start typing keywords related to your business on Google and start noting down all the directories that pop up on the first page results. After this, start creating your business profile on all these sites. Some of the famous high-ranking sites are Yelp, NextDoor, etc.

7) Get Linked with Corporate World

During lunch breaks, a rush of office workers is visible on their way to buy coffee. Make your contacts in such corporate offices. The people who work long hours in these offices will likely be your most trustworthy and faithful customers. So, don’t miss out on a chance to get acquainted with them. In case, let them know about your delivery services. This will establish a close relationship between both parties.

8) Get a Big Boost Using Influencers

Influencers on social media are people who command a huge following. Many of these influencers are open to business opportunities too. You can connect with influencers in the food and drinks niche in order to get your coffee shop advertised on their profiles. The only thing to note here is that the influencer must be a person from your city and must have a good enough following of the local population.

9) Get Big and Recurring Orders Through LinkedIn

The network LinkedIn is the most appropriate to connect with higher-level employees (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc) of companies. Once you make contacts with key people in companies around your location, you can strike a deal with them to supply coffee and other edible items to their employees. Just a few of such deals can be a big game-turner for your business growth.

10) Promote Your Shop in Locality

The business for your coffee shop will gain more momentum when it is well known in your locality. Distribute leaflets and flyers in your neighborhood to make people aware of various coffee and associated products available at your store. Offer coupons for first-time visits. This can be a good opportunity for you to gain some trustworthy and regular customers.

11) Provide Them With an Incentive

Provide your customers with a reason to continue visiting your coffee shop. The incentive can be in the form of special offers, gift vouchers, or some random service you are sure to offer better than anyone else. Provide them with a good enough reason that they can turn to your business rather than just having a cup of coffee in their own homes.

12) Neighborhood Delivery Service

Neighborhood delivery service can be a new value addition to your business for the purpose of growing sales of your coffee shop. Many people would like to taste coffee and other drinks in the comfort of their homes and a home delivery service can just be the perfect solution. You can charge a few extra bucks for this service as people won’t mind sparing a few extra bucks for convenience.

13) Increase your Reach With New Associated Partners

Associate your coffee shop with a relevant business that has more or less a similar kind of demographic. Bakery shops, snack shops, burger and pizza shops are a few great businesses to partner with, in order to get more sales for your business. Ask these businesses to include your products in their menu with home delivery options. This way, if someone is ordering some sweet dish, they will also get the option to buy coffee, which will give you new customers.

14) Keep Updating Your Menu

Keep on adding more products to your menu in order to bring up the revenue per customer. You can learn new recipes from freely available Youtube recipe videos and can continue adding more unique items in order to get an extra edge over the competition. This is a great way to maximize revenue from the existing customers.

15) Introduce Loyalty Cards

Give points through loyalty cards every time a customer makes a purchase from you. These loyalty cards will fetch extra revenue for your coffee shop business as people will be tempted to come back to utilize their points. Do make the loyalty cards with expiry dates so that people do not hold them for an indefinite period without taking any action.

16) Host Small Events to Gather the Crowd

Do something different from other coffee shops that can serve the purpose of attracting more customers to your coffee shop. You don’t need to do something extravagant; keep it simple yet creative. For special days like labor day, independence day, valentines day, etc., make special arrangements with offers. Look out for special days related to sports, entertainment, etc to create a “meet and eat” venue.

17) Start Offering Seasonal Drinks

Some drinks are better suited for a particular season or weather. Keeping this fact in mind, update your menu to reflect the change in season. You can also introduce that seasonal turn in other products offered in your coffee shop. This will attract a lot of positive attention to your coffee shop. As a person working towards success, you should be versatile enough to change with time.

18) Balloon Advertising

Kids love balloons and their intrinsic love for balloons can be wisely capitalized by your business if you can distribute free custom-printed balloons to kids. As these balloons will have the name and details of your coffee shop printed on them, your coffee shop business will get publicity through the simple act of kids playing with their balloons.

19) Being Active in Local Events and Charity

Any local event that has the potential to pull in a crowd is a great opportunity for marketing your coffee shop business. You can either be a co-sponsor of such events or can book your own stall in such events to showcase your menu, free drinks. Donating to charities or raising their cause is another good and noble way to grow your customer base.

20) Other Offline Marketing Methods

Even in the face of growing digital dependence of people, the power of offline marketing can’t be ignored. Posters, billboards, flyers, newspaper ads and leaflets are some of the marketing methods that are time tested for their effectiveness. Though considered untargeted, they do produce results for every kind of business out there.

21) Customer Feedback and Reviews

Since many people look up reviews and feedback online before initiating any transaction/purchase decision, it is very much important to keep a watch on the reviews that your business is getting online. While positive reviews can compel a person to proceed with the purchase decision, negative reviews can cause loss of potential customers. So actively monitor online reviews of your coffee shop business.

These power-packed coffee shop marketing ideas are a sure-shot way to see some serious growth in your business. If you feel that something has been missed out or are confused about any topic, let us know using the comment section below.

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