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Catering Press Release Template: Example, Tips, and Benefits

Businesses that require announcing any vital information online usually do it so through press releases. Your catering business can also get a press release issued online to broadcast the necessary content across hundreds of sites. The catering press release template given in this post can help you frame a press release professionally and faster. We have also given additional information on press release writing tips and advantages in this post that will help you complement your press release writing and distribution.

Aim: Write and send out a catering press release together with obtaining a good distribution for the same.

Tools: By using the tools given here in the form of an edit-ready template, tips on writing the press release, advantages, etc, you will easily and effortlessly create the press release.

Template: Easily fill up the required things in the below template and get your press release ready.


[Headline] /* [Catering Business Name] + Announces + [Type of Announcement] + attractive news angle (if any) */

[Sub-heading] /* Brief 2-3 sentence summary */

[Location City], [Date]. [Catering business name] located in [name of city/town] is delighted to announce [main announcement]. [How it is useful to your potential clients + offers for new customers] (2-4 sentences)

[Expand your announcement details + Unique features of your catering service] (2-3 sentences)

[Quote from owner/manager of catering service]

[Your catering business achievements + notable clients/events served by you + your customer satisfaction/service priority] (3-4 sentences)

[Quote from past client or person relevant to current announcement]

[current trends in catering business + your future plans] (3-4 sentences)

To learn more on [type of announcement], visit [social media page or website URL].

About [Catering Business Name]

[Provide background (when established, by whom) + vision + mission (2-3 sentences max)].

Media Contact:

[Job Title]
[Email address] /* official email */
[Phone number]
[Website URL]
[Location city and state]


Your catering business (and the website) will get the following advantages from press release distribution

1) Gets Thousands of Content Views in a Matter of Few Days

If you want to attract the attention of people towards any announcement related to your business/service, then an inexpensive, simple and quick method to do so is by making use of press releases. It hardly takes a few hours to draft a press release and put it in the circulation queue. Once fully distributed, you will be able to find many sites that have published your PR announcement. As a consequence of this distribution, the traffic generated within a short period of a few days is in the thousands. If your PR is able to get published on reputed media sites, the visibility factor gets a further boost along with other associated benefits that are discussed later in this article.

2) Newsworthy Angle Can Maximize Results

If your press release content is well written and has an interesting and unique newsworthy angle, then your press release stands a good chance to be picked up by many other news sites that are out of the distribution network of your press release distribution service. In such a scenario, the results brought about by a press release get a big magnificent rise. There are several instances where catchy press releases have become viral and had brought the kind of results that are typically achieved only by a very high-end marketing campaign.

3) Lets You Start Branding at a Low Cost

Sometimes people wonder how new and low-budget businesses manage to secure their names being covered on high-end and high-traffic news sites because usually branding agencies charge a hefty price for getting such things done. Well, the short answer is press releases. Those PR service providers that have established links with big sites can easily get your business PR content on such big news sites for a very minor cost. It is one of the simple and effective methods to start building your own brand on a very low budget.

4) Helps in Various Aspects of Your Site SEO

Every site that will publish your press release as a result of the distribution will indirectly help to rank your official website in Google due to the backlinks provided by them to your website. Though most of the links from press releases are no-follow, i.e. they do not pass any link power, they still help to diversify the link structure of your website. Certain other parameters like domain authority, Moz rank also gain a boost due to the creation of links from these sites that have published your press release.

5) Assists in Displaying Business Transparency

Transparency is one of the important trust-building measures for any company/business. It helps to grow the positive perception of a business and to draw more customers and investors. This in turn requires that all the notable information related to the business must be in easy reach/access of people. In this scenario, press releases find a privileged position as most of the quality press release services are able to easily broadcast business-related announcements to numerous sites across the web so that these announcements/press releases can easily be discovered by all those people who desire to seek more information about a business.

Writing Tips

To write your catering press release, use these tips to get a professional press release that gets results

1) Creativity Will Get You More Reach

If your press release has appeal to a broader segment of the population, it will get way more attention. Keeping this in mind, you must creatively put in your press release, different direct and indirect elements that are closely linked to your announcement. However, this doesn’t mean that the press release would become a blog post type content, the professionality carried by a press release must be delicately balanced with the extra associated content.

2) Keep the Writing Style Simple

Press releases are not meant to be written in a complex format as it has an adverse effect on the number of full content views that the press release gets. Since people reading content online face many distractions (like ads, related content) and also have a low attention span, using complex and technical terms is likely to break their reading flow and can cause them to leave reading your content.

3) Title of PR Has a Big Impact

The title plays an important role in conveying the significance of the main body of the press release. This is why most people who don’t find the title interesting do not proceed further with reading the press release content. So to increase the number of people who go through your press release, optimize the title creatively so as to give a powerful reason to people to go through your press release.

4) Press Release Require Third Person Writing Style

Press releases due to their nature of being in the professional content category do require a distinct writing mode than the typical blog posts. Your content for the press release restricts you to interact directly with the readers using words like I, you, etc. Put simply, write your press release in the third person only as it is the most suited approach for any content that depicts the official statement made by the company.

5) You Can’t Correct Mistakes Later

As a press release displays the official statement made by the company, any mistakes contained in a press release, be they small or big, can have a negative impact on the entire company. It can also pose a legal risk if the information contained in it is found to be false. Regarding making corrections in a press release after publication, it is a challenge in itself as not all the sites that have published your content will adhere to your modification requests later.

6) Limit the Advertising Element to a Subtle Form

Press releases that are written in a way that clearly and directly gives the impression of a marketing copy are bad for the brand image of the company issuing it and they also have a hard time getting published on big reputed sites. If you need to promote a product/service in a press release, then make it finely balanced and subtle so that the press release doesn’t look clearly like promotional content.

7) Videos and Images Can Have More Impact

While creating your press release, adding images and links to videos (uploaded on any video streaming site like YouTube) can increase the overall impact that your press release can have. Videos convey things with much clarity and therefore uploading a video and providing its link in the press release would not only make the press release interesting but will also help to increase the conversion rates (leads/sales).

8) Distribution Largely Determines the Success Rate of PR

Good results demand a good process to be followed. Writing a press release with great newsworthy and interesting content is not the full process of ensuring good results, a greater share of ensuring good results lies with the final distribution of the press release. If the final distribution lacks the competency to get your press release across heavy traffic and popular sites, your end results for the press release will lack its full potential.

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