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17 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas to Boost Clients and Profits

If you are reading this right now, then it means that you are looking to grow your carpet cleaning business. With an average person having so many options to choose for their carpet cleaning needs, it is fairly easy to get lost in the cut-throat competition. To have a successful carpet cleaning business, you have to reconstruct your marketing strategy as you will get poor results if you wait for a prospect to somehow find your business. Without any more delay, lets jump right into carpet cleaning marketing ideas that can grow your sales and business.

1) Go Big With Website

If you neglect online marketing for your carpet cleaning business, you are slowly killing your business. The first step to proceed with digital marketing starts with a website. Have a professional and converting website to boost your revenue. The most basic things that you must compulsorily have in your website are:

A) Professional design and well organized content.
B) Fast loading speed of your website as people have become less attentive and they won’t hesitate to go to your competitor if your website takes time to load fully.
C) Website optimized for mobile devices as not all people use laptops, desktops to browse the net.
D) Appointment booking option readily available to catch clients looking for quick service.
E) Phone/SMS contact option highlighted on the front page.
F) Reviews and Testimonials of customers
G) Accreditation, Achievements, Big Clients.

All in all, whenever a person visits your website, he/she must get all the possible reasons to select your service.

2) Good Placement

Many websites compete to grab customers but only those succeed who have a strong presence on Google. Having a strong presence means that your website must appear on the first page for relevant keywords like “carpet cleaning service in [your city name]”, “carpet cleaning near me”, etc. Now the next question is how to make your carpet cleaning website to rank on the first page of Google. The simple answer is search engine optimization (SEO) but it involves a lot of factors to take care of. If you don’t have time to learn about it and to remain updated with the recent updates and changes, you can get it handled by an SEO agency.

3) Dominate Local Listing

Google shows 3 local results as part of its relevancy search for keywords that it thinks are best suited for local business and services. The first step to become eligible for it is to create a Google My Business page. After that, Google considers various factors to decide the positioning of websites and pulls out 3 of them on the first page inside the local pack results. Any good digital marketing agency can take care of this or if you want to manage this yourself, you can learn about it online.

4) Press Release

You must make the habit of sending out press releases for every instance that you think can have a news angel or announcement content. A press release quickly lands your content on 100’s of sites due to which your announcement is seen by thousands of people along with building the brand value of your carpet cleaning business. It also helps in SEO of your website and thereby boosting the site rank in search engine. A press release will not only advertise your carpet cleaning business but will also provide many indirect benefits to your business.

5) Social Media

With social media becoming an addiction for many people, you cannot ignore it. Social media marketing for carpet cleaning is not only limited to sharing information about your business but in making connections with local people and businesses. You can put quizzes, polls, memes occasionally to generate interest from people along with slight marketing here and there to ensure a fair balance between marketing and socializing. Building up your social follower base on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram means opening up new advertising opportunities for your carpet cleaning business.

6) Digital Ads

Running ads for carpet cleaning business on Google and/or Facebook has potential to generate results quite fast as you do not have to wait for getting good ranking. You just have to decide a budget and run your ads based on keywords or interests as per the channel of advertising. But if you don’t have any knowledge about it, then it is better to either learn first or to hire a marketing agency else you may loose much more money than you gain from your business. The competition is steep in paid advertising and one needs to adjust their targeting criteria along with bid setting to ensure positive return on investment.

7) Retargeting People

People who somehow come to your website are in some or the other way interested in carpet cleaning services. However, only a few portion of website visits convert to orders due to different moods and frame of mind that a user might be having while browsing your website. These group of people can be shown your ads on other websites that they visit through retargeting ads that uses pixel tracking mechanism to function. By using retargeting ads, the intended user sees your ads many more times and becomes more likely to order your services.

8) Marketing Through Emails

Once you get email of your website visitors, you can not only increase the revenue of your business by converting more people but can also establish a connection with people that would enable you to get recurring revenue. To get emails of website visitors, have an opt in form ready on your website and give your visitors some incentive or free ebook. There are many autoresponder companies for email marketing that you can utilize to build your subscriber base and promote your carpet cleaning business.

9) Powerful Sites and Directories

Some established sites that rank good in Google are prime targets for promoting carpet cleaning business. Some of these sites are Yelp. Foursquare, Crunchbase, Manta, Quora, etc. By performing a one time exercise of listing your business on these sites, you build up new channels of getting interest of prospects.

10) Referrals

You can look for other businesses that have same or similar demographics as the intended customer you serve. For example, you can give your reference to carpet selling business, floor and tile fitting people and business, other type of cleaning services to generate leads. You can either come up with commissions to these business partners or can do cross-promotion of each other.

11) USP

You must highlight the key differences that only few or only your carpet cleaning business or service has to offer. It can be new and advanced equipment, new methods for cleaning, usage of eco-friendly materials, 24*7 cleaning service, 24 hour delivery etc. Special features make your business stand apart from others who highlight the traditional benefits.

12) Utilizing Customer Premises

For any order that you get from a customer, you can reach to customer through a printed vehicle carrying your business name and logo, you can ask the customer to hang your sign board/banner for 1-2 days till the carpet cleaning is complete. You can come to customer premise being dressed in a custom printed apparel carrying your business name.

13) Showcase Expertise

Since carpet is a costly product, you must showcase how professionally you can handle it. You can showcase certification, accreditation by reputed bodies and other awards and achievements across your marketing materials to give a good impression about your business. Your expertise will indirectly help to convert and grow customers for your carpet cleaning business.

14) Bulk Merchandise

You must order low cost and custom printed merchandise in bulk to act as an add on to your business. You can giveaway these merchandise on competitions held by your business online and offline. It can also be given as a token of appreciation to your customers. You can also gift it to all businesses that you think can refer more customers to you.

15) Reviews

One common behavior of most people nowadays is to search for online reviews of companies before trying their product and service. To enhance your chances of getting noticed, ask every customer of your business to leave reviews and ratings online and then reward such customers (who left reviews) with the custom merchandise option mentioned earlier. Getting more reviews is one of the factors that Google considers while ranking website in organic search and local pack, so it indirectly helps your website ranking too.

16) Sponsor Events

Events that are related to hygiene are a good way to draw attraction of people towards your company. You can partner with few more businesses and can co host such events so that all the associated businesses can get good publicity at low cost. Here too you can gift the event attendees with custom low cost merchandise.

17) Offline Advertising

Traditional advertising methods like ads on newspapers, flyers, banners, billboards, etc can also be utilized in addition with the above given methods to reach out to more prospects. Offline advertising of carpet cleaning services will add more customers to your business.

The carpet cleaning marketing ideas provided here can be successfully executed to grow your business. Let us know any doubts, questions in the section below (comments).

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